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Klonopin Colors: What are they and what do they mean?

klonopin pills and capsules

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Klonopin colors denote dosage. The significant identifier is the imprint on the tablet identifying the manufacturer and the dosage. Brand name Klonopin comes in an orange 0.5mg tablet, a blue 1mg tablet, a white 2mg tablet, which will have a K-shaped cutout in the tablet. Generic clonazepam colors depend on the manufacturer.

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Klonopin Colors: What They Mean

Klonopin® is the brand name of the benzodiazepine clonazepam. Roche Laboratories is the only manufacturer of the brand name Klonopin, and the colors blue, orange, and white differentiate the strength of the medication. In addition to the color, Roche further identifies Klonopin with a K-shaped cutout in the tablet along with an imprint of the dosage and the company name. A half milligram tablet is orange, a one-milligram tablet is blue, and a two-milligram tablet is white. They also make a disintegrating tablet for those who experience difficulty swallowing tablets, and these are white with the dosage imprinted on one side.

Klonopin Tablet Descriptions

OrangeK-shaped perforation in the tablet with the imprint of 1/2 at the top and ROCHE on the bottom of the pill on one side, and just ROCHE on the lower part on the other side.0.5mg
BlueK-shaped perforation in the tablet with the imprint of 1 at the top and ROCHE on the bottom of the pill on one side, and just ROCHE on the lower part on the other side.1mg
WhiteK-shaped perforation in the tablet with the imprint of 2 at the top and ROCHE on the bottom of the pill on one side, and just ROCHE on the lower part on the other side.2mg
WhiteCalled a “wafer” this tablet is an orally disintegrating tablet. The strength or dosage imprinted on one side. Fractions denote the portion of mg, for example, 0.5mg dosage has the mark 1/2.0.125mg=1/8
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The combination of the color, shape, and imprint on medication is a system of identifying the drug, the strength, and the manufacturer. Drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration are required to have unique identifiers or imprint codes for easy identification. The purpose of the colors is to tell pills apart.

Clonazepam Colors: The Generic Klonopin

Blue Klonopin
Clonazepam gained approval as a generic drug in the late 1990’s. Multiple pharmaceutical companies produce the generic version in various colors; the imprint acts as a descriptor of manufacturer and strength. Most insurance companies, including Medicaid and Medicare, will only pay for a generic prescription unless a prescriber can justify the expense of the brand name. The justification usually requires trying generic versions first.

Generic Clonazepam Tablet Descriptions by Manufacturer

Accord Healthcare, Inc.
OrangeA number 1 above a horizontal line and a number 2 below the horizontal line.0.5 mg
BlueNo imprint on one side and a C above a number 1 on the other side.1 mg
WhiteA capital C above a number 2.2mg
PinkCapital R above the number 33 on one side and a horizontal line on the other side.0.5 mg
YellowCapital R above the number 34 on one side and a horizontal line on the other side.1 mg
WhiteCapital R above the number 35 on one side and a horizontal line on the other side.2mg
Andrx Pharmaceuticals
WhiteA capital G imprinted on one side and the other side a capital CN above a horizontal line and the number 0.5 below the horizontal line.0.5mg
Apotex Corp.
OrangeThe imprint of APO above a horizontal line with C-0.5 below the horizontal line.0.5mg
BlueThe imprint of APO above a C-1.1mg
WhiteThe imprint of APO above a C-2.2mg
Barr Laboratories, Inc.
WhiteImprinted on one side with the fraction 1/8 and the other side may have an imprint of a lower-case b above the number 94.0.125mg
WhiteImprinted on one side with the fraction 1/4 and the other side has an imprint of a lower-case b above the number 95.0.25mg
WhiteImprinted on one side with the fraction ½ and on the other side a lower-case b above the number 96.0.5mg
WhiteImprinted on one side with the number 1 and it is the other side may have an imprint of a lower-case b above the number 97.1mg
WhiteImprinted on one side with the number 2 and the other side has an imprint of a lower-case b above the number 98.
Another version has the imprinted of the number 2 on one side and no imprint on the other side.
Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories
YellowImprinted on one side with the number 273 and on the other side the number .5 above a horizontal line.0.5mg
BlueImprinted on one side with the number 274 and on the other side the number 1 above a horizontal line.1mg
WhiteImprinted on one side with the number 275 and on the other side the number 2 above a horizontal line.2mg
Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
YellowA capital M imprint on one side and C above a horizontal line with 13 below the horizontal line.0.5mg
GreenCapital M imprint on one side and C above a horizontal line with 14 below the horizontal line.1mg
WhiteA capital M imprint on one side and C above a horizontal line with 15 below the horizontal line.2mg
Par Pharmaceutical, Inc.
WhiteThe imprint of capital K5 on one side, no imprint on the other side.0.125mg
WhiteThe imprint of capital K6 on one side, no imprint on the other side.0.25mg
WhiteThe imprint of capital K7 on one side, no imprint on the other side.0.5mg
WhiteThe imprint of capital K8 on one side, no imprint on the other side.1mg
WhiteThe imprint of capital K9 on one side, no imprint on the other side.2mg
Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
YellowThe number 2530 on one side and a stylized V on the other side.0.5mg
BlueThe number 2531 on one side and a stylized V on the other side.1 mg
WhiteThe number 2532 on one side and a stylized V on the other side.2mg
Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
YellowA stylized capital E over the number 63 on one side and an imprint of a horizontal line on the other side.0.5mg
BlueA stylized capital E over the number 64 on one side and an imprint of a horizontal line on the other side.1 mg
WhiteA stylized capital E over the number 65 on one side and an imprint of a horizontal line on the other side.2mg
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA
YellowTEVA on one side and 832 above a horizontal line on the other side.
Another version has an imprint of the number 93 above the number 832.
GreenAn imprint of TEVA on one side and 833 above a horizontal line on the other side.
Another version has an imprint of the number 93 above the number 833.
WhiteThe imprint of TEVA on one side and 834 above a horizontal line on the other side.
Another version has an imprint of the number 93 above the number 834.
Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc.
YellowThe imprint of a capital U-S on one side with a number 0.5 below a horizontal line on the other side.0.5mg
BlueThe imprint of a capital U-S on one side with a number 1 below a horizontal line on the other side.1mg
WhiteThe imprint of a capital U-S on one side with a number 2 below a horizontal line on the other side.2mg
Watson Pharmaceuticals
YellowImprinted on one side with the word WATSON curved at the top with the number 746 below. Horizontal line imprinted on the other side.0.5mg
BlueImprinted on one side with the word WATSON curved at the top with the number 747 below. Horizontal line imprinted on the other side.1mg
WhiteImprinted on one side with the word WATSON curved at the top with the number 748 below. Horizontal line imprinted on the other side.2mg

Colors and imprints on a pill serve as a means to identify the medication by manufacturer and strength. These identifiers are registered in a database by the Food and Drug Administration and allow for quick determination of legal versus illegal drugs and herbal supplements.

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  • Carol McCoy
    What are the main things that colanapins are taken for
    • Steff
      Clonopins are right there in the same family as Xanax, Valium, etc… the benzodiazepine family of medicines. They are therefore taken for the onset of anxiety, nervousness, tremors, sleeplessness, etc. I have taken just about every sedative out there and find ( Clonopin / Clonazapam ) to be the very best. For me, they last the longest although they are for mainly onset aka quick release action, they kick in super fast and last for hours and there is zero crash. I’ve been on them for years for very bad anxiety and some days I just don’t need them.or don’t take my listed dose because 1 usually does it. I highly recommend switching from Xanax or any other quick release sedative to Clonopin. I was taking Xanax years ago and I’d find it would not last long at all and it would leave me with horrific crashes akin to withdrawals. It was horrible. I accidentally left my pills at home one night and a friend gave me a Clonopin the first time to suffice and I’ve never went back since. The following day I went to see my doctor and switched. That was about 17 years ago. Have been fine since.
  • Ruth
    I’ve taken clonazepam 0.5 pink for over 20 years. It works wonderfully for me. No side affects. The yellow makes me itch. I don’t take well to new meds. where can I get 0.5 clonazepam pink?
    • Michael Dickerson
      I also have taken them for 5 years and I live in West Monroe, LA. And they have them at walgreens, cvs, walmart, and etc. But I’m guessing you don’t live around here….
    • matt
      You just said you were on the pink .5 for 20 years so you would get them from the same doctor.Any doctor can prescribe them but best to have a phcichiatrist prescribe them
      • kelly
        I have just had an annoyance with CVS as I have taken a yellow version of .5 for eight years. They have substituted an orange version which did did not work. Just kept me up all night as if I had taken nothing.It turns out CVS will only be buying from Accord Healthca, going forward, which appears to be an inadequate brand. I am moving all my families prescriptions from CVS. I suspect many will have a problem with this brand. CVS was utterly unwilling to buy from another supplier…despite having used Sandoz for five years. I suspect we will all have to start looking at Brand names more often.
        • Aleene
          Thank You for your comment. I am having the same issue. I have taken the .5 Yellow for over eight years with restful restorative sleep. I receive the “Peach/Orange?” & got NO SLEEP for three days before I called Pharmacy ( Publix ) in SC. The pharmacist suggested I try other pharmacies which I did – all of them. Some were very rude (which I will not mention). I have a documented “Multiple Sensitivity Disorder” – to many medications & chemicals. Only the CHARLESTON AIR FORCE BASE Pharmacy was kind enough to explain the situation to me. Too Bad for the Patients who have Insomnia because the Drug Companies & Pharmacies are in the “Money Making Business!”
        • Jessie C.
          I had the same issue with 1mg klonopin. I had to swap my script from CVS to Costco. Please note that Costco (at least in Hawaii) often takes an extra day to fill. With much stricter controls many doctors (in CA and HI) will no longer prescribe Clonazepam, even though I have taken it as prescribed for 10 years. I have had zero side effects.
        • Ashley
          I just got prescribed the accord going from Teva! I hate hate hate accord! It actually makes my anxiety worse! Where are you finding your generics now?
    • Richard Callahan
      If you notice the chart above you will see that there is only one manufacturer of pink Clonazepam and that one is made by Actavis and it is 0.5mg. No other manufacturers make a pink Clonazepam in any strength. All other manufacturers use the colors yellow, orange or white for the 0.5 mg Clonazepam. Yellow is only used for 0.5 mg Clonazepam and several manufacturers use this color. If you feel that there is a difference, you should call around to different pharmacies to inquire which manufacturer they have for their generic Clonazepam. If they say Actavis, then your 0.5mg pills will be the pink ones you are used to. It may be possible that the filler material may be what is causing your reaction or it could be a psychosomatic reaction to the yellow pills. You had been taking pink and now they are yellow. Your brain may be playing tricks on you and inventing a difference to react where no difference exists.
  • Gina
    I’ve been taking the 1mg green clonazepam for about 6 years~I recently was dispensed “blue” ones. They don’t seem to work as well for me. Has anyone else seemed to have this issue??
    • Robbie
      Same problem
      • Rob
        I also have the same problem, the blue ones are not working near as well for me it seems.
        • Michael Dickerson
          Me too sir
      • Janie
        Same here. Both my mail order pharmacy and Walgreen are using blue Accord. I know it’s because they’re cheaper. I don’t know what to do.
    • Betty Ceaser
      Yes Gina, I noticed a difference also, liked the green pills better..
    • Michael Dickerson
      .yes I’ve been taking clonzepam 1mg green ones, they also gave me the blue one’s this last time. And definitely do not work as well as the green. So nope ur definitely spot✔
    • Tiffany
      Yes I feel like I don’t either
    • Robert
      Same here.. I did take the green ones and now they just give me the blue ones. The blue ones “dissolve” more quickly so I don’t think they last as long in the body. I take the blue ones to help me sleep and I wake up every 4 hours. My wife found one of my old “green” ones, which I took last night and pretty much slept through the night. … The’re both 1 mg. but the green ones dissolve more slowly and last longer in the body.
    • MANNY
    • Nidialuv
      Yes I do there not the same I feel there not to effective as the green ones
    • Erika
      The blue Accord doesnt work AT ALL for me! Apparently the green, which worked great for my anxieties, etc, is no longer manufactured. I’m trying to research what to do. I HATE feeling like this!
    • Misha Shaw
      It may be because the green 1mg are instant release and the blue are timed released
    • jane
      YES! I have argued with my mail order pharmacy about the difference between the blue 1mg. Accord and the yellow but they would not accommodate me. The blue is Not the same. I had my dr. call in a script to Walgreen and I got blue again. I know it’s because they are cheaper.
  • Darryl
    What pharmacy’s sale the best klonopine
  • matt
    For those saying the blue does not work as well as the green.From what I see above it’s the same pill which is 1mg
    • Nikea Jackson
      I have taken the green for years and moved to the white and blue ones and they 100% are different.
  • Shayleigh
    I feel the same way as every body else hey Matt hun u didn’t look @ the list correctly Teva greens 1mg are m.i.a. and the only way it wud be prob compatible is if Teva came in another color which it doesn’t! Only choices left is white 1 mg it’s or yellow 0.5mg so the list has the blue 1mg from other pharmaceutical co. Which is the ones we all say don’t work rite. So that totally sux!!! Does n-e- body no wth Happ. Take care to all hope sumthin’ comes along that works same – peace n joy
    • Claudia
      I called the 1-800 number and spoke to a representative for Teva. She told me that whoever owns Teva purchased another company that also made clonazepam and that Teva made a business decision to discontinue manufacturing the Teva brand as of May 31, 2018. She also said that the reason some people experience differences within different brands is due to the inactive ingredients. The active ingredient (clonazapam) is the same, but the inactive ingredients affect how the drug is delivered to our bodies and is why different brands work differently for different people. So far I have tried Accord and Qualitest, neither of which work as well for me as Teva did.
      • Cindy Lu Mayom
        The accord blue one works as well as the green one only this time they gavr me solco as the manufCturer and their the ones that keep me up all nite and make my throat swell the have a stylized V on one side 2531 on the other the blue one that works has a C1 on it.
      • Kara
        Augh! I was about to call my pharmacy too to see why they gave me different ones (blue-Accord) instead of the green-Teva ones because I too felt the Accord brand doesn’t work as good. I don’t fall asleep as fast, I don’t sleep through the whole night, and I have weird dreams! So disappointed! Has anyone taken another brand besides Accord that had similar results to Teva brand? So frustrating!
      • Rachel
        I have also tried the Accord and Solco and do not work. Did you ever find a good generic yet? If so which one and where can I fill my rx at?
  • Chelsea
    Which is more potent the 1mg klonopin or the 2mg klonopin?
  • Brent C Eaves
    Will the fren 1mg make u happy or just sleep ..?
  • Lorie
    The blue 1 mg C1 does not have scores to break like the green Teva 1 mg.
    • Linda Toth
      Make sure your label does not have IPL on it. They are a Vet Pharmacy in Pakistan!
    • Breeze
      Teva is back! Their 1 mg tablet is green. But I’m taking it and having GI distress and am allergic to the inactive ingredients, so am shaving the tablet down and that helps a little. I’m actually on my way to the pharmacy to buy the brand. CVS did a special order. Insurance doesn’t cover it. It’s $96.22 for 30 1 mg tablets. If it works, it’s worth it for me. Tried Accord first. Not as strong as Teva but same GI distress. The brand, Hoffman La Roche doesn’t have the same fillers, but I’m told that if they put in a small enough amount, they don’t have to list it, so there’s no certaintly as to filler.
  • Sara
    Help. I’m sensitive to dyes. I was taking .5 (2-3) Mylan, they discontinued manufacturing for now. They are yellow #10.Allergic to blue and red and aluminum lake. Brand name is confusing because Genentech says .5 is yellow #10 aluminum lake but the pill is orange. Some info says it has 2 blue dyes and yellow. Anybody?
  • Amber
    I’m suffering being on Actavist now. I was on Teva and my life was great. Now, I’m sick and suffering. Being teva back!!! Idc if I have to pay 500 per month, people r suffering so bad now. .
  • Danny T Dunn
    Which is stronger the yellow r34 or the blue c1
  • Rachel
    Has anyone found a good generic yet I need to refill my rx soon
  • Jen
    Yes. I cannot take any of the blue generic. I have to ask for a 2nd tier generic (usually yellow) as the blue ones do not work for me at all. I might as well have swallowed a Skittle for all the good it does me.
  • BettieAnn
    Teva green was the best, but no longer available. Pharmacists have explained the change of teva to actavis and of the other 3 I have tried since green teva – solco, actavis (the one teva changed to), and accord – solco is the very very worst. Actavis and accord seem similar, but both are not as good as the green Teva. Why would teva discontinue something that works well (for apparently everyone) and replace it with a sub-par product? Must have to do in some way with profit….
    • storychacha
      I too took the Teva green I mg for years. I have been given “Accord”(cheap crap) blue ones from CVS for 3 months now,and they do not work as well as I feel like I am having with drawls! I did some research and a company “Actavis” bought “Teva”!! I called all the usual pharmacies and they are all “blue” !! I found one that carries “Actavis” I MG and it’s yellow. I had these a long time ago and as I remember they were like the green ones! It’s a local owned pharmacy “Ed’s here in Houston Try looking at independent pharmacies,not CVS,Walgreens,Sams … they all have the crappy blue ones. anything to save $$$ and allow us to suffer!! Going to talk to my DR. and give my Ins. info. to “Ed’s” and try the ! MG. yellow ones. Remember the color is from who ever makes them!! We are not crazy!! They want to make all the $$$ Best of luck on you’re journey~
  • Charlie
    I have been taken Clonazepam 1mg for years. I had the pleasure of having it made by Teva. They were the best. But, Activis bought up Teva. Then they used there cheap stuff generic for clonazepam which was a yellow pill. CVS said that the Activis company is not going to make the green pill anymore. So I tried using the yellow pill from Activis for 3 monyhs and I thought it was a sugar pill. This pill did nothing for me. Then next time I tried clonazepam 1 mg blue pill by Accord and it worked great. But CVS said that they are not accepting Accord Health pills which was an executive decision. So, now I have Aetna Health insurance and I have a list of in house medications. Walgreens, Rite-aid, and most other pharmacy’s are on the in house list for me. So, I asked Walgreens if they have Accord Health clonazepam 1 mg and they do so I am changing pharmacy’s. The pharmacy’s do what’s best for their company. The other thing I wanted to say was that the different genetics that these pharmacy’s make are different per person. One may say Accord Health genetics is better than Activis and so forth. DFon’t listen to all on the internet. You have to try it out yourself and make your own opinion. Good luck all.
    • Donna
      Yes the accord works better then actvis
    • breeze
      Teva bought Actavis’s generic business, not the other way around and Teva discontinued the Actavis Klonopin and brought back their own. The drug is not scored and my pill splitter isn’t cutting it evenly, but for me it still doesn’t compare with the brand because of the inactive ingredients because I’m allergic to them and I’m having bad GI symptoms. It helps for me to reduce the 1 mg tablet a little. My does is somewhere between .5 and 1 mg. I’m about to go back to the brand which worked well for me in the early 1990’s before any of the generics were made.So many people are having problems with the generics. The brand is still available. It is matters enough, it’s worth it to self-pay – if you can.
  • Kathy
    Blue clonazepam is causing nosebleeds in our son. Anybody else have this problem with blue clonazepam?
  • Debbie
    i have the same problem. There has to be different inactive ingredients or something. Picked up my prescription today and now they are yellow Can’t wait to see how these don’t work…
  • Debbie
    I’m so tired of my medication being messed with! I started with the green ones, which worked very well for my anxiety. Next, i was switched to the blue and it didn’t work well. Today i picked them up and they’re yellow Can’t wait to see what happens with these…
  • Laurence
    I was on Yellow TEVA for years. Worked great. Had a “normal” life. Was switched to white ACTAVIS, had tingles, itchy, sore muscles after only a few weeks. Ugh! Going to the Dr. to try something different
  • Cheyanne Harris
    I have been on the yellow clonozapam for about 5 years and was doing quite will. I skept very well at night. The pharmacy changed them to the pink ones. I was very upset and spoke with the pharmacist about the change he said they are the same pills they chose another drug manufacturer because they were cheaper he said. I told him I was afraid I may have a reaction to the new pills . He didn’t want to speak with me about it just walked away saying they were the same pills. Well I was right he was wrong the pink pills don’t work well for me at all and have effected my brain function. Most days I go off on a rampage get mad easy yelling off and on get upset very easy etc…. goes on and on. I now feel mentally off. Now I’m going back to my Dr this week and see where I can ger the yellow pills. Well the Dr may not know. Does anyone know a well kniw pharmacy that has the yellow pills please let me know? Maybe Walgreens or Walmart has them. I may have to start calling around. It is 2 am cand Im not sleeping. My head gets very dizzy in these pink pills at times feels lije I may pass out. Not good! Wish I could in time get on something else but have to be slowely taken off I was told in a hospital. I have nights my throat gets swollen makes it hard to swallow I can’t stand it this scares me. I didn’t kniw these pills was addictive or would have never taken them the Dr didn’t tell me. Well whats new many people weren’t told. I will need to contact another pharmacy tomorrow soon hope someone can help me out.
  • Linda Denise Toth
    I have been taking Clonazepam for 32 years. This is my second bad batch of pills. My last fill was 2 weeks ago. Doctor said try and take 1-1/2 pills twice a day instead of 1 twice a day did not work. He also told me to look at the label for the manufacturers code which would tell me what country they came from. I did and googled it. They are manufactured by International Pharma Lab in Pakistan (IPL)that is a Vet Pharmacy that makes drugs for chickens and livestock and is not FDA approved in the U.S. I called Walmart and they confirmed the Lab, when I asked why the head pharmacist said price was cheaper. I told her to find a Pharmacy in the U.S. I didn’t care if I had to pay more. BEWARE IF YOUR LABEL HAS IPL ON IT. C1 on the pill this is for 1mg blue pill.
  • Gram
    Any word on the blue 2531 1mg tablets I was taking the yellow/green 1mg just wondering if anyone has had the 2531 blue ones
    • LBC
      Hi. Yes. I just spoke with my doctor today. I thought it was me, but it is the manufacturer of the medication. I have had crying spells for the past 4.5 months. He explained to me what others are saying. That many are made in Pakistan, India, etc. He told me what to tell my pharmacist. He also stated he’s had several other clients go through this. Evidently, the FDA is not able to monitor this issue.
      • Nana
        what about accord orange ones? .5mg are they ok to take, I think they are from out of this country. any advice?
  • Daniel S.
    You completely left out the “Green” colored 2mg made by Teva. I’ve taken them for a long time, and in my opinion, they are the best.
  • Catherine
    I also have a problem with the blue pills . They not only make me dizzy , but they do not work ! I recently found out they are made in India . Tried many other pharmacies and they all use these damn blue pills because they are cheap ! I am so upset ! Does anyone know of a pharmacy that does NOT use these crappy pills ? Who knows what the hell they are putting in them !
  • Derek
    I’ve gotten a 1mg green Teva other side was 833. Yet it wasn’t over a horizontal line. The side side with Teva on it there was a curve on outer edge
    • breeze
      Same with mine. I went to the Hoffman La Roche website to look up all of the generic klonopins and they say for Teva that there are two versions. not clear if there’s any difference in ingredients. can call customer service at teva to explain the difference. curious
  • April Lyn Perry
    My question is I get to mg Klonopin that are white and they don’t seem to work as well as the one milligram blue ones is it in my head and the color doesn’t mean nothing
    • April Lyn Perry
      So does anybody know of any pharmacies that give the different color ones for 2 mg colanapins cuz I just feel like the white ones don’t work
  • Verlyn baker
    I have been taking actavis Teva 0.5 now they change the company Teva pharmaceuticals is there a difference.worried
  • Angela Iannone
    If someone is addicted to Xanax/Klonopins and they are going through withdrawal and having seizures what can I do to help the hospital did nothing except take blood pressure and they said since he is stable they can’t do nothing to help.
  • Jose santos
    I was taking the 0.5 colanapins yellow & was feeling fine, now I’m taking the same dose but orange & idk it makes me feel funny. Is there a reason for this?
  • Jimmie Patrick
    What are the side effects of a sudden stoppage of taking CLONAZEPAM? Is a gradual reduction plan the best way to go?