Street Price of Xanax – How Much Does It Cost On The Darknet?

The Price of Xanax

The street price of Xanax varies from region to region and country to country. In the U.S., Xanax can cost as little as $2 for a 1mg pill, or as much as $10.

On the internet (via the Darknet), prices for Xanax can be much less. Enough Alprazolam (the non-branded drug name) for 500 Xanax pills can be bought for as little as $50.

Should I buy non-prescription Xanax bars?

No, it is illegal to buy and use Xanax without a prescription. Legal consequences of selling Xanax illegally can include 10-15 years in prison. Furthermore, Xanax bars bought on the street do not contain know amounts of Alprazolam, which greatly increases the risks of overdosing. Only purchase Xanax from a pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription.

Xanax on the Street

Xanax is one of the most popular and addictive prescription pharmaceuticals available today. This high-in-demand drug is not only available in pharmacies, however, but on the streets of the U.S., Europe, and around the world. The street price of Xanax has been stable over the last twenty years, but predictions indicate that the street price of this popular anti-anxiety drug will decrease in the future.

The price of Xanax sold on the streets depends largely on the supply and demand in a specific location. Some states in the U.S. are over-saturated with Xanax dealers, while in some European countries there are many addicts and only a small number of dealers.

The average street price of Xanax is approximately $2 per 1 mg, $4 per 2 mg, and $6 per one Xanax bar.

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Street Price of Xanax in the United States

On the east coast, dealers typically sell Xanax for $2 per 1 mg or $4 per 2 mg. In this area, addicts are willing to pay up to $20 for a 2 mg pill. Philadelphia is one of the most populous city in the U.S. and the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. Addicts in this thriving metropolis can easily attain Xanax for $5 per 2 mg.

The situation in New England is slightly different. Xanax street prices in this area reach an astounding $10 per 1 mg pill.

In southern regions like Texas, the second largest U.S. state, Xanax used to be very inexpensive before 2010. Buyers could purchase two 2 mg Xanax pills for $5. In response to difficult economic conditions, the price of this street drug has gone up, and today users may pay up to $5 or even $6  for one 2 mg pill. In South Carolina, this narcotic typically costs $7 per 2 mg.

In Midwestern states such as Michigan, a 0.5 mg Xanax pill can be purchased on the streets for $3, while on the west coast, such as in California, prices vary from $3 to $7.

Xanax Prices on the Darknet

On the Darknet, an anonymous part of the Internet where illegal activities are often carried out, a Xanax bar can be ordered for $2 or $3. Addicts and dealers also may buy pure Alprazolam powder and make the pills themselves. An amount of Alprazolam equivalent to 500 Xanax pills can be purchased online for only $50.

One important difference between Xanax street prices and Xanax Darknet prices is that prices on the Darknet are not as stable as street prices. Darknet prices tend to fluctuate more quickly.

Is Xanax Legal?

What Does The Law Say?

For possession of equipment and ingredients used to make Xanax pills, dealers can get up to ten years in prison. Evidence of intent to sell the Xanax can add five more years to the sentence. In worst case scenarios, the culprits could also receive a life sentence.


Needless to say, Xanax is a highly addictive and very dangerous drug. On the streets, dealers often sell home-made pills and bars that contain uncertain amounts of Alprazolam powder, which increases the possibility of overdose and prolonged blackouts.

Given the dire side effects, it is imperative to avoid self-medication and only purchase Xanax with a doctor’s prescription at a pharmacy.

Street Price of Xanax – How Much Does It Cost On The Darknet?

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  • The fake “green hulk” bars sell for 6$, in Tennessee..The taste is bland, like an unsalted cracker. If you examine further there color is darker than the legitimate bars, and has no glaze or shine to it in appearance. At times I have seen dark green speckles on the inside when broken apart, and the numbers pressed into the bar are too perfect, as in 90 degree angles in the corners of the I’d,
    and not slightly rounded..and the identifying numbers are pressed into the bar a little deeper than the real ones.
    If you break it apart, the inside is not crisp and powdery dry, but more like a damp, slightly soggy texture. Not crisp.

    • Sounds like a poor quality pressed bar. Likely poor technique and inferior ingredients. A legitimate manufacturer of these pills likley uses a very very expensive dehydration machine that is used to remove excess moisture content from the raw material before pressing. (The raw material being pure alprazolam powder and any binders and additional ingredients) Then they are pressed. As you may imagine most street dealers don’t do this. Quality is always different. Best thing to do is to move on to another supplier if you are unhappy with the hulks. Or better yet if you can live your life without benzodiazepines I highly recommend it. Stay safe. under no circumstances mix with any other drugs or alcohol. This drug can and will kick your ass and fk you up if you don’t give it its proper respect. Take the advice. This comes from an ex drug user. One of the biggest pitfalls of benzodiazepines, especially Xanax, is that a lot of times you don’t realize how whacked out you really are. You will not believe you are fkd up even though you may be completely wasted. Many people keep popping pills because they think they’re sober. NOT A CHANCE. You must know your dosage and be very careful using this medication. If using xanax I would reccomend having a friend nearby so you don’t do anything stupid or dangerous. If you don’t have a friend to keep tabs on you while you’re using xan, stay home! Or stay away from any situation that requires good judgment.
      Of course many of these issues can be mitigated or sideaffects greatly reduced if you maintain a realistic dose of Xanax. Don’t use more than (1) 2mg Bar at one time. The lower the dose the safer you’ll be. You can still develop an addiction though. And withdrawal from benzos can kill you. Your body can go into seizures if you abruptly stop using after long term use. Bottom line: Caution!

      • Hi, You see very knowledgeable about Benzos and would be very grateful if you could read my story. My “New” Doctor has just taken me off my 1mg of Lorazepam a day (I used to be on 6 x 1mg a day and cut them down myself) and replaced them with 1 x 10mg of Diazepam a day. I’ve a huge drug history of 23 years but been clean of Opiates (the only other drug I was addicted to) for nearly 3 years now. I know Lorazepam is fast working, and Diazepam much more linear, but I feel completely confused and without anyone to ask as I obviously can’t associate with the drug scene anylonger. This change in meds has only very recently happened and so I have some spare Lorazepam to fall back on, but I’m so scared because Diazepam is like water to me and has always been this way. In the worst of my long drug history, I’d take 120 x 10mg of Valium/Diazepam several times a week with 1 – 1.75 grams of Heroin per day. With nearly 3 years away from the drugs and the lifestyle I can honestly say that I’m not looking to get high anylonger. I’ve finally adjusted to sober living, but am now looking to buy Benzos from the streets where Xanax is relatively easy to buy, yet the far weaker Lorazepam is nowhere to be found. Where there’s Benzos, there’s Heroin and I’m petrified, can’t sleep and have nightmares about my new Doctor. I’ve told him of the position he’s putting me in but he says, “well, if you choose to use anything illicit, then that’s your choice isn’t it”?!!? There’s a lot more I could tell you about this story and my treatment by this New bully of a Doctor, but I’ve tried to keep it as short as I can. Oh yes, I live in England and used to have a private Doctor who prescribed me what I liked, then several years ago had to go back to the NHS and had a great and understanding Doctor. Very unfortunately he retired at very short notice, now I’m stuck with this rude, objectionet so called Drug and Mental health specialist of a Doctor who doesn’t know me at all but obviously thinks that I’m lieing all the time. From speaking in the waiting room, I know I’m far from his only victim. Any help or just advice about the Lorazepam to Diazepam (all the great brands on the NHS lol) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance, Merry Christmas, and congratulations on living clean .

        • I too am clean 5 years from opiates and quite enjoyed mixing benzos with opiates. However valium & xanax are cery different compounds. I too get a far better chemical response to xanax than valium,and it’s always been like that. I need 10 1mg valium to equal my one 2mg bar. Every persons chemistry & chemical balance is different thus causing the same med to effect everyone differently.

        • I don’t know you or anyone for that matter, but I am simply looking for enough of the 2 mg xnx , which I keep to between 2 or 3 a day just to stop the jaw clenching panic attacks away

          • Why not get a prescription? If you’re getting “jaw clenching” panic attacks, any physician worth his salt would prescribe for you.

          • I’m 63 years old. Was put on Adderral 30 mg x2 a day. I have not taken more and gavevbeen on that px now for 10 yearsl I’ve built tolerance to that amount my doc and I talked about it I do not want more rather I want to detox. I do not have the strength of will to try to do it myself. I have tried many times. I was a home builder. In 1999 I fell of a roof and broke 3 ribs the pain was incredible and the ambulance driver shot me up with something. My then doctor put me on oxy for 6 weeks. I was good and hooked. I found this doctor online. I was actually pretty wealthy then self insured. I flew to Florida where this doctor charged me 16000 dollars His name is Dr sponagle stay away from him. I stayed the weekend in a motel I paid extra for that. Anyway he started me on Suboxone and Adderral. Stay away from that mix. The uphoria was incredible. My wife would scream at me aren’t you going to go to work. I had 3 crews and supers so I didn’t worry about anything. I stopped all desire for sex. I was 6′ tall 180 pounds ran 10 miles every other day plus lifted weights. Was in super shape. Now I’m 275, no energy. Lost my home and ranch worth 1.2 million. I borrowed on it after going through the 250k I had in the bank I used up our retirement. I lost actual cash over 900k. I’m now penniless trying to get a mortgage for an 800 sqft house. My wife left me. Anyway I’m trying to quit Adderral first. I never got high but the actual feeling of all’s great ruined me. When I started cutting back the Adderral panic attics started. Now I live on a level of anxioty that’s insane if I had health insurance I’d go inpatient but truth is unless you have golden insurance or are very wealthy you will not get into an inpatient . I can not get a prescription for antianxiety because I’m an addict and no doctor trusts addicts. My Suboxone doctor works for Milwaukee county and the county will not allow for him to give me benzos while I’m on Suboxone if I don’t get help I’m going to put my .45 in my mouth and end this. I live alone I have no one the loniless is insane. No one could give me a reason to live. I personally want to live but not like this. I live day and night pacing I get maybe an hour of sleep a day. If I can get help soon I’ll have no choice. I can’t even get medicad I worked over 40 ears some years paying over 100k in taxes but now I can’t get insurance from the county because with my social security check being 1300 dollars a month. Poverty, I make 100 dollars too much. Bottom line there is no help for me. I call 911 once in a while at night when I start seeing things. I’m so f**ked. Stay away from drugs people. Yeah hyprocryte I’m here cause I’m desperate looking for Xanax online. Good bye

      • Only.looking for reasonable prices for 2mg.
        I would rather have extended release, but I am probably asking too much for that

    • yes bro i have a friend who buys fake bars and then he said it makes him feel high even tho my cousin tried it and he said that it doesn’t even make you high

    • I’m Australia ,street dealers are selling one bar for 5 to $10 which is discussing as you can get a prescription filled for $6

  • $3 for 1 mg in Montana. I’d rather buy illegally from a pharmacy script than off the darknet because you can trust those but Xanax off the darker can be bootleg. There’s been OD’s from counterfeits made of fentanyl.

  • You can get 2 MG Bars for $2 in Hawaii. $5 is considered expensive for a Bar here, at least around the Methadone Clinic. I’m sure in non-junky circles they sell for much higher, but the junkies know all the crooked doctors so they get like 120 a month. Easy to get them off 50 bars for $100 bucks when their in Opiate WD. I know a lot of people who go to this particular doctor and don’t even take the medicine, they get $120 and sell every one of them for dope money. My point is that the price depends on the person and how much they value them at. It’s different than Oxy’s which kind of have had a price range for the longest, between 50 cents to $1 a MG.

    • please Direct Me ,Im in Calu & Hv family in Hawaii I take only as needed 12 yrs for an. xiety only 0.5mg & Dr says Crack down will not allow MD to write rx for xanax hv to go to a phsych for Rx for xanax. so He wrote Me rx for Valium. I won’t take because I hear its addicting. U am nit addicted but Xanax works when I hv anxiety attacks. iaksi hv toi nany sensutivities to meds, vitamins, chemicals foods fragrance etc So I di nit wush to try sonething different. why uf 0.5mg xabax works should U take anything but what works for My cinditiin.

    • Where is this at? I would gladly pay thT for 2mg bars !! How do i get on this dark web ??

    • If like to know where to pay 2 bucks a bar? I live on oahu

  • My story is scarily similar to Marks above. My addition was alcohol to self medicate my bipolar, anxiety, psychosis, yada yada. Clean now 5 years and broke as well. After running the gambit of bipolar meds (7 in the past 18mo) I still managed to land myself in the psyche ward a few months ago. Inside I was given a low dose benzo and it help me calm down and sleep for the first time in weeks. Now with my public healthcare I stand ZERO chance of being prescribed another benzo after making this list of previous chemical abuse. Regardless my 5 years of abstinence and with no desire to return to the life of addition matters much less than checking that box next previous chemical abuse. I cannot live the ineffectiveness and debilitating side effects of anti-psycotics and lithium. Since my release from the hospital I have taken the remainder of my benzos on an as needed basis, mostly to deal with the agitation and and the insomnia/horrible nightmares. I have been told that I cannot expect to obtain a script though my indigent healthcare, so as I see it, alternate methods to obtain the only med that had brought me even the slightest relief have become my only choice. I haven’t attempted to find a pill dealer in many years now, so I’m on the hunt. Wish me luck.

  • I feel for everyone going through the pain of addiction to dope or xanex . I just purchesed 50 yellow zany bars for 250 US dollars. So that’s 5$ each for the 2 mg’s .
    I got them cause I’m detoxing for methadone. Down from 120 mlgrms to 60 now. And I’m not sleeping. I take a half a day at night and I am going down 5 mlgrms a week on the methadone clinic . So good luck alll. Boston man out.

  • I’ve never tried the “daek web”, but about , 10yrs ago I was buying thru “online pharmacies” that would say “Canadian, mexican” & other such like, but the FEW times I DID get a response back(using the buukuu amts of c/c card I had back then having great credit, UI could always “dispute it” if I was ripped off). Notably, I’d notice the pills often times came from either India, Thailand or somewhere “shady” far out there(far from U.S). Often, the 1s from India turned out to be decent just it costed me so much. I already had a Dr. who was prescribing me zanies 3Xs a day at 1mg ea. So I just used the Mail orders as “extras” to push me thru as 90 1mgs a mon. wasn’t doing it. THEN then bastards started sending me these Rx bottles with an address from L.a., California, U.S.A., which the last 2Xs I dealt w/them, they sent me 60 bars at like $150 w/6 extra pills. They turned out to be CHALK! I NEVER screwed w/mail orders after that. I now get them from near a Methadone clinic, which the “dealers” are only out there EARLY MORNING HRS, when cops are changing shifts. Im on the east coast & just a few yrs ago a bar was $5 & “footballs”, or 1mgs were 2 for $5, sometimes more sometimes less, depending if you were buying them all at once or if there was a “droughtl. A few yrs ago, some dealers & Drs got “knocked off” & prices went from $6 a bar, to $7, then to $8 & recently they all conspired to sell them for $10 a f’king bar!! I said, thats it! I refused, & many others did too, to even buy any(& if they did, it would be maybe 2 to 3). Well, a “glut” of them formed & ppl cared less about w/draws as I myself, when “weaning dwn”, found the w/draws were very uncomfortable but I’d usually get 1really BAD DAY with a headaches, irritability, zero sleep then after that like a wk of irritability, & being on edge. Im also on Suboxone & would just up.that some & double up my dose of Lexipro to wared off panic attcks, which DID work like 90% of the time actually(I took normally 10mgs..just up’d to 20). Now the bars are back at $8, but thinking of trying the dark web, but have zero knowledge “who to trust? “research chems” the way2go..IDK? Im about sick of it all. I work basically to “feed a habit, that no longer ‘gets me high anymore & affects my.job in a bad way plus leaves me depressed more than “high”. Im 40something now & have been taking benzos & opiates off & on for yrs. I’ve TRIED EVERYTHING! Even took a good month to detix & take this new “shot in the arse” was GARBAGE..IT BLOCKED MY NATURAL ENDORPHINS & LEFT ME LOOKING 4EITHER SUBOXONE(which at mega doses, had a “higher affinity” 4the opiate receptors &/or Fentanyl which does “break thru it” but is dangerous as u need mega dosing. I’ve tried rehabs, prison, spiritual journeys & on & on so I feel 4every1 of you all here. Frankly, I blve ANY & EVERY GOD GIVEN NATURAL PLANT SHOULD NOT BE “OFF LIMITS TO MANKING..F”K THE GOVTS!! FROM THE MARIJUANA PLANT, TO THE OPIUM PLANT TO THE COCA & KHAT PLANT, ETC. GOD(or “Nature”, however I prefer)GAVE US ALL THESE PRECIOUS GIFTS OF NATURE..ITS WHEN MAN’S DIRTY HANDS GETS ON THEM, TAKES OUT, REFINES & SYNTHESIS THE CHEMICALS IN OR FROM THEM THEN “FENCES THE OFF” FROM THE REST OF US. RIGHT NOW, 90% of the World’s opiates come from Afghanistan, which is where the U.S. has been for over 15 f”king yrs now. You think we’re there to protect us from the “Taliban”? Don’t blve the BS, THEY WERE THE 1S TRYING TO DID THEIR NATION FROM THE ILLEGAL REFINEMENT INTO OPIUM/MORPHINE TO NATION’S DRUG DEALERS THAT SUDDENLY SENT US THERE “EXACTLY AS THIS WAS HAPPENING!!” When the Press asked Pres.Bush if we’d now finally napalm the World’s “scourge” of heroin production, etc., from THEIR POPPY FIELDS, HE BLATANTLY SAID “NO”. LOOK IT UP, I SHYT U NOT!! OIR CIA, MI5/MI6 & ISRAELI MOUSAD FUND THEIR BLACK BUDGETS ON THE BACKS OF US USING THESE REFINED BUT, “ILLEGAL/OFF LIMIT TO THE PUBLIC” PLANTS! YET THEIR HANDS ARE ALL IN IT. 1ST THEY FLOODED THE GHETTOS DURING THE 40S THRU 80S, THEN THE 90S HIT THE SUBURBS. THERE’VE BEEN NUMEROUS DOCUMENTSTION LEAKED OF THIS PLUS ALL THE WHISTLEBLOWERS WHO’S WORD MADE IT OUT THOUGH.MANY DIED TRYING TO TELL OTHERS. LOOK UP THE STORY OF AN EX CIA GUY, CODY SNODGERES JUST2 START! OUR GOVTS ARE SICK F”KS!! & IF THERE IS A HELL, THAT WHAT HELL WAS MADE FOR..SAY HELLO TO “PAPPA BUSH” IF U EVER ARE UNFORTUNATE 2GO THERE 4ME!

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