Substance Abuse And Addiction Guides

Addiction is defined as an inability to stop doing some kind of activity even though it causes physical or mental harm. Drug and alcohol addiction is a menace that affects physical, mental, social, economical, and all the other aspects, both of the addicted person and their loved ones. Substance abuse destroys families and ruins lives.

Although some people believe that good intentions and willpower are the only things needed to cope with substance abuse, this is not actually true. The problematic use of various substances is a complex disease that affects the body’s ability to control some actions or resist the urges to take the drug. Reward circuit and chemical balance are altered, which makes it very hard for a person to quit without medical assistance even despite the possible fatal consequences. There is no single factor that defines whether a person will become addicted. Various genetic and environmental factors influence the odds of becoming addicted to drugs.

The good news is that substance abuse and addiction are preventable and treatable.

Our guides disclose the negative aspects of different kinds of addiction and show ways to cope with this dangerous disease. Read on to discover the risk factors of drug addiction in the military, in college students and teenagers, among the artists, athletes, and LGBTQ communities. Find out how to protect or to help a person struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Learn the new approaches to substance dependence treatment.

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