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Methocarbamol Street Value: Comparison Of Robaxin Costs

Methocarbamol Price

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Methocarbamol cost may vary from one drug vendor to the other. Pharmacy Robaxin price may differ from one establishment to the other. Those who are unable to obtain prescriptions for the medication often ask, how much is Methocarbamol 500 mg worth on the street? Methocarbamol street value has been debatable due to fluctuations in availability, value, alternatives, and many other legal-based issues. Robaxin cost per pill may also be dependent on the strength levels of the drug. Methocarbamol 750 mg street value will, most likely, differ from the 500 mg for oral use and 100 mg for intravenous and intramuscular uses. Let’s take a look at Robaxin street value and the cost for generic and branded versions.

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Learn About Robaxin Cost:

Robaxin Street Value

Due to the fact that Robaxin can be purchased illegally on the streets, what is unfortunately commonly happen to prescription drugs, some may wonder, is methocarbamol an opiate? The medication is not a controlled drug but does have certain attributes that make it highly potent and easy to abuse. This may include increased tolerance, leading to Methocarbamol overdose.
Methocarbamol 500 mg street value is quite debatable as there are factors affecting its pricing. The notion that drugs purchased from the streets are generally cheaper may not be very correct as the prices are subject to demand and supply. Robaxin 750 mg street value may be obtained at a lower price than narcotics as they are less likely to cause addiction, neither are they sort after for any form of euphoric effect. The Robaxin drug can be mistaken for a narcotic due to its side effects, which include dizziness and drowsiness.

Robaxin Pill And Money

What Is Methocarbamol Street Price?

Methocarbamol prices on the street can range from $1 to $3 at some places. Methocarbamol 750 mg street price can cost as much as $10 to $20 depending on the amount purchased and various other conditions. One cannot expect a stable or fair price for Methocarbamol on the street as there are no regulatory bodies to ensure that certain prices are adhered to.

Buying the medication from the streets comes with significant risks as there is a high possibility of purchasing the wrong drug or even a toxic drug without being aware of it. This can lead to critical health issues. It should go without saying that purchasing prescription medications is against the law.

What Is The Cost Of Robaxin

How much is Methocarbamol 750 mg worth in other legal places of distribution such as pharmacies? Here is a comprehensive list for Robaxin cost:

Generic Methocarbamol Prices

For Methocarbamol current prices at popular pharmacy stores are as follows:

Pharmacy500 mg750 mgAmount
CostCo$17$2530 tablets
Walmart$19$2130 tablets
Kroger Pharmacy$15$1830 tablets
Safeway$22$2930 tablets
Rite Aid$19$2430 tablets
Medicine Shoppe$26$2130 tablets
Walgreens$23$2330 tablets
Albertsons$15$1730 tablets
Target (CVS)$17$1830 tablets
CVS Pharmacy$17$1830 tablets

Branded Robaxin Prices

For branded Robaxin tablets current prices at U.S. pharmacies are as follows:

Pharmacy500 mg750 mgAmount
CostCo$72$10330 tablets
Walmart$69$9830 tablets
Kroger Pharmacy$72$10230 tablets
Safeway$72$10330 tablets
Rite Aid$72$10330 tablets
Medicine Shoppe$72$10330 tablets
Walgreens$72$10330 tablets
Albertsons$72$10330 tablets
Target (CVS)$72$10330 tablets
CVS Pharmacy$80$11030 tablets
It’s important to note that Methocarbamol over the counter cannot be obtained over the counter as they require a doctor’s prescription.

How To Get Robaxin Prescription?

It is easy to understand why Methocarbamol OTC is not available as the drug can be misused, and this can lead to serious health problems. There are many cases and health conditions where the use of Methocarbamol should be constrained, such as Robaxin and breastfeeding. Medication should only be used on prescription. How does one get a Robaxin prescription? The easiest way is to see a medical doctor and confide in him or her about one’s health condition and history. Any other unapproved means of getting a false prescription may be prosecuted.
doctor in office filling out robaxin prescription

Can One Get An Online Prescription For Robaxin?

There are healthcare services online that schedule consultations online with a medical doctor. This virtual means of communication allows people to get prescriptions in situations where there are no physicians available in close proximity or for emergencies.
For online prescription, a board-licensed medical practitioner provides consultation and then gives a prescription if they feel the condition requires the drug as a viable option.

Obtaining A Robaxin Price Discount

Often times, certain medications are expensive to obtain, especially for patients who use them in the long-term due to a recurring health problem. Getting a Robaxin price discount is a great way to minimize expenses on drugs. There are a few ways to get a discount on purchasing this medication.

Methocarbamol prescription cost
Some of them are:

  • Getting a printable discount card – one can obtain this from the official websites of the local pharmacy or store.
  • Using medical insurance coverage – medical insurance is another way to get affordable medication from pharmacies, clinics, and other healthcare establishments.
  • Using coupons, rebates, trial offer cards, and promo cards – they are usually displayed online as incentives and are usually accessible after filling out a form or a questionnaire.
  • Through a Patience Assistance Program (PAP) – these are promotions sponsored by various pharmaceutical companies to aid low-income families in securing adequate healthcare. The Patient Assistance Program provides drugs for free or at a discounted rate to individuals that are eligible.

Use Methocarbamol Only As Prescribed

Methocarbamol and its branded version Robaxin are muscle relaxants that are usually used for muscle pain, spasticity, tetanus, and other forms of musculoskeletal diseases. The medication was initially approved on 16th July 1957 by the FDA and has since been instrumental for muscle pain relief due to its relaxant, depressant, and sedative properties. It is known as an effective treatment on the short-term range and on low and moderate dosing.  It’s short term relief accounts for the need to take more, especially for those with long term musculoskeletal pains. Some often ask, how long does Robaxin stay in the system? The duration usually affects the extent of relief before the next dose.
Taking Robaxin for a prolonged period or increasing the doses without medical supervision skyrocket Robaxin abuse risks. If that happened to a patient, it is recommended to visit a drug rehab center for a consultation about addiction treatment options available.

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