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What’s the Deal With Spice?

Spice seems more convenient than Marijuana (THC). Like Marijuana, Spice consumptions leads to the desired effects of relaxation and altered perception. But Spice is an attractive alternative for Marijuana for several reasons:

  • It is cheaper than Marijuana
  • Its effects are stronger than for THC
  • Unlike THC, there is no standard test for Spice so that people won’t get caught testing positive
  • People believe Spice is safe

But Spice is not a safe drug. It is more addictive than THC and has unpleasant side effects. It contains over 200 synthetic cannabinoids that are not well understood by medical staff. As a result, treating Spice medical emergencies can be hazardous.

Teens are easy prey. Spice is the second most abused drug in U.S. high schools. Dealers sell Spice in flashy packaging using cool names like Diablo, Scooby Snax, K2, Spice, Mojo. Users also burn it as incense, brew with tea or smoke it in e-cigarettes. Sometimes it is sold as “natural” incense.

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Reasons to Quit Spice

  1. Spice is addictive. That is a reason for itself. After the first dose, the brain adapts to the chemicals and the user needs to take ampler doses each time. Highly addicted users can consume even six doses daily.
  2. There are side effects of using Spice. They vary, but the most common usually include:
  • increased heart rate,
  • confusion and hallucinations
  • agitation
  • vomiting
  1. Spice consumption is dangerous.

First, side effects can even lead to serious complications like reduced blood supply to the heart and a heart attack.

Second, it contains so many unknown substances, which no one knows all possible risks and side effects.

Finally, there is little available research about Spice.

That leads many people to think, that it is a healthier alternative to Marijuana. In the meantime, emergency personnel does not get sufficient training on treating complications.

3 Steps To Recovery from Spice Addiction

The user requires three steps to recovery permanently from spice addiction: detox, therapy, and aftercare. Following all three stages gives the addict a bigger chance of recovery.

  1. Detox

Your body needs first to get clean of any residue of drugs needs, and this operation can last several days. You will experience withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Cold sweats, nausea, and diarrhea
  • Restlessness and insomnia
  • Anxiety, nightmares, or even paranoia

These symptoms will fade after some days. If your addiction was severe, they could be pretty nasty. For your own good, it is advisable to go through detox with professional health. Not only is it safe, because you are amidst medical staff that watches out for your health. It can be much easier to bare. Trained professionals have experience how to treat or lessen withdrawal symptoms. These will make it more bearable for you.

  1. Therapy helps to understand the reasons for taking Spice and the consequences on their life.

The next step after getting clean is to assist you to get back to a functional life.

During therapy, you will benefit from personal counseling. Its first goal is to understand why you came to that place of addiction in the first place. From here, the therapist will work with you on your thinking pattern. You will learn how to approach difficult situations and unpleasant emotions constructively.

You will also attend group meetings, where you will meet peers facing the same issues as you.

Recreational and educational activities will get you involved in doing pleasant things. At the same time, you will practice skills: responsibility, consistency, and discipline. These qualities are not only helping you to get and stay sober. They will be very useful in life in general too.

This phase can last from four weeks up to several months. The length of your stay depends on:

  • your general health
  • the stage of your addiction
  • possible mental health issue
  • possible multi-drug use
  1. Aftercare

After rehab, you still should take care of yourself. The transition into real life without constant supervision can be challenging, and you will still be vulnerable.

Personal counseling will be helpful to assist you on your path to staying sober on your own.

In addition to that, joining a local support group, such as Marijuana Anonymous, increases your chances for success. Meeting other recovering Spice addicts will keep you motivated to stay on your new sober path.

What Kind of Rehab Facilities Is There For Spice?

Detox Rehab

Some rehab facilities specialize in post-detox treatment only. These are good for people in later stages or after treatment who want to extend their rehabilitation phase. They work in close collaboration with specialized detox clinics. People sometimes undergo their detoxification in these clinics. They are in a safe environment under an advanced medical supervision of doctors and nurses. That often happens, when an addict arrives under drug influence and needs immediate care. After 1-2 weeks of getting that person clean, the patient can continue treatment in a post-detox facility.

Dual Diagnosis Rehab

If you suffer from co-morbidities, (depression or bipolar disorder) you should find a center with dual-diagnosis programs. These facilities employ more psychologists and psychiatrists to work thoroughly on independent mental health issues. Treating addiction without addressing the simultaneous mental health issue is only a short-term gain. That is why these specialized programs deal with both of your issues at the same time. Dual diagnosis treatments can be longer than usual addiction rehab because there is more to work through with the patient.

Faith-Based Rehab

Faith-based rehab centers are usually affordable because religious groups often sponsor them. While all of these centers provide treatment, some might use the facility as a recruitment center.

But this is not a rule. Other centers are very open about their spirituality and attract people that share their faith already. Many faith-based facilities don’t require from patients practicing religion nor converting to the center’s faith. Often the primary goal is to treat patients more than to recruit new religious members.

Teenager Rehab

Witnessing the effects of years of drug abuse in adults could be an effective warning for kids. But young people or their parents can be afraid of placing teens with adults. Sometimes addicted adults can be scary to them and sometimes centers do not allow it for legal reasons.

Numerous facilities provide services and personnel specialized in teen addictions.
  • Teen rehabs are usually better adapted to young people’s interests.
  • Due to their young age, teens are often much less severely addicted than adults.
  • Young people are at a different physiological, emotional and intellectual stage. They require a very different type of care than adults.
  • Many addiction experts recommend recovering teen addicts to stick to peers of their age. That helps them to make new friends and bond with people that understand each other.

Luxury Rehab

Paying a lot for high standards centers does not mean that recovery is more successful. Expensive top-end facilities can surely afford to hire more staff and better-skilled personnel. But that is not a rule and doesn’t mean that regular programs are less efficient.

The difference it makes to pick a luxury rehab center for spice is that your stay will be certainly much more comfortable. You will have access to 5-star meals, private rooms, massages, room service and overall treatment similar to luxury hotels.

How to Find the Right Spice Treatment Center?

You should consider several things when looking for a treatment center, other than your interests:

  • Inpatient or outpatient program
  • Methods used in the rehab center
  • What location
  • Length of rehab program
  • Qualification of the staff
  • The Cost
  • The insurance plan

You can opt for an outpatient treatment program, where you live at home, and attend counseling and group therapy meeting at rehab facilities. Depending on your program, it can range from 5h a week to 5h a day. You get occasional medical checkups, and sometimes you can get medication.

That is often a good option for young people, that are not severely addicted. They can attend school and live a normal life. In outpatient programs, they learn how to resist temptation, and handle peer pressure. But outpatient programs are only worthwhile if the person fully committed to getting clean.

In inpatient or residential Spice rehab centers you live, eat and undergo therapy on site. Counselors and medical staff oversee you 24-hours a day. These settings are ideal for people that require constant care, because:

  • their addiction impeded on their life
  • they want to get clean, but don’t get enough willpower to do it alone
  • they don’t have a sufficient enough support network
  • they abuse other drugs or alcohol
  • they suffer from co-morbidities (other mental or physical conditions)

For teens, the crucial factor is their environment: at home, at school, their community.

Psychological therapy methods also vary from center to center. The cognitive behavioral therapy, the 12 step program, and the SMART method are currently the most popular.

The facility location might be a factor to take into account. If you care about privacy, you might want to choose a rehab center far from your hometown. Especially if you attend an outpatient program, and know that you can risk running into people that you know. Being in a different city also puts you in fresh new surroundings. Many addicts claim this change of setting is useful to start working on their issues without distractions. If you have professional or personal duties, you could choose a conveniently close outpatient facility.

Make sure that the staff is well-trained and experienced in treating Spice addiction and other issues you have.

The length of your stay will affect the overall cost. That is also why outpatient programs are much cheaper than inpatient options. The first hosts you only several hours a week, while the latter houses, feeds and provides medical care 24-hours a day. A word of warning needs to be said. While you might save money on location, do not try to shorten your stay to pay less. If you invest in rehab, do it well.

The cost of attending a Spice rehab program varies depending on the previously mentioned factors.

Ask your insurance company about rehab funding policies. If your plan covers the treatment, you pay nothing for your recovery. Similarly, make sure that the programs you consider accept insurance and are certified. At worse, most centers offer long-term financing plans, so you don’t need to pay the whole cost upfront.

Should I Go to Rehab?

Most people know about rehab for heroin or cocaine, but many don’t associate Spice consumption to addiction. They often don’t know that Spice abuse is an issue taken seriously and treated in rehab centers. As a result, they are often not even aware of their addiction and don’t get help.

These are some of the typical signs of Spice dependence:

  • Reduced mental alertness and ability to concentrate
  • Short term memory loss
  • Lack of motivation for work or school
  • Anxiety or depressive states
  • Cravings for Spice

If you consumed Spice and recognize some of the signs mentioned above, consider contacting a Spice rehab facility.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I fall asleep without taking a dose?

If yes, you might be physically dependent to Spice.

  • Am I craving Spice around the clock?

If not, you might be addicted to Spice.

  • Did my hygiene, productivity or behavior suffer?

  • Am I surrounded by people that use Spice?

If yes, you probably lack a supportive and understanding network.

  • Do I have someone to talk to about how my addiction affects my life?

If not, you could benefit from counseling.

As you now know after reading this post, rehab facilities address all of these issues.

If you are decided and committed to getting clean, people are ready to help you. Don’t let anyone tell you that Spice is harmless. It is for you to decide, whether you want to get your life back on track, clean and under control. The time is now.
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Spice Rehab and Treatment

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