Meth Come-Down Tips: How to Get Unhigh Fast

Meth Come-Down Guide And Tips

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Amphetamines are a class of stimulant drugs used to treat medical conditions such as narcolepsy (a sleep disorder) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Some people become addicted to methamphetamine which is also known as meth, speed, crank, or chalk. It is a bitter-tasting white powder or pill. Crystal meth has the appearance of shiny whitish-blue rocks or shards and is commonly referred to as ice, crystal, rock, or glass.

People take methamphetamine by inhaling, smoking, or snorting the powder form, swallowing the pill form, or injecting the powder dissolved in a liquid such as alcohol or water. The high from the drug fades quickly, and in order to avoid the come-down, abusers often take repeated doses. This pattern of binging and crashing is called a “run” and can be extremely dangerous. How to come down off meth with a less painful feelings? Is there an ice comedown cure? What are the meth comedown symptoms in a first-time user? Read on to find out more.

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Meth High: What Does It Feel Like?

It is one of the most highly addictive illegal drugs available on the market. There are an estimated 1.5 million active users of methamphetamine in the United States. The human body quickly develops a tolerance to the stimulant effects of this substance. Addicts experience extremely strong cravings. The most common effects of a crystal meth high include:

  • Euphoria
  • Alertness
  • Increased energy
  • Self-confidence
  • Feeling powerful
  • Feelings of grandiosity
  • Increased libido
  • Extreme weight loss

Methamphetamine has dangerous effects on the brain and central nervous system. It targets a neurotransmitter known as dopamine, which is the body’s pleasure chemical and is responsible for feelings of motivation and reward. Methamphetamine causes a large amount of dopamine to be released, resulting in the characteristic “rush” or high experienced by users.

Crack Comedown: Hangover or Withdrawal?

The come-down from methamphetamine is just the opposite of the high. When someone binges on methamphetamine, they go through two distinct phases. The first is a high, followed by a low. The come-down corresponds to the low phase. After a single dose, the comedown is similar to a hangover following a night of drinking alcohol at a bar.
Both comedowns and withdrawals are caused by an imbalance in neurotransmitters in the user’s brain. A comedown, which is also called a crash or a down, is a common occurrence amongst addicts who abuse methamphetamine. It is a bit different and typically less severe than withdrawal symptoms which can be life-threatening. Nevertheless, the psychological strain of a methamphetamine comedown could lead a person to harm themselves or others.

Crystal Meth Comedown: What are the Symptoms?

Coming down off meth is associated with intense feelings of sleepiness, hunger, anxiety, and depression. A depressed mood or dysphoria is the most characteristic sign of meth come-down. These feelings of despair are often more severe than those seen with cocaine withdrawal or heroin comedown. Essentially, it is a short-term effect of excessive drug intake. During this phase, the blood level of the drug drops down drastically. The result is a series of unpleasant symptoms, including:

  • Anhedonia
  • Irritability
  • Social withdrawal
  • Sleep problems
  • Inability to focus
  • Changes in eating patterns (for example, intense hunger)

Other serious signs and symptoms when someone is getting off meth could include:

  • Seeing or hearing things that are not real (psychosis), which in many cases is difficult to differentiate from other mental disorders such as schizophrenia
  • Severe mood swings with episodes of depression
  • State of intense, irrational fear
  • Extreme anxiety
  • Lethargy
  • Convulsions
  • Dangerously high body temperature

Hallucinations, delusions, and disorganized behavior are the hallmarks of stimulant psychosis. It is important to seek immediate medical help if someone has persistent signs of psychosis.

Long-term effects of sustained crystal meth use include dangerous health consequences such as restlessness, anorexia, dry mouth, headache, insomnia, gastrointestinal disturbance (diarrhea or constipation), convulsions, stroke, heart failure, and death. The drug has a severe drying effect on the skin and dry gums lead to grinding of teeth and jaw collapse. This gives users a characteristic skeletal appearance.

Meth Comedown: How Long Does It Last?

Methamphetamine produces a fast and intense high. The drug also wears off fairly quickly. This leads to an addiction because the user craves the feelings of euphoria. In general, the effects of methamphetamine last for about 8 hours. Once the drug begins wearing off, the user experiences psychological and physical symptoms.

How to come down from meth and how long does it take? Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to tell precisely how long a meth come-down will last. This is because there is a wide variation in the dose typically taken by addicts. The higher the dose, the longer is the duration of the withdrawal symptoms.

Most users tend to take the drug consistently to sustain feelings of euphoria and avoid symptoms of Meth Come-Downwithdrawal. This is a dangerous practice that feeds the addiction. How to come down from crystal fast? An important factor that influences the duration of symptoms during withdrawal is how the person takes the drug. Injecting or ingesting it usually result in effects that last for up to 6 hours. On the other hand, smoking or snorting it extends the effects for up to 12 hours.

Withdrawal of methamphetamine after long-term abuse results in an inability to feel pleasure because of a lack of dopamine and dopamine receptors. It can take up to two years to restore dopamine balance in the addict’s brain. Methamphetamine addicts frequently relapse because they struggle with severe depression and are unable to continue recovery.

Meth Comedown Remedies: How to Come Down Off Methamphetamine

Unfortunately, there is no “miracle” medication crystal meth addiction that can make a come-down easy or erase the effects instantly. It takes time and effort for an addict to feel better again. Most of the approaches to addiction recovery from this drug are supportive in nature. The aim is to improve the addict’s general health and nutritional status. It is also a good idea to take some over-the-counter sleep aids when someone is trying to come off methamphetamine. Consider the following tips to ease meth come-down:

  • Stay hydrated. An increased intake of water and other fluids is recommended. This helps fight fatigue and weakness. In addition, water is essential to maintain the body temperature. Fruit juices can be consumed, but carbonated drinks should be avoided as they are dehydrating and can cause a sharp fluctuation in blood glucose levels. This can cause a deterioration in symptoms.
  • Eat healthy. Binge on fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods. These foods supply all the necessary nutrients to help speed up recovery during methamphetamine deaddiction.
  • Take a multivitamin. Abuse of amphetamines depletes the store of vitamins in the body. In addition, abusers are likely to be careless about diet and nutrition during a “trip.” Vitamin pills can prove to be a good short-term solution to meet the nutritional demands of the recovering addict’s body.
  • Get plenty of rest. Sufficient sleep may not be the easiest thing for a recovering addict to achieve, but quality sleep is essential to calm down the overstimulated brain. If it is difficult to fall asleep, consider taking some over-the-counter sleep aids. However, this is not a long-term solution to a sleep problem. It may be a good idea to read a book or watch a movie on television. This simple technique is effective for many people.
  • Stay active. Exercise of any kind is beneficial because it increases the blood flow and oxygen supply in the body. Moreover, working out also increases the levels of “feel good” chemicals in the brain. This is helpful in coping with irritability and low moods. However, it is important for the recovering addict to avoid overstressing. Light exercises such as walking or low-impact cardio are recommended.
The keys to a faster recovery from meth come-down are good food, enough water, and quality sleep.

Many abusers of methamphetamines wonder how to come down off ice fast? There is an ongoing trend to use prescription sedatives or hypnotics, such as Xanax and OxyContin, to counter the high. This is an extremely hazardous practice and can be habit-forming. It increases the risk of overdose significantly. It is best to stick to over-the-counter sleep aids or sleeping pills prescribed by a healthcare provider. The key to a fast recovery from meth come-down is good food, plenty of water, and quality sleep.

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  • John W lindsay
    Meth is horrible anyone who makes it or sells it should get life in prison. Better yet the Philippines has a good idea
    • J
      I couldn’t agree with you more
    • Jason
      Most people who make and sell meth, do so, to support their own addiction. Until you have walked in the shoes of someone who has seen the drug destroy a family, I speak from experience, my sister spent 10 yrs in Federal Prison for selling meth to support her addiction, you shouldn’t really say that life in prison is the answer. The answer is to treat addiction like the disease that it is, not house addicts together in prison without treatment. My sister would be alive today had she gotten treatment when she was in prison, but why treat addicts? The prisons are run by private companies and they want to see the same people come back in for the same crime, it increases their profits.
      • Sally June
        Jason, I’m sorry your family experiences with the legal system caused the untimely death of your sister. Hopefully you still retain memories of her before meth ruined her life. You are correct. A much more cost effective penal system would incarcerate substance abusers only for remedial reasons. Get clean, remove the addiction, and give them a reason to live without addiction. Everyone would profit from saving souls with this formal. That is except those that profit from the misery of others. Manufacturers and punishers, yes law enforcement! They only get rich when they scare society into torturing humans for profit. After all that’s what police do best. Paper over every problem with enough tickets and warrants to scare the ignorance of the public into appropriate action. Which, for police is more money for them. A sad commentary on the corupt manner justice is dispensed in America. And I am truly sorry for the pain inflicted on all of your families not just your sister. It is beneath the oath police officers take to use the play for pay system to reward and induce corruption in modern America.
      • Andrew
        I couldn’t agree more with u I don’t believe there’s people out there that will think that life in prison its the answer, I’m sorry about your sister I’m sure she’s in a better place now .
      • Jem
        Agreed came form a drug addiction rehab was in there for 1 year or so, all Biblical based recovery it was awesome. Until they remove you wow really god wouldn’t just remove you and if no go they call the police to remove you. Shame on them rosy fir them to feel the pain to go out into the drug areas no place to go but homeless Again.
      • Dannielle Traverse
        Jason I am truly sorry about your sister, I totally agree with you. our government will not support any addiction because they will lose money . we cant win for losing.
      • Junior
        I agree that ice is bad but you should walk in the user’s shoes before you claim them as “bad people” because drugs is a way of escaping the pain and problems .
      • Aimee
        100% agree with you
      • Trystian
        Damn thts some story bud but I only been an addict for 4 years all opiates but started on adderall but just couldn’t stand meth idk too much for too long the euphoria doesn’t make up for the anxiousness n racing thoughts n then the no sleep not hungry ya kno but people do anything to feed their addiction people don’t realize tht my dad was an addict and I use to make fun of him with my cousins n friends told myself countless times I was never gunna do drugs but I meant in my head like do drugs like that because I thought he wanted to be like that everyday until my senior year when I was selling weed s kid came up to me with 10 Percocets for a few grams I never do trades but he was my boy always looked out for me said I could make double the money I made double the money n still had a few left i f**ed with adderall acid did coke a few nights at parties n didn’t think about it the next day I didn’t go looking for it when I woke up it wasn’t on my mind yeah it was fun but I was logical seen the lil harm it was doing to my body when I did it because when I did I overdid it and I had money,straight a’s, with the girl I’ve liked since 3rd grade my everything got big into fitness lost 48 pounds in fat but not popular because I always felt uncomfortable n unliked around too many people unless I was at a party or something well took that one pill my plan was to sell the rest it was amazing I was social felt on top of the world worked harder in school and st the gym and at work then next day no hangover but I missed the good feeling constantly started to find ways to fit it into my regimen here and there at first like 1-2 times every couple weeks and well you kno how it goes after tht fast forward to end of year broke, couldn’t sell no more cause I always was coming up way short cause I was spending all my money on whatever opiate I could get then prices got higher because I was a jit quit my job because I never got a raise and was pissed off my girl still stayed with me tho she was working and giving me money everyday so I could get something I started overthinking and starting s**t with her when I didn’t have anything because being paranoid she was lying to me and going off behind my back when she couldn’t give me money (if she wasn’t at work she was with me or at home when I went to go get something) got arrested a few times and broke up with her for nothing because somes**t I made up but expected her to make up for it she did but I was goin thru withdrawals and she said something but not not how I wanted her to say it flipped out got into a huge fight ignored her for over a month then when we finally talked she said she thought about moving up north with her mom for a lil so I said okay and didn’t talk try to talk to her again for 3 years in that time I became the person I told everyone and myself I promised myself to not be the type of person I turned into I stopped caring about everyone(because I thought they hated me) I started lying because I was the most honest person u could meet before tht and I would pull everyone I knew into something one way or another steal from them go behind there backs(because I thought they were talking about me behind my back so I figured they were getting what they deserved. So I didn’t feel guilty at all at the time) went to jail numerous times went back to school to retake my senior year btw started out passing but tht was when the first year of my addiction took over and I was only able to hold on for the first 5 months but then I could accept the failure of losing the battle so I just made excuses and justified why I did it and believed it anyway here I am almost 5 years later a better person moral wise because I moved with family in Texas and was kept on lockdown for 6 months helped get my head straight get me out the habit of wanting to do it everyday doing more productive things thought it was all over I was done with the daily struggle didn’t kno where to get it and didn’t look for it or try to get it. Then I came back to my hometown in Florida I had a new phone no contacts I was good focused on making better changes. 37…..37 f**kin days I’m home I’m with a girl I knew for years we stayed friends but didn’t stay in contact just randomly met spontaneously at a store felt good, confident asked if she wanted to hangout (reals**t tho to I wanted to f**k cause bro when u shoot pills most the time u would rather do tht because I couldn’t nut when I was on a plus it has been 2 years since I f**ked and fully remembered it and was sober) we went to one of our friends house we all been friends for years but I didn’t kno she fell off with him too anyway we smoked. Chilled grabbed some food and we all just hung out for a bit said dueces to homeboy said I’d hit em up the next day nothing to it we stopped at the beach approach n f**ked before we even got back so finally we. Get back to her house and it’s late asf like 1 we go inside started talkin then she tells me she f**ked around wit h for a while but now just goes to na meetings and keeps herself on a schedule so she only does it once in a while She loved we had tht in common I didn’t understand it cause only thing I could think was “f**k f**k f**k f**k” well I said I was good I was proud of myself but sitting there as she prepared her shot and asked me again I started making excuses in my head about if she has a set schedule and if works I’ll start goin to the meetings if they really help. Well she was only an addict for 10 months and I was an addict for 4 years 7 months I started self administration of iv immediately after I first did a shot but I didn’t like someone else doing it because I thought I could do it better (of course I did almost never missed and didn’t feel a thing) well she was having trouble hitting herself so I got tired of seeing her stab her self a million times and I got it first try after tht I was like I can do this let me get a shot got one and turns out she lied about her routine recovery when she does it except how long she been doing it for My dumbass didn’t find out till the next night cause we did a shot when we woke up a few hours later went did some s**t did another shot for food she didn’t want to eat there so brought it back she didn’t even hardly eat any of it then we go to a meeting it was an hour long as soon as we leave she says pull into the sushi bar and grill found out she works there a few nights a week offered me a shot but I was like not till we get back to the house she says aight checks her s**t then goes I’m almost out I’m callin my dude we get back to her house ask what’s goin on she says binge for 2 -3 days then it helps u not crave it as bad so u can stay sober a few weeks I knew it was bull but I stopped caring as much cause I was getting high feeling good not spending my money on it yeah I refused to spend any money on it for over a week but was being offered constantly and I didn’t want to say no it’s the best I felt in months she runs out of money no more dope we had s shot in the morning by lunch she was getting dopesick or she said but I was good so I thought I got lucky nope couldn’t sleep tht night and felt like absolute s**t the next day the thought of “no more and you don’t have to go thru this again” never came across my mind I wanted something But not h so I asked her to call her dude and see if he got d’s he said he will call her back she gave him my number told him to call my phone cause hers was gunna die and she didn’t bring her charger he called back said come thru we got a d and then she says “$30 of h can last me lot longer then tht one pill” I was hesitant and all it took was “well I had u everyday when I had money I’m just waiting on my check tomorrow n I’ll get u back” tht was May 23rd… we got into an argument over drugs n money she says I owed her all of a sudden she wasn’t right but idk why I did it gave her the money and said I’m not going thru this again haven’t talked to her since but still talk to the dope man…. f**k addiction man idk why I’m here I make the worst decision over and over again and I don’t want to but I do it
    • Stan Manley
      Wow. You’re compassion for your fellow humans is just amazing. Let’s hope no one you love ever gets addicted to anything, so you don’t have to bother with understanding the underlying psychological issues of drug abuse. But if they do, we should just send them to the Philippines and have them assassinated. I mean, we all know that history has totally proven that extreme policies like assasinating people for being different works. Those kinds of practices have been going on for thousands of years, and look how much better off we are now. The Philippines? Give me a break. I’ve been there. That is a culture of kindness, and they deserve better than a fascist dictator. They tried it before. It didn’t work. Have some compassion. It’s not that hard.
      • Kat
        I agree..people just dont understand unless they been there.
        • Andrea
          Thank you, I swear some people must always feel so high and mighty when they view anything as a weakness that they have never had to deal with.
      • Tammie
        Well said
    • Andrea spathis
      Which day and age are u living, I can’t believe you say something’s like that ,ofcourse its a horrible drug in fact its an evil drug and who ever sells it should be punished hard but an addict needs help and not the death penalty.
      • Andrea
        Thank you.
      • Michael
        A cop told me once, “it’s a wonderful drug” one of the most addicting ones out there. Every idea is great and needs to be done. Addiction is nasty and heard to understand if you’ve never gone through it. My wife is laying next to me right now after weeks and weeks of being gone. She got mixed up with some S**tty people shot up once and was gone. I never gave up on her and here She is laying next to me coming down. Convulsing while she sleeps, wakes up in absolute fear, crying not being able to understand what she’s scared of. A couple years ago we got into meth, we quit together. But…not everyone is as headstrong as others. She ended up relapsing half a year later and tried hiding it from me for awhile which didn’t go real well with me we fought and she took off only to find someonethat was shooting up. After everything…cheating abusing neglecting our family our kids. But I still didn’t give up and yesterday she gave me her phone, all her meth pipes and hot rail tubes..absolutely everything she had even a gram of meth. All thrown away on her own. And I know for a fact that if I gave up on her She would be in a casino hotel room shooting up and destroying herself to nothing. My point is that people make mistakes and saying fuck it Your trash I want nothing to do with a drug addict is not the way to do it. Love who you love with support and reassurance. Meth will turn a saint into a devil. Doesn’t mean the saint is gone. So please don’t say shit about people you don’t know. If it was someone you loved you’d be singing a different song..
        • Meg
          ❤️ there shd b more people like u ur wife is lucky bc that’s what she needs if addicts don’t have the love and support from their loved ones then they will stay in the addiction bc they will feel as if they have nothing left never give up on ur loved ones help them through the hell there in
        • Rachel Kyriss
          God bless you.. My husband has never given up on me too. Id be dead if he had given up on me.
        • Jakob
          you’re a good guy michael, i’m sorry to hear all the s**t you’ve gone through as a result of this drug. if absolutely nothing else, you’ve got a beautiful, awful tale to tell. best of wishes to you and your wife, she sounds like she is ready to move past this beast. (:
    • Steve
      So what your saying is your hard earned money and taxed funds addicts & criminals in jail with 3 meals a day, no rent, no bills, free phone calls, around the cloak Healy care, education & I.T programs, trade certificates, doctors & mental healt ALL FREE to them at our expense. “GREAT IDEA” not. Especially when a bullet Or cost of lethal injection is less then $10. However tax payers cost to keep a prisoner incarcerated is INXS of 35K a year.WHOS REALLY AT FAULTY HERE the crim that sold, took & manufactured Ice OR THE “DILLS” that pay to keep these addicts incarcerated???
      • Tyler
        And let me guess, kill us the addicts. The Veteran that served in Iraq, the same Veteran that has had a few relapses but is now a social worker helping house Veterans coming out of homelessness and or substance use. It takes an average of 5 years for a Vet to reach out to the VA. 5 years of self medication and ally/substance use that could be prevented if the administration in the white house would make it mandatory that Veterans reach out to VA upon discharge.So that’s a lot of veterans in an 18 month program and then getting housing location and financial assistance plus 2 years of case management through government contracts managed my different non-profits.So don’t tell me that the life/MY life is not worth living because I may have gone to the VA or used my private insurance.Less than a person you must beThose 5 years could have been prevented if we could offer mental
    • Sarah
      What does the Philippines do? Curious
      • nino alioto
        drug users and dealers are killed on the spot
  • Veronica
    Did meth almost five days ago for the first time and pretty sure I over did it. Went the the errors yesterday and all my levels were returned as normal. My heart rate was a little high, but as for my electrolytes, potassium and everything else , blood pressure and body temp were fine. My question is, I wake up and get rapid heart beat , and it’s caused by paranoia of me thinking about it. Is this part of the comedown? I was given anti anxiety meds. ? When will this subside? The paranoid feeling , is it ever gonna go away.
    • Vincent
      It goes away with time. If your going to do it though, don’t be scared. If your going to do drugs of any type, be excited about it. And before you do them, be prepared. Do your research.
      • Gu
        Wise wise words
      • jim
        im coming down atm not the greatest feeling but i have controlled my use of meth. only once every 1-2months. i meth is an easy drug tp kick compared to alchole and opiates.
    • Lisa
      He will have an intense strong desire to do the drug again, probably within a month. You better resist, are you will be walking around looking like a skeleton before long The more you use it the harder it is to get off of it, there are two substances that help people who are addicted, that is called crate him and something else you can buy called Pharma GABA that helps to rebuild your dopamine receptors Do it once and you might survive do it twice and you’ll be an addict so you better run
      • Richard
        I tried it about a month ago and did it 3 times and I am done with it.I just want to know how much it had damaged my teeth. I have strong roots.I have been hanging out with the wrong people.
        • Erik
          Dude ive done it a hundred or more times. You have health anxiety and need to relax.
        • Wascallywabby
          that’s great that you don’t want to use anymore. hope you can stay away from people who use.
    • nathan g bash
      Yes check into it one thing for sure let the guilt go, the paranoia will go away. Your life is not that pivital or interesting. people are not following you. Unless you’re some heavy player.
      • L.r.
        On the contrary, as a recovering addict let me say this, if you think they are out there…… They are. Watching you? They are. So the best thing to do is get right with it. It worked for me but not for all. Just trying to put a little humor into a bad subject.
    • David
      Yes it will go away in time. Lay off the ice a few weeks.
    • Butch
      That’s what’s happen to me
    • Larry
      Yes, it’s just a little paranoia. Meth is usually out of your system in 3 – 5 days.
    • Andrew
      Give it a few more days and everything will be alright don’t use it again men its not worth it and its gonna be a lot harder to stay away fr it .
  • Jessica
    How can I help my body come down off of a meth high when i feel like u had a mild overdose?
    • mohawk
      As an avid drug user and a 2yr meth addict, trying to quit for the second time, but i know the feeling you speak of. Hard to say if its mental or physical but in my exp. that feeling you describe is just a panic. meth triggers your bodies flight or fight reactions chemically and mentally. Your heart rate already being higher than normal, a simple thought of taking to much can send alot of people into a psychosis or hallucination built around dying which then feeds the panic speeds the heart and creates the loop. The thing to remember with any rec drug is to research first, prepare, (load up on electrolytes and vitamins and proteins), and dont rely on the drug to force happiness or maintain your mood. Cause you’ll find that its really easy to go from perfect to bad with a simple thought. just train your self to calm your self down. Back in the day when i liked to use LSD and the 100s of research chems before the analogue law passed, i liked to kinda guide friends through there first trip. But its kinda been helpful through all the drugs but pull your self back a bit mental from the rush of people or wear ever you are(mentally, dont go run off alone or anything but just get in your own head) and i always told my self “you are on drugs. so this is normal dont panic” and just a few deep breaths usually gets the “overdose” rush to calm down. that said unless you’ve overdosed before to compare the feeling to then in my opinion (not a dr. remember i still use so dont trust me) but youre fine in that moment and just relax and breath and enjoy the high. dont over think it. But if you shoot up then its easy to over dose. Ive never used needles and never been desperate enough to. But remember bubbah made this stuff in a bucket in a burnt down doublewide and has no education only what his paw jimbo passed on. So it will never be the same strength. ever! thats why i dont shoot and thats why you ease into a high so you dont get to the thought you got to and panic just a little. sorry so long. just be lucky im not using right now lol. Stay safe,
      • Richard
        Have you had any dental problems. I tried it for the first time ever about a month ago. I did it about 3 times .On withdrawal right now. 3rd day.
        • BBG
          Hey Richard, hows the withdrawal going, or did you cave and use again? Dont be ashamed, but definately let people be aware of what your going thru,the people that you love n trust etc.
        • Jack
          Third day?? What r u talking about. You act like your kicking herion or something.. boohoo
      • JKay
        bruh don’t sneak-n-geek here. just own up to it. u said the same thing 3 times. im GEEKED rn. looking for answers…. you can educate and no one has the right to judge how u got here.
      • Andrea
        This helped me, thank you homie!
    • Marcus
      Eat the shit out of peppermint candy it won’t bring the effects to a stop but it will slow high down somewhere
    • Jon
      Shit I’m here tripping I did 2 small lines of ice and I’m getting hot I can’t think straight my body is shaking.sum people say drink milk and eat cheese, crackers fruit vegs,Gatorade. Is it true.i got so frightened i thought I was going to did on the real
  • Joseph
    I’ve used consistently for about 6 months binge or what ever you want to call it snort or eat no smoke no shoot or in ass. I work everyday and would regularly good to the Dr get symptoms taken normal bp heart rate tempature as if it was a normalcy or just a normal part of me and I just had the energy to work 12-16 hours a day sleep very minimal if at all sometime I could go 5-7 days without sleep working and keep a normal mind no panic stress matter a fact I once passed the Asvab spun out for 3 days in a row no sleep, I was up for 2-3 days and took my final on my Masonry exam and got an A. Never once panicked however I’ve been clean for about 2 week from about 5 months straight and I’ve been sleeping constantly can’t grasp enough energy to get up feel as if a spell is cast upon me to lay down and I’m wearing an iron cast although I grew in the shit hole neighborhood of meth and am probably mentally conditioned it still kkicks my ass coming off I feel need to get high but just have no energy what so ever what do you guys think?
    • Jess
      You just gotta get up. There’s no tricks. You just gotta do it. Or get some more dope.
    • Jesse
      How are you doing now?
  • Joseph
    Oops in the last part of my comment it needed to say I feel no need to get high
  • Ashley
    I stopped panicked ugly then told myself I wouldn’t use it again then I used it again
    • Jon
      Shit I’m here tripping I did 2 small lines of ice and I’m getting hot I can’t think straight my body is shaking.sum people say drink milk and eat cheese, crackers fruit vegs,Gatorade. Is it true.i got so frightened i thought I was going to did on the real
  • Chris
    Ive been clean off this shit for almost 2 years until last night outta the blue someone offers to get me high so we smoked like a little less than a half g between the 2 of us over like a 2 hour period. And I guess I’m just burnt out or got a damaged brain or something b/c off that little bit I was having full blown hallucinations…seeing shadow people through my peep hole in my door and hearing them talk about kicking my door in and shooting me…and I was so delusional that I thought it was real. And tripping like that was why I stopped…but it used to take more shit and usually a couple days with no sleep before I get to that point. Anybody else trip out like that? Or have I just made myself schizophrenic?
    • Michael G Molson
      Amen yes I went through the same exact hallucinations. I was tripping balls. I was seeing shit that wasn’t there and that shit had me scared for real. I was seeing shadow people and spirit like orbs and silowhets of ghost. I think that shit super heightens your senses and turns you into a medium or some shit like that. Don’t want that shit in my life anymore. But my thinking sucks so I think I’m gonna need help!
  • Pietro
    Accidentally did meth last night. I was told it was coke and someone put it in my drink. Then, i did more and more. First time ever using meth. I eventaully saw the shard and knew what it was…this come down is not worth it though. I still need to sleep it off. Been 14 hours since last dose. Never again will i do this. Not that i meant to in the first place, but always check what people are giving you before you take it. I knew that and didn’t. Oh well, it’s an experience.
  • yogabbaG
    I relapsed two days ago, I haven’t been able to get any sleep even though I have tried lying in bed for hours on end. I was doing so well. 6months off since last binge but I was beginning to have intense cravings for it due to depression and being lonely. I just wanted to get over a breakup faster. I have so many insecurities and regrets from what had happened and what was said/done. I felt like I needed some sort of stimulate to lift my mood up to help get me out of it. I wasn’t cleaning up after myself hygienically or physically around the house, all I could do was replay the past few months over in my head, I was over eating and drinking to get to sleep. I tried going out with people too and it just made me feel out of place and desperate for friendships I haven’t really had since before I was in a relationship. I think I need some advice, I am scared of getting kicked out again. Which makes me even more scared to tell my Mom I have started this again. Advice for all this?
    • Lily
      I feel you!
    • judy minshull
      Mate. You hit the nail on the head. Its all about medicating negative emotions. Because you dont want to feel the pain.There is so much free stuff on the net for management. Look at it as faulty stress management issues. Disregulated by chemical and electrical glitches. Caused by unprocessed traumatic memories. The Absolute best self help programs and tools by far –Emotional Freedom Technique. or Energy Psychology. – Re programming your thinking after recognizing the words you speak to yourself with. Reviewing your SUBconscious beliefs.Or watch videos on treatment for PTSD> The mental health system does nothing.If you can go to a TRAUMA INFORMED PSYCHOLOGIST who uses EMDR for rapid trauma resolution. Self help is available.If you have a Wellness plan Things that you are doing well with. Triggers you should be prepared strategically for.
    • Antoni yo
      I feel you 100% on that. the over eating and drinking to get full to see if it knocks you to help you sleep I go through that with every come down
  • Tye
    I’ve been using off and on since 1995. 3 months here 3 months there. A couple years off and then 3 straight 2003-2006. Then a couple years off. Then a month here and a month there. Then 2014 one week into getting off again a choice that took everything from me. Lost my children my job, my savings eventually, my credit, my beautiful place in Dana point Ca., My credit, and my entire supporting cast….siblings, father, and best friend. Then I had, for the first time, the perfect excuse to do it….to numb myself from all the sarrow, tears and dissappointment I felt every moment of every day after that. So for for years now I havent missed but about 6 weeks of addiction (1 month of that being in jail). So to the guy that did it 3 times your teathe are fine. I still have a great set of teathe. I have always been very careful but still suffered a night of complete, no memory, dope psychosis. I checked into a hospital immediately after realizing I just digested probably an 8ball worth of meth. I am a person that always needs to be in control and don’t use to lose my mind. I always fuctioned very well and made sure I was in control and the drug never controlled me. Anyway, I find myself, for the first time stuck in the lifestyle surrounded by it constantly now, feeling completely trapped. The fact that I’m on this sight is proof that I am seeking a way out. And let me tell you the last couple times I came down is was extremely difficult and frightening to say the least. Extreme panic attacks anxiety and everything else this sight lists. This time though I am going to fill my body with every nutrient recommended and eat right. Good willing I’ll make it through it and regain somw sort of my lost life back. The next thing and the only thing left this drug can take is my life. Good willing I’ll make it. And I get to do all of this homeless sleeping g in my truck alone, unless I find the strength to do it around all the people in my life still doing it. I miss my children so much. There you have it.
    • Andrew
      Hey Tye hope your staying strong in your fight bro, im a 5 years gram a day smoker so taking advice from me might not be the best thing to do but if only one thing I say helps then thats a positive. I suppose in a strange way I can be classed as a lucky meth head if there can be such a thing- my wife knows about my addiction my family and most of my friends don’t i have been able to hide it well, luckily for me I have been able to put loved ones , work and bills before meth , 5 days ago I decided what a waste of money and time and the drama that goes with it not to mention what it is doing to my body and so I stopped now im not going to sit here and say its not hard mate its hell trust me im hurting bad right now and with one message could fix it but im better than that most people would call me the most stubborn person they know so that is my attitude to getting clean i hate Losing I won’t be beaten by meth, Tye as hard and pointless as this may sound try taking to the people that you think you have lost in your life you have nothing to lose right? Tell them you miss them you need them to help you get your life back on track be honest and don’t look for pitty ask for there help you have something to prove to your self and that is who your doing it for!! Hope it all works out for you bro now thats more typing I have done in years im going back to sleep haha oh and to all the first time users or someone thinking about it! Its the fucking devil dont do it it will 100% fuck your life I promise
    • Kitty
      Hey Tye, I have so much compassion for u bro, I am so sorry for how your addiction has broken apart your life. I’m an ex IV user, used everything but heroin was what really got me towards the end there, luckily they have methadone clinics, it’s not the healthiest option but it was the best option for me and a last resort. I wish they had something similar for meth. Now I have been clean from heroin for shoot, prob 6 years now(had one slip about two years ago but that’s it) and I want to tell you that I totally empathize with you, I don’t have human kids but my cats were my kids and I had to give them up to some dear friends(so luckily they were still in my life) it was hard, made me sink further but I couldn’t care for them, then when Ninette was at the end of her battle with hyperthyroidism and we were about to take her in to help her cross peacefully, I remember sitting on the floor with her holding her, it’s one of the few memories I have from that time. The reality of what was happening in my life broke through my clouded mind and pierced my heart. I was about to lose one of my children and I hadn’t been present with her for years. It still hurts so much to remember but I’m reying to express that I sympathize intensely and I am here for you. I will send you a lot of love and positive energy. I really hope that your able to make it over the mountain, know it’s possible and it gets so much easier with time, but it’s hard to remember that in the moment. One day you will wake up and realize that you no longer are stuck in a rat wheel endlessly running in place, chasing after this eternally evading sense of peace…you will wake up and realize how free you feel that you are no longer bound to your addiction, no longer are you manipulated by your dealers, you are no longer having to worry about if you will have enough shit to last you, you won’t be worried about the comedown.It’s tough at first, it’s excruciating emotionally, but it gets SO much easier Tye, it’s possibke.I hope that you are able to pick up the pieces and rebuild a life that is even more beautiful and grand. Focus on rebuilding your foundation of self love and find someone to help you, Even online, but find someone to talk to who makes you feel better. Know that it’s all an experience, and having had an addiction and broken away from it is incredibly empowering, and not a mountain many are able to surmountI send you love Hugs
    • Shelton
      I been using for maybe 3 year now. Maybe stopped for 3 months and got back on it. I thought I had it under control. And it control me. And still is. I’m still using and still thinking I got it under control. Done lose home,car, my two sons respect and the love of my life my wife. This all happen in the last four months. To right now I still think I got it under control. I have nothing. I work for a company that travel the world. I’m in California now and can’t find none. Got about a g left and going to try to wing myself off of it. If some one was to look at me. They could tell I been using for long as I been. I’m not looking forward to the comedown or the withdrawals I hat that feeling. But I got to get my life together. I’m 40 yr old and don’t have shit to show. I pray everyone who’s dealing addictions get the help they need. Do the same for me.
  • Alyssa
    What are some good ways to calm myself down? When I feel like my heart rate is too fast, or having a mini panic attack because of the heart rate. Got any advice to slow it down maybe? Or should I just keep myself busy & not worry about it? I don’t inject, or snort. I smoke it. Any tips???
  • Real1
    Been there, done that. Don’t wanna go back, the drug is fucking garabage and literally helps with nothing but making you look like a skinny ugly replica of Lindsay Lohan on meth with a diet. Rather smoke weed.
  • Blake
    Whatever you do make sure you eat and drink. What happens while on meth and a empty stomach:If you don’t condition your brain and/or set reminders or alarms to eat, after the 2nd day or so (at least from what I experienced) you will begin to have a horrible heart burn or acid indigestion and the reason for this is because your stomach has nothing to break down so it begins breaking down blood which, finds its way up into your lungs, esophagus etc.. Out of all the side effects this was by far the worst and it lasted for a few days. The more you burp the better but for real… it made breathing alone very uncomfortable.A lot of people use while searching for or having sexual intimacies with other meth abusers. Not only does it feed the meth addiction but the hornless it creates also becomes addictive… and sex and meth become best friends.
  • Lexi
    Hey there, I recently relapsed after almost 6 years of not using. I’ve only ever snorted it and smoked it once. But after seeing what it can do to your teeth, I vowed not to smoke it. And I knew if I were to mainline it, there would be no coming back. I feel like for the most part, I am in control. As long as I’m able to sleep, I’m able to get through the comedown and once it’s out of my system I’m pretty good about not seeking it out. But once in a while, one of my friends will offer it to me. Another friend of mine was the one who offered it to me again after all these years. I’d been craving it off and on since i stopped but I had removed myself from the people I would hang with and do it with so I was fine since it wasn’t around. But the moment my friend offered it to me, i sat there fighting with myself for a good 10 minutes until I finally gave in. And it’s been off and on for the past month. This stuff really is the devil. I wish I had never touched it the first time.
  • Rault
    Here is a good way to calm yourself down. DONT DO METH!!! Like I can relate to each an every one of these comments and even replied to one. All in all meth will just destroy your mind, body, soul, family, friends, relationships, and life in time. 1 year or 10… it is such a peice if shit asshole unforgiving dick head that will laugh and kick you when your down unless you get with it and do more… Do more… destroy more.. life, body, mind, whatever. If your contiplating and looking for advice or comments to help justify your use just say fucking no dude!!! You WILL REGRET IT… and you WILL lose your shit mind, possessions, people.. does not matter.. and will NOT discriminate!!!! Be safe!! Be clean!!! Be healthy!!! Be smart don’t start!!!
  • Lauren
    I went to a party and thought I was doing coke. It wasn’t it was meth and I did 8 lines. That was a week ago and I’m still having a hard time eating and sleeping. I’m also feeling anxious. Is this normal? Any tips please
    • Angelica
      Hey Lauren,Unfortunately it’s “normal” for you to feel that way. I know it’s hard to deal with but you have to force yourself to sleep, eat and stay hydrated. Just try to stay as positive as you can.. don’t let your mind get the best of you! I hope by now you’re feeling much better
  • Angelica
    I’ve been doing meth for 6 months now. I naively thought it was coke and as soon as I did that line I instantly fell in love with the feeling. After my divorce, at the beginning of this year, I was completely depressed and my self esteem was at an all time low. I used to not even do coke at all either, just drink.. a lot, but after the divorce so many bad things started to happen.. it felt like life was kicking me while I was down. I’ve always been a positive and confident person, so keeping all this bottled up and pretending like I was fine was really hard to deal with until I started meth. I keep trying not abuse it but when I drink I stupidly go overboard and then the crash comes. I’ve had two withdrawals already and they were completely horrible. The number one thing that bothers me is my chest. I know it increases your heart rate but I get random chest pains now. I don’t know what to do at this point all I know is I’m not ready to quit, I don’t want to. I understand that meth is bad for you, that’s clear.. but overall it has helped me better my career, my self esteem, my whole life.. of course at the expense of my body. I never thought that I would get to this point and I’m too afraid to talk to anyone about it because I can already hear and see the concerned faces on everyone. I don’t want to be a burden on my family or my friends. It’s already bad enough that I’m always getting criticized for being divorced at 24. Most days I do a line before work and I force myself to eat and drink a lot of water. The hardest part is probably the sleeping, which is what caused my withdrawals in the first place. I hadn’t slept for almost three days when I had my first withdrawal and the second time I hadn’t slept for a day and a half and idiotically over did it. I feel like if I can conquer my sleeping schedule, I will be able to take full control of this. It’s such a bittersweet feeling… on one end I wish I’d never messed with it but on the other my life has done a complete 360. I know my reasoning and justifying is stupid, even writing this feels so surreal.. like it’s not really me. I was so scared to even say anything on here but it feels so good to vent.. reading everyone’s stories makes me feel like I’m not alone and it’s not easy to just quit.. I truly hope we can all become completely free from this
    • Lily
      I’m in the same shoes as you.
  • Jose
    I recently tried meth for the first time. I will admit I conciously chose to try it. I live in central connecticut in a very developed city approximately two hours from both nyc and Boston and surprisingly meth is just recently getting big and infiltrating our streets. It’s especially hitting our glbt where it’s called “tina”. I was out and about and had a few drinks and came home and jumped on a gay app called “scruff”. I get a message from someone who I ‘ve seen before who invited me to smoke. Naively, I thought he meant weed. Low n behold it turns out he was smoking meth. In my lapse of judgement I chose to try it and we took hits off the pipe till morning. The high felt like an extremely clean but intense coke high. In the back of my head I knew I was going to pay for this. I was up until Monday morning. The comedown felt like a bad coke comedown mixed with the flu multiplied by 100. It’s Tuesday afternoon and I still get the feeling of critters crawling on me, though I know it’s just my body still reacting. In my heart I know I will not do this again. Point blank. It was not worth it. Most articles ive read say that tge crash makes you want more, for me it did quite the opposite. I ask myself how can someone willfully do this to themselves over and over? I can see how it destroys people. I am just living with the guilt of trying the drug, but I am thankful that I left the experience knowing that I tried it, I did not like it, and will not be touching it ever again.
  • Kidlord55
    Hi so I tried meth twice two nights in a row snorted less than prolly .3 prolly less and I feel like crap head hurts legs hurt kinda feels like the flu I hope I can sleep in prescribed 1mg klonopin and I took one and feel as it did nothing to any one wanting to try this don’t it’s horrible and I used to shoot heroin for over 13 years been clean from heroin for 3 years fuck meth don’t try it…
  • Sam
    Be safe on meth is like saying be safe as you walk out the door stumbling drunk. Its a serious drug that has serious effects. If you think a substance as this is going to improve your life, you need to go talk to someone you trust and love. Don’t go barreling through something that is as thick as quick sand. Multitude of meanings in that sentence. Please don’t make your loved ones watch and wonder where they went wrong…. Please don’t do it. My family is prone to this stuff. I’m watching too many lose themselves to this and more drugs….. Help your friend help yourself. Stay strong to those who seek help.
  • HP
    Getting off is so hard. I cant work, cant concentrate…. it just makes me like suck on my gums …. I want to get off, but its like I cant do my normal functions unless Im on it.How do I stop? It just makes all of my body irritable and at unease when Im not on it. Its been 2 days and 2 nights of sleep but I still cant shake the physical effects. Its ruining my life.
    • Hope
      Don’t give up I know the feeling it’s like you minds awake but your body isn’t. And if your body is awake your mind isn’t I know the first few days are hell, you feel like you have no energy. I was off it for a week and slowly I would get a tiny amount of energy back. Finally I gave in and got high today…I regret it so much just thinking about going through those first few days all over again is torture. Take it Day by day keep pushing through you don’t need it. You don’t want to live the rest of your life being an addict. I have to start all over you don’t. Stay sober because a year from now I want to be celebrating my being sober and I hope you will be to. Your not alone….
  • mick
    Meth rarely comes wiith a colour i.e. your statement there of a blueish tinge. Meth is white to clear. the clearer the better. if it has a colour in it it has food colouring in it and its gonna cause issues with smoking. As for speed (less pure amphetamines), they come in all sorts of different colours but are not as high in purity as Methamphetamine hence why they are able to add food colouring to brand it or its slightly burnt giving it a reddy brown colour (ox blood)
  • eman
    At night 9 hours ago i did meth for the first time 5 lines by snorting now i have got pain in my back and fast heart rate, i want sleep what should i do?
  • Shaggy
    Time is the only thing thatl cure a meth comedown.
  • Michelle
    My bf has been doing meth for 6 months. Several times in conversation with me he just dosed off and fell asleep, he had a hard time staying up. One time he fell asleep as soon as he started his truck to go to work, in 30 seconds he was out like a light. Is he on a come down..?
  • C
    You can tell the people using on here because their comments are several paragraphs long lol .
    • Xtine
      So true
    • Shelton
      You right. I would txt a book. Go to read it after it sent. I could understand the s**t. I love the drug. About to smoke some now in my homemade Gatorade bong. Got this g left. And I’m going to try to leave it alone.
  • Candy Reis
    I have been using meth for over 15 years straight. I smoke it. But I am tired of it but can’t afford to go through the whole sleep comedown thing because of my job. Is there any way that I can hide the comedown from my work?
    • Trystian
      Switch to roxys or dilaudids small dose st first to see ur tolerance then do more and more until u nod out so I kno how much u can take without nodding it gives u confidence energy focus and u can sleep tht night brooo gets rid of all ur anxiety n depression I been on em for 4 years now try meth here n there but don’t like too unless I can get an opiate or benzo for the comedown
  • Alexis
    I’ve been smoking/snorting meth for 7 months sometimes I’ll quit for a few days to a week.. but recently I’ve been doing it for almost two weeks straight, around 6:00pm tonight (didn’t do any before then other than the night before) I did two medium sized lines and I was cleaning my room going fast then I stopped my heart was skipping beats really bad while racing, sometimes felt like it stopped the started back up, purple excessively cold sweating hands, blurry vision, left shoulder was tingling along with my neck, now after 4 hours later, hands still sweaty eyes are low, heart rate kinda normal, feels like something is stuck in my throughly, pressure in my nose, sharp pain in front on shoulder upper armpit, blurry vision heart palpitations eyes are heavy.. I’ve been to the hospital 3 times before for high blood pressure, but this time feels different since I’ve haven’t had a break from it in almost 2 weeks. I’m 22 years old, healthy as ever no health problems just anxiety..
  • Donovan Ault
    User off and on. I actually just flushed my stash a few hours ago – pretty sure I’m done with it…. again. I hope my penis can recover from the awful things this drug has done to it.If anyone who is also trying to quit and is missing the shotgun blast of productivity in your daily work/home life you may look into Kratom Leaf to supplement your energy until your brain gets back to homeostasis. It can also be overdone so don’t go all meth head on it you meth heads. White/Green vein is going to be your more energy active, Red is more sedative. They act on a similar family as the opioid receptor so it will drastically help with Heroin withdrawals if that pertains to anyone reading.
  • Xtine
    I started smoking meth when I was 18 and was smoking/snorting it everyday. By the age of 21 I was in hospital on a ventilator cause my lung capacity was so low I struggled to breath. Despite this event I continued using. When I was 23 I went into a rehab for the first time. Whenever I returned home I relapsed. This happened with 4 rehab attempts. Finally when I was 25 I managed to stop…for 5 years at least…my health improved dramatically in this time. Then a year ago when I was 30 I began using again and within 4 months my liver and kidneys started to give problems. I have such bad water retention especially around my legs and ankles that walking is painful. My lungs will never be the same again..and I have to take tablets for my liver just to help it function the way it should. Its been 14 years since I picked up meth for the first time and within that time i have managed to destroy my body to the point of no return.
  • Callon Farcus
    To all who read this post please take heed in my warning and trust me when I say the best option you have when faced with opportunities to use crystal meth or are being peer pressured into trying or you are simply curious and bored and want to know what all the fuss is about; please do not use crystal meth! Addiction is a nasty disease that can and will invade your life and totally destroy all the things you consider holy in your life whether it be a relationship, marriage, family ties with siblings, children, grandparents etc., a good career or a job you like, popularity, athleticism, good looks, character, repuration…. the lists does not end because if you use meth it will destroy and permanently scar every thing in your life outside of your addiction with your life being the final target however by the time it takes your physical life, you will have been living a life of despair, shame, regret, heartbreak and guilt for the last several years And during that time you will have devalued y9ur life so far that death does not scare you in fact you may almost invite the idea at that time. The addiction’s destruction phase lasts anywhere from 6 months to 5 years or even longer but no one and I repeat no one will stay a recreational user who can use at levels that do not affect their personal lives. Most become full time users (using more days out of the week than not using) before they realize what’s happened. I’ve seen first text users without any prior substance abuse disorders go from experimenting with friends to selling enough to support their habit and using every day without any plans of slowing down. Good people, college grads with good jobs and good women. Good families. Meth is not picky or discriminatory towards it’s victims.I’ll leave you with this,. The highest upside you can get from.experimenting with meth is a intense speed rush lasting 30 minutes then a steadily declining high lasting 3-4 hours that’s usually absorbed with paranoia, guilt, short attention spans, anxiety relatef to how y9u can geyore or the feeling of having to have in order to get thru the next day, and almost instant decline in physical looks. As for the Lowest lows just read the posts and that’s almost a 100% guarantee of what you will face. So why even try that one time. It’s not worth it. And no person trying to convince you it is is a friend or cares about you. Hope you enjoyed the posts and will remember these words when you are contemplating using the drug or any other drug.
    • Datcy
      Hi meth has totally ruined my life and I’ve never done drugs in my life first four years ago they came and arrested my son who is 22 at the time for manufacturing he wasn’t doing it at my home and I had no idea have his wife and his baby were living with me I found out at that time the FBI who’s watching my son which month is watching my home for two years it didn’t really affect me cuz I was doing nothing wrong but anyway he is now serving time in Federal prison still I knew nothing about meth at the time when I first started trying my life she wants to go I was in a car accident broke my femur my hip tailbone and some other bones which put me in the hospital for several weeks and am I unable to walk at this time while I was in the hospital my husband was only up there in the helicopter got me up there granted we did leave a couple hours away but my kids and other family managed to make it up there and he never could whatever I was very confused when I finally got home that’s what meth ruin my life will stuck in time found out my husband of 30 years what’s on meth once again I had no idea I must be the stupidest person on Earth cuz come to find out he was off and on it for 20 years and I’m the only one who didn’t suspected other family members were wondering and they just didn’t say nothing to me because they weren’t sure and I suffer from depression and other stuff and I didn’t want to upset me I hate that more than anything in this worldand the fact that I complete idiot and I didn’t know I didn’t stay at my house at that time I went and stayed with my mother St.Louis couple hours for my homemy husband said that he was going to stop cold turkey and I would if he just for a couple of weeks because I came back home but now that I know what to be aware of over the past weekend I believe he used I questioned him about it and he got very mad he told me he said he quit and I should believe him I don’t want you so bad but I don’t know what to do my grandkids because I chose to come home he has lost contact with two of our children because he was horribly mean to them and said really bad things and I can’t stop hating him for what he said to my children we still have one child at home I am so confused in my life right now I just needed to vent and let people know meth destroys lives and yes people can work regular jobs everyday and it’s definitely not like what you see on TV with my son hey work a regular job and I never knew what he did with my husband he works with regular job maybe two at a time I’m so sorry for the long post just really needed to get it out any feedback would be appreciated if you could help me know how to deal with this thank you
  • Jen
    If I did meth 9 1/2 hours ago can I still overdose I’m not sure if I just have really bad anxiety or if it’s overdose effects it’s scaring me!?!?!?
  • KEKO
  • Danielle
    Jen….Force yourself to eat something small for starters, drink plenty of water, take multivitamin if u can as well as ibuprofen for the headache and pain and an over the counter sleep medicine (tylenol pm or benadryl is what i used). Lay in bed and take deep breaths, count or repeat song lyrics in your head to keep your mind occupied (it will help with the anxious feelings also). Lay there in the dark, quiet, comfy bed and eventually after a few hours or more u will fall asleep with the help of the meds. Meth is a horrible, very addictive drug…i wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Hope this helps a little hun
    • Colleen
      Is the strong head and neck pain normal ?? I did meth about 4 days ago
  • anniemae
    i went to jail( for other things not drugs) & found out i was pregnant. BUT before i went in, i was so junked the hell out. & the sdrugs were making me so crazy. like i would walk down the street to the store & think someone pr everyone is after me & i wouldnt even be high. when i found out i was pregnant i changed my life around. for 1 bevause i wanted to keep my baby & in order for me to do that i had to be clean 2 hes my miracle baby. i was told i wasnt able to have kids. anyways. here i am my baby is 4 months old im clean & honestly i STILL have really bad paranoia problems. my dr said in time it will heal.
  • William cox
    As far as drugs go I really think we should give the addict a list of every drug known and research chem let them at it. We should make them have to talk with a doctor about the drug weekly for study’s and research. Also if you wanted to do this program you would have to be sterilized as to keep down the numbers of drug baby’s that would normally burden hospitals. Sterilization would be optional but opting out would cut in to the pay-scale by half. Payment would be based on the chemical rarity and knowledge of effects. This would be a way for drug addicts to be a productive member of human species and feel worth of there. I feel like there is a reason some people feel inclined to engage drug use and we should let them be a benefit to mankind.
  • bryce
    I smoked over a gram of ice last Friday and was a first time user and used it with dope and heaps of grog over a 2 day period. i went into drug phycosis and full on hallucinating… made a fool of myself and the next day had to call the ambulance as i thought i was having a heart attack and could not breath. it is now Thursday and i can still feel it flowing though my body and eyes are still pinned… can anybody please give he advice until i wont feel it as i cant stand this feeling!!
    • Nic
      For a first time user to use a gram in a night on top of whatever else you consumed says you wanted to really have a bender and not much you can do now apart from try and get yourself back into normal work/eat/drink/sleep routine It will be hard and the only way you will do it is to just do it. You will find yourself thinking I’m going to have a drink but never do it if you don’t consciously snap out of it and do it. Make sure you don’t go visit your mates again the next weekend or you will be starting a cycle you (as you say) don’t want to be inTry and remember this feeling the next time you’re thinking about going on an all weekend bender and perhaps down your dosages or try something else or if the comedown outweighs the good times it’s time to stop whatever it is giving you the ups and downs
  • Jennifer
    I am at a lose of what to do, my boyfriend told me a couple months ago that he’s used meth for almost 2 years , We’ve been dating not quite a year, had absolutely no idea and feel very stupid I never picked up on any signs I guess. I’ve never know anyone that has used meth before. He has a very good job, a house etc… he told me because he said he wanted to quit and he needed help and that I was the only person he has told that he uses. I’ve googled the crap out of what to do to help him, he slept the whole weekend had to go to work and I knew deep in my gut he wouldn’t stay clean if he left. He told me he was going to wean himself off the stuff, me only knowing what I’ve read thought maybe that was the best route since he couldn’t go to treatment. Well it’s been over a month and I know for a fact he’s still using, how long is this weaning process supposed to last before it’s just using again. I recently moved in with him thinking things were going to change, yes I went snooping to try and ease my mind. Unfortunately I found the plate the straw the pipe etc. but only a little bit of crystals he told me when he buys it he buys enough to last him a long time. I feel like I’ve searched everywhere looking for his stash, I had a general idea where to look since it always takes him forever to get ready for work and hear him coughing. It seems to be nowhere to be found or he’s that good of a hider. I need advice on what to do, I don’t want to be dating someone that doesn’t seem to care about his life. I’m sorry but he’s 40 and horrible blood pressure, stays awake, but can randomly fall asleep anywhere how long of a life does he really think he has !?! I love him so much and he’s too good of a person to just let him throw his life away. I wouldn’t have stuck around if I didn’t see the good in him. Can someone please give me some advice on what to do to help him. I’m loosing sleep over this and constantly worried about him. Thank you in advance and god bless
  • Jesse
    I took a meth for the first time and it was in the form of a tiny compressed lego and even said lego on it, anyway i snorted half and at ate the other on a empty stomach while at the movies. I dont plan on using again as it was just to know the effects of meth hand on as i have done with coce, its currently 4 hours after taking it and im just wondering what would have been the best way to take it as i had only done what i had done with coce(snort and lick what was left in bag after snorting). Once again Im not going to take it again as I have pretty good self control the these things and plan on staying with weed, LSD and shrooms. I plan on trying another drug in a month or so and I dont know witch one to pick so if also have any suggestions other than heroine let me know.
    • Matt
      You need to shake your head. You’re aware that what you just said is down right the du**est thing anyone could say? …seriously shake your head sit down and use your brain. Experimenting is the most irresponsible way addicts can become addicts. Roulette with your life is brainless you’re defining st**id perfectly. It’s fun right its risky so you treat it like a carnival game. Want some advice from a recovering addict?…….. stick with your weed. Unless you’re ok with the horrible odds of living or dying you have decided to give yourself. Family? … dont be so st**id and think about if you did die , what youre leaving behind ,think of how it will affect your family. Smarten up. You were given a brain. Use it ffs.
  • Matt
    One thing I have to say is this, noone is able to fully understand addiction that has been a addict themselves. The understanding falls deeper when that addict has hit their ultimate rock bottom. For myself it was surviving a overdose of opioids that I was unaware were in the meth I was shooting. Found myself on someone’s front porch freezing cold that I could not stop the massive shivering through out my whole body. The cold saved my life but was 10 15 mins away from taking my life. Kicking on the door of a families home walking them up to call the cops or ambulance. In roughly 5 hours I had injected 3.2 grams of meth. Over 3 mg of fentanyl was in my system due to being cut with the meth. 2 on call emergency drs were dumbfounded how I survived. They said my survival percentage was 8 to 9%. First time having the most potent opioid in my body at a dose that could kill me 2x over. Addiction is not a disease or sickness. It starts as a choice. A choice that can be reversed but comes with a very heavy burden you carry with you for life. A mental burden. Sometimes a physical burden. Addicts understand addicts, ex addicts can help addicts. Counselors mental health workers , their book knowledge is like throwing a egg to break the glass bottle. The impact is so small it has no affect . Dont be little or judge addicts . Addicts are all different with a story you dont know. Some have a void they’re trying to fill, a mental illness needing something that makes it manageable to live with,… you dont know their story. Street drugs are no better than prescription drugs. Except that most street drugs work better are cheaper and more accessible. Everyone has a addiction. Addiction is not just drugs. It’s much more then that. Um, saying that dealers who sell drugs to people knowing they will prob od and die should die or be shot or locked up til they die inside…. boy oh boy you really should think before you speak. Addicts want stronger drugs the more addicts that fatally overdose the more money they make to support their families. Population control. The addict takes the risk knowingly aware the risk could claim their life. The dealer just gives customers what they want. Supply n demand. Population control is not a bad thing. Better that people control the population such as addicts themselves and not doctors, judges, etc. What’s wrong with allowing people to have a choice either option a or b. Try the drug aware you are playing roulette. Or dont try it. Our world spends more time eradicating addicts when more time should be spent trying to help addicts find purpose in life. That they matter . Their life has more value than all the drugs in this world. Anyone who hasn’t been a drug addict can support and help morally, only someone who’s been a addict can understand a addict on a level many people could not ever in the slightest try to imagine. Some are comfortable enough to accept their addict life. That’s ok there is a such thing as a functioning responsible addict. Dont worry about them like you should about the addicts that are lost looking for a darker place to hide when really they are looking with Hope someone will leave a light on. Anyone that has never lived the life of a addict yet trying to gain any and all possible ways to understand a addict as much as possible leading to saving their life by helping them find purpose and know their worth? Go to NA and AA meetings. Theres no better way to get more insight on a addicts life to help understand a addict.
  • Hope
    There is no controlling meth, that just something we tell ourselves that we’re in control. That isn’t true. I was sober for a week and today I f**ked that all up all for a high. Now i wish this high would go away i regret so much. I read some of the comment and I’m glad to see that there are people who have overcome this. I hope to be one of them. Don’t do meth it’s not worth it take from someone who done it for so long and now the only thing I wish for is to sober. That’s addiction, today I’ll have to start over in my journey to staying sober. You don’t want to go through this.
  • Hope
    Dear Steve,Your whole free this and free that to the people who are in prison. Is BUL**HIT, free my ass there life is being spend 24/7 behind bars. Yea they get to make phone call but they aren’t free their families have to pay for every over priced minute. But at least they get three shi*ty meals a day. Let’s not forget as you mentioned their living rent free in a lovely wall to wall bedroom with a remate they never wanted and a nice toilet next to there bed. That’s living the life…Smh
  • Jean
    It certainly is better to blame the police, society, and the justice system, rather than hold addicts accountable for their decision-making or behavior. Like many of you, I have an addicted family member. But their comes a point when one has to separate themselves from the addicted to save themselves. I could throw my life away and continue to enable my sister to continue abusing drugs, or I can take my life back and pray. I can’t fix her and I can’t save her. This is something that she is going to have to do on her own. But if I continue to make excuses for her, then I am stuck in the same cycle.
  • Trent
    Nobody takes drugs wanting to become an addict. Some people with massive potential wind up being addicts and everybody is only a couple of bad decisions away from becoming an addict of something themselves. It hard but the best thing you can do for an addict is not turn your back on them because without feeling loved they’ll never see a reason to give up. Also don’t constantly crap on about them giving up, you’ll annoy the shit out of them and won’t want to talk to you any more.
    • Kris bliss
      Well s**t here i am reading all these pathetic replies and seeing im just like u guys. I dont know wtf im doig replying but maybe i need to vent….. I been off and on meth for about ten years. I miss my two daughters so bad right now. My last dose was last night about 8 o clock. Its about 12:30 p.m. now i barely woke up about an hr ago. My biggest problem w meth has to be exsesive picking. I hide from the worldtge day after do to soars. People w this addiction usually dont talk about this. Its the hardest part i believe because its the least subject to tapk about. I mean who does that even on drugs right? Im coming down tough rn but if anything i can handle pain. But im not going to work do to sores. Sad but true. After ten yrs on and off and going thru a 3 month psychosis (yes i lost my mind for three months, and thats being sober thru that time) im here still struggling to stay clean. Ive lost so much…. And im close to losing more. Im having a panic attack talking about it. It wont show tho. Thats the thing w me. Im fine, no matter what im f**kin fine. I dont ever want to bother or be a burden. At least thats what they see. Truth is im letting people who dont know me that im slipping away. Im so close on giving up the war becausr im tired. Im so tired. I dont believe in me. Im giving up on me. I keep fu**in up. Im in the bathroom w the water running and my gf just got home from her part time job. She trying do hard. They cut her hrs and i dont even show up to work and were about to lose it all. And here i am not going to work due to f**kin meth sores. Because when im sober. Truth be told im a decent looking guy. The changed are drastic. But im fine im always fu**in fine. Ill come down. Ill eat work out go to work but for how long? Not long enough to make any real positive changes. But ill be fine. Im alwayd fu*in fine. But after that ill dissapear w people who are homeless living in sheds because i live a double life. Im well socially known. Family owns a small business so the community knows of us. In highscholl i though itd be koo to set trip on gang s**t. So the streets give me credit. Then i was homlesd and since im personable the homeless accept me. So ill be fine im always fine. This s**t beat me. I cant believe but it did. I have the recourses and some tools to help me. But after ten yrs. Its probably best to stop the struggle and eaee my way unto the most darkest form meloncholy deppression and lost sence of bliss. Were ill be fine… Its crazy my birthday is coming soon. Ill be 33. Maybe then is when ill give my gift to the people i love and dissapear. Maybe then i wont see theirs struggles. Pain. And suffering because of me. And theyll be fine
  • Adam Norris
    Check out how Portugal treats drug offenses! Drug charges are civil instead of criminal. Drug users are assigned to health official. It is all about rehabilitation and treatment. They view the problem as a health/medical problem.The philippines on the other hand… well he is on a rampant homicidal spree. Death penalty for possession of any illegal drug. Any amount. And he publicly talks about how great he is doing by killing a bunch of people.
  • Antoni Yo
    It’s been 28 hours since my last hit and going on about 62 hours of no sleep.. (I flew back into town after going off for work I n another state for a few months (which I stayed clean the entire time and didn’t have a thought about using what so ever (coke). I haven’t slept at all so fatigue is kicking in, I’m starting to see things through the corner of my eyes I feel overly tired body wise and I’ve barley been able to finish a bottle of water but I want to force my self to get hydrated and I’ve had a few slices of ham on a slice of bread. I’ve been down this road before but with Coke. I’m from south Florida and for years i worked in a part of the city that’s notorious for its night life, there’s places open 24/7 literally its a place n that can breed addicts it turned a semi part time party user into to full blown how the fk did I get here addict which is what I let it do to me.. I’m 37 years old and the guilt of the bad choices that I’ve made and for some stupid reason that’s beyond me continue to make is killing me. I started selling coke at a young age I did it for the money and the btchs (at least that what I would keep telling myself) but was with my lack of discipline at that age i mean I was still a jit and never looked at the bigger picture and it was a disastrous choice to make. This is the first time I’ve ever really hut meth. I have tasted it before tho so technically first time Ive tried it was in 2015 which was offered to me by my closest friend and I tried it twice with him but only done maybe one bump the first time and two the time after that. I haven’t had the best childhood nor will I say that I’ve had the worst because I’ve always had strong love and support from my parents who did the best that they could even through their own life altering mistakes they’ve always showed mad love. Ive never binged on anything before 2013 I mean I had always partied hard I was and can still be a heavy drinker if I don’t catch myself but I’ve never craved any drug besides ecstasy which has been the only thing that I had ever really hooked me. I would pop the pills in my early 20’s as if they were candy. But even that only lasted maybe a year and a half and I kicked with out any problem, I started smoking in my late teens and I still do but l stop here and there every few years just to test my discipline. While I was selling clean I would hand out to all of my co workers and we would all go out after work at least 4-6 nights a week and party that went on for a strong three years. I’d really hadn’t binged or gone more than 24 hours chasing anything. I did coke here and there but maybe a gram tops in a night and I could go months and yeears with out messing with it. I didn’t crave it unless I was already partying drunk and already had it. I wouldn’t buy or use if I didn’t already have it on me and I stoped drinking for a few years so i stoped doing coke as well. Then comes 2012 that’s when molly hit the streets here heavily and well I thought I could do with that like I did with the coke but I fkd up that’s the first time I started abusing my own sup. To the point where I lost my job and apartment because I started effing up my money really bad this time. With the money that I made at the job I worked when we were going out 4-6 times a week if I was more responsible and NOT Been so friendly with my supply with my co workers and if I didn’t spend all that money (a couple hundred a night) at the least every time we went out just to give an idea plus what I was making before I jump on the mollies I could say that I would be pretty well off in life by now, close to retiring from a 9-5 for sure. I think about that so much now that I’m older it sucks I think about it almost on a daily how I fked up the position I was in and could’ve already been in but I know that certain choices we make carry really hefty price tags if you’re not careful and I wasn’t and I have to accept that I put myself here. I distanced myself from all of my high school friends I figured they just some me as an alcoholic that partied too hard so I let that negative thinking guide me and it’s been almost 10 years and I haven’t reached out to them nor have they to me and i spend a lot of time thinking about that as well. We were all really really close we all hung out kept in touch helped each out and here and there but I got to a point where I started to think that they saw me as a drunk junky especially after the molly era.. but ok So I stared just experimenting with the molly taking a .2 here and there and all the people that I worked with meaning circle of people around me that all jumped on the molly train started to try it out here and there. It’s really fkd up a few made it kicked it and are living regular lives and some are in jail a few have passed away from od’n and a couple of us turned into addicts and lost lot in life. It went from .2 to .8 a night and jump to a year later I was doing about 7 grams in one binge easily and I would do that at least once a week for 2 years straight. I was able to manage my normal life routines (work, working out, appointments etc) all except sleep doesn’t mater how much or little I take you’re not going to sleep for ish. While that was going on I was dating someone for quite some time and it ended on a really negative note and that fell really hard on me because I had things planned out and was excited about where I thought things were going and I was really disappointed in myself for being so gullible and naive that I went from being positive to all our pessimistic about every thing and I fell into a really nasty nasty depression and I couldn’t shake it I tried but nothing worked and I ended up turning to the Molly’s for the escape. I turned up the dosage and just began to medicate more and more and more but the thing with mollies is that it gives you a great high one of the highest highs I’ve ever experienced but like they say what goes up must come down and he higher you are the harder the fall. I ended up being more of a downer and 1000 times more depressed than I was before the break up and by this point I gave up on a lot of things I stopped going to work because I just lost all ambition and this happened within just a few months of taking my first dose. Idk how but a few weeks after I quit that job I told myself I’m going to stop all of this s*t right now and I did I completely stopped taking Mollies I didn’t crave them nor the escape any more. That lasted a few months then I met a girl who was already slightly addicted to them so at first she would always want to take them and I kept my discipline and I was proud of myself and that started to give me a little strength so I didn’t think anything of it she would be there on her own vibe and I would be sleeping but i started to feel guilty and bad that she would always try to talk to me cuz that s**t gets you hella in your feelings and hella talkative but It would be late at night so I would ignore her and end up falling asleep. I started to feel like I was hurting her feelings or making her feel rejected and we had a great vibe and after the last break up I didn’t think I could take any blows yet so I figured if I can manage my dosage to a .2 a week just enough to do it once a week with her and vibe together on it then I can save the ship and not risk going back into a depression but I was wrong. Drugs don’t work that way. U take the risk then what comes with that risk eventually will come and boy did it come. It started social then after having sex on it for the first time we fkd for hours and hours like 12 hours and we had 3 sessions like that but that was it. It completely took over, we were always on it when we were together and always trying to fk only fk fk fk fk fk fk fk fk fk fk we spent our entire trip trying to fk and replay those first few sessions but we’re so high and hyper anxious that we just couldn’t get through a full session no matter what plus Molly started to make me limp after just a few minutes into the session. But that was it after those first few session we had the relationship had become a molly induced relationship it destroyed our sexlife which was fantastic before I took it with her but took a turn after wards no matter how much we fought it once the molly hit us we got that urge either one of us would push on to the other one first like clockwork. But it didn’t stop us. If we were together we were high and eventually I started leaving her with her own stash for the few days in the week that we were apart so she can use while I wasn’t there and I wouldn’t have to drive to her because I started to use once I got home from her house. Molly became just that for me a sexual thing it’s all I started to seek on the high for hours and hours even if I was alone I would try to reach the apex but would have to give up hours or days later because you won’t reach it it’s just the high. The relationship lasted a little over a year before we started to resent each other to a point that we were getting paranoid and accusing each other of all this made up stuff crafted in our heads from doing so much m. By the time that ended I had run threw all of my savings and started to spend all of my stash money in which I spent on foolishness I ended up going threw every cent of it losing my apartment and one of my cars I had to move back in with my dad and even then I continued to use and put him through having to watch me change from the man I was to the person I was becoming on the drug. I was only there for about a month before I would go on my last molly binge. I will never forget the date nor the time. That’s when it all happened. I had just taken a gram which usually lasts me about 2 hours and about an hour into it I started to get paranoid then it got more and more intense by the second I don’t know how to explain it or if any one else has ever gone through this but the paranoia got sooo Fkn intense that I got hit with fear but a fear that I’ve never in my life experienced I was overwhelmed by it completely overcome by it then it hit me out of no where like a ton of bricks out of no where I got feeling that anyone I had ever done wrong had been plotting together against me and were coming for me at that very moment all of the friends that i hadn’t spoke with all of the made up enemies I had in my mind were all Coming to get me I had to get out of there and fast and i couldn’t trust anyone no one could know where I was going because they were all in on it together even family that I hadn’t spoke to in years. I felt like I had cracked some secret code but it was too late for me. I packed my bags Gave my poor dad who i thought was in on it, my car key told him that every one was after me I grilled him about what he knew about it but I had to get the hell out of dodge that I didn’t know when I would see him again I told him that I loved him and I left. I ran into a family friend that lived near by and I told him I had to get out of there l” he drove me a few hours out of the city where I got a hotel. I slept on that floor thinking they were coming after me for a week and even after that I wasn’t fully recovered from that break down. I still get flash backs of the paranoia it’s fking so intense it’s real it’s fking scary as s**t try to keep your discipline folks I lost mines and I have yet to get a hold of it again. Thats was how I believe the universe pulled me from that one because that was the last molly binge I went on and before that I remember I had so many moments that I thought I was going to overdose I would just be there at home sitting on the floor totally lost depressed by how I got so deep into addiction i would be two days into a binge given up on everything and I would take another piece and another I kept pushing it because I didn’t think I could make it out and I didn’t care what happened to me. I wish I could say that was my last binge period but it wasn’t. I got clean from the molly for a good 3 months which was the longest I had gone in 3 full years but then I started to binge on coke out of nowhere that became my new crave and it’s been 4 years since then and I have a relapse typically every two to three weeks with a few months consistently clean the most being 5 in a row but I keep relapsing no matter how happy I get how strong and confident I feel something happens something or one triggers me and ever since the molly I chase it which I never did prior to that I will do 3 to 7 grams easily within a 2-3 day period in that time I will lock myself in the room and chase the high that I got from the mollies. then I have to deal with recovering from the come down which was one of my main battles with the Molly’s no sleep hyper paranoid and severe suicidal thoughts. this has been going on like clockwork every 2-3 weeks since 2015 I’m 37 years old I lost everything and any little bit of success I let myself reach I can feel it getting ripped away and low and behold something happens and I lose my spot again and again. I haven’t given up and I don’t plan to but I’m scared that I’m not going to make it out of this one. I don’t know how to stay clean I don’t know how to defeat the crave once, I’m drunk nothing can stop me from getting my hands on it. I can only have three beers and that would be enough to send me on a frenzy i don’t know who to talk to where to go to for help I feel like I can stay clean on my own but it doesn’t last long. I just got back in town from leaving the state to work for the summer and not once not for a single second while I was gone did I crave a single bump some one actually offered me on two different occasions and I declined. For some reason I was craving female attention to I hit up a chick I could’ve made the wise choice and stayed home and got rest but i didn’t I chose to chase the tail and she had a hell of a lot of meth on her. We ended up doing meth I snorted a half a gram and we smoked about two more and we fkd the whole night until the next afternoon taking hits every few minutes or so, that was Tuesday night the first time I ever got high on meth and like the coke and the Molly’s The comedowns are all the exact same. I’m not craving the meth not at all but I am dealing with the negative come down. I’m thankful for every post on here your stories and comments really are informative and make me feel like I’m not a complete outsider and that I’m not the only one fighting this alone it really switched it from extremely negative to not so bad and inspiring me to get all of this off of my chest and im somewhat better at the moment please reply with any thing you can think of that might help any bit of knowledge. To any of you reading this that need it these words remember to stay strong keep fighting and those that don’t understand addiction check yourself with all that judgement because if it ever hits you close to home you’ll be surely humbled from your ignorance. Stay positive folks and never give up on yourself or anyone going through anything