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Gabapentin High – What Are The Dangers Of Recreational Use?

dangers of gabapentin high

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Currently, the authorities don’t consider Gabapentin a “controlled substance”. Therefore, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulates it. On the other hand, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) does not.
It does, however, require a prescription. Gabapentin works within the brain. The Gabapentin high involves the relief of certain pain sensations. This happens in the Central Nervous System.
People use it to treat the more common causes of pain. They include chronic pain, defined neuralgia pain, and restless leg syndrome. Doctors also prescribe it for patients with epilepsy. They use it as an anti-convulsing and post-herpetic neuralgia brought on by shingles. However, it isn’t a cure for epilepsy. Therefore, as long as the patient takes the correct dosages, it can be useful. As a result, it is a safe method to control seizures.

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What is the Recreational Use of Gabapentin?

Use of Gabapentin and other anticonvulsant drugs is on the rise. This is due to the increased monitoring of controlled substances. For example, they can be Oxycontin and even Xanax.
Recreational use was first reported in 2007. The users will ‘Doc Shopped”. They could no longer obtain the drug through legal means, such as prescriptions. A woman went through withdrawal symptoms. They included the shakes, heavy perspiring, overly excitability, and eyeballs protruding.
They originally approved Gabapentin for epilepsy in 1993, gaining popularity through the 1990s. Since licensing in 2002 for post-herpetic neuralgia, prescriptions have risen. This has gone to a level of considerable concern. It is even though the general thought is that it is on the low side for potential abuse. When doctors started to prescribe for neuropathic pain in 2004, the use went through the roof.

Misuse of Gabapentin is now between 40% and 65% of those with prescriptions. Also, they are between 15% and 22% of people who are abusing opioids. Users have reported that the Gabapentin high helps with opiate withdrawal.

Another thing is the low cost, it can be as little as $10.00 for 90 pills. The easy access (being prescribed off-label) have made it affordable for recreational use. Furthermore, one can refill the prescriptions electronically, bypassing close monitoring.
There is another reason it is so popular. The high does not manifest in noticeable and frightening Gabapentin side effects. This is something the user does not want. The most common ones include light headiness, lack of coordination and feeling sleepy.
There are adverse reactions to taking Gabapentin as a recreational drug. Some of the adverse reactions include fainting, throwing up and even falling into a coma. If one takes it as prescribed, the drug can do its job correctly. It will relieve pain and control epileptic seizures. However, if taken irresponsibly, it can lead to reactions that create medical emergencies.
It is possible to overdose while the first-time using Gabapentin as a recreational drug. It is merely due to the fact it has never been taken before. Therefore, tolerance has not developed yet, and the high dose can be dangerous.
In any case, taking Gabapentin can be very dangerous. It is even so without medical supervision from a doctor who is фware of medical history.

What is a Gabapentin High?

The Gabapentin high can be compared to getting high on marijuana. It creates a feeling of calm and euphoria. The person believes it can make them more sociable and handle life better if not easier. It also seems to have no noticeable “down”. Also, in some instances, it can produce some psychedelic effects.

On the negative side of this euphoria, it has shown to relax the person so much that the person feels like a zombie. While this euphoria is desirable, it can also alter the actual mental state.This also comes along with disassociation. Following an overdose, the drug can cause seizures and interruptions in immune functionality.

To get the “Gabapentin high,” users may take doses over 900 mg at a time. Users have reported that those abusing the drug have taken as much as 5,000 mg at a time.
The “high” feeling is not immediate. It usually takes about an hour to start getting the feeling of having too much to drink. The drunk feeling can last several hours. Also, as it starts to wear off, the user will take another dose, trying to keep the Gabapentin high they already feel.

What are the Risks and Side Effects of Gabapentin?

People consider Gabapentin a “safer” drug. It is because it is not injected, snorted or mixed with other drugs. However, whenever one take any drug differently than normal, it can become dangerous. It will intensify the danger if one take the drug with another drug.
Gabapentin is not thought of like a drug that is habit-forming. However, some people take it and have formed a habit. As a result, they take it as often as they can. While it may not create mental dependence, some users believe they need it to stay happy and relaxed.
The “crash” that follows the feeling intoxication can be more than the user had thought. It can show up as soon as the next day or the next week. The withdrawal will feel like the opposite of the great Gabapentin high that they felt. They will display being agitation, easily angered, depressed, tense, fidgety and apprehensive. These feelings can lead them to keep taking the drug rather than go through what they fear in withdrawal. This leads to dependency.

Gabapentin for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should discuss using Gabapentin with the doctor, which need to make sure the benefit outweighs the risk. In any case, one should take antiepileptic drugs with caution. Also, women should do it as part of pre-pregnancy counseling. This way, the doctor can tell about the risk of abnormalities in the fetus.
The easiest way to avoid the “crash” and its effects are to take the drug as prescribed by the physician. Take it in the correct dose and in the proper time frame.

Final Thoughts

Gabapentin is a non-opioid/non-pharmacologic treatment. Also, it can result in lessening of pain without the obvious side effects of an opioid pain reliever. The  physician will most likely start on a low dosage and increase gradually. This is because the Gabapentin high can cause light headiness and sleepiness.

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It is important to note that Gabapentin is not a controlled substance. However, users can still abuse it. It is becoming a DOC (drug of choice) for many looking for the high. As a result, it is turning into a go-to drug for recreational users. This is along with other anticonvulsant drugs.

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Medically Reviewed By Michael Espelin APRN
Olivier George

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Olivier George, Ph.D.

Olivier George is a medical writer and head manager of the rehab center in California. He spends a lot of time in collecting and analyzing the traditional approaches for substance abuse treatment and assessing their efficiency.


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  • Tracy Barber
    It lessens my lower back pain so I can still get stuff done.
    • Kim
      What kind of lower back pain do you have? I have 2 titanium rods in my back from scoliosis. I am on 150mg 2 Times daily, they do work better then baclofen.
      • Tammy Rae Ford
        I am on 2400 mg daily for Fibromyalgia and nerve damage. I didn’t think it helped with either until I had to go without for 3 days due to Dr closing early on a Thurs and not opened on Friday due to a severe snow storm..My script was due to be filled on Friday. I could tell a huge difference once I didn’t hear them. I must add that I had horrible withdrawals that caused me to feel like I had bugs or a loose hair on me , sweating horribly ,and couldn’t sleep for the three days. I have never abused it or had withdrawals from any meds, including narcotic pain meds prescribed for 4 months after surgery and during the physical therapy that followed. I know several people who are prescribed it for various reasons who have had the same experience once they run out for various reasons. None abuse them.
        • Bill
          2400 is Dose of abuse American Dr’s are insane you would be considered abusing it at a 1000mg a day in Australia you’re taking 240% more than that??!!
          • Celeste
            Weird. Here the max dosage is 3600. Which is what I was at when I had nerve death and regen from a spinal injury.
          • Diggs
            What they do in Australia is different in what they do here. It is not abusing anything to take 2700mg a day. Some people are bigger/heavier than others. Just because you might think it’s abusing it, in your mind, doesn’t make it so. That’s your opinion. Also, not everyone experiences the same levels of pain. The only thing insane is your condemnation of others based on low/different standards from your country. That isn’t what this page is intended for.
          • Noneya Business
            Agreed. I take a MAX of 600MG a day for SEVERE nerve ending pain after a MAJOR surgery. They are taking FAR too much. They can justify however they want but unless they weigh 1200lbs they’re on WAY too much and no way in hell a doctor would start someone on anywhere near that amount. This is them abusing and lying plain and simple.
          • Adrian
            2400mg is a daily amount … not a single dose.
          • Michelle Bell
            I take 3200 mg daily.
          • sandra
            I think its interesting that other countries define abuse at different levels. Here in the US we have a huge opioid problem. I have been prescribed same drug for back pain . My 25 yr old daughter just saw the bottle and said, “you know people use that to get high.” This led to research. I don’t trust the US medical advice, and I appreciate knowing what Australia does. THANKS!
          • Lbm1385
            Not in the United States. I do believe here the max recommended dosage is about 3600 divided into 3 doses a day.
          • Lbm1385
            Ha to the person called noneya business… you’re so funny. Just because you think 600 mg is too high that doesn’t mean it is too high for another person. If you can take 600 mg and only 600 mg per day and it helps you while also not making you high, good for you. If you’ve been on that dose for a while especially and can still take only that much then hey that is great. You’re doing awesome. However I don’t remember whether or not your comment said, but I’m just gonna guess you were newer to the drug when you made your little smar**ss comment basically saying anyone who takes more than 600 mg is just trying to abuse it. I used to take one a day. I took one a day for a while. And then it was 2 a day. And then I felt absolutely nothing after a while. I have never ever built up a tolerance to any drug as fast as I have gabapentin. When I first started taking them right off the BAT it was supposed to be 4 of the 800 mg per day. Well I took ONE 800 but honestly the first several days it felt like I hadn’t taken anything at all. I mean no relief period. Definitely didn’t get any sort of high or anything. I’ve had people tell me they feel drunk off of it but no I didn’t have that feeling either. I mean I could have swallowed a placebo and it done more for me. I would take it and then later on be like hey did I even remember to take it because if so you sure can’t tell it by me. But after several days idk if it had to build up in my system or what but I did start feeling some relief. Mild at first. But that was it. Then I started having to take 2 because the relief went away shortly. And that’s how it goes for a lot of people with gabapentin. To most people I know that take it, if they only had 600 mg worth to take a day they wouldn’t bother taking it because it wouldn’t be enough to help.. It is great and wonderful for you if you can take 600 mg and it worked out from the get go and continues to work so that you don’t require a higher dosage. But don’t be lumping everyone into the same category with you. People have different weights. They have different metabolisms. They have different sensitivities to different drugs. I could take probably a half a bottle of phenergan and still not fall asleep. My mom can take one and she’s out in 20 minutes. I can take a flexeril and I may get a bit sleepy but ah it is nothing. My mom can take one and she sleeps for anywhere from 15 to 18 hours. They don’t even cause me to fall asleep. Lol. I used to be prescribed fioricet for my migraines. I rarely ever took them but when I did I took 2. It didn’t even come close to making me drowsy but it did help my headache. I only took them when they got really bad though. My husband, he’s been prescribed them before also. And he told them to just quit giving them to him because he would take only one and it would knock him out. I mean it was like a comatose person. And all these drugs I’m talking about comparing me and other people taking them, I’m talking about the same dosages between me and the other individual. But yet my mom, she takes like 2 or 3 different anti depressants. I can’t even take one. Every time they’ve ever tried me on an antidepressant every single one of them makes me feel like I’m undergoing electric shocks every 2 minutes til the drug wears off. The dr told me I was hypersensitive to them and that was why I had that feeling. My mom can handle them fine. The other hundred or more people I know who take them seem to be just fine. But yet they make me feel so bad I refuse to even consider taking them. I’ve watched some people take a quarter of a suboxone and be a hardcore opiate addict and only that much of a suboxone make them throw up for 24 hours solid. And I’ve watched people who you probably wouldn’t even call an addict, people who just do drugs to get high here and there but never enough to let themselves actually go through withdrawals…I’ve seen them take an entire suboxone and act like they don’t feel a bit sick. So you see, just because something makes you feel one way that doesn’t mean it makes the entire rest of the world feel that way too. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can measure someone else’s experience/tell them how it SHOULD be by your own. I hope you realize that it is attitudes like your own that allow things like ignorance and stereotypes to continue to fester rather than eventually dying out. The sad thing is, you’re not the only person who thinks that if others do something differently than you, they’re doing it wrong. There are plenty of other people that are that way, and unfortunately medical professionals are included in that at times. Please just do us all a favor and don’t BECOME a medical professional. We don’t need another doctor who tells us that it is impossible for us to have pain or that the same exact treatment works for every single person who has the condition.
        • Prayn Mantis
          Hi, just have to alert people to the fact that if u hav ever had a MRI, they use Gadolinium, a contrast dye that is poison. It stays in the body, brain, bones, skin and causes extreme pain and Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis. Same symptoms as Fibromyalgia. Its hard to get tested coz they dont want more court cases against pharmaceutical co’s. Often put down to fibro. It gets worse. Im out of action with chronic bone and nerve pain, arms and legs, shldrs, leg, face. It started after MRI 5 year ago. I cant function. I dont kno where to get tested. Doc or hospital wont test. They put it diwn to Fibro, in alot of cases its poison and no cure. Lives ruined. I cant go on much longer with no home help. Can barely drive or get to shop. Chuck Norris sued coz his wife near died. All on YOUTUBE.
          • UDEE
            Prayn Mantis, Your posting is rather interesting. I started having uncontrollable nerve pains in both feet shortly after undergoing an MRI to diagnose why I was experiencing ill balance. Then the Poor Man’s Health Care Factory (my joke for socialized medical services since Obamacare kicked in) diagnosed me as having polyneuropathy which is like saying your nerves hurt because of many possible source causes. Then I heard about Gabapentin from a guy who lost a leg in Iraq and needed it for the ghost pain many amputees experience. So I got my family doctor to prescribe Gabapentin to see if foot nerve pains would stop. And they did. Started with 300mg daily now just 600mg divided into 3 doses of 200mg. Pharmacist told me it is a very light dosage and abusers usually take about 2000mg to get a marijuana-like calm feeling (more of a low than a high). I’m okay with the 600mg and dont wanna find out what a big dose could do to me but I am really wondering if the MRI is what started my nerve problem. I remember feeling totally FUBAR for a week after the MRI which incidentally was at a hospital that recently was sued for brain-killing a young woman with an error in anesthetic dosage. The moral of this story I think is like the 110-old man in Russia who was asked for the secret of his longevity. He said drink a glass of vodka every day and keep away from doctors!
      • Lisa L Blankenship
        That’s exactly what i was about to say because i use to take pain meds for my bad back because it helped my pain until i got hooked on them so now i only take subutex and slowly decreasing my doses on it and plan to be drug soon. But yea unfortunately with the speks on the pill and the straws sounds like she’s snorting pain meds to me.
      • Hannah Messer
        Yes, you can.
      • Bobby
        Yes you can
      • Jason
        It has worked well for my testicular pain. P
    • Annie
      I have neuropathy and the gaba helps with the pain in various seas. I grew frustrated with taking so many meds. I went cold turkry on gaba and after a week, I learned it really was helping. I now take 1200 mgs TID. I’m depressed though and wish I knew how to get high. SOS…
      • ann
        I have neuropathy in my legs, arms, and feet. New for me since i**ot dr missed that I was type1 diabetic, had numbers and me complaining near death and ignored it. I ended up in hospital nearly in a coma! Anyway, now I have severe neuropathy. My right foot being the worst pain, my legs & arms ache so much at night, and my foot is so much pain that I can’t sleep! Dr has me on 300mg’s 3 times per day. Is 1200 mg’s per day helping you? I have to do something!
        • Shane
          I take 800 mgs 3 times a day for nerve damage from a failed spinal fusion surgery. I have numbness/pins and needles/burning in my left foot, toes and all the way up my calf. The gaba absolutely helps tremendously. Without it when I wake up the morning and stand up I feel like I’m walking on hot concrete in the middle of the summer. Every now and then I’ll get a little buzzy from it. The main thing I hate is mid afternoon I’m already getting tired from it but it isn’t difficult to push through. It works. Mostly the doctors have to gradually increase it until they hit the right dosage for your body.
    • steff
      me too, that’s exactly why I take it. and plus it gives me a little energy that I need to get a bunch of stuff done.
  • Erica
    I’ve taken 5,600 MG (7) and I’m starting to feel the effects. Granted I have a tolerance for the drug, usually doses of 5. I was reading the dangers and it’s so slow acting that I do not recommend such high doses at once. Start slow IF you plan to abuse the drug. I’m not advocating drug abuse, but please be safe. The effects are slow and it strongly hits when least expected.
  • Mark
    Can anyone tell me if my girlfriend is abusing it ..i found straws and a card for crushing it …the tabs have three score marks on one side and a center score on the reverse sode ..they are white with pink speckles..she said they are gababentin ..but they have no numbers ..but she works with animals and they use it there thinking she got them from work
    • Claire
      My gabapentin come in a clear capsulr with white powder inside. I’m uk though, so more than likely a different brand
    • Claire
      Also, in my experience, speckled pills tend to be extasy
      • Julie Layman
        Mine r 900 mlg n 300 mlg
    • Any
      Google “pill identifier “ online and it will have a place for you to type in any numbers or letters on the pill, select color and shape etc and it will tell you what it is. Good luck!
    • Christa
      Sounds like Norco. Loritab..
    • melissa A curry
      That sounds more like an opiate I think that Is Percocet so sorry
      • Jenn
        It is nothing like Percocet. I just got out of the hospital for undergoing a rapid opiate detox under anesthesia. I detoxed from Percocet, as I was addicted to it for a year. I was prescribed Gabapentin to help my post acute withdraw symptoms, which include severe anxiety and tremors. I was also prescribed Gaba by my psychiatrist for anxiety as well. It helps me a lot but it is not an opioid and the high is nothing compared to Percocet.
        • Jennifer
          Hey Jenn, Can you tell me more about this rapid detox? Are you in the US? If so how do you go about getting that prescribed?
        • Lbm1385
          I wish people paid attention before they made comments like these. The person above you wasn’t trying to say gabapentin sounded like an opiate. Oh my dear God. They were saying to the poster who asked about the pill he found of his girlfriend’s and the description he gave DOES sound like an opiate. I’d not say percocet myself but hey there could be a brand I’m not familiar with that does look similar to the way that guy had described. Just because I haven’t seen one like that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. But to the guy who asked that question I mean I realize it was way way old and you’ll most likely never even see this, but it may help someone else so…. if you have a prescription medication or a medication that is over the counter, for the matter, you’re going to have some sort of identification on that pill to alert you as to what it is. It will either have numbers or letters or a combination of both on the pill. So your girlfriend didn’t have any dog gabapentin that doesn’t have any marks on it and that doesn’t even sound like any particular pill that I can think of. Anyways if it were anything other than like a vitamin or something it would have some letters, numbers, letters and numbers both, that’s how you know what it is. Google the numbers or whatever and the color of the pill if you find any others you would like to identify. But it sounds like others are correct and believe it to be ecstasy or something like that.
    • Cody
      Dude that’s loritab 7.5 highly addicting
    • Sadie
      Gabapentin is often prescribed for dogs….. so she’s telling you what she has, why don’t you just ask her what she’s taking them for? It seems odd that you ask her what they are, but ask here what they are for….?
    • Roger
      Sounds like 5mg vicodin
    • K
      Interestingly, you say that. I found similar items in my daughter’s room. Straw, and not pink tablets but yellow capsules Yellow, oblong, ‘IP 102’ along one side. Did you find out any answers?
      • R
        That’s gabapentin 300mg
    • Taylor
      No those are codeine Tylenol pills she was taking.
    • Lokk
      Sounds like she’s taking Hydrocodone, which is an opiate. Gabapentin aren’t hard pressed pills, they’re capsules with powder inside. Your GF is doing some serious s**t..
      • TamTam
        NO wrong Gabapentin comes in WHITE 600mg Oblong Tablets (Im assuming u can crush them I haven’t tried personally)…no specks that is a certain manufacturer that makes hydrocodone or norco can’t remember…
      • Davis
        My gaba 600 is hard pressed
      • Cam65
        Both 600mg and 800 mg of Gabapentin are hard-pressed pills. These doses don’t come in capsules with powder inside, at least in the US.
      • Kathie
        My gab is a hard white oblong plll
    • Anita
      Sounds like hydrocodone
    • Melissa Tavery
      White with sparkles sounds like hydrocodone to me.
    • Paul
      White with pink speckles are narco, (hydrocodone). Recovering addict here and 100% positive
    • Sue
      OxyContin looks like that
    • Peetie
      I suppose it could be Norco. They have a white tablet with pink speckles but if there isn’t an imprint on the tablet then it is probably not Norco. All U.S. prescriptions are required to have an imprint on the tablet to identify them.
    • Chris
      White with pink specks is usually hydrocodone (Vicodin) 5mg: with 500mg Tylenol
    • Bob Your Uncle
      There are no opioids or gabapentinoids that have that description of being speckled and having different scores. This does indicate that it is a high-dose if there are options to split it into three parts. If it is rectangular it sounds like a 3mg Xanax (ER I think which is high-dose extended release) as that is the only thing I have ever heard of with 3 scores on one side. This is a high dose benzodiazepine with high abuse/dependence potential. It is related to gabapentin in that it interacts with the GABA transmitter network but on different receptors and in a different mode of action. Otherwise my first thought is a black market pill that was made of who knows what (explaining the specks) and I have seen black market Xanax but never pink. Don’t know if this helps any. As others have said, look up the imprint on the pill. If there are no imprints it is a black market pill. Ask her to show you a picture of it online before asking her why she is taking it, I doubt she can provide one…
    • Pain Doctor
      Those are Norco.
    • Charlotte Fahren
      I’ve never heard of a doctor prescribing medications to snort. I’m thinking if asked directly in a comfortable environment. Honesty will come to the surface, truth floats like ivory soap ’cause it’s so pure
    • Noneya Business
      The straw alone should tell you. Of course she is …common sense…
    • Kerin
      In my experiences what you describe is typically Vicodin extra strength. U can always Google what’s the pill looks like and u will get any pulls that can possibl fit that description and u would be able to see pictures and know for sure if that’s the same kind of pill she has. But honestly sound to me like she’s most likely an addict regardless of what kind of pill it is- even if it were Tylenol, the fact is she’s crushing and snorting them for what reason?that’s what u should ask her and ask if she would be interested in getting help or interested in speaking with q. Counselor at least? Goid luck
    • Mommat
      Get on the internet and look up pill finder sounds like hydrocodone
    • Jaxorey
      It’s Hyrdocodone. I believe 6mg.
  • Gary Edwin Griffin
    I take 800 mg 4 times a day for post herpetic neuralgia from never damage after shingles. At the same time I take 4 mg zanaflex and the only side effect I get is blurred vision. Don’t know if they help, but they don’t hurt…. Gary
  • Cody
    That sounds like Vicodin. But like you said no numbers or letters, meaning it probably is an animal tranquilizer. Such as Ketamine or probably to lesser extent benzodiapines.
  • roger
    I broke my neck and fractured L2 thru L6 and tailbone split and James into ball sac broke pelvis in 5 fractures, blew both hips blew out both knees,broke r leg 3 places compound fractures and crushed my right ankle. plus dislocation of right shoulder.. I just got these pills and I hurt all the daily dose of hydro 7.5mg 4 x daily just dont cut it. I HURT. how much can I take to feel good without od..I am rasamms and add gmail you know the rest. need some advise.
    • Grace
      Oh My Heavens, Roger!!! My heart BREAKS for you!!! I’ve been feeling sorry for myself over nerve pain. I don’t like Gaba because it just makes me clumsy & super tired. I’m not one who enjoys feeling sedated or drunk – ugh! BUT WOW DO I FEEL STUPID NOW. I CAN NOT imagine how much pain you are in every day. Don’t know if it will work for you …. but I am going to add your name to our prayer line (don’t worry – confidential & only 1st name). I truly pray you get SOME relief.
    • Sadie
      My God man! Why are you not in hospital?
    • Marty
      Damn brother o sure hope you’re doing better!! For one, I can’t believe a doctor only prescribed you 7.5’s when they have 10’s. I was prescribed 4 10’s a day just through pain management. And for 2, I don’t know if they make a pill strong enough to control what pain you must of had!! Good luck man.
  • Ivy
    Thank you for this information, incredibly helpful and well put together. My grandfather is prescribed this among other various meds and I’m just trying to figure what is what.
    • Bob
      You should ask for Oxycodone which comes in 5mg 10mg 15mg 20 and 30 and it keeps going. Not Percocet which has Tylenol and is hard on the liver. I’ve been on several different kinds for nueropathy for 10 years and they help
  • Patrick
    The yellow pills your daughter is taking is oercotec aka oxycodone aka oxycotin. Very strong opiate. And your girlfriend is taking Norco aka hydrocodone and very strong opiate. I’m sorry foe both of you I’m a recovering addict I was addicted to heroin and Xanax and been clean for 9 months. I take gabapentin 600 mg 3x a day. It’s helps so so much with laid. I’ve been shot in the face two times and one bullet is logged in my nasal cavity and one went through my ear drum and out the back of my skull. I was also shot twice in my left leg. One through my calf and one through my quad. I also have broken my wrist amd have a metal plate in my wrist with 8 screws. Amd I have completely shatterymy right shoulder amd have multiple plates and 22 scees throughout my collar bone and rotater cuff and upper arm. This medication helps so much with the nerve pain I get from all of my inquiry’s. Without it I’m in so much pain that any other medication just doesn’t help because it’s my nerves not muscles as much. Especially in my face where I was shot and my shoulder that just a broken puzzle screwed together. I can’t use opiates because I’m a recovering addict. I have abbused gaba before at over 5000mg at once but I don’t recommend. It made me have a seizuione time. The high is exactly as explained. But if you take it as prescriyit works great. There is a withdrawal that’s horrible almost like opiate withdrawal maybe even worse. But gabapentin is a great medication to take for nerve damage if taken as prescribed.
    • Cheryl
      Thanks for your warning about the withdrawal from gabapentin and your honesty about being a recovering addict. I am as well and am also on 600mg three times per day and just found myself looking up whether, or not you can get high if I take a higher dosage. I have 6 1/2 years clean and your post has saved me from using. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You may have saved my life. My kids thank you, as well.
  • Sean
    Dude are the pellets your girls crushing orange? Adderall comes to mind.
  • Jeff day
    White and speckled pink pills sound like an opioid to me. I have seen the hydrocodone in 7.5 mg doses with those. If she has resorted to snorting then than she is well on her way to opioid abuse. I would take 10-12 orally but they wouldn’t work fast enough. So then I would crush and swallow them like a goodys powder. When I became immune to that I would snort them. Burned like I was snorting fire but as an addict you do what you have to to get that “high”. This drug is highly addictive as users can become hooked and start double and triple dosing in as little as a week. It’s basically synthetic heroin. She is most likely past the point of no return and will need medical treatment to come off of those. I’m so sorry and hope she can get it fixed.
  • Dave
    I’m trying so hard to come of tramadol but I can’t bear the withdrawals especially as I work 60 hours a week and on my feet. I have been given gama. Does it help with tramadol withdrawal? If so I would only use gama for a week or so so I don’t become addicted.
    • Melanie
      DAVE: I had to get off tramadol before and it was the worst thing in my life. I had to change over to Vicodin first. That’s the only way I was able to stop. Problem is, I because addicted to that since I have back issues my dr gave them to me like candy! 400 a month or more, I can’t exactly remember but I know it was way too many. Tramadol was the worst to come off of so the Vic’s def made it so that I didn’t withdrawal. I was taking around 20 pills, if not more a day though. By the time I had enough, I was taking about 15-20 Vic’s a day (the 10/325) kind. Snorting and swallowing. I went to a methadone clinic and was on 40mg for about 2 years I believe. I was able to taper down to about 20 mg a day of the methadone and then switched over to suboxone. It was WAY easier to taper down to 0mg than it would have been methadone. Methadone and suboxone did help me though. While on methadone I had no cravings at all which gave me the strength to get emotional help. I never got any cravings at all until About a year after being off of suboxone. Had nothing at all for a while year, super happy about being sober, then life happened. I’m back on suboxone for all my cravings. A lot of people don’t like methadone or suboxone but I’ll tell you first hand it made me stop taking opioids all together and it’s helped friend who was on a horrible mixture of heroin AND percs AMD whatever else she could get her hands on. My friend was on 160 mg of methadone daily but is finally down 5mg a day and almost done! It’s a long road but if you have support, if your READY to stop for YOU…. I’d do thenmejadone route. Tramadol has come to the light more and more in the last 5 years and had been known to have a worse detox than heroin, in some users. It’s become very very dangerous and that’s why the classification got changed a few years back. Because of how bad it is.
  • Jordana
    Unfortunately, the straws and card are obvious signs of abuse. You can Google “pill identifier” and enter the description of any drug in pill or capsule form, and it will tell you what the drug is. I have taken both Lyrica and Gabapentin, and I felt virtually no relief from my pain, so I stopped taking them. I honestly don’t see how it could give you a high, even in increased doses. For me, both Lyrica (pregabalin) and Gabapentin were virtually useless drugs. 🙁
    • Dan
      I got switch to Gabapentin 300mg from 400s but thes capsules are a little less the half full idk if thats how they come but my 400s where full i just want to know Danthey are the yellow IG322 300mg capsules
  • Joe Darling
    I take 10mg of norco(Vicodin) every 4-6 hours. I get a 60 pill supply every 10 days. I’m on 300mg Gabapentin Qid, and 5mg Valium QD. Every 2 months I take a Prednisone medpack. And have for 2 years. I don’t feel I’m under any danger of addiction and while I’m undergoing treatment for the conditions responsible, I’ll be more than happy to quit the meds but right now they’re the only thing keeping me able to work. Good luck y’all.
  • Franko
    Jordana is right. Forget about what the drug is for a minute. Anyone crushing and snorting needs help. Your girl will lose her life if she gets caught. Never get a job in any med field. Confront her. If she was naive, someone else there is in on it. If it is nonequine vet, you cant give a 30lb dog 20mg of vicodin wo it stop breathing. She needs to quit. She will get caught on video or by the other coworker. If it is the vet, leave, have him sign legal letter you will not defame him and vice versa. Plus, snorting all the tylenol that is in the pills is horrible. May also be ketamine tab. They use it all day in some vets. Oral sedation on little animals that need 3 min “clip” . Let us know
  • Bobby
    I was injured in the military, have a bunch of Bars, screws, and rods up my spine. My sacral bone was broke and healed up like an “S”. I have “Sciatic Paralysis”, Severe Nerve Damage, and have been diagnosed with that Fibromyalgia…I take 4 300mg pills 3 times a day, so 3600mg a day. I’ve been taking this crap since 03. It does nothing but make me feel like S**t. You know that feeling when you’ve been up for 2 or 3 days straight, and you haven’t eaten a thing, all you’ve done is drink coffee, and your stomach has that awful nausea feeling? That’s the same feeling I get with this s**t. It does nothing for the pain. I don’t understand how anybody is using, or especially abusing this med. You probably actually get more of an effect taking NoDoz than this. There has to be an alterior motive for this being put on the Controlled Substance list because there’s no way someone is getting off on this drug
  • Nk
    Wow, what Methadone clinic do you go to that allows you to take Xanax and methadone together????!!! That doctor needs to be in jail. Ive been on methadone for 7 years and if your caught with benzos in your system prescribed or not, your ass will be kick off the clinic. Benzos and methadone are a deadly Combo!!!!
  • Kim
    I only wished in Alabama I could get hands on kratom
  • Jeremy
    I broke my back from L2-S1 when I was 20. I was put on 30mg Oxycontin 4x/day plus 15mg oxycodone 4x/day plus 10mg valium 3x/day, 2mg xanax 3x/day, 1 mg clonazepam 2x/day, 300 mg neurontin 3x/day, 60mg adderall a day to help keep me awake, 300mg trazadone to help me sleep, 10mg baclofen 5x/day plus others and I have a spinal cord stimulator Implant and have been on all of this for 20 years. I finally said enough was enough and in 1.5 months I stepped myself down and off of all narcotics. I stepped myself down and off the neur6. My xanax is down to .25mg 3x day (for anxiety), on off of clonazepam and now I just take mydayis in place of adderall (for narcolepsy) , the trazadone to help me sleep (for insomnia). I have less pain and feel much better and actually feel like I might be able to work again sometime (currently I’m totally and permanently disabled on SSD) but I still have pain from failed fusion syndrome (aka. Failed back syndrome) , degenerative disc Disease, spinal stenosis and fusions from L2-S1. Oxycodone 5mg is what helped the most but I got kicked out of my pain clinic for trying a friends narcolepsy med to see if it would work better than mine. Now, no pain Management place will treat me and my primary care physician won’t prescribe narcotics. Does anyone have any advice as to how to go about getting a legal script for it? Thanks for any help you can provide! I really need it!
    • Jake
      man I feel a little sorry for ya… Hey I’m no expert or anything but I think you trying your buddy’s meds and having the program people find out about that is going to have a HUGE effect on getting you’re meds right again. I’m not sure what county or state you’re in but here in the U.S they don’t play lightly about under the counter prescriptions. ESPECIALLY opiates. All I can say is good luck man and just hope you find a doctor that understands your story. Or maybe try to change up the story a little bit so u don’t say u took him meds or traded meds whatever it was.
  • Amy
    I was recently prescribed gabapentin, a max of 200mg per dose as needed for “untreatable” depression/anxiety. I am very sensitive to a lot of medications, including psych meds. Gabapentin has honestly been life changing for me I dont take it every day, I’ve never taken it more than once a day, and sometimes I only take 100mg. I take it when I feel like I need it & I don’t experience any side effects when it wears off.
    • Andrea
      are you guys taking the yellow capsules 300 mg?
      • Charles W Ramseur
        yes, that is what I take, twice daily
  • Evan Walters
    Gabapentin does come in hard pressed pills. I take them
  • Pat
    Has anyone taken suboxone and gabapentin d 03, not at the same time, but in the same day? If so, did you have negative experience(s)?
  • James
    I take 900 mg of gab. 3 times a day for last 10 years doctor going to up it next week. Can’t live without it.
  • Layna
    I just started taking Gabapentin to help with my servere anxiety, and back pain. I take a small amount only 200mg daily. I used to maintain my anxiety, and back pain by using marijuana for years. I have to take a drug test for a new job so marijuana is not a choice. I have noticed if I don’t take it I will be up for 24 hours plus. When I do take it is eases my anxiety, and makes my body feel less tense. I naturally have a fast heart rate, and I’m constantly nauseous due to my severe anxiety. My doctor prescribed it to me so my body can relax, and it has been a miracle for me.
  • Autumn
    I am currently on 600 mgs 3x. A day total 1600mgs a day. Its doesnt touch my lower back pain due to two herniated disc and both severe sciatic nerve pain. Lower back and legs have constant terrible muscle spasms and even baclofen doesn’t help that either. I’m hopeing upcoming visit to surgion will give me hope. Spinal cord stimulator had been implanted and removed within one month due to becoming allergic something it was made of.
  • Eric Czerwonka
    when I take gabapentin I seem to have a lot of energy it’s crazy and I dont sleep its 1:43 am and can not sleep even after taking sleeping pills I am done with gabapentin I need sleep to fill better not stay awake thinking all night long
  • Micro Major
    Ah… Lbm1385, I could read your comments all day! Kudos, please continue to educate the ignoramus masses! My quacko Dr prescribed me 300mg gaba/6x a day. I only take it once a day, at night, that works for me. My 65 yr old neighbor takes 800 mg/ 3x a day. We both have neuropathy and carpel tunnel. She weighs much less than me too. Every one is different, and doctors are willing to prescribe high doses, even at first. One just needs to take what is right/best for them, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!!! Thank you for your comments! Us non-judgmental, non-trollies, open-minded educated people will stand with u and back you /each other up.