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Bath Salts High: How Person On Bath Salts Become Bath Salts Zombie?

Girl experiencing Bath Salts High

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Bath salts high is caused by synthetic derivatives of cathinone which can be found in the khat plant (Catha edulis) native to the Arabian Peninsula and eastern Africa. Since they are considered very dangerous, it is essential to look at questions like: what do bath salts do, how does it feel and what are the risks for one’s health?

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What Is Bath Salts High?

Getting high on bath salts is possible because of different chemicals found in these powders. However, it is not really known what bath salt ingredients actually are. There are many sources of this drug, and not all of them are tested. In general, bath salts high is a consequence of ingesting some version of them, which leads to experiencing symptoms such as hallucinations, aggression, and agitation.
drug user chopping bath salts or flakka on a mirror using a razor
There are many different names and versions of this drug, such as drug flakka, vanilla sky or lunar wave, but they all have some features in common. Since they are a synthetic version of cathinone, an otherwise natural stimulant found in the khat plant, they are extremely strong, so bath salts high experience can be compared to using cocaine and can even result in death.

How Are Bath Salts Used To Get High?

Another important question about this topic is, how does one get high on bath salts? As with any drug, there are several ways of taking it. According to study about Synthetic Cathino nes Legal and Health Care Challenges users ingest them orally, by inhalation or shooting bath salts.

drunk or female high on bath salt drugs at a nightclub

How Does Bath Salts High Feel?

So, what does bath salt do to the user? Abusers typically use the substance recreationally in a bid to get the feeling of “euphoria” or have increased alertness.

Recreational use of bath salts equals abuse. It is an illegal act that poses additional health hazards.

Synthetic cathinones such as lunar wave is known to increase the levels of dopamine in the brain, and this is what causes those effects abusers try to achieve.
One of the most commonly found materials in vanilla sky is MDPV, which is mainly responsible for psychedelic effects person on bath salts experiences. This ingredient, together with other materials which are often unknown, cause a range of effects and symptoms.
Some short-term effect one experiences during bath salts high are:

  • increased energy and agitation,
  • enhanced sensory experiences,
  • euphoria,
  • hallucinations,
  • increased sex-drive.

How fast the symptoms will appear and their intensity will depend on the amount and the method of ingestion, but it varies from person to person.

Abusers commonly report, that being high on bath salts is similar to methylone high. People on bath salts can be high for three to four hours. During that time, apart from the short-term effect which happens during the beginning of bath salts high experience, they may also experience various adverse reactions like chest pain, nausea, delusions and other.

Bath Salt High Experiences

People on bath salts may experience different effects of the drug, as we have seen. What do bath salts do to people exactly? There are plenty of bath salt stories which illustrate this perfectly. Some symptoms include erratic behavior, an outburst of violence, extreme hallucinations, and in some instances, professional treatment is needed.

No Sleep For 96 Hours

The first story concerns a man who bought a 2,5g bag of vanilla sky and used it for the first time. He only ingested a small amount, but the initial effects started within 5 minutes of use. He was motivated, concentrated, and felt energized. He used his time productively, but as the drug started to wear off, he felt the unpleasant symptoms such as teeth clenching and a headache. However, he did not allow it to progress, but he kept taking small doses for four days. After 96 hours without sleep, he took all the content from the bag, so he started to come down. He experienced cold sweats and more insomnia in the beginning over the next eight hours, but in general, they were mild.

man's hand holds plastic packet with bath salts, flakka, or lunar wave

Bath Salt Zombie (Violent Behavior)

Getting bath salt high may lead to bursts of violence, with one of the worst stories involving a very aggressive face-eating attack.

Vanilla sky cause an adrenaline rush and agitation in users. These can lead to severe psychosis, especially if the person is already in a poor mental state. This condition is called Bath Salt Zombie. The psychosis is usually followed by hallucinations and paranoia. There have been multiple instances reported, were vanilla sky drug users believed that their close ones are poisoning their food, that 90 people are living in their walls, or that a high number of intruders are in their home.
This psychosis and paranoia can lead to outbursts of violence. There have been several attempts on someone’s life by users of lunar wave. Unfortunately, some bath salts high ended with murders and suicides. One of the most extreme cases of violence involved cannibalism. A 31-year old homeless man was spotted attacking another homeless man on the street in Miami. The witnesses called the police and reported that one man is eating the face of the other. When the police arrived, they caught the drugged attacker chewing on the victim’s face. He seriously damaged 75% of the man’s face. Because of this incident in 2012, the term bath salt zombie was actually invented. This is one of the most severe cases of violence that happened due to vanilla sky use.

Health Risks From Bath Salts High

For starters, users can experience an increase in body temperature, which can influence the overall body health and other organs. But, the use of vanilla sky can lead to some more severe issues such as:

  • blood circulation problems,
  • seizures,
  • kidney failure,
  • liver failure etc.

There are also psychiatric health risks tied to bath salt high. Besides aggression and agitation, we have already mentioned, users can experience paranoia, hallucinations, ans suicidal thoughts. If it comes to a bath salt overdose, death also may occur.

Bath Salts – A Dangerous Drug With Severe Consequences

This drugs are not at all naïve as their name suggests. People on bath salts experience many different symptoms, but prolonged use can have serious health consequences. Even though the name of it does not suggest it is dangerous, vanilla sky drug should not be taken lightly.

Different people react to this drug in a different way, and it cannot be said with certainty what the outcome will be.

Prolonged use can have severe consequences on the users overall health, and a fatal outcome is possible as well. Lunar wave can lead to addiction, like any other drug. Because of this, many users become addicted and have to enroll in rehabilitation programs. Withdrawal process usually requires go through medical detox.

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