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The journey to alcohol addiction recovery is a long and rocky one, however, it can be easier with the right support system and adequate motivation. Oklahoma City AA meetings offer all the care and counseling that any person needs to finally stop alcohol abuse. The best way to quit alcohol is always to find a network of people struggling with the same drinking issues and join the fight to achieve and maintain sobriety. AA meetings OKC provide nurturing and inspiring platforms anyone has a voice and can be heard. The tragic life experiences or difficult choices that led to alcoholism can be shared with a community that understands and genuinely cares for your wellbeing. The transition from an alcoholic to a non-user is made easier with AA OKC meetings.
There are a good number of AA meetings available in OKC for those willing to go into recovery; we have a comprehensive list of some of the best AA groups in different locations in the city.

  • 1,2,3 Alcoholics Anonymous

    Classen Club
    3401 oklahoma city, OK 73106, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73106

  • Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous

    Classen Club
    3401 N Shartel,Oklahoma city,OK oklahoma city, OK 73106, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73106

  • Traditions II Alcoholics Anonymous

    Oklahoma City
    Members Homes Oklahoma City, OK 73101, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73101


Please note that AA meeting locations and schedules tend to change often and quickly. Please always check these times to be accurate. If you have new information about an AA meeting, please inform us at [email protected]

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Oklahoma City AA Meetings Overview

Alcoholism is a serious problem in Oklahoma. About 66,000 individuals within the age group of 12 to 20 admitted to binge drinking each year in 2013 and 2014. This is about 14% of all individuals within that age range in OKC. The percentage difference wasn’t significant since 2010/2011. 

The role of AA has been extremely vital in providing more and more people with open doors to quitting alcohol abuse. AA largely supplements rehabilitation and creates the path to recovery. Those who have decided to take the first step towards changing their lives for the better can attend any AA group nearest to their location. AA meetings Oklahoma City are free and require no financial commitment. These meetings are spaces where alcoholics meet to share their personal experiences, history, and challenges with alcoholism. 

How Do Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Look?

AA is very easy to understand. It is simply a group of people sharing their experiences and learning from one another, providing support, inspiration, and working on the mindset of each person. These meetings are of different types. There is no particular starting point when it comes to choosing where to start. Every meeting is tailored to meet a specific need. 

Here are the Different Types of Al Anon Meetings OKC: 

  • Open Meetings: These sorts of meetings are open to anybody, attendance is non-exclusive. Anyone interested in learning about the proceedings of an AA meeting or would like to come to show support for a friend or family member can attend. 
  • Closed Meetings: The closed meeting is exclusive to those with alcohol issues. Only alcoholics are allowed to attend. Also, there is a strict policy on anonymity. Members are not allowed to discuss the topics and proceedings of a closed meeting outside, to protect the reputation of others. 
  • Single Gender Meetings: Men’s meetings and women’s meetings are also available for those who prefer to attend a single-gender AA meeting. As the name implies, only one gender is allowed to attend. 
  • Demographic-specific meetings: To improve diversity and inclusiveness, there are demographic-specific meetings, which are specially designed for various groups, such as the LGBTQ community.
  • Beginners Meetings: When starting your recovery journey it is usually recommended to attend the beginner’s meetings as the meetings provide a strong foundation and equip the newcomer with resources and literature that give them an edge. 

Get the Most From an AA Meeting in OKC, Oklahoma

Alcoholism recovery is a lifelong journey and when attending AA it is pertinent to make the most out of it in any way possible.
Some of the best ways to get the most out of Al-Anon are:

  • Attend meetings frequently
  • Ask questions for clarity
  • Participate fully in the process and accept positions
  • Network with peers to form smaller support units
  • Hold yourself accountable for attendance and consistency
  • Get a sponsor who has significant experience in alcohol recovery

Need Help AA Groups Cannot Provide? Find Alcohol Rehab Centers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Alcohol rehabs offer intensive care for alcohol dependency. The facility is equipped to accommodate and provide treatment to people with average to extreme dependencies. Research shows that those who attend rehab thrive better in AA as rehab provides a stronger foundation and adequate medical care for alcoholism. 

Looking for the best rehab facility for your loved one? Call our free helpline for a comprehensive list of rehabilitation facilities well-suited to you.


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For people seeking inpatient or outpatient treatment options rehab centers in Oklahoma are also available.

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