Male Enhancement Gummies: CBD for The Safe, Natural Way to Boost Your Libido

Last Updated: April 18, 2024

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CBD gummies for male enhancement are a safe and effective way to increase your sexual performance with all-natural hemp extract. Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is the main ingredient in hemp. Still, it is not intoxicating and has potential therapeutic effects, including helping men achieve and maintain erections longer and increasing their sex drive overall. But even though these CBD male enhancement gummies are designed for men, many of the same brands also have products for women. These gummies come in several formulations and are guaranteed to have either no THC or well-below-legal amounts of THC.


10 Best CBD Gummies for Male Enhancement


Trident CBD Gummies 30 ct

Trident CBD Gummies

The Power of the Trident
Trident CBD gummies are an excellent alternative to expensive, unsafe erectile dysfunction pills. These gummies have a fast-acting formulation that works in only a few minutes. You should take one or two before any sexual activity and wait up to 30 or 45 minutes to feel any effects. The gummies come in various flavors and colors and use only natural ingredients such as horny goat weed extract, Tongkat Ali extract, and Bioperine. The gummies also contain up to 1000 or 2000mg of organic hemp extract.

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Trident CBD gummies are an excellent alternative to expensive, unsafe erectile dysfunction pills. These gummies have a fast-acting formulation that works in only a few minutes. You should take one or two before any sexual activity and wait up to 30 or 45 minutes to feel any effects. The gummies come in various flavors and colors and use only natural ingredients such as horny goat weed extract, Tongkat Ali extract, and Bioperine. The gummies also contain up to 1000 or 2000mg of organic hemp extract.

CannUtopia CBD Gummies

CannUtopia CBD Male Enhancement Gummies

The CannUtopia CBD, male enhancement gummies are all-natural, great-tasting, and help older men achieve the results they want. The gummies use a medley of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and extracts to create a specially-formulated product that has no side effects and has proven results. Aside from all the other natural ingredients, the gummies also contain 10mg of organic hemp extract to help with anxiety and stress and help you feel relaxed.
Ingredients: 10mg of hemp extract

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Boner Bears ME Gummies - Be a Bear in the Bedroom 

Boner Bears male enhancement gummies contain unique ingredients that make them a great alternative to prescription ED medications. Boner Bears gummies blend nitric oxide and other PDE5 inhibitors to increase blood flow to the penis, giving you a faster but longer-lasting erection. The gummies do not contain any cannabinoids and won’t show up on any drug test. They have also been lab-tested and certified to guarantee your safety.

Ingredients: nitric oxide inhibitors and PDE5 inhibitors

Price: $14,99

Love Bears Male Enhancement Gummies - Make Your Love Life Roar Again 

The Love Bears Male Enhancement gummies use a fast-acting formula to give you better sexual performance in only half an hour. The Love Bears gummies use PDE5 inhibitors and various other all-natural ingredients to boost your libido and make you last longer. You can take two gummies with water and wait for the ingredients to kick in. The ingredients mix common elements like caffeine and pomegranate seeds that act naturally to give you more energy and improve your stamina.

Ingredients: Organic Hemp Powder, Horny Goat Weed, Vitamin D, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Ashwagandha, Pomegranate Seed Extracts, Caffeine, B12 & Zinc Oxide.

Price: $9.99

Asystem/Maude Libido Gummies - More Intense Pleasure for the Opposite Sex 

The Asystem/Maude Libido gummies work equally as well to stimulate the male and female libido, using their proprietary mix of natural botanicals and adaptogens. The gummies blend an assortment of natural, organic elements that naturally increase the sensitivity of pleasure areas in both men and women. They are formulated to produce many effects in both sexes, including increasing arousal, promoting stimulation, and leading to better and more satisfying climaxes.

Ingredients: S7, Fenugreek Extract, French Maritime Pine Bark Extract, Maude x ASYSTEM Libido Complex, Boron Citrate, Ocean Mineral Blend

Price: $45 for one month’s supply.

Doc Johnson Love Bites – Sexual Enhancement Gummies - Take A Bite Out of Your Partner 

The Doc Johnson Love Bites are one way to re-energize your love life, as they can help relieve stress and give you more energy. The Bites feature ingredients designed to ease blood flow to your pleasure areas and enhance all sexual activity. The ingredients list comprises mainly root powders like ginseng root, ginkgo biloba, and guarana Yohimbe bark extract, all-natural ingredients used for male sexual enhancement for centuries. The bites come in a single raspberry flavor that you can chew an hour before you have sex.

Ingredients: Maca Root Powder, Horny Goat Weed Powder, Caffeine, Guarana

Price: $11.99

Elm & Rye Libido Gummies - Power Your Sex Life 

The Elm & Rye libido gummies (also available in capsule form) are formulated with ingredients taken from places as far away as the Amazon. The gummies contain all-natural ingredients that have been proven to increase your libido in only a short time. The main ingredients include Muira Puama and Siberian Ginseng, which have been helping men and women improve their sexual performance for ages. These vitamins and other minerals have been reviewed by the brand’s scientific advisory board and have been approved by the FDA’s consumer protection agency as authentic.

Ingredients: Zinc, Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, Muira puama, Siberian ginseng, Maca, Gelatin from Capsule, Silicon Dioxide, and Magnesium Vegetable Stearate

Price: $69.99

Force Factor Test X180 Gummies – The Force Be With Your Libido

The Force Factor Test X180 gummies have all-natural ingredients that make them taste great while they work to improve your sex life by giving you more energy and stamina. The gummies do not contain any artificial ingredients, sweeteners, or preservatives, and you can take as many as you want, thanks to their savory strawberry flavor. The active ingredients include turmeric extract, fenugreek, black maca, horny goat weed, and carnauba wax, which work together to boost your sex drive so you can last longer and feel more pleasure.

Ingredients: Black Maca, Fenugreek, Boron Amino Acid Chelate

Price: $24

Xwerks Rise - Rise Again With this Testosterone Booster 

The Xwerks Rise gummies use a medley of different, male-enhancing ingredients packed with flavonoids, alkaloids, and antioxidants to give you more energy and vitality. You can spend longer time working out or more time with your partner after taking only two of the gummies a few hours before you have sex or work out. The gummies are not only for male enhancement; you can take them after your workouts to help speed muscle recovery and metabolism so you can see results quicker.

Ingredients: zinc, tongkat ali, shilajit, boron

Price: $50

House of Wise Sex Gummies - The Wise Choice to Spice Up Your Sex Life 

The House of Wise gummies (also available as a tincture) use full-spectrum cannabidiol and several other extracts to create a scientifically proven formula for more energy, stamina, and vitality. The gummies are easy-to-chew and are dusted with confectioners sugar to make them even more delectable. You can take the gummies a few hours before you have sex, or use the serum or tincture and take a few drops under your tongue. The ingredients are a mix of different extracts that promote sexual stamina naturally and work to improve other aspects of your health and relieve stress.

Ingredients: Horny Goat Weed Extract, Maca Root Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, Full Spectrum CBD

Price: $50

Solterra Mars Men's Fertility Gummies - Out-of-this-World Sex With Testosterone Support 

The Solterra Mars Men’s Fertility Gummies have a mix of natural ingredients that work together to promote your body’s own testosterone levels. The fertility gummies are specially designed to increase your sperm count and relax the blood vessels in your pleasure areas to give you maximum pleasure while also making you last longer than you’ve ever tasted before. You can take two gummies a day or before you have sex to feel both the short-term and long-term effects.

Ingredients: vitamin D3, zinc, ashwagandha root extract, and maca root powder

Price: $30

Pelican CBD + Male Enhancement Gummies - A Blend of CBD and Other Ingredients 

The Pelican CBD + Male Enhancement Gummies are a specially formulated gummy that uses full-spectrum CBD. The gummies come in three different flavors and are packed with a blend of all-natural ingredients that are supposed to promote greater pleasure. You can take one or two before having sex and experience an increase in your testosterone production while also helping to relieve stress, boost energy and give you more stamina to perform in the bedroom and everywhere else in your life.

Ingredients: Full-spectrum CBD

Price: $40

What are Male Enhancement Gummies?

Male enhancement gummies are non-medicinal supplements that boost your testosterone (in some cases) to increase your sex drive, performance level, and stamina in bed without using any chemicals or pharmaceuticals. CBD male enhancement gummies are a great alternative to these same pharmaceuticals with dangerous side effects, take hours to work, and use ingredients that can complicate any other medications you take.

Benefits of CBD Male Enhancement Gummies

The benefits of CBD gummies for male enhancement are that they are non-toxic and have few if any, adverse side effects. The FDA has found that many of these products do not cause health issues since they contain only natural, plant-based ingredients that are safe to take for anyone. Another benefit of natural male enhancements is that they can be bought almost anywhere, from specialty nutrition and supplemental stores to big retail stores like Walmart or Amazon.

How Do Male Enhancement Gummies Work?

Male sexual enhancement supplements work in various ways depending on your supplement. Many of the most popular supplements use vasodilators (minerals that open blood vessels) to help blood circulation, which thereby helps blood flow to your pleasure centers more easily and lets you achieve a natural, long-lasting erection.

But other male enhancement products use medicine and other chemicals that can take a long time to work, up to four hours. This does not happen with CBD gummies for male enhancement since they take only half an hour to start working, so you do not have to wait so long to have amazing sex.

The other ways these gummies work is by helping improve other areas of your health, such as relieving stress, giving you more energy, and adding to your overall fitness. When you feel better and more energetic, you also feel more aroused, and that’s what male enhancement gummy bears do over time. They make you desire sex like you used to, so you’re always ready.

Are the Best Male Enhancement Gummies Effective?

Much scientific evidence supports the claims made by many of these natural male-enhancement gummy bears. The ingredients in many of these products are plant-based and derived from other natural sources like root extracts and other vitamins and minerals that have been used for centuries to improve male sexual health.

So they have been well-studied. Some of the most promising minerals have various effects, like zinc, pomegranate extract, and Ginkgo Biloba, which all help raise your energy levels, and promote better cardiovascular health in general.

The following is a list of some of the other common ingredients found in male enhancement supplements: 


Cordyceps are fungi that stimulate the growth of pleasure-inducing hormones that increase your libido and act as a natural aphrodisiac.

Epimedium Leaf Extract

Epimedium leaf extract, aka horny goat weed, is another plant-based ingredient made from ground-up roots. The extract is commonly used in Chinese medicine and has antioxidant and libidinous properties, so it can help everything from inflammation to erectile dysfunction.

Asian Red Ginseng

Red ginseng is another widely used extract in Asia that promotes an overall improvement in well-being and mood and may even help reduce blood sugar levels.[1] Red ginseng is also used as an aphrodisiac in Chinese culture, which is why many libido gummies for men have it.

Hawthorn Berry

Rich in antioxidants, these berries have also been used for hundreds of years to help with various health issues, from high cholesterol to indigestion. The berry is also known to lower blood pressure and ease anxiety, which can then help with sexual or erectile dysfunction.


Histidine and histamine are two amino acids released into the body to cause an orgasm. Still, L-methionine helps that process happen, as men who have delayed orgasms cannot convert histidine into histamine. [2]

Catuaba Bark

Catuaba Bark is a plant whose bark is often found in male enhancement supplements because it has antioxidant and vasodilation properties. People also benefit from using it to improve their memory or circulation.

Vitamin B3 or Niacin

This vitamin is a known vasodilator, meaning it can help widen your arteries and blood vessels so blood gets to your penis faster, giving your harder and longer-lasting erections.

Turnera Diffusa

Turnera diffusa, aka damiana, is a fragrant flower that grows in tropical and subtropical climates. The leaves are believed to have arousing qualities if they are chewed, and they have been used to treat sexual dysfunction in several Central, South American, and Caribbean countries.


This flower is often processed into a powder or eaten raw, which users believe gives them more sexual energy. It is often referred to as “potency wood” by Native and Indigenous peoples in the Amazon.

Risks and Side Effects

The risks and side effects of male enhancement CBD gummies are few since they contain no medical-grade ingredients or medicine requiring a doctor’s prescription. These supplements are often made with natural ingredients that occur naturally in nature and the body and do not cause side effects.

With that said, you must tell your doctor that you plan on taking these supplements, especially if you take some form of medication regularly. When taken alone, these natural male enhancement supplements are safe, but if you take other medications, they may interact in unknown and unexpected ways, which could be potentially harmful.

Final Words

Frequently Asked Questions

Are male enhancement gummies legit?

Male gummies are very legit. They are backed up by science and the FDA, which does not list any of these products on its master Health Fraud Product Database, meaning their claims are legitimate and not a fraud.

How many gummies should I take per day?

The number of gummies you should take daily depends on the product type. All male enhancement products come with a recommended dosage, ranging from taking one to two daily gummies. But others are use-based, so you only take them when you are about to have sex.

How long till I see results?

Libido gummies for men have various timelines. Some are fast-acting and meant to create results in a few hours, while others take longer and improve other aspects of your health that impede or diminish your sex drive, such as anxiety, fatigue, and stress.

Can male enhancement supplements increase my penis size?

No, male enhancement supplements do not increase your penis size, and any product making such a claim is dishonest. No supplements or medicines can do that, so be aware when you are looking for a supplement if they make such nonsensical claims.

Are male enhancement gummies safe?

Yes, the best over-the-counter male supplements are very safe, as they contain no medicinal ingredients, only natural, safe ingredients found either in the body or nature. But you should check with your doctor before taking any supplements if you are currently taking medication.

Can women use these supplements?

Many of the supplements listed here were designed for both men and women and are not only the best over-the-counter male supplements but also the best over-the-counter supplements for women. Some are specifically formulated for women, so you should check the ingredients list for whether both sexes can take them.

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