Provigil (Modafinil) Side Effects – The Serious Impact of the Smart Drug

What Are The Provigil Side Effects

Provigil is a well-known brand name for the renowned narcolepsy treatment drug, Modafinil. Primarily used to treat sleep disorders, Modafinil isn’t taken without issues. This is sometimes the case due to excess consumption of the drug causing the side effects of Provigil to flourish. This article will look in to and investigate the side effects of Modafinil, as well as differentiating between the short-term and long-term Modafinil side effects. Furthermore, it will help to explain why it is important to get medical help for Provigil effects due to their dangers.

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What are the Side Effects of Provigil?

Modafinil is essentially an anti-sleep drug which is often used to treat disorders such as narcolepsy. However, it is often mistreated with people using it to stay awake at the wheel, to study for longer periods or to feel Modafinil high effect. Due to the drug being so addictive, this may then cause issues as the individual will start to rely on Provigil and experience the side effects of Modafinil. 

Provigil side effects affect both the mind and the body, and may consist of:

  • Tired businesswoman in the office.Increased concentration
  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Head rushes
  • Increased awareness
  • A lack of anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Mood Swings

These side effects sometimes present a danger to the user and those around them, affecting both their physical and mental health. For example, shortness of breath leaves the user at risk of stopping breathing completely in a worst-case scenario. While cognitive difficulties could lead to some unforeseen problems.

Short-Term Effects of Modafinil Consumption

Modafinil is a drug designed for short-term use. However, it can still have some short side effects.

Short-term side effects of Provigil include:

  • Headaches – Often down to lack of sleep
  • Loss of coordination – Lack of sleep again will begin to affect cognition
  • Mood swings – This is down to your body clock and system being altered
  • Increased awareness – This may seem positive however it is difficult to relax afterward
  • Depression – Being awake for so long may trigger the onset of mental health issues

According to the US National Library of Medicine, Modafinil may also affect the skin. Modafinil side effects on the skin cause small red patches often known as eruptions, which can be painless but are often itchy and uncomfortable.

Also, Modafinil sexual side effects can be an issue. The drug may cause the sex drive to lower as well as making orgasm and stimulation more challenging. This is both a long-term and short-term side effect.

Long-Term Effects of Provigil Use

Provigil long-term side effects are highly dangerous if not dealt with correctly. The long-term effects of taking Provigil can be both physically and psychologically harmful to the user. In addition to that, they can also create a tolerance to Provigil, as well as an addiction, which can run the risk of overdose occurring.

provigil side effects

Other dangers of Modafinil long-term effects may include:

  • Chronic headachesHeadaches are a symptom of Modafinil use regardless. However, with long-term use, they may be constant and stronger.
  • InsomniaYou may not be able to sleep at all or in any cohesive pattern
  • DepressionMoods may drop considerably
  • AnxietyProvigil can put a person on edge due to being awake for so long
  • Neurological imbalanceLong-term use of the drug can cause permanent chemical imbalances in the brain. This is one of the more dangerous side effects.
  • Loss of coordinationAgain due to the chemical imbalance, coordination may become a challenge
  • Mood SwingsLack of sleep and constant alertness may leave the person in an uncomfortable, fluctuating mood

Why Get Medical Help for Modafinil Abuse?

Getting help for Modafinil abuse is vital. Modafinil is a highly addictive substance, so without support, addiction could continue to worsen, and overdose becomes more and more likely. Other reasons for getting help for Provigil abuse includes:

  • No more headachesHeadaches are one of the worst parts of taking Modafinil, so getting rid of them will feel like a weight lifted from your shoulders.
  • Improve your healthModafinil abuse puts your health at high risk, so getting help will only improve your health and make you look, feel and breathe easier.
  • Your thoughts will be more apparent Clarity will seem like a newfound feature of life when there is no longer anything interfering with your brains chemicals.
  • Your life will be more cohesive, and you will be able to achieve moreYou will be less neurologically impaired and therefore be able to function at a higher capacity
  • No more relianceYou will be free from the constant craving and need for the drug.
  • You’ll save money – Whether it is purchased legally or not, Modafinil doesn’t come cheap. So getting medical help may cost but in the long term, it will save you the money you would’ve spent on the drug.

In addition to these reasons, you will free yourself from all the side effects of the drug which will be an incredible boost for health on its own.

Provigil – Dealing With Withdrawal Effects

If you do decide to take the step of getting over an addiction, then Modafinil withdrawal is the next tough stage to be overcome. Withdrawal will bring its own hard to bare symptoms, which is why it is so important to not go through it alone. There are a variety of treatment options available, from inpatient to outpatient care. All these treatment options will support you through the challenging symptoms and give you guide to dealing with withdrawal, cravings and any psychological issues that Modafinil has presented to a person throughout their time taking Provigil.

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Treatment Is Fully Covered by Insurance In Most Cases

If you are experiencing any of the long-term effects of Provigil, you should seek medical assistance. Our 24-hour hotline is always available for any assistance you need, be it finding a medical professional or advice on the best treatment in your area. You can call it on (888)-459-5511.

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Provigil (Modafinil) Side Effects – The Serious Impact of the Smart Drug

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