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Wellbutrin High: Is It Possible To Get High On Bupropion?

Last Updated: March 26, 2024

Authored by Dr. Ahmed Zayed

Reviewed by David Levin

The use of antidepressant medication is meant to help individuals suffering from depression-related symptoms, but some people do start to abuse these drugs. Bupropion recreational use has become so popular that some news publications have even begun to claim this FDA-approved medicine a “poor people’s cocaine.”

There are many ways that individuals are experimenting with the drug, from shooting Wellbutrin to smoking, injecting, and merely taking more of the oral dose than what was prescribed. Find out how bupropion high may feel like, as well as the possible health risks that are involved in Wellbutrin use for recreational purposes.

Can One Get High On Wellbutrin?

When it comes to looking at what a Wellbutrin euphoria would be like, it should first be considered whether or not bupropion can cause a high feeling in a person. While following the guidance provided by a physician usually does not pose a risk of experiencing such effects, taking a Wellbutrin high dose can impose a kind of euphoria, which may appear due to adverse reactions imposed by the drug. Whether a person is using the brand name drug or a generic for Wellbutrin, taking a higher dose than what is considered appropriate can induce several adverse effects that some people, particularly those who suffer from substance abuse issues, may consider pleasant.

There are different ways that people get Wellbutrin high. Shooting, smoking, and snorting bupropion seems to be an exceptionally common way that individuals experience an uplifting effect faster, especially when compared to an oral dose of medicine.

The reason why people may experience a Bupropion HCL high when they use the drug is that the active chemicals in these tablets cause changes in the neurotransmitters, which are present in the patient’s brain.

Neurotransmitters have several roles to play in cognitive function and overall mental health. To elevate these effects, some would also mix Wellbutrin with alcohol and other substances.

Wellbutrin High Feeling

High is generally described as a type of euphoric experience, but for every person, Wellbutrin XL high experience can feel different. The way bupropion interact with a user’s brain has also been suggested to overlap with the way cocaine is known to act on brain neurotransmitters.

Young woman lying on a table after sniffing drugs

What Does Wellbutrin Feel Like?

The overlapping mentioned above explains why so many people have answered this question by comparing Wellbutrin high feelings to a similar experience they had with cocaine. This is quite concerning, as this means people may be starting to turn to this drug instead of cocaine, considering it a more “legal” approach to achieving that high they are looking for.
Some effects that have been noticed by people experimenting with bupropion to experience Wellbutrin high are:

  • Surge of energy
  • Increase in sex desire
  • Increased anxiety

Wellbutrin High Stories

Many people seem to have experimented with bupropion in the past are sharing their Wellbutrin experiences on the Internet. This information helps other people better understand how damaging recreational and illicit use of a drug like bupropion can be.

Snorting 300 mg Of Bupropion

One guy has been using Wellbutrin 300 mg for a while. To experience a “boost” before attending a morning class, the individual used to opt for a dose of another drug known as ephedrine. When the person ran out of ephedrine, he decided to try snorting this particular medication to see if it could offer him a similar high and boost to get his day going.

When Wellbutrin started to act in his system, it gives the individual a boost in energy and even mental performance, and the person described the experience as not being as pleasant as some of his other experiments. When the effects of the drug started to wear off, the guy also felt a significant drop in his energy levels, combined with lethargy.

Getting High On 150 mg Of Bupropion HCL XL

Another person experimented with a 150mg dose of bupropion. While the goal might not have been specifically to experience a Bupropion HCL XL high, the idea was to give him a boost to his day. While he did experience some stimulation, which the person compared to “good coke,” he experienced “fizzle” in his mind when the effects started to fade. The individual also mentioned that Wellbutrin high experience itself was unpleasant for him.

While this is quite an old report and even the cost of Wellbutrin have increased since then, it is still a valuable lesson that individuals need to note before they decide to use the drug for recreational purposes.

Risks Of Wellbutrin Recreational Use

Individuals are asking how much Bupropion to get high? While looking to feel a euphoric effect with the help of bupropion, one needs to realize that it can be a dangerous experiment. First, it needs to be noted that Bupropion XL side effects can be significantly worsened when it is taken in high amounts. Many people tend to opt for doses that are significantly higher than what a physician would usually prescribe. This is where the main issues come into play when looking at the recreational use of this medicine. Others may also use the drug even though they do not have any mental problems that need to be treated with an antidepressant like bupropion.

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Wellbutrin Abuse And Addiction

Several risks have been associated with the use of the medication. Even though Wellbutrin uses include the treatment of depression, a person with this condition may end up abusing Wellbutrin.

Dangerous Interactions

Other risks that are associated with Wellbutrin recreational use is an increased risk of side effects when this medication is mixed with other substances. When using Wellbutrin and Adderall, for example, there is a higher risk of severe side-effects to develop. There are many common drug mixtures that people use to feel high and experience other effects. This does not only increase the side-effects but also causes much more dangerous consequences that may require professional treatment approach.


When looking at the risks that a person is exposed to when using the medication for recreational purposes, it is important to consider the problems that can develop when overdosing on the drug.

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Published on: February 5th, 2024

Updated on: March 26th, 2024

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