How to Buy Adderall: Street, Online, and Official Prices

street and official prices for Adderall

Adderall is a highly potent medication, administered as a prescription for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and similarly narcolepsy. There is a mild competition on the subject matter Modafinil vs. Adderall, which is best for narcolepsy.

Most people who need to buy Adderall for health purposes have faced challenges on where to buy Adderall, with significant price variations on various outlets and platforms. There is also the issue of street value of Adderall. This guide provides relevant information on the where’s and how’s of “Adderall for sale.”

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Why Some People Need to Purchase Adderall

The demand for this medication has skyrocketed through the years; this is due to increased prevalence of CNS malfunctions. One major reason for the increased purchase is ADHD. Its symptoms include hyperactivity which generally distorts concentration and places pressure on ones social life. Symptoms of ADHD include;

  • Hyperactivity and aggression
  • Impulsivity and repeat of words
  • Mood swing and short attention span
  • Anxiety, depression, and learning disability

Some people use this drug to get high – and that’s how snorting Adderall works.

The other option is a weight loss on Adderall. Although this way of weight control is not medically approved, some individuals believe it to be quite efficient.

So what does Adderall do? It counteracts these symptoms, allows focus, calms the nerves, and enhances learning capacity.

Purchasing Adderall in Stores and Pharmacies

This medication is a brand name and as such, is either inaccessible in some regions or just banned, except for places like U.S, Canada or Mexico. In places like the U.S OTC Adderall can be obtained with Adderall coupon legally. Few registered stores and pharmacies are licensed to distribute this medication.

Adderall prescription is required in order to purchase over the counter Adderall or conveniently through Adderall online pharmacy. Here is a pricelist from the biggest stores and pharmacies in U.S.

Kroger Pharmacy5 tablets30mg$4.02
Pine Croft Pharmacy5 tablets30mg$5.45
Southside Pharmacy 95 tablets30mg$5.45
Walmart Pharmacy5 tablets30mg$6.93
Heb Pharmacy5 tablets30mg$8.14
Pacific coast Pharmacy5 tablets30mg$8.14
Life fountain Pharmacy5 tablets30mg$8.75
RANDALLS5 tablets30mg$9.45
WALGREEN Drugstore5 tablets30mg$10.45
CVS Pharmacy5 tablets30mg$11.99


Adderall cost may vary, depending on a number of factors and are subject to change over time.

Pros of buying through these means

  • Convenient purchase
  • Officially Legal
  • Discounts are available with Adderall coupons
  • Insurance subsidy


  • Prescriptions are required
  • Can be expensive without insurance

Buying Adderall Online

if considering buying Adderall online, there are a good number of very legal and officially licensed sites where one can get great discounts on generic Adderall cost. However, there are numerous illegal online pharmacies that sell counterfeit medications, and/or know how to make Adderall.

How can one buy Adderall online?

To buy Adderall online search for licensed pharmacies and register to make purchases. Check Adderall price list for comparisons, and search for discount promo such as an Adderall XR coupon. One may be required to fill out a form or present a prescription order.

Buying Adderall in so-called “Dark Web”

man in hood surfing dark webAdderall 30mg is a relatively common listing on the dark web. This is a standard dosage especially if one is knowledgeable on how to enhance Adderall. Its price is significantly cheaper on the dark web and obviously highly risky. One can easily order Adderall online without any prescription.

The price of this drug varies from one site to the other, depending on packs and milligrams. The excessively cheap ones may just be fraud sites. The average price for Adderall 30mg is $183.46.

Buying Adderall on the Streets

It should go without saying, that drug pedaling on the street is against the law, however, there are situations where a person who receives frequent medication due to full medical coverage decides to sell off their excesses, and pricing would follow the typical Adderall street value.

How can one buy this drug on the streets?

It is illegal to be found selling or buying drugs on the street, so every drug is given a street name. As far as Adderall and studying have a strong connection, one may often hear these names from college students. The street names include:

  • Addys
  • Smart pills
  • Dexies
  • Zing
  • Study buddies
  • Uppers

These slangs allow one to find possible sellers.

Street price of Adderall is relative, depending on supplier and how desperate one seems. You should understand that some of these dealers buy from other street dealers as well and simply increase cost to make gain. Adderall street price can range from $1-$2 per 30s or $4-$8 each in other places. Determinant factors include age, connection, location, and others. Here is a general price expectation.

  • 5mg – $3.00
  • 10mg – $5.00
  • 20mg – $7.00
  • 30mg – $10.00

Pros of buying on the streets

  • easy purchase without prescription
  • available for bulk purchase
  • very cheap
  • no restrictions

Cons woman buying illicit pills on the street from a dealer

  • sales and purchase without license or prescription is punishable by law
  • Drugs may be fake or adulterated
  • Purchase without prescription can lead to substance abuse

Buying Adderall Abroad

There are cases of this drug being purchased from different countries around the world. The frequencies of these transactions have grown over the years, leading to stiffer immigration policies.

Why do Some People try to buy Adderall Abroad?

  • strict Government rules against sale in the country
  • lesser purchase restrictions in other countries
  • cheaper rates abroad, especially for commercial purposes
  • to avoid travelling with medications that might lead to legal actions

it is a fact that some countries are less strict with drug laws, so often times people may ask “can you buy Adderall in Mexico? “ yes you can, and one can also buy Adderall from Canada, with or without insurance. This is why people from other countries place their orders from these countries, even though importation laws still stand, and people buying without license are at risk of apprehension. Possible consequences are fines, and a jail sentence.

The price for this medication varies from one distributor to the other. On average the price range can be as high as $250 for 30 capsules of 20mg Adderall without insurance, and $35 for 30 capsules 20mg with insurance.

Pros of buying Adderall Abroad

The most common advantages of purchasing abroad is availability, less strenuous purchase processes, Bulk purchase for economic or commercial purposes.


The drug is prohibited for distribution in various countries, even with prescription. Importation through any means might result to serious legal consequences when caught.

Getting Help

Substance abuse treatment is usually recommended for users who overindulge in addictive medication for a period of time. Adderall is a schedule II drug, with addictive properties; usually prescribed by medical doctors for cases of ADHD. In case the insurance does not cover addiction treatment, the state-funded rehab facility might either provide a partial assistance or finance the rehabilitation in full.

We provide support and counseling on Adderall use.  Give us a call on our free helpline (888)-459-5511 for more information. All calls are highly confidential, get the help you need today.

Addiction professional with a phone

Hope Without Commitment

Find the best treatment options.Call our free and confidential helpline

Treatment Is Fully Covered by Insurance In Most Cases

How to Buy Adderall: Street, Online, and Official Prices

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