Naltrexone High: Can One Feel Euphoria While On Vivitrol?

Last Updated: June 24, 2020

Authored by Olivier George, Ph.D.

Reviewed by Michael Espelin APRN

Given that it is prescribed to people battling addictions, it is no surprise that some users wonder if they can get high on Vivitrol (naltrexone). However, such an attempt is not recommended. Anyone tempted to chase a naltrexone high will be disappointed at best. At worst, trying to get high on Vivitrol is deadly.

Can One Get High On Naltrexone?

It may seem contradictory that users who are on naltrexone to get clean from drugs or alcohol would consider trying to feel euphoria on the drug. However, getting high on Vivitrol, or any substance, can seem like a good idea to someone battling addiction. This leads many patients to wonder if one can get high on naltrexone.

In short: no. It is not possible to get high on Vivitrol.

Why this is so comes down to the way Vivitrol interacts with the body. The drug belongs to the medication class called opiate antagonists. This means that it prevents opioid receptors from functioning properly. If users take Vivitrol, they will not experience euphoria, feelings of well-being, pain relief, and other aspects of taking opiate medication or drinking alcohol. Naltrexone might make users feel weird, but a high will not be produced. This is not exclusive to the medication itself either; no substance taken while on naltrexone therapy will produce euphoria in a user.

If One Tries To Get High On Naltrexone

Attempting to get “faded” on Vivitrol is pointless. Whether thinking naltrexone can get one high or trying to feel euphoria on other drugs, the medication blocks the actions within the nervous system that produce feelings of euphoria. The best-case scenario is that the user realizes that there is no such thing as a Vivitrol high while on the medicine and gives up trying.

The worst-case scenario is far more serious. Because Vivitrol negates, or at the very least reduces, the sensations caused by drugs and alcohol, users can feel tempted to take more in hopes of still achieving a high. While Vivitrol blocks the sensations of euphoric feelings, it does not limit in any way the other effects substances can have on the body. This includes impaired respiratory function, reduced motor skills, and confusion. Thus, users can easily overdose and experience significant injury, coma, or even death.

Concerns With Naltrexone High

Depending on how long the user has been on naltrexone, it is also possible that their tolerance for their substance of choice will have been reduced. Should they try to get high on Vivitrol using the same amount of the substance as in the past, they could end up overdosing, even if they have easily tolerated the same amount in the past.

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Another concern with chasing a Vivitrol high is that the side effects of naltrexone and those of the substance being abused can be the same, amplifying them to a dangerous degree.

If Getting Euphoric Feeling Becomes Obsession

Ultimately, there is no safe nor effective way to get high while on Vivitrol. If users are feeling an extreme desire to abuse any substance while on Vivitrol, they should seek help from medical professionals and get proper substance treatment. Therapy can help them fight their impulses.

Getting High Right After Naltrexone Treatment

What naltrexone feels like while in active treatment is well established: it produces no particular feeling and specifically prevents sensations of euphoria from abusing substances. However, some patients will end their naltrexone experience temporarily or completely because they want to get high again.

Trying to feel euphoria right after Vivitrol treatment is the same as trying to get high while in active therapy. The time when Vivitrol wears off depends on a variety of factors, but it can take 24 hours for the body to clear it. Until it is eliminated and the body adjusts, no effects will be felt.

Even once it is out of the system, users are at significant risk when compared to life prior to naltrexone therapy. While they are no longer chasing, a Revia high, whatever substance they are abusing, will be one they likely have a lower tolerance for that in the past.

Getting Help With Addiction

Anyone considering abusing naltrexone or trying to get high while on the medication otherwise should reach out to a medical professional for help. The purpose of taking the medication is to get clean and live a better life. If the cravings to use drugs are still there, professional help at a drug rehabilitation center can help get past them and allow for an addiction-free life.

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Published on: June 7th, 2019

Updated on: June 24th, 2020

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