Restoril in The Body: How Long Does Restoril Stay in The System?

Last Updated: June 12, 2020

Authored by Roger Weiss, MD

How Long Does Restoril Stay in The System?

Temazepam, more commonly known as Restoril, is a benzodiazepine derivative falling under the 3-hydroxy benzodiazepine family. It is famous for its fast acting, hypnotic capacity as a drug and over time has found ready remedial applications in situations connected to chronic insomnia. It usually leaves the body within one to two days. However, it can be detected in hair several months after use depending on dosage and frequency of use. But that’s the tip of the iceberg, and the answer to how long does Restoril stay in the system depends on several factors that we’ll explore shortly.

Factors Deciding How Long Restoril’s stays in the System

Well, there is no scientifically defined period for which Restoril should stay in the system. Several factors actively contribute to the duration of Restoril in the system. Metabolic process,  age, hydration levels, any previous health condition, and even possible physical activity can all attribute to this duration. Such factors cumulatively contribute to how long Restoril would stay in the body.

It is a fundamental law that an increased quantity during the administration of Restoril would spell a longer duration time before the drug leaves the system. A lot of the metabolic procedure of Restoril actively involves the liver. Thus we see that when one has a liver condition, Restoril is going to stay longer in his body. Also connected to the duration is how often one uses it, this is why a small one-time dosage could readily leave the system when compared to long-term sustained usage.

Restoril belongs to the Benzodiazepines family; it would be relatively challenging for drug tests to pick out a little dosage of Restoril. But detecting Restoril in the body is well dependent of which kind of drug test was taken.

It ‘s hard to test for the abuse of Restoril in a drug test majorly for the fact that Restoril just like diazepam or many of the other benzodiazepines would take the same pathways when they are getting metabolized.

How Long Does Restoril Stay in The Urine, Blood, Hair, And Saliva?

How Long Does Restoril Stay in The Urine?

On a more general note, however, we see that Restoril would be positive on the standard urine drug screen which is many times deployed in the tests for employment. The regular dose   given should come up positive in urine drug screen for about a week or even lesser at five days. But in the case where the administered dose was heavier, it was possible to observe Restoril in urine for almost six weeks.

How long does Restoril stay in the blood and saliva?

With this relatively increased dosage, Restoril could still be in the blood for two days. And in the saliva, Restoril could stay for about nine days.

How Long Does Restoril Stay in The Hair?

A hair follicle test can detect drug use several months ago, as drugs tend to leave the hair very slowly. Restoril also has its way of staying in hair for up to three months, especially for long-term users and/or high dosage users.

How is Restoril Metabolized?

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Most benzodiazepines take the same path of metabolism. But in the more precise analysis, the half-life of Restoril is within eight to twenty hours (all other parameters being standard). By half-life, we are primarily referring to the duration it takes for Restoril to get metabolized up to fifty percent in the body or even less. With this half-life of 8-20 hours in mind, if intake of Restoril is a continuous process (sustained and regular administration of Restoril), the metabolic process of the drug will slow down. Likewise, taking Restoril in high dosage will have the same impact.
Restoril is a fast acting drug. Upon administration, it can kick into action within twenty or even ten minutes. The drug usually reaches the peak levels in 90 minutes. From there the metabolism of the Restoril starts in two phases spreading across the short phase and the long period. The duty of metabolizing Restoril is principally designated to the liver. From the liver, a wholesome percentage of the Restoril gets secreted into urine.

The Duration of Restoril Effect

Restoril falls under the classification of a short- to intermediate-acting benzodiazepine. One thing that would contribute actively to the duration a benzodiazepine would stay in the body is the nature of benzodiazepine.
Short to intermediate-acting benzos take between 5-24 hours to get to fifty percent or less in the system. Restoril the benzo that we are examining here is classified under short to intermediate-acting benzos.
So, to answer the question how long does Restoril stay in the system, a normal dosage shouldn’t take past one day. But as has been earlier highlighted, this is not wholly definitive as variations could still stroll in like the dosage and sustained or regular administration.

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Updated on: June 12th, 2020

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    I have chronic insomnia. I’ve been on several different medications for this issue many years. My primary physician prescribed Restoril 15mg 10 days ago, has not worked yet. Maybe my new normal will be sleeping 1 hr a night from here on out.