Recovery Without Walls Rehab Review: Alternative Outpatient Care

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Recovery Without Walls Review

This private family medical practice was founded by one of the top rehab treatment professionals, Dr. Howard Kornfeld  in 2006 and uses an innovative new paradigm in addiction treatment. Located in Mill Valley California, this center pioneered specialized outpatient treatments which address chronic pain management using buprenorphine or suboxone to battle opioid withdrawal. It also focuses on prescription drug abuse treatment for youth and adults of any gender. This drug rehab helps people struggling with a diverse set of addiction is supported by a strong network of board certified medical doctors and degreed health care professionals with numerous accolades.

Recovery Without Walls Treatment Programs

Treating heroin addiction is a specialty here but, this outpatient clinic is by no means a rehab for heroin only. It is equipped to treat a wide variety of other addiction issues such as prescription drug, opiate, sleeping pill, benzodiazepine and alcohol addiction as well as the chronic pain that often leads people to turn to those drugs out of desperation. With its patient-centered philosophy, this center eschews residential programs and has patients remain at their home and visit the clinic for scheduled treatments and counseling sessions. Guided, supervised detox services are available from compassionate, caring physicians and nurses. For rare and extreme cases a patient may be refered to stay in the adjacent hotel to participate in the program to experience a higher level of supervision and support.

This is among the best rehabs for cutting edge, evidenced-based drug recovery. It uses pharmacology techniques to manage pain and withdrawal symptoms. It uses psychotherapy to build lasting anti-addiction behaviors and habits. Additional nutritional support is given to rebuild a healthy body and mind for long term relapse prevention.

Most importantly, due to its 100% confidential, outpatient structure, the people seeking help at this clinic experience the bare minimum of disruption in their daily lives while undergoing treatment. Many are able to maintain their usual routines will getting the help they need to take back control.

Recovery Without Walls: Facilities and Extras

Despite not having a residential facility, the wider professional network of Recovery Without Walls includes businesses that provide therapeutic, healing services which patients can be referred to. Local rehabs with inpatient residencies often don’t allow patients to leave to find other necessary services, but this is not the case with Recovery Without Walls. Their progressive outlook has led this rehab to recognize the need for a more holistic approach to wellness. As a result, patients are free to use the nearby yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy services and traditional Eastern medicine to supplement the care they receive at this rehab.

Rules and Regulations in Recovery Without Walls

New Patients must undergo an extensive initial evaluation and submit a $1000 payment. The patient may opt for the treatment duration to be as long or as short as is necessary. Treatment cost run from $380 to $500 per hour depending on the specialist being seen. Insurance cannot be billed directly and Medicare is not accepted at this rehab.

Patients are forbidden to be using drugs that have not been prescribed by the medical staff at Recovery Without Walls. Any supplemental counseling and therapy regime is expected to be adhered to. Since it is an outpatient program, most of the responsibility of maintaining this regimen falls on the patient, however the treatment staff will perform follow-up work to confirm patient cooperation.

Recovery Without Walls Review

This a one of the few California rehabs centers that is primarily an outpatient facility which positions it as a great option for professionals with a busy schedule and full life to maintain while on their journey to recovery. Outpatient services are not for everyone. The patient must approach this with a strong internal desire to change or the treatment will likely be ineffective or short-lived. But for some people the individualized treatment is the perfect balance of support and leeway to let them recover from their addiction while maintaining their personal routine.


The main office of Dr. Kornfeld is open Monday through Thursday  from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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