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New Opioid Prescribing Guidelines: Their Benefits For Patients

Opioid pain management risks present tumultuous challenges for both patients and healthcare providers alike. As such, CDC developed helpful resources on the best provisional care for chronic pain. The opioid prescribing guidelines seek to provide meaningful information on how healthcare providers should prescribe opioids for pain and necessary measures.
The exponential growth of opioid addiction in chronic pain patients affects at least 21 to 29% of patients on the drug. A significant number of patients transition to the use of heroin and other drugs. The opioid epidemic continues to pose a question, How can the addiction to opioid pain medication be curbed?

CDC Opioid Prescribing Guidelines Explained

The CDC opioid prescribing guidelines is an opioid prescription directive for healthcare providers, to be referred to when recommending opioid medications for chronic pains except for active cancer treatment, end of life care, and palliative care.
The new guidelines for prescribing opioid pain drugs largely expatiates on:

  • When opioid treatment should be initiated as a treatment for chronic pain
  • The processes of opioid selection for suitability, dosages, the duration for medication, follow-up directives and discontinuation
  • Risk assessment and addressing the dangers associated with opioid use.

In response to the intensifying epidemic of Opioid abuse, the 2019 opioid prescribing guidelines have provided strict laws. The instructions for opioid prescribing and Addiction Resource explains all the essentials in details.

The rationale behind the new guidelines prescribing opioid pain drugs is to further improve communications between the patient and the physician on the benefits and risks of opioid use, also to mitigate the risks involved with long-term opioid use.

New Opioid Prescribing Guidelines by Addiction Resource

Opioid Abuse Requires Immediate Treatment

To avoid dependency, overdose, opioid use disorder, and possible death, the guide has to be strictly adhered to by both patients and doctors. In the case of an addiction risk due to opioid use, follow the recommendations, and seek professional help immediately.