Is There a Rehab for Cigarette Smokers?

Is there a rehab for smokers?

Smoking cessation is one of the most difficult undertakings an addict could pursue.

Nicotine is easily the most addictive legal drug on the market – some experts rate it to be more addictive than cocaine and heroin – and its accessibility brings in very challenging mental factors.

Quitting is also not a one-size-fits-all process. Everyone is different, everyone’s smoking habits are different, and everyone smokes for a different reason. Understanding what contributes to your smoking habit is one of the early in the quitting process. The most important thing to consider, a right of the bat, is why you should quit.

What are the top reasons to quit smoking?

Top reasons to quit smoking:

  • Every year, smoking causes an average of 480,000 deaths in the US
  • 90% of all lung cancer is caused by cigarette smoke
  • Smokers are four times more likely to die from heart disease
  • Secondhand smoke can cause serious health problems for family members and pets
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Reasons You Should Quit

Just like your smoking habit, everyone’s reasons for quitting vary. From personal health to home situations, to finances, there are plenty of reasons to put down the cigarettes for good. But here are some of the blanket items that affect nearly all cigarette users:

  • Cigarette smoking, on average, causes 480,000 deaths in the United States each year, accounting for 1 in 5.
  • 90% of all lung cancer in adults is caused by cigarette smoking
  • Cigarette smokers are 4x more likely to die of coronary disease
  • Adult cigarette smokers are 25x more likely to develop lung cancer
  • Secondhand smoke can cause health problems in family members and pets

The list goes on. And it gets more personal. There are many of the methods that people can use to quit smoking without going to the rehab. Starting from going cold turkey and to different nicotine replacement therapy or even vaping electronic cigarettes.

Are There Any Rehab Centers for Cigarette Smokers?

While you might not find rehab centers that specifically treat nicotine addiction or cigarette smoking, however, most facilities designed to treat alcohol and drug addiction are equipped to treat nicotine dependence. So it’s not always necessary to seek out a particular rehab center that caters only to nicotine dependence. Generally speaking, nicotine dependence does not require long-term inpatient recovery plans, but everyone’s addiction is different.

Are there rehab centers that treat nicotine addiction?

While it may be difficult to find rehab centers that only treat nicotine addiction, most rehab centers are well-equipped to deal with chemical dependencies such as nicotine addiction. While inpatient treatment may be necessary in extreme cases, outpatient treatment has proven to be effective in treating nicotine addiction.

These facilities and others will operate differently, but an outpatient program begins with a detox stage. This is like quitting cold turkey, but with medical staff to watch you during this process and help with the withdrawal symptoms. This can be the hardest part for many, but when it is over the counseling phase of the recovery begins. In this, your body will be denied any and all nicotine (no patches are gum) and talk therapy will be utilized to help you understand your addiction and get through it.

When You Can’t Quit On Your Own, Rehab Maybe the Answer

If self-pacing your quitting process just does not seem to be working for you, no matter how hard you try, the time might come for you to find a professional center. Nicotine Treatment Centers exist. Many can be found online along with valuable info such as which one is the closest one to you, what they charge for addiction, and what types of insurance they accept. Rehab is usually pricey, but the stay time is usually shorter than the stay required for treating other drug addictions, though the addiction is taken no less serious and your treatment will receive the same care.

How much does rehab cost for smokers?

Here are some examples of treatment centers in the US that treat nicotine addiction:

  • Mayo Clinic Nicotine Depended Center in Rochester, MN– $5,500 per day for up to eight days
  • Helena Center for Health in St. Helena, CA– $4,135 for one week
  • Smoking Cessation Wellness Spa Retreat– $1,250 for one week

Popular Rehab Centers for Cigarette Smokers and Their Fees

Many local community locations host their form of cigarette rehab as well, in the form of outpatient groups. There are also hospital programs and residential treatment available across the United States. Like all facets of this, how you go about your rehab experience will be unique to you.

Here are some examples of treatment centers across the country:

  1. Mayo Clinic Nicotine Depended Center, Rochester, MN: $5,500 a day for up to 8 days, accepts insurance.
  2. Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Retreat, Boquete, Panama: $9,900 for the 4-week program or $4950 for a 15-day program, private pay.
  3. Helena Center for Health, St. Helena, CA: $4,135 for one week retreat, accepts insurance
  4. Smoking Cessation Wellness Spa Retreat, changing location: $1,250 for one-week retreat, private pay.

Smoking, while addictive and hard to shake, is not impossible to overcome. There are plenty of reasons to quit and plenty of ways to do it. All it takes is one decision to say you’re done letting cigarettes control your life. Make the decision today, and figure out which treatment plan works best for you.

Is There a Rehab for Cigarette Smokers?

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