Strattera High: Can One Get High Off Atomoxetine?

Last Updated: December 19, 2019

Authored by Roger Weiss, MD

Getting high on Strattera is not a common practice. Still, some reports its illegal recreational use and state that its properties are similar to stimulant medication. However, that doesn’t mean that a Strattera high is the same as with stimulant medications, or even possible. Here is what users should know about Strattera recreational use.

Can Strattera Get One High?

When it comes to the question of the existence of the atomoxetine high, there are two perspectives to consider: that of researchers, and that of actual users.

According to research, atomoxetine HCL does not produce a high. In fact, it is generally concluded that the drug has little to no abuse potential. As such, there is little concern from the government or healthcare providers about Strattera recreational use.

However, some users contend that among the side effects of Strattera is a type of high. This is typically described as being similar to the sensation that is produced by using marijuana. Users report that this effect is only felt with Strattera dosing greater than recommended one or as a result of abusing the drug.

getting high on Strattera is dangerous

Many argue that these users are not actually experiencing Strattera euphoria. As to what would explain the sensations they believe they are feeling, it could be contributed to any number of factors:

  • The patient might be combining medications that come together to create extreme relaxation.
  • It is also possible they do not understand the atomoxetine drug class and think it is like other ADHD medications, which are easily abused. While traditional ADHD medications can flood the brain with dopamine, causing a high, atomoxetine only bloods the brain with norepinephrine, which does not cause a sense of euphoria.

Can One Snort Strattera?

While it is established that getting euphoric effects on atomoxetine is difficult, if not impossible, that does not mean that people will not try. In many cases, this means looking into alternative methods of ingestion in the hope that it will force a high that cannot be felt when taking it by mouth. As such, some people might try snorting Strattera.

Can One Inject Strattera?

Another method people often use to get high off prescription medications is injecting them. While this requires manipulating the medication, this does not always stop people from trying. However, a Strattera high will not occur when the medication is injected.

Why Trying To Get High On Strattera Is Dangerous

Any time someone tries to get euphoric effects on a drug, there is significant danger involved. With atomoxetine, the risks are amplified for a few reasons. First, there is the fact that atomoxetine doesn’t produce a high in general, and certainly not at safe dosages. This means anyone trying to get high on it will end up taking more than they should, risking an overdose and increasing the negative effects of the drug. Even if the medication did produce euphoric effects in some cases, it would not be worth the potential negative effects.

Second, since it does not produce a notable high on its own, users will feel tempted to mix it with other substances. Many drugs and other substances of abuse interact with atomoxetine in hazardous ways. In some cases, they can produce a deadly interaction.

Suicidal thoughts after Strattera high

If someone is thinking about Strattera recreational use, they need to understand what the risks are. Ultimately, no potential atomoxetine high is worth the subsequent effects, which include:

When Strattera Misuse Goes Worse

Anyone who is attempting to get high on Strattera needs to seek help. In addition to the dangers of abusing the drug, the compulsion to recreationally use any substance is a sign of an underlying condition. Drug rehab facilities offer help to people who need to stay clean. Recovery is not an easy process, but with the right drug addiction treatment, patients will get a long-lasting result.

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Published on: November 13th, 2019

Updated on: December 19th, 2019

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