How To Get Ambien: Where And How To Buy Zolpidem

Last Updated: June 30, 2020

Authored by Sharon Levy, MD, MPH

Buying Ambien is heavily regulated. From where to buy the drug to the cost. Some insurance plans may help to cover zolpidem costs. Here is what users need to know about how to get Ambien legally.

How To Get Ambien

Ambien, Ambien CR, and other versions of zolpidem are medications designed to help patients manage insomnia in the short-term. Because this condition is so common, many people research how to get Ambien for themselves. While the process is not particularly complicated, buying zolpidem does require a few steps.

Does One Need A Prescription For Ambien?

Yes, to buy zolpidem legally, one needs a prescription for the drug. Not only is Ambien a prescription medication, but it is a controlled substance, meaning that prescriptions as such are monitored and heavily regulated. While Ambien uses are legitimate, many misuse it, which is why the DEA considers it a drug of abuse.

How Many Refills Can Zolpidem Have?

The number of refills a patient can get on a medication is determined by the DEA drug schedule. Since zolpidem is a Schedule IV drug, patients can get five refills within six months. Given that the medication is not meant to be taken long term, this should be more than sufficient for most patients.

How Much Does Ambien Cost?

The zolpidem cost is not universal. Prices can vary between manufacturers, formulas, strengths, and pharmacies. Users who are worried about affording the drug can research their options to find the medication and pharmacy that fits within their budget. Below are tables showing the price ranges for various formulations containing zolpidem.

Ambien CR Cost (branded)

Dosage 30 tablets 60 tablets 90 tablets
6.25 mg $647-$717 $1,267-$1,427 $1,905-$2,137
12.5 mg $660-$736 $1,316-$1,472 $1,971-$2,208

Zolpidem ER Cost (generic)

Dosage 30 tablets 60 tablets 90 tablets
6.25 mg $151-$185 $298-$366 $443-$546
12.5 mg $150-$185 $283-$369 $414-$553

Ambien Cost (branded)

Dosage 30 tablets 60 tablets 90 tablets
5 mg $626-$736 $1,299-$1,474 $1,953-$2,213
10 mg $638-$736 $1,249-$1,472 $1,604-$2,208

Zolpidem Cost (generic)

Dosage 30 tablets 60 tablets 90 tablets
5 mg $16-$57 $18-$108 $19-$159
10 mg $53-$61 $101-$117 $148-$173

Intermezzo Cost (branded)

Dosage 10 sublingual tablets 20 sublingual tablets 30 sublingual tablets
1.75 mg $161 $316 $470
3.5 mg $171 $336 $490

Edluar Cost

Dosage 10 sublingual tablets 30 sublingual tablets 60 sublingual tablets
5 mg $206 $431 $769
10 mg $154 $443 $883-$876

Zolpimist Cost

Zolpimist is the spray version of zolpidem. It comes in two sizes/strengths: 4.5ml of 5mg/spray and 7.7ml of 5mg/spray. The former costs $426 while the latter costs $795.

How Much Does Zolpidem Cost Without Insurance?

For those without insurance, affording zolpidem can be difficult. The cost of Ambien without insurance can skyrocket into thousands of dollars, depending on the version being purchased and the number of pills. If someone needs to take the drug, generic Ambien costs tend to be significantly lower. However, not all product forms have generic options at this time.

People may lower the zolpidem price without insurance via coupons. These tend to be found online, often from the manufacturer. However, patients might be able to access them through their prescribing doctor as well. Prescription savings plans may also help, depending on how many medications an individual takes.

Another way those without insurance can save on the drug is to go beyond physical stores when it comes to where to buy Ambien. There are many legitimate online pharmacies that have lower overhead than physical locations, allowing them to offer medications for less than places like Walgreens and Kroger can. However, buyers should be very careful when shopping online, as some seemingly trustworthy websites are not officially licensed pharmacies.

How Much Zolpidem Costs With Insurance

Those who have health insurance should be able to access zolpidem at a relatively affordable price. However, this does depend on the terms of their insurance plan. For example, some insurance companies will not cover any zolpidem cost until after the client has met their deductible for the year. Once the deductible is met, there is likely to be still a copay, which can range as high as $60 per refill.

Dangers Of Buying Ambien On The Street

Given the price of Ambien, those without insurance might be tempted to purchase the drug on the street in unauthorized sources. Depending on the product, it is possible to find it cheaper on the black market than through a legitimate pharmacy. However, this is never a good choice that entails legal consequences and health hazards.

Zolpidem sold on the streets isn’t meant for therapeutic purposes; buyers typically use it to achieve the zolpidem high or self-treatment. This means that not only there is no regulation, but demand steers more towards a product that produces stronger, and potentially more dangerous, effects. There is no guarantee that the zolpidem purchased hasn’t been cut with other drugs or that it is zolpidem at all. While it might seem like a way to save money, the risks are simply too high.

Ending Ambien Abuse

If someone is worried about how to get zolpidem because they wish to abuse it, this is a sign that they need help. Addiction is a powerful beast, but with the right help, it can be beaten. Drug rehab centers offer the therapy users need to stay clean. The addiction treatment is individualized to meet the patients’ needs and ensure a long-lasting recovery.

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