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Narcan Cost: Is It Free? Naloxone (Evzio) Price Increase

how much does narcan cost

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Naloxone is a medication that saves hundreds of lives every year, yet it is becoming harder and harder for patients to purchase Narcan due to its steadily rising price. While naloxone cost may seem unaffordable to many, it can be extremely dangerous to opt out of buying the drug altogether. Countless programs, pharmacies, and public organizations are working towards reducing the price of Narcan and helping the patients in need.

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Naloxone Cost For Nasal Spray And Injection

The cost of naloxone varies depending on the form of the medication, the pharmacy, and a patient’s insurance. In general, Narcan nasal spray is less expensive than Evzio auto-injectors.

Narcan Cost

FDA-approved nasal Narcan comes as a pre-filled device that doesn’t require assembly. The average Narcan cost per dose is approximately $72.63. However, some people choose to buy other forms of nasal naloxone, and the majority of them have to be assembled before use. It may result in additional expenses on various parts of the device that have to be purchased separately from the medication itself for an additional price.

Below is a table of Narcan prices at 6 pharmacies: 1 box includes two pre-filled devices, each containing a single 4 mg dose of the medication.

Quantity Costco Walmart Rite Aid Safeway Walgreens Kroger Pharmacy
1 box $163.95 $143.50 $147.99 $149.99 $136.14 $130
2 boxes $327.90 $287 $295.98 $299.99 $272.28 $260
3 boxes $491.85 $430.49 $443.97 $449.98 $408.41 $390
4 boxes $655.80 $573.99 $591.96 $599.97 $544.55 $520
15 boxes $2,459.25 $2,152.47 $2,219.85 $2,249.90 $2,042.07 $1,950

Evzio Cost

Evzio price skyrocketed from $690 in 2014 to the current $4,500, spiking fear and confusion among many patients. The causes behind the dramatic increase in price are not clear. It is speculated that the current Evzio auto-injector cost is dictated by new laws that oblige law enforcement, first responders, and certain groups of medical professionals to carry naloxone. Therefore, while numerous organizations and institutions will feel the sharp increase in Evzio cost, patients with commercial insurance can expect to pay the same low prices for the medication.

evzio cost

Medicare Coverage For Naloxone

Considering how much Narcan costs, many patients rely on their insurance to cover the expenses. Patients with Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans can expect to pay from $7 to $144 for naloxone depending on their coverage stage. Sometimes, people who are eligible to use their insurance to reduce Narcan price choose not to do so due to their plan’s restrictions on the amount of naloxone they can buy at one time.

Narcan Nasal Spray Coverage

Patients can buy naloxone at certain preferred pharmacies for $20 after they have satisfied their annual deductible. The non-preferred pharmacy price is $32. During the “donut hole” stage, patients have to pay for their prescription medication out-of-pocket. The price for two Narcan doses (1 box) for such patients will be approximately $57 at both preferred and non-preferred pharmacies. Once a person has spent up their yearly limit, the coverage gap ends, and the cost of Narcan falls to only $7.

Evzio Auto-Injector Coverage

Evzio is not covered by Medicare; however, patients with commercial insurances can obtain the medication for extremely low prices or get it for free altogether. The lack of coverage can be explained by the enormous price of the drug and the availability of cheaper, albeit not FDA-approved, generic versions of injectable naloxone.

Where Can Patients Buy Narcan?

Narcan is available at the majority of pharmacies all across the country. It can be obtained at Kroger Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Safeway, and Walmart, to name a few. Patients can buy Narcan online as well, which can sometimes help significantly reduce prices.

Also, some people wonder where to get Narcan without a prescription. Despite the fact that it is a prescription medication, many states have enacted the naloxone standing order. Narcan over-the-counter can be obtained in 42 states and the District of Columbia. If a person has a history of opioid dependence or addiction, getting a prescription could make purchasing naloxone easier and cheaper. However, in cases of emergency, pharmacies will grant access to the drug to friends or caregivers of the individual.

Is Narcan Free?

When it comes to a medication of such a great impact, questions like whether Narcan is free arise regularly. While naloxone itself is not free, patients with certain types of insurance can acquire the drug for $0 or have its price reduced to just a few dollars. Various organizations, including harm reduction centers and the government, provide free Narcan kits and coupons to eligible patients. If the drug addiction facilities have a Naloxone distribution system in place, the drug addicts can also obtain the drug there for free.

free narcan kits

Why Is Narcan Free?

According to U.S. Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams, naloxone is a life-saving medication. Still, communities that are at the highest risk of opioid abuse and overdose often lack access to professional medical care and insurances due to their financial insecurity and high prices of the drug. Therefore, making Narcan drug free can have immense positive impacts on the health of the population.

A Price Worth Paying To Save A Life

The average naloxone price for patients without insurance is $72.63 for nasal Narcan and $4,500 for two Evzio auto-injectors. Almost all Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans cover Narcan prescription. Patients with insurance can expect to buy Narcan for $7-144 depending on the specifics of their plan and their current coinsurance stage. Also, many organizations offer free naloxone and various coupons to people in need. Unfortunately, naloxone use requires further substance abuse treatment to ensure a long-lasting recovery.

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