Adderall High – The Signs, the Dangers, and What you can do

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Actually, Adderall high is a side effect but a good one. This is what the addicts will say if you ask them how they feel after taking Adderall. They know it is a sweet poison. However, they are unable to curb its use.

The Signs and Dangers of Adderall High

A Quick Overview Of Adderall

It is a brand of a medication that treats ADHD. Amphetamines, they call the chemicals in Adderall, psychostimulants. This is because they cause an excitation in the brain. Under prescriptive use, it improves alertness and concentration. In addition, it boosts one’s sense of well-being.

Unfortunately, these are very effects that might cause its addiction.

What Causes Adderall High?

High due to Adderall develops after it reaches your brain. Once there, it acts to enhance the activity of a brain chemical which they call Dopamine. Experts really believe Dopamine is the reason behind those wonderful feelings. Moreover, a surge of Dopamine also improves your motivation and learning abilities.

In addition to Adderall, other activities may also cause the same effects. They may be exercises, sex or even buying your favorite outfit.

In fact, low Dopamine levels may cause depressive symptoms. As a result, they use drugs that increase its levels in the brain to treat depression.

Too much of anything is bad. And there is no denying that high Dopamine levels may result in some mental problems. Out of them, addiction warrants a special mention. This is considering the long-lasting and widespread effects that it causes.

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How Much Is Too Much?

AdderallIt’s not exactly possible to pinpoint the amount that may cause Adderall high. Of course, it make very little sense to be general, if any. This is because every person responds to the drug in a different manner.

You may have an Adderall high even when you use it in a normal dose. Nonetheless, the chances of developing an addiction are a bit lower.

Doctors prescribe it only after assessing your physical and mental attributes. In addition, such personalized approach also shows these doses best suit your condition. But again, the problem with an addiction may arise.

Therefore, you should be extra careful when you use it. Take it in amount, frequency, and length as your doctor says. Do not overdo even for the sake of high.

If you think you are having any problem during or after the therapy, talk to them quickly.

What Are The Signs of Adderall High?

A feeling of heightened and pleasurable sensations is the first sign of a dependence. Moreover, the real problems arise when you start seeking regular doses to stay happy. After a few days, the normal dose will fail to make you happy. Then, you take more doses.

It’s clear that this indicates an addiction has started to take charge of your mind.

What Are The Dangers Of Adderall High?

Adderall high may be good to feel. However, the cost of a moment of pleasure can last a lifetime. This is when the addiction goes beyond the control.

Addiction is the worst thing that can happen as a result of a regular Adderall high. The effects of Adderall addiction are:

  • Deteriorating health: The effects may range anywhere from sleep disorders to heart problems. Other effects may include weight loss, headache. It also comes with higher blood pressure, depression, irritation and low energy. Remember this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many other problems may follow if you do not take a timely action.
  • The risk of death due to overdose: Studies report deaths due to amphetamine overdose. The problem of overdose or combination use further degrades the condition.
  • Financial problems may occur due to overspending on the drugs or loss of a job.
  • Legal issues: Abusing it is unlawful. In addition, the risk of involvement in criminal activities is very high when under a trip.
  • Social problems: Our society considers addiction as a bad habit and not a disease. It can leave a heap of problems to your family members too.

Unfortunately, the list does not end here. With an addiction, you are opening the Pandora’s box.

What You Can Do

Addiction is a chronic brain disorder. It is best treated with a combined effort from family, friends. In addition, you should do it with doctors. That way, you can expect a full recovery and fewer chances of getting back to an addiction.

Most addiction centers have a qualified team. They dedicated themselves to providing you all kinds of necessary services. That way, they can help you get back to normal life.

The team comprises of well trained and qualified physicians. Furthermore, they also have counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and auxiliary health care professionals. They all work together to design addiction treatment plans. In fact, it is very specific to your individual needs.

Experts in addiction can provide the right guidance. They will help you cope with Adderall addiction and withdrawal. If you have any questions about Adderall high, take help from experts near you. Click here for more.

Adderall High – The Signs, the Dangers, and What you can do

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