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New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center Overview

New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center is part of the New Beginnings Group, which also includes a Worship Center and the Sober Living Housing project operated by the company. The entire organization relies on funds collected from contributions and donations and delivers a range of services that primarily focus on long-term recovery for each of the patients who present addiction-related behaviors and symptoms. This particular center has been offering their substance abuse recovery services to patients in the local area for almost an entire decade now and continues to strive toward a sober community.

New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center Housing

New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center has a relatively large campus, with multiple buildings on the property that are used to provide the patients who are in need of treatment with adequate housing while they are being treated for their addictions. Two primarily buildings are used to offer gender-specific housing to all patients. Up to 28 men can be housed in the Men’s Home at a time, while the Women’s Residence building has enough room to ensure 18 women can be treated at a time. Rooms are all shared among the patients.

New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center Treatment Options

Treatment at New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center has a faith-based approach that involves regular gatherings at the nearby Worship Center. Apart from the professional treatment services included in a patient’s treatment program, patients are also advised that they need to pray for a safe and effective recovery during their time in residential treatment.
There are no specific details available in terms of how exactly patients are treated, but we were able to determine that a variety of methods can be provided to help improve the chances that the patient will be able to achieve lifelong recovery. Furthermore, we were able to determine that the treatments at the company are based on what is known as the “Minnesota model.”
Specific types of treatment options available at New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center might include:

  • Psycho-education classes
  • Psychodynamic Processing services
  • 12-step framework recovery program
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders
  • Medication management

New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center Therapies Provided

In addition to providing patients access to educational resources and classes, as well as medication management services, there are several therapists involved in the programs that are assigned to patients at the New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center. These therapists are able to help patients throughout their recovery and may provide them access to therapy options that include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center Payment Options

The residential treatment programs that patients are offered at New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center are all free-of-charge. The patient is welcomed even when they are not able to afford recovery services, as the organization believes that everyone deserves a chance to recover from their addictions and start to live a sober life. All of the services provided to patients at the center are dependent on the contributions that are made to the organization. Patients who are in need of treatment at the company may choose to make a donation themselves, should they have the financial resources to do so.

New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center Accreditations

Many patients want to ensure that they can be treated by professionals who deliver effective treatment solutions before they commit to recovery at a specific facility that offers addiction treatment services. This is why accreditations are important for patients, as these accreditations tell the patient which facilities have been assessed by national bodies to ensure they deliver high-quality and effective services to their patients. Unfortunately, we were not able to determine if New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center holds any existing accreditations provided to them by national bodies such as the Joint Common or by CARF International.

New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center Amenities

The services offered at New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center are free, and the center depends on fees collected through donations. Thus, patients should not expect any impressive amenities when treated through a residential program at the company. The company is connected to the group’s sober living program, however.
Patients who have gone through a residential treatment program may apply to live in one of these sober living houses afterward for aftercare and further support, as well as to ensure they can be reintroduced to the world while still living in a building that makes them feel safe and prevents them from being exposed to substances that could cause them to experience a relapse to addiction.

New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center Staff

While New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center is active on some social media websites, there is no website that can be utilized in order to obtain more specific details about what the center has to offer its patients. This, of course, would include a list of the staff members involved in the company. Even though the services are free of charge, patients will still want to know that they can trust those staff members.
Those stuff will be providing them with educational sessions and counseling services, if the patients decide to approach the company to seek help, the staff will ensure they can overcome the addictions that they are currently struggling with. Patients should be able to contact the New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center if they wish to know more about the staff members who offer their professional services at the facility.

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  • Michael harper
    Yes im an alcoholic and I’m homeless and I’m from evergreen alabama,and was wondering is there any programs I could join for help if I have no money
  • Kathleen Phillips
    My son has been @ New Beginnings for a week now. The change I have seen in him is nothing short of GOD’S work. I’m so grateful for a place to bring him to and see results in such a short time. Thank you, thank you
  • Laurie
    I was told it is not free…$500 a month for the first 90 days then $60 a week if they decide to stay longer..Is this correct?
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