What are Fake Xanax Bars and How Can You Identify Them?

Fake Xanax pills and their fearutes.

Drugs purchased on the street can be very dangerous. This is largely because purity and quality cannot be determined. After all, illegal drug dealers are usually not the most reliable people. One street drug that is being sold right not is fake Xanax. Counterfeit Xanax is very dangerous and is causing a lot of overdoses. Here is a closer look at fake Xanax bars and why if you are going to use Xanax, fake alternatives should never be an option.

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What Is Counterfeit Xanax?

Xanax, also known as Alprazolam, is a prescription drug which is most commonly used to treat anxiety. Doctors prescribe the drug when they believe that a patient can benefit from it. When Alprazolam is used correctly, it is relatively safe. However, fake Xanax is not safe at all. Moreover, it has been manufactured to seem similar to the original. People buy fake yellow Xanax Bars, fake green Xanax bars, fake white Xanax bars, and other types of fake Alprazolam on the street because it can be easier and cheaper to obtain.

The reason why fake Alprazolam is so dangerous is that it often contains an ingredient called Fentanyl. Fentanyl is an opioid which is 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine. So, when people take fake Alprazolam laced with Fentanyl, it can cause overdoses easily. There are many types of fake Xanax bars including fake Xanax bars g3722, fake Xanax bars gg249, fake Xanax 2mg, and r039 Xanax fake.

Signs of taking a fake counterfeit Alprazolam bar include:

  • Woman overdosing from counterfeit Xanax pillsLimp body
  • Labored, shallow, or difficulty breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Lips, fingers, or face turning blue
  • Clammy skin
  • Pinpoint pupils
  • Convulsions
  • Death rattle (labored exhale that may resemble snoring)

The Effects and the Dangers of Fentanyl Use

Fentanyl is a hazardous opioid drug. As little as two milligrams is a lethal dose for the average person. People who use Fentanyl can experience all of the following issues:

  • Fatal overdose
  • Respiratory depression
  • Respiratory arrest
  • Coma
  • Unconsciousness
  • Convulsions
  • Vomiting
Fentanyl use deaths are widespread because the drug is so powerful and is so frequently used to lace street drugs. This is why fake Xanax dangers are genuine. Fake Xanax effects do not always include death, but they frequently do. Counterfeit Xanax bars cause other side effects too that can result in permanent damage. Essentially, Fentanyl is an incredibly dangerous drug, and the fact that it is used in fake Alprazolam bars makes fake Alprazolam extremely dangerous as well. Fake Alprazolam should be avoided to prevent serious injury or death.

How to Avoid the Fake Xanax Bar?

A drug deal occurring on the street.

The best and most obvious way to avoid fake Xanax bars is only to take Xanax that has been prescribed by a physician, and that is purchased from a licensed pharmacy. If you buy anything on the street that is claimed to be Alprazolam, it could easily be a fake Xanax bar. This means that there is a perfect chance that it could be laced with Fentanyl and could potentially kill you.

There is no way to know with one hundred percent certainty that a drug bought on the street is real. So, when it comes to trying to purchase real vs. fake Xanax, the only way to do this is never buying drugs on the street. Even if you buy Alprazolam with a prescription, however, you can still develop a dangerous addiction. So, the best route to take is to avoid Xanax altogether if possible.

Final Thoughts

Many people buy Xanax on the street because it is inexpensive and it is a quick high effect. However, knockoff street drugs which are manufactured in secret and illicit labs can easily result in death. Anyone who wants to avoid being killed by a drug overdose should avoid taking fake Alprazolam, or anything that resembles it whatsoever. Street drugs can never be trusted, and they always come with high risks.

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Treatment Is Fully Covered by Insurance In Most Cases

If you believe that you have accidentally taken a fake Xanax bar, then you should call 911 immediately. It is possible that your life is in danger. If you would like to receive treatment for fake Alprazolam bar addiction, then call (888)-459-5511 to speak to one of our professional representatives.

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What are Fake Xanax Bars and How Can You Identify Them?

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  • They are coming straight from the pharmacy fake. My wife gets prescription Xanax she got her script filled and about 2 to 3 days later she was in withdraw. She took a drug test and there was no Xanax in her system. Just because a doctor prescribed them don’t mean they are real. Just because you got them filled at a pharmacy don’t mean they are real.

    • Contact an attorney immediately and take the Pharmacist to the cleaners. Unless…well, Were you actually there with her while she was at the Pharmacy getting her RX filled or did she bring it home and tell you that’s where she got them? Secondly, did you literally watch her consume what came from the RX bottle or she only told you what she had taken and when? -Not trying to be a jerk, sorry, many variables change the cause and result in vary different effects in conclusion. It’s more often than not when you trust someone close to you, it’s hard to imagine the extent of coverups and how far they’d go to hide their addictions from you, bc they’re afraid of your judgement and consiquences if their truths be told. If circumstances seem like it’s totally crazy to actually be happening… It most likely is. Unless her Pharmacist is an illegal alien and is buying his stock from the Cartels, the chance that a legit business run by a Professional person who wants to keep their licenses and life, THAT would NOT happen. At least not in any country I’ve visited or worked in… So DO look at the Bigger Picture and Question everyone involved that does not have a University Degree to handle Medicines. -this is coming from someone who has multiple degrees and a decade invested in Patient Sociology and Medicine. I’ve seen and heard enough to know when a Story isn’t entirely truthful. Good Luck.

      • That is absolutely 100% without a doubt the most honest n well thought out answer .. and frankly the only way that could have happened!! Well stated !!

      • well said. best answer

      • This is a GREAT reply. Well said. I am a recovering addict and you are 110% right. There is NO WAY she got a fake script of xanax from a legitimate pharmacy. I suggest you tell your wife that you want to sue that pharmacy for what she is claiming they did, and if she flat out refuses to go through with it, tries to make excuses as to why they gave her fake ones or tries to talk you out of suing them, then she isn’t being truthful and definitely didn’t get them from a pharmacy. I can say these things because I have lived it. We will go to extreme lengths to hide our addiction and lies. Good luck, Will. I wish you the best.

        • Wrong. There are addicts who work in every field. Police, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists have addicts in their fields as well… at the same percentage as civilians. A degree or badge does not change human nature or make anyone above anything. I’ve already gotten scripts of narcotics that were short by 10 or more pills and then told that there was no way it couldve happened because their pill counts were correct and I should have counted them before leaving and that if I had, that would’ve been the only way they couldve fixed it. Now, I count them right at the counter and dump them in my hand right after I pay. I get looks like I’m a junkie piece of shit, but because of a few junkie workers, I was shorted pills that I needed. I have family in the nursing field who tell me about nurses stealing pills and then resigning to avoid investigations. A friend who was an addict who’s girlfriend used to take leftover oxys home. And another person I know who was in charge of destroying expired narcotics who used to take home bags full of oxycontin 80mgs and sell them. So really… how hard is it for an addict to take real xanax from their employer and then replace it with street garbage? How hard is it for a pharmacy to save money buying a bulk of cheaper street drugs to make money? Doctors are supplementing their incomes selling scripts and running drug rings of oxys and suboxone all the time. These are people who spent years upon years and hundreds of thousands in education fees. No one is immune to corruption. Not judges, cops, doctors… no one. Our world leaders and government from local to federal should be a prime example of that. Use your heads. Just because you wouldn’t or you are in the field and defending it, doesnt mean it doesnt happen. Only difference is, most of you get away with a slap on the wrist for it.

          • I am 100% with you on that!! Not many people think about it in that way. Like you said just because someone has a badge or is ‘higher’ up in power, so to say, does not mean they are invulnerable to corruption.

          • Yes addiction does not discriminate that’s for sure, but not every addict whether addicted to alcohol, pills or whatever are not all bad people. They simply need help! I am a nurse and see a lot of overdoses in very young people as well as elderly! Most of the time they are my best pt’s, they just need help. Unfortunately there is not enough help for addicts and it’s very sad! I try not to judge anyone but pray for this world we live in! Long story short… yes you are right addiction does not discriminate AT ALL!

          • I get what you’re saying. And I know for a fact nurses and Drs are just as likely, if not more likely to abuse drugs. But as far as the initial question on this message board goes, I can say with the upmost certainty that a pharmacy isn’t going to be buying fake Xanax bars. If that were the case they would have many overdoses which would come right back to the pharmacy. So not to be cruel, but the guys wife isn’t being honest with him.

          • Agree very much
            .anyone can be an addict!

          • U ARE right!! I worked in a nursing home once. I worked in mental health and contracted out by nursing home. But the Director of Nursing wud use her key to the narcotics medications. She wud get them. Then sell them. Fortunately, someone told. The. FBI ended up under cover in there. She was caught. Her license taken. My husband has a guy he works with. His wife is an RN. He says instead of flushing pills that were left over she wud put them in her pocket and take them home!! Not everyone does this. But it does happen….
            I’ve heard stories of cops taking drugs found during road blocks and then taking them. Like u said people are human.

          • They say ask someone who’s been through it not a doctor! In the end pharma companies run it! And even if 3 of 100 pharmacists doctor have good intent! They will be replaced and taken out! It’s all $ I want to see them stop the owner of Perdue who is worth billions of dollars living off others death! Mansion beverlyhills 30 mill cash! How about him can you touch him? He feeds all of you!!

          • I agree. My pharmacy shorted me on my pain pills. So who took them??? Exactly the person behind the counter. The pharmacist. I got his a**.. I knew he had did it on my previous script..so when I got my next script filled. I poured them on the counter & I was 10 Pills short. He started stuttering & said..I’m sorry I made a mistake. Nobody is above been cricked. The Federal Prison is full Dr, lawyers, pharmacist & etc. SO TRUST NONE..

          • True happened to someone I know too, I have worked in doctors offices and pharmacies for years and the majority of people don’t even check the bag the meds come in before they pull out of the pharmacy!

          • Thank you!!!! Title does bot dictate behavior, and im tired of those in positions where they have control of others’ lives being without reproach. I worked in med field for 17 years and have watched junkie doctors and nurses GOMER (Get Out of My Emergency Room) a patient for drug seeking, when the patient was in obvious pain. Walk into an ER with back pain and you’re automatically drug seeking. It’s disgusting.

          • This is true happened before to me and they told me the same thing that I had to count it before I paid for it and left the store nobody’s going to do that it’s crazy there are junkies or people that was stealing our trade it out for something else so they can sell it or have it for themselves I know people that work in pharmacies that have done that you’re right this does happen but it shouldn’t happen they should be monitored more than that we shouldn’t have to worry about getting our prescriptions right I’ll get in the right prescription it is horrible

        • Agreed the pharmacy would be shut down …………

        • Funny how ya say theres no way she got fake ones from a legit pharmacy but yet your an attic or recovering attic… Then ya should know that it’s not hard to switch out fake ones for real ones if ya work in the pharmacy or if your friend girlfriend boyfriend mom dad sister brother aunt uncle cousin friend neighbor or who ever works in the pharmacy and are willing to do that for you or themself since there is BIG BUCKS Too Be Made there… I myself am an attic struggling but yet making slow progress to get myself right and I had a lady friend who specifically went to school to become pharmacy tech so she could do things like this cause she had a piece of shit husband that pushed her to go through with it… Anyways anything is possible especially when it comes to drugs and people who use and need them…

          • You are most definitely right. I would say to anyone getting anything prescribed DO NOT LEAVE THE PHARMACY UNTIL YOU OPEN YOUR PHARMACY BAG AN BOTTLE COUNT THE PILLS RIGHT THERE! That’s the bottom line who gives a rats tail on what ppl think of you at least you know your meds are correct an you don’t get screwed this is very important. An on the other topic no matter what someone’s title is dr,cop,RN etc addicts are everywhere to be honest it’s getting out of control in our society an they want to judge people who are trying to get help subutex, ,suboxone for example it’s just not right!

      • A college degree in pharmacudicals can mean nothing, the drug “cartel and/or addicts are becoming more educated than ever before. Therefore I agree with you, trust the signs. Chances are the fake Xanax from your wife was premeditated. I wish there were something I could do about these death and addiction. The government is blaming it on big pharma, which couldn’t be further from the truth! Our government has proven time and time again that they are incapable of dealing with the drug problem in the US. If they would teach discipline over abstinence (for addicts), it would yield better results. I’m willing to help at anytime!

        • Yeah but a lot of people I have met who call there selfs addicts it all started when a doctor perscribed it to them and I haven’t just heard that from like 10 people it’s been 100’s probably over I don’t think it’s the doctor or pharmacy’s fault I think we just need to look into it more and tapper people down instead of one day being like sorry you can’t have your script you’ve had for a year anymore! The withdrawal is horrible and that how a lot of people move to the more dangerous strong stuff and it’s sad they should have to take classes, therapy and tapper slowly just my thoughts

      • We caught our pharmacist at a Safeway pharmacy putting fake pills in the bottles and pocketing the real ones, and this isn’t an uncommon thing to happen it turns out!

      • This is the most well thought out and informative answer I’ve ever seen, I’ve been addicted to aXanax for around 12 years now. And I have run into many fake Xanax pills of different shapes and sizes. I have many questions but only gonna ask this one: If the Pill that actually has Xanax printed on it, with a 2 on the other side, and the Ana connect together in the very middle of the pill. It’s printed perfectly and it even has the clear coat. Whatever the seal is that makes it shine. Do you think that is fake?

        • There’s very little chance street manufacturers are able to coat the pills. Ecstasy has been around for decades and has never been coated. The process is complicated and expensive, two things illicit manufacturers avoid. Ecstasy manufacturers spend far larger sums of money to make their pills, so if they aren’t costing them, fake Xanax manufacturers aren’t either. It would eat in to their profits.

      • Absolutely. I am an addict in recovery and used to come up with some very ridiculous stories to cover my problems up

      • Blah blah. I’m a veteran, shot twice. Severe ptsd. The same thing happened to me more times than I can count. I have kids. Not time for a class action law suite. The pharmacy techs swap them out with fakes. switch to Ativan, or call the pharmacy ask for the blue bars.

        • I have found, if you’re waiting for help, and from the VA.. it’s only going to increase the anxiety.
          I hope you had thoughts like that, but discover it’s true.
          I have been helping myself and no longer with any anxiety, and any help from the va. Thanks for our service.. Right?
          And pound sand!!

      • Well said

      • Fake xanaxs has been happening a lot in my small town in South Carolina. I have physically been with my friend when he or she that sell there scripts to me. On several accounts I have witnessed the pharmacy filling my “FRIEND PRESCRIPTIONS” so called friend/connections prescription of Xanax and the pharmacy is the one giving those fake Xanax bars to their customers. In my town, every once in a while I would come across fake Z’s. And if u take or have ever taken zs for a long time u can easily be able tell by the taste if they are real.

      • It can also happen by a pharmacists buying from a new or diffrent distributor maybe cause it’s cheaper or maybe cause they ship faster on orders i just seen a special on t.v where actual manufacturers have ordered from distributors that claim there medication was that manufacturers product and when they got the ” medication” that was even being distributed to hospitals in liquid form in sealed vials where the only difference between real and fake was background color of label but when tested it tested negative for any of actual active ingredient. So in short the pharmacist. Could have no idea he is distributing a faulty or totally fake drug. And China is the main distributor of these fake meds.

    • That is so true I was in the military I’ve been on them for over 14 years and now nothing I have panic attacks with drawers I freaked out at work I tried to tell my doctor but then they say it’s in my head so I went to a different phone ceutical company I went to Walgreens and they have the green ones and they work way better and also the round ones work way better because I’m on a 2mg all

    • Hey the guy who responded to ur message has a good point BUT I have heard on the news the exact thing that happened to ur wife does indeed happen. Prof people do bad things too as well any one of the techs working. I also don’t doubt ur story because a somewhat similar incident happened to me. Good luck figuring it all out

      • Thank you for saying this. Frankly the fact that 2 people up there are willing to not give his wife the benefit of the doubt is a big reason why people still need help or never get help. If all you do is treat people like liars and junkies, it is no wonder they hide themselves. I can understand families, but not doctors. They need to start doing more listening. That doesn’t mean prescribe by any means, it just means HELP. That’s what you’re there for, not to play jury.
        If more doctors did this, I would have more loved ones alive.

        • Absolutely i have seen dr.s do some bad things to people. Sick old people cut them off their meds without a wean when it has resulted in dangerous consequences. Then i wasn’t able to help my client any help with a lawsuit after she was in and out of the icu for 2 years until we got her stable at only 60. I have lost faith in Dr.s after witnessing this mess. I understand the was a need for tighter rules but they dont take them away from older patients who have been taking them longer than the doctors who “don’t prescribe those medicine’s” have been practicing. It is not the patients fault because they are no longer the normal drug used for anxiety like they were in the 80s when they began taking them. It’s a difficult and sad road to travel with anxiety these days you’re either threated like a lab rat or a drug seeker. I am a personal care assistant and not sure how they mistake my patient a frail lady on oxygen with walker as a drug seeker. The sad state of the world is they blame all for the few. If they didnt hand them out so readily before the restrictions were in place there would not be people trying to purchase them from the street instead of having a siezure because they were taken away incorrectly. There has to be a middle ground someplace those grandfathered in like my client.

        • Agreed, the way this mob just jumped on the she must be a liar train is exactly why we hide in dark corners doing shady s**t and hurting ourselves so much, because we fear this reaction, because s**t like this DOES happen, like I already posted we caught our pharmacist at a Safeway pocketing meds and giving fake ones, and shorting my scripts by 10 or 15 took several months to prove it but we did. We addicts (especially ones like me who are dependent thus addicted) are labeled with so many untrue stereotypes and treated like POS drug seekers when we have a UTI for goodness sakes! Unless she’s proven herself untrustworthy why wouldn’t she get the benefit of the doubt?!

        • I agree with you completely. Just reading these replies would make me want to hide my head in shame. I’ve seen with my own eyes a ER treated someone who came in scared and told them they took something that caused the to sweat, heart race, they treated her HORRIBLY! They gave her some kind of shot and I was sitting in the room next to her and this older nurse ask her, “I bet they didn’t even tell you your blood pressure is high.” She said no ma’am. Then she was sent home. Then they wonder why these kids want come and get help. May God have mercy.

          • To those of you saying that of course the wife will lie if she’s just going to be accused of lying….does that really make sense to you? If you have nothing to hide, you wouldn’t lie. If you’re hiding something, you’re lying, and it’s perfectly reasonable to then call you a liar.

            I had heroin addiction for years. Am I mad or ashamed that I was accused of lying all that time? No, because I was!

            The husband shouldn’t immediately call her out on lying, but come on, most of us here have been there. We know all the different stories we tell to cover our tracks. Hers sounds like one of those stories.

        • I couldn’t agree more, recently my mother filled her prescription of Lorazepam, she had just switched from Walgreens to Kroger to save money. Well Kroger uses a different type of generic lorazepam. We don’t know if it was fake or what. What we do know is that she was going through Benzo withdrawals as she was taking the new meds. And the pills came individually packaged blister pack. So it came straight from the factory and apparently didn’t have the chemical she needed when it was supposed to. So that guysbwife has a similar situation right now. There are tons of ppl who will lie and pull some shit like tat. But who the hell goes to the streets and actually seeks out fake bars to put into there prescription bottles bc they plan on selling all 90 and doesn’t want there husband to know? And usually your gonna be paying full price for fake Xanax to put into a bottle that cost you ten dollars but the fake ones u replace cost u 300! How does that make sense. Unless you make the fake pills yourself or a close friend. Otherwise it’s stupid to do what everyone thought she was doing!

    • If they come from a reputable pharmacy then they’re not fake. Sounds like you filled the script at a mom and pop pharmacy. Fill ur script at a well known pharmacy, one that you can sue and get paid if you get a fake script filled.

    • Bro your wife is lying to you. She’s doing dope or selling hee zans.

    • False. Even if her new script had no Xanax the Xanax in her system would take 2 weeks minimum to leave her system.

      • Not true it takes no more them 4 days

      • Umm sorry Brianna but Xanax absolutely will never take 2 weeks to get out of your system. Xanax will be out of your system usually within 3 days 5 days absolute tops. And as far as getting a fake script at a reputable pharmacy is highly unlikely but let’s not go as far as to say impossible. We do not know who works there, there are omertà If pharmacists that are addicted themselves steal pills and replace them with fakes. Just because they have degrees does no make them angels.

        • This is false. I failed a random drug test in rehab for benzos 32 days later I DID NOT RELAPSE. Depending on how many you take a day varies and the period of time also varies to the lenght of time in your system.

    • Xanax is out of the system in 5 hours tops!!

      • Wrong they are fat soluble, depending on how much you took and how long, i took some for ten days and failed drug test after a month they take two to four weeks usually for xanax, for volume it takes up to a month maybe longer in some cases all depending on what I said earlier, I have researched it for two years while I was on probation

      • Not true.5 hours is less than the half life of xanax and I am a Dr.The half life of xanax is 5 to 12 hrs.Multiply the half life by 5 to 7 and thats how long a drug stays in your body.4 hrs is closer to the duration of action of xanax but not how long it is in your body.

      • Depends on how many and how long you’ve been taking if you took 1 only one time yes it’ll be out in a few days but if you been talk g them repeatedly for days I. A row it’s takes at least a week or two possibly more depending on your metabolism

    • Xanax is actually the only benzo that doesn’t show up on standard drug screens. If it’s coming from a pharmacy, its not fake.

    • You should be able to sue for that situation

    • I think you have lying woman!!!!!

    • Ya pharmaicist takes real ones put fakes ones back.in or a worker its a crookesd workd forsure same with my methadone

      • That’s why I go to methadone clinic where everything is done in front of my eyes I get 196mg of methadone 29 months now I wanna get off everything scepter Zanax for anxiety

        • You’re lucky you arent dead taking that much done with xanax on top of it… Thats a suicide combo and any methadone clinic should not help you with xanax in your urine… You go their for help not to get more fked up, they shouldnt give you 200mgs either that dose would kill tons of people without an opiate addiction creating a very high tolerance…

        • I know everybody is different but 196 mg of methadone is to much IMHO , I was on 120 for years and found that to be to much …/ but ! I also take Alpraz soo, (2-4) mg a day .
          These Fake bars are everywhere , hence why I looked it up.

        • Damm 187 mgs of methadone that is a very high dosage but my reason for commenting is to ask a question I’m a recovering addict myself and have thought of using it to help with pain not so much my addiction I’m pretty good there but I wanna be able to function and we had one girl working with us and she was taking 70 mgs but was outta her mind most the day and blamed that… Like do you nod out and do that high movement where you swaying and shit cant stand still at you know the high on dope diggy balling type of thing and I work full time and can’t be acting’ like that i work and dosing in the am wouldn’t be an option because I want ro be able to function at work

    • A lot get a false negative. My wife had to go 3 times because they wouldn’t show in her urine. She took them in front of the doctor 2 days in a row. And drug test still showed negative . So they gave her the script again. And it’s very common. And they are real. I failed my test.

    • So true! Folks have no idea what they are buying; even if at a pharmacy. It’s sad that ppl have the time to make someone else’s life shit to begin with. I really appreciate your posting on this matter. I used to be a serious heroin junkie back in 2006 and he have been able to overcome. And yes, I (genuine) really do mean overcome… Peace bro!!!

    • It could be the pharm tech switching them out?

    • I Think you should question what your wife is doing I think she may be lying to you don’t you

    • So your saying she took a drug test and it didn’t come back that she had taken xanax? A drug panel wouldn’t tell you if you had unless you spend alot of money and send it to a true lab and even still them being able to identify what barbiturates they where OS highly unlikely. If the drug test came back negative for barbiturates then worry. But taking xanax and then stopping will always make you have withdraws. Furthermore a drug company that supplies say Walgreens isn’t gonna supply them with something other then what they are giving. One more thing I would like to add if your wife only took a few or a couple of them and then waiting a day or two she would’nt test positive for them anyway. 1 xanax has an on set of around 3 hours and would flush in less then 12 hours if she took them for a month or two in high doses then of course it would come up om a drug panel. Please people dip your research before for one taking meds and for two spreading ridiculous comments like this.

    • WoW, that is crazy.

    • Some docs will prescribe the placebo ones to check on u and it’s some kind of code they write in the Rx unless the pharmacy is doing some shady stuff.. but just my opnion

    • Seriously? That’s straight unreal. What do you do if you can’t even trust the pharmacy? Luckily everyone at mine knows me by name and a few just by my voice when I can. Guess ya gotta find out you can trust.

    • It happened to me too but it can be she metabolizes medication fast which will not show up in a drug test. I was in a rehab facility and i popped 5 percocets prior to me going in they drug tested me and i came back negative i was in shock and the dr said i probably metabolize meds faster. Google it.

    • if u think they r fake buy a drug test n throw half of 1 in sum water wait 15 mins and see what it
      tests positive for,,,,,,,,

    • Really no s**t , so how can i tell!! I just got back from Afghanistan and I get them from a friend but I don’t no if there fake or not can u help a brother out

  • I am prescribed 1mg Xanax 3x per day. I ran out 2 days early and got 2 green bars; the S 903; and they have different taste than most other legit Xanax I have had. They are bitter and look dead on like a real S903, but I didn’t notice decrease in my anxiety, and that strange taste has me wondering. If they are fakes, someone did a good job. Consistent color throughout the tablet, slightly shiny coating. But powdery and taste takes a few seconds to notice, which is a slightly different taste than any other Alprazolam I have had, and at 50 years old with 27 years of daily use, I have tried them all. If anyone can offer any info that could correctly ID these S903’s, I would greatly appreciate it. I don’t want the person who gave me the pills to get into a mess with people he may sell them to. He would not knowingly sell fakes. Thanks, nomad♪

    • What if the white bars taste like xanax but are a little bit harder to bite than normal

    • I just got the same ones your describing. Green all the way through, I ran out as well, I always do a week early and I believe they are totally fake. But I don’t think they have fetannyl in them either as this article states, bc I was messed up. It was like I took a sugar pill. I ended up taking another one and still nothing. I know they are fake bc I called a different friend that had then and got a few I took one and was totally fine and felt much better immediately. I’m mad bc I got 30 of the fake ones.

      • I’ve heard of all types being fakes , at this time 5-2019 it’s ‘Real XANAX Fakes” ie, marked XANAX.

        Usually from what I’ve heard these pills have “Something” in them ‘perhaps a stronger or weaker Benzo of another type ? Maybe the killer Fentnal , maybe nothing .?
        BTW I have never had a bad pill from a Pharmacy , Dava Co, Green mg’s are Legit if from a “Reputable ‘ Pharmacy .

        To be funny I’d like to get my MG’s in .25 ‘s but the pill count would be & look outrageous . I think ? there would be 0 $ in faking the .25’s.

    • All Xanax (alprazolam) have a slightly different taste,depends on the company,mg,ingredients differ from each brand and mg of pill,I’m only 23 but have been taking them a lot since I was 14 so I’ve tried almost every brand and mg in Xanax (alprazolam) there all a little different tasting and effectiveness is different.

    • Prolly real one the footballs “1mg Xanax” have a stronger taste than the green bars ! I’m gonna say they are real u just have a big tolerance built up to them

  • The ONLY way to yell real vs fake re: xanax bars is the taste. That bitter, grapefruit ish taste. I’ve been prescribed 4 bars a day for 21 years and I know the taste well. Lick them bite them whatever you have to do before you buy and consume. Stay safe i almost died off a fake bar 12 years ago. Also if theyre super thick.. sometimes you can tell just by looking. Stay safe!

    • so if they have no taste they are fake? I recently came into some white Xanax bars with the Xanax on the front and a 2 on the back. They legit look like the 2mg bars to a tee. I mean identical and I have basically all but micrscoped them. The only thing makes me wonder is the chalky taste and the way it melts so quickly. I do feel mellowed afterwards though. Please help.


        • Not true. There are fakes that are like powder that dissolve right in your mouth. I took 2 (2MG) pills and tried it 2 different times when I had anxiety and my anxiety never decreased at all. This amount (4 mgs total) usually kicks my ass and it did nothing both test runs. I might as well have been taking aspirin. I remember melting them down in my mouth to see consistency and they were very powdery and easily breakable.

      • It’s easy for street dealers to press fake xanax bars that can look real. One way and this just one of many to tell is by the taste. If they have a bitter taste they have a better chance of being real but not a guarantee.If get bars that have a chalky taste to them and not a bitter taste, those are definitely fake and are the ones the can easily be pressed to be counterfeit.

    • What if there really hard to break

  • I too am having trouble getting the right Green S 90 3’s. I have 3 light green ones, two that are not to light in color and three DARK green ones. All from the streets but I need them and my insurance will not cover. long story. I do not take them daily I take them when I really need them. But instead of just throwing all these away I would like to know which ones are real and which ones are fake plz.

    • Dark ones are real if the in grave is deeper then then light ones

      • The fake green ones always have color that is pure. In other words they use one color green to make them. The real ones have 2 colors mixed to get the green color. Also the press of the numbers on one side looks like it was pressed when the bar was soft. So there is kind of a deeper press and some overflow around the edges. Lastly, take a flashlight or your phone flashlight and look at the flat side. You should see a slight shine on the flat side. Fake ones never have this. This comes from the pressure of the press. One mort thing. Not one manufacturer makes a gritty pill. They are always smooth bitter and if you have been taking them for years like I have you know within 3 seconds if the taste is right. If i could attach pictures I have fake and real side by side close up. My best friend is a dea agent and shows me all the fake stuff out there and it will blow your mind. No pharmaceutical bought illicitly is safe. If you have no choice because you ran out of your script early, find someone who gets the same script and just tought it out with half dose til appt. p g z e 766 at g. L

    • Chances are that your seller didn’t know what he was getting

    • Look at the S. It should be little bigger than the 3 .. If they are the same size they are fake.

    • Bite a 1/4 of it off and taste it…let it rest in ur mouth until u can get a idea if it taste like it should or not…if not then spit it out and rinse mouth out ..ALSO!!! TEST KITS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE

  • I don’t understand why someone would put fentanyl into making a xanax bar.? I always thought fentanyl was a very strong expensive drug. I don’t know much about fentanyl and dont buy or do xanax. But I have read that people have laced other products to. And just thought why if fentanyl supposedly is so addictive why would they waste it mixed pills or kratom? Please explain thx

  • If you are taking subutex on a daily basis and take a full green zanax bar would it still cause you to overdose?

    • It definitely could. Xanax mixed with buprenorphine I have heard from multiple doctors is the deadliest combination. Both are respiratory depressants. I’m prescribed subutex and klonopin. I had one doc change me from klonopin to Xanax and I didn’t like it. Definitely more of a euphoric feeling, but didn’t help my anxiety like klonopin. Went to new doc and he couldn’t believe or understand why the other doc switched me. Too many doctors that don’t really know about buprenorphine prescribing it these days. When I first started taking it years ago (for chronic pain, never been an addict), it was hard to find docs that were able to prescribe it. Then they started popping up everywhere. This whole opioid epidemic is destroying our country. It’s sad that pharmaceutical companies and doctors are banking off this. Buprenorphine should be first for truly chronic pain. You plateau after a certain amount & if that’s all you’re taking it’s nearly impossible to overdose. But hey, why would they do that when they can prescribe roxies & morphine and get you so addicted that you’re willing to do heroin because it’s easier to get and cheaper, then they can switch you over to Suboxone/Subutex which is very expensive.. makes sense. As long as the Big Pharma & Big Brother have the money at the end of the day.. if someone overdoses, one less “junkie” in their eyes. God bless America!

      • Congratulations, if you take Buphinorphrine on a regular basis then you ARE a drug addict. Don’t believe me? Don’t take them for 72 hours. Physical dependency is exactly that. Just because you got the newest form of opioid doesn’t make you better.

        • I agree and hour 96 will get you back on oxygen opana heroin, fentanyl with the quickness …. Either way it’s our bodies and us addicts didn’t invent shit fuck our less freier by our own governments everyday. They want 10 pf us incarcerated by 2025

        • Just swapping one for the other.

        • It’s different for everyone..I was on them for 3 yrs and also klonipins…when I ran out I suffered worse withdrawals than ever even worse than proxies…but I went to hospital and got Xanax..I felt much better after that so I knew it was the withdrawal of klonipins that made me feel so bad..I didn’t continue my subs after that and was alrite

        • Easy on blanket statements, friend. I know several people, myself included, on Suboxone for hydrocodone dependency who were able to stop taking it without any withdrawals. I forgot to pick up my Rx, didn’t think about it for several days. I realized my body was not dependent on it and neither was my mind.

          So I stopped filling it. Suboxone served its purchase for me. My brain needed to be rewired – so to speak – I needed professional help, and here I am, sober and thankful for Suboxone’s role in that. Suboxone was a life saver in the early days of when thoughts of norco were penetrating my thoughts & dreams. I achieved my goal date of when I would be off of it, and bid farewell to them. I haven’t looked back. Like I said, it served a purpose.

          However, I took them exactly as prescribed. No judgment for those who have – different experiences for different folks.

        • Bs I took subs for like a week solid like 3 a day and came straight of pills best move ever made and had no withdrawal whatsoever after the the week was over you just cant go over that amount of time or take few days on and off if u need longer to detox…

    • I took subutex and suboxene for 3 yrs..also clonipin and Xanax..I never had an issue or know anyone that has..I guess it just depends on your tolerance..subs so such a ill amount of opiate I wouldn’t think it would be a factor

  • The pharmacy usually gives me yellow or green 2mg Xanax (alprozalam)but this time I got blue ones ?!? Anyone seen those before? It’s 2mg Bars .

  • I bought 20 of the green s 90 3 ‘s on the street. I knew right away they were fake because of the taste the real ones do not have a bad taste to them. These had a very strong pill taste to them. Almost like a soma. So if they taste really bad they are bad. Please learn from my stupidity.

    • My fried gets prescribed Xanax bars and has told me that the ones before have a bitter taste while these have no taste at all could that be fake or normal green bars s 903 but little to no effect

  • I recently bought the 2 MG. Xanax bars. They tasted like chalk and talcum powder. They looked like the real ones but, after researching them. I found out they are fake! Also, a lot of other bars being pressed that are fake the G 3722. I don’t know what I am going to do because I can’t find a Dr. and I have been on them since 1990!

  • I was prescribed Xanax back home but when I moved to AZ it’s like the Doctors here just don’t believe in it or something… I had stopped taking them for several months after weening off but my anxiety sometimes would literally cripple me. I could t even make eye contact without freaking out. So I buy them on the street here unfortunately. This person I get them from apparently goes south of the border and just buys them from “la pharmacia” legally. The Mexican bars (I thought at first) were completely fakes. They come in a Rx bottle and all but no lettering or numbers stamped. They do have the drug in them but it seems like the alprazolam in them is not distributed evenly/correctly. I’ll take 2mg sometimes and be completely mellowed out.. other times I’ll take almost 4mg and feel nothing from them. Just yesterday though my contact called me and said she was in town so I bought many like I usually do. These all say XANAX on them and I was really excited! But after taking them twice now, I believe they’re fakes. My source hasn’t done me wrong before but I think I need to let her know these look a little too thick and don’t do the job.

    • I know those blanks you talking bout from Mexico have no lettering solid while I live by Mexico I’m from Falfurrias Tx ppl just drive to progresso and buy viles for cheap and slang em over here but those blanks are wayyyy to good have me all barred ha

    • Same story in my area.

      Hello NSA

  • Just letting everybody know the easiest way to tell if a white GG649 Xanax is fake, is if it has an open topped number 4 on it… is 100% fake, that’s not a maybe. Other ways to tell if the white GG649 are fake is the taste “Tastes NOTHING like the distinct taste of a Xanax”, the shape “Fake one’s are usually a lot more rounded, and can sometimes have the GG649 imprint characters pushed through and hardly visible on the back”, and the color “They are often not that bright color white that the real ones ALWAYS are.” Anyways, just wanted to put that out there… nobody needs to be hurt or killed buying these in the streets so some asshole can get paid. – Aj

    • How sure are u about the number 4

    • I’ve Never- Ever seen any Alprazolam 2mg Bars that have the imprint “GG649”!! Im 100% sure on this! Maybe your eyesight is to blame..? But The Only Real 2mg Alprazolam bars that have a “GG”, are the “GG249”-s! Yes they make fakes of all Alprazolam bars, but Ive been taking Alprazolam for 20yrs; I hope You’ll be receptive to this Info,& I Pray God helps us All!

  • I found that on the green S 90 3 if the S isn’t imprinted more that the 903 on the pill then its a fake. Be safe.

  • I have a question about the white Xanax 2mg bars. I bought some recently and they have no taste and are chalky like but I seem to get mellowed on them. They look identical to the ones on pill identifier I mean down to the smallest detail. What gets me is the no taste. Please help!

    • The same thing happened to me recently I grabbed the white 2mg bars that looked TOTALLY legit and they did calm me down but had a bland chalky taste nothing like the Xanax taste.

  • Amen. I have been through it all. 35 green beans daily to Roxy then heroin. Been on subs for 5 years now and I doubt I’ll ever stop. Big pharma runs this bitch! If people like us could band together and fight them we might stand a chance. Our kids might stand a chance. It would take so many of us to make a dent but I’m down. Who is with me?

    • Yes in deed I got my prescription filled at the pharmacy. Won’t State the name. But I dropped it off and went back 30 minutes later to pick it up and all my prescriptions were filled right except my Xanax. I opened my bottle cause it seem to have only 10 pills to be in there and that was to be true the pharmacy claimed to of put all 90 and I went back to fight the situation out and they claimed that they gave them all to me and they said well you must of did something with them and right away I said ok, I see what’s going on here. So I went deeper into this pharmacy and about 2 months later I come to find out that every person that got their Xanax or pain med’s filled at that pharmacy were being stolen by the pharmaceutical doctor, so yes check all meds and count your pills before you leave. Cause even people in white coats steal and are addicts. Remember count before you leave so then you are protected.

  • It’s a f****g nitemare. The same country that made me an addict is still manipulating the game and only looking out for number 1. Which is them of course. We turn to the street because a****e dr.s treat us like junkies. What do the dealers try to do? Treat us like junkies. Seems to me there are enough of us out here to start a f****g revolution if we could band together. I’ve had it.

  • I just took six green s 90 3 bars and I feel nothing but maybe a little relaxed but no Xanax feeling at all. I believe that maybe because they are laced with fentanyl that my blood pressure goes down and I feel calm more calm than I did but the fact is I’m on methadone so it’s an opiate blocker and it’s not going to affect me as much it was expected to affect most people why in the f*** would somebody make fake Xanax with fentanyl just because it’s a little cheaper I mean why can’t they just leave the Xanax issue alone but they can’t just a f*****-up issue I think I’m all about the chalky ones the ones that are hard to crush and that are chalky tasting but extremely powerful. It’s pretty hard to mimic that bar the white bar that says Xanax and on the back says to and they’re Shockey and when they finally dissolve in your mouth they will taste as bitter as any other bar after all dissolved

  • I need help. I was prescribed Xanax after being raped and in a horrible car wreck among cancer, endometriosis and Gastroparesis. The doctors suddenly stopped prescribing Xanax to me bc I now smoke marijuana for my stomach issues (gastroparesis) and it has helped so much, I am now off of a feeding tube! However I couldn’t get Xanax so I started going through a friend. Been doing so for 5 years now and nothing has changed. This past month They went from green to white to back to green. The friend told me Real Xanax were getting harder to find. I got some last week that I’m 90% sure are laced with something so I stopped taking it but the withdrawals are sending me to the ER bc I get so dehydrated from vomiting (it flares my gastroparesis up) I feel like I’m stuck in a viscous cycle. Any advice is appreciated. Also keep in mind I don’t have health insurance at
    The moment either.

    • Your doctor stopped prescribing them probably because you started taking another depressant. Unless he prescribes both. He not going to take that risk for you and his practice.

    • Don’t stop cold Turkey, Benz I withdrawals can kill you,they can cause seizures stopping like that,wein yourself down,every like 5th day take away about half of a half mg (.25) every 5th day until u no longer get sick when not taking them,it will take a while after you stop to feel normal again ,I stopped a year ago and it took 5 months to feel normal again, sadly I keep relapsing with them,( when I can find them)

    • OMG!! so sorry to hear about all those issues. I truely feel for you. Absolutely under no circumstances should you stop xanax cold turkey. If you have to buy on the street, buy a different benzo. try a klonopin( clonazepam), or valium(diazepam) . You can even decrease the dosage slowly. Just don’t go cold because it could be fatal after that length of continuous use.

  • i live in ky and need to be on xanax really bad my panic and anxiety disorder keeps me from working and going to public places the drs around here seem to be afraid to prescribe them so seems like im just stck at home suffering always 🙁

  • hey i got a g3722 pill and crushed it and the inside had little flakes of crystals that look like glitter. is that normal. I tasted it and it tastes that bitter xanax taste but i dont know about the small crystals. I figured its fine cause its alprazolam hydrochloride which is saltand it looks lie if you took a few grains of salt and mashed them up even smaller and sprinkled it throughout the white powder. does anyone know?

  • All xanax has cornstarch in it

  • The stupid government goes after patients who need medicine. Xanax is medicine and 90% of the population of forced to hit the streets because we’ve been outcasted due to ridiculous crackdown and the media doesn’t give *** about the fact that alcohol is killing everybody and is the biggest epidemic, yet there is Jack Daniels and vodka commercials on the television, which proves the government doesn’t actually care about anybody’s health and just wants to put everybody in prison

  • Can someone please tell me how to tell if a yellow bar are fake? Also I took Xanax 3 times a day for two years and went to rehab and took a random drug test and failed for benzodiazepines 32 day later. They stay in your system more than most people realize.

  • Xanax are only out of your system in 3 days if you are a single day user. Benzos are fat soluble and build up in your body. If taken daily can stay in your system 25 to 35 days, from experience. I took a fake xanax 3 days ago and im still in bed recovering. If i wasnt on methadone and i was opiate naive, i would be dead. My tolerance saved my life, i had a panic attack and took one 2mg xanax. I know the difference from the horrible taste alprozalam leaves in my mouth, this did not have that taste; so i assumed they were completely drug free. 18 hours later miles away from home, i finally came to my senses enough to make it home.

    • By far the most confusing, and least informative people are bar-heads. The amount of contradicting info posted right below one another is ridiculous. Everywhere on the internet that you go to learn more about this topic just ends up being a tangled web of contradictory opinions that everyone speaks as fact.

      “If it tastes bitter its good”, “If it tastes bitter its fake”, “Too glossy is fake”, “Too chalky is fake”…

      Im not a bar-head really, and I never want to become a bar-tard because I think thats why everyone is so confident with their answers without giving any thought to the answers above them or the people who will be reading their answers.

  • people also need to know about the 80% and 20% binder, a red bar that says xanax is the only one with 100% alprazolam same with real norco brand compared to watson meaning the white may just have 80% alprazolam and the yellow could possibly be 82-85% and working in a pharmacy the labs can screw up and a large batch could be less and the pharmaceutical companies arent gonna waists possible 100,000s of a batch for patients. Mine came straight from bottle one pharmacy always had my sons adhd meds stocked and when I’d go there id get the 3 part green ones which is better than the white or yellow to me but if your insurance will cover name brand then get red I have PTSD from Marine Corps So inhave to nunt down.the green one fake batches happen we all know that

  • This Is In reply to “Jason”, who obviously didn’t realize that the ‘Safeway’ pharmacy that was the pharmacy where Nichole experienced The Employee substituting fake Xanax for the real ones- so he could pocket the real ones(&Was proven guilty of it), IS A NATIONAL CHAIN Grocery/Pharmacy store! There was no “Mom ‘n’ Pop” pharmacy involved! A little Advice: Its better to keep your mouth shut & let people think you’re a fool, than To Open your mouth & Let them know for Sure! No disrespect! I just don’t want B.S. posted that some ppl will take for absolute truth. Ive been prescribed Some kind Benzo for Over a Decade & 1/2. I was just cut off completely! I didnt know how horrible withdrawals were- in fact No Dr. ever even mentioned any kind of physical dependency! How can Dr’s prescribe a drug like Xanax, & Not warn patients of possible dependency!!??!?

  • I just bought 2mg xanex bars for the first time from a friend of a friend. I have had a script for years but they have switched me to colonapin after 18 years. They were as fake as a $3 bill. I took 2 which would be 4mg all together and didn’t feel a thing. I started doing some research and I found they are putting Fentanyl in them instead and people are dying. I feel lucky to not have gotten those. I feel like turning the guy in but its kind of hard because I brought them illegally. Im going to go with my friend and hunt him down instead and bring him his fake crap back and demand my money back. If he has a problem with that then blackmail is going to be my next approach. After i get my money back I’m going to turn him in anyway. Probably better for him to be turned in than to be charged with murder.

    • Maybe ur dealer had no idea they were fake..if he did not and bought a lot of them he is still gonna try to make his money back

    • Turn his a*s in, buying two Xanax illegally doesn’t make you a bad person what does make you seem almost sociopathic is not sharing information that could potentially save a couple of human lives. And whoever you tell, literally can’t get you in trouble cause you can always remain anonymous *67

  • I just put them under my tongue. If they’re cut with something it has s hard texture and won’t dissolve right away.

  • It was just on the local and world news the counterfeit xanax bars have been dispensed from pharmacies I don’t think his wife’s lying they are so good at making them in such massive quantities and packing them up to where they look legit the pharmacies are buying them and I’m sure cuz they’re a little cheaper but everyone here is saying no that can’t happen and his wife’s a junkie and lying need to apologize

  • It was just on local and world news yes, fit pills including Xanax bars are making their ways into pharmacies and being dispensed from them the cartels are doing such a good job at pressing them quantity of making them packaging them that they look legit and I’m sure there a little bit cheaper to so I’ll be able to say no way and she’s lying she’s a junkie need to apologize

  • I have been shorted several times by my pharmacy, always count your script!

  • The way to tell a pressed green. Xanax atleast central florida there will be a white line all the way around the bar and 90% of the time they will be abnormally hard

    • Thats crazy cuz in chicago you spot the fakes because they will crumble in your fingers with even the smallest force. They turn to powder almost just squeezing them.

  • My wife has been on Xanax for 37 yrs. in that time there have been several times that she got fake ones in her script. When she gets these I have to watch her panic and anxiety jump. I have changed Pharmacy several times in the last 37 yrs because I didn’t think their would be any way to prove what they did. So I would move on. She should have been on 2 mg 10 yrs ago. But as we all know they stereotype us all together. We are all addicts and Dr’s are quick to put you there. Oh and by the way I am a few months from 70 and wife is in her 60’s. ATF are not Damn Dr’s but I have had Dr’s tell me they can’t do their job for fear of repurcussions.

  • Let’s rock this b**ch and put some skin on the floor! I’m with you! Let’s get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank! Get our $ backed by gold again. Stop allowing lobbyists to buy legislation and have caps on war chest contributions. Our country depends on we the people to protect it from corruption, greed and power mad politicians. We the people need to stand United (all people, white or black, rich or poor, educated or not, etc.) We must show and educate our children that we don’t have to be slaves.

  • Let me say first off ADDICTION DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE! Your doctors, pharmacist, neighbor, best friend and ANYONE around you can be hook on meds. Just because someone has a prescription doesn’t mean they can’t be a addict. Once someone takes a medication for a period of times that’s a narcotic (pain pills, Xanax, etc) they WILL become addicted over time if they stay on it. I was 13 years old when I first got addicted to pain pills and it was from a major surgery I had. I was in pain pills for a YEAR and then some more afterwards but at a lower dose. It affects everyone rich or poor. It’s a are habit to beat. Most people want help but they’re ashamed or in denial to it. They’re human just like you and I, just because they got into something doesn’t make them a different creature, they’re still human. It’s disgusting on how some people treat addicts. If you ask people who have done herion it’s because they had some type of injury and got pain meds then the Dr cut them off and they turned to the streets. Or they grew a tolerance and needed something stronger. Honestly I think most addiction problems in this country comes from pharmacy’s like big pharma (they make millions of narcotics). We need to new way of how we handle pain situations in the USA or it’s only going to get worse. But once again a addict is HUMAN so treat them as so and if you don’t your a low life POS. You never know karma might come around and affect your child in day and THEN you’ll understand every word I typed.

  • Let me just state that we had more than a few pharmacies in my state shut down by the government due to them buying cheaper medicine over seas and it being fake. Pharmacies that got shut down knew the drugs were fake but kept prescribing them.
    So she could have gotten fakes a legit way without it ever occurring to her that the pharmacy is using out of country manufacturers that don’t have a good reputation to begin with.

  • Wroooong, if you take them daily it can take 4-7 days depending on metabolism…

  • Due to all the Fake GG White ones Pharma has started to make Blue Bars the color of the Blue Footballs. The Blue Bars are marked B707. It’s harder to match the coloring when faking them so it’s easier to spot fakes.

  • The reason us being addicts is so bad is the same reason countries where drugs are legal have less drug usage and far less overdoses. They don’t see addicts there as some kind of diseased POS, they treat them like someone who is just sick, and rehab places are abundant. It’s the negative stigma this country’s media pounds into everyone’s heads.

    It took me over a year to finally come clean to even my best friends that I was in treatment for opiates. Literally woke up one day and decided I was done running around spending 2-300 bucks a day chasing that crap. Now I talk openly about it with no shame, because you never know what problems some people have underneath, and if me talking about the crazy success I’ve had since I started treatment, and it convinces even one person to be like “well if he did it i can do it”, then I’ve potentially saved a life.

    As for the original subject of the fake xans from the pharmacy, I’d suggest pushing her on it a little bit harder. Take one of the pills and take it to a doctor and see if they can test if it’s real. If it’s some little dinky pharmacy that’s struggling a little bit there is a chance that maybe they are fake and they know about it, so time to switch pharmacies. They couldn’t get away with giving a fake prescription of something as common as Xanax at a bigger place that does a lot of business, because people would be in there all day every day wondering why their prescription doesn’t work.

  • Is there such thing as a red Xanax pill

    • I read someone above in the posts saying the red Xanax bars are real and are not the off brand kind. But I’m not sure myself.
      Anyways I used to get a script of 60 yellow bars every month, then last year I started noticing they did absolutely nothing to me anymore. I would take one and be knocked out. I got a .5 off someone and actually felt it. So I know it wasn’t my tolerance. My bf thought the same thing. And his dad as well who is prescribed them. So I thought maybe the pharmacies started making them weaker because of all the overdoses. I just bought some of the green ones with the 3 lines instead of 4, I never knew about the green ones before. The ones that say. S 309 or something close to that. They knocked me right out, just like the old Xanies used to. and they taste like them. But what scares me is the dude said he can get me as many as I want. Which I know drs don’t prescribe more then 90 at a time. And they are super hard to crush. So I’m wondering if they are real or maybe just have a sleeping pill in them? Idk!

  • Drug tests measure levels of chemicals ur body releases from metabolizing substances… not the drug itsself…

  • I bought some off the streets and they were white bars with g 3722 on them .. I took a whole one and it made me stagger around and I even fell trying to get into my house and I saw two of things at some points.. did it mess me up so bad because I took too much (first one I’ve taken since November) or are they fakes ?

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