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Mountain View Hospital Overview

Mountain View Hospital was initially built as an exceptionally small facility for the treatment of tuberculosis back in 1918. Since then, the company has burnt down and was completely rebuilt, and has also evolved over the years into a full treatment center that can help patients with a variety of problems, including psychiatric conditions and mental health issues, as well as problems with addictions to drugs, as well as alcohol.
The facility also recently introduced new units that they manage, where some patients may qualify to undergo inpatient treatment services. Prior to the introduction of this new facility, all patients were treated through outpatient programs and services at the Mountain View Hospital.

Mountain View Hospital Housing

Multiple centers are now operated under the inpatient psychiatric unit introduced by Mountain View Hospital. At the moment, however, it does not seem like these facilities that offer inpatient treatment programs focuses on addictions, but rather on psychiatric conditions. There are specialized facilities available to assist in the treatment of psychiatric and mental health disorders among children, adolescents, and adults.
The Summit Crest Lodge was also developed for the youth who require residential treatment for specific types of mental conditions, such as depression, trauma, and anxiety disorders. Thus, patients who present signs of addiction would most likely be treated through outpatient services at Mountain View Hospital.

Mountain View Hospital Treatment Options

Mountain View Hospital offers treatment solutions that can be provided to a wide range of patients. While addiction recovery services are part of the solutions that they have to offer their patients, a number of other services are also available. Patients who have an addiction and is suffering from a mental disorder can be treated for both of these conditions through a single treatment program.
The treatment options presented to patients at Mountain View Hospital are primarily divided into the following categories:

  • Outpatient treatment services
  • Inpatient psychiatric treatment services
  • Summit Crest Lodge for adolescents and pre-adolescents

Mountain View Hospital Therapies Provided

The treatments that patients will gain access to when they are admitted to either an inpatient or outpatient program at Mountain View Hospital will primarily rely on therapy sessions with a licensed counselor in order to help the patient address the root causes of their symptoms and issues. Individual sessions with these therapists will ultimately be a key to the recovery of the patient. Group therapy is another useful option that is provided to some patients, depending on the specific program that they have been admitted to.

Mountain View Hospital Payment Options

Since each patient who comes to Mountain View Hospital will be provided with a program that is customized and tailored to what they need to recover, it is difficult for the center to offer an accurate overview of the costs involved with treatment. Several insurance providers are accepted at Mountain View Hospital, but the patient is advised that their benefits first need to be verified. The patient may take their insurance card to the admission staff members at the facility to help them determine if their current insurance policy would pay for the services needed from Mountain View Hospital.

Mountain View Hospital Accreditations

Mountain View Hospital has received a Joint Commission accreditation, based on the accreditations that this international organization provides hospitals specifically. This accreditation provides the interested patient with evidence that the services they would be provided when they are treated at Mountain View Hospital have been appropriately reviewed and approved based on both their quality and effectiveness.

Mountain View Hospital Amenities

Not much is mentioned regarding amenities that the company is able to offer the patients who need to undergo residential treatment services, but it should also be noted that these services primarily focus on those patients with psychiatric disorders, and not on the patients with active addictions. We did note that some of the programs offered at the facility include access to medication management services, which can be useful to some patients.

Mountain View Hospital Staff

Mountain View Hospital has expanded greatly over the last few decades and now operates multiple facilities within the Alabama region. This also means that they have increased the number of staff members employed to provide effective and professional services to the patients who are being treated through the programs that the company has to offer.
Even though they do seem to have a large board of staff members that offer their services and care to patients, the company has not disclosed any details of the treatment team that cares for patients who come to Mountain View Hospital on their website. The only information related to staff shared on their website is a list related to the board of directors. Patients should contact the company directly for more extensive details of their treatment and medical staff.

G. Michael Shehi (MD) – Medical Director, Charmain of the Board, CEO of Mountain View Hospital

G. Michael Shehi has been providing his professional psychiatry services to patients since 1982 and completed his residency at the University of AL at Birmingham. He is a Diplomate of the National Board of Medical Examiners, the American Academy of Pain Management, and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Emmett Poundstone (JD) – Vice Chairman of the Board, VP of Development

Emmett Poundstone is a graduate from the Auburn University and obtained a J.D. degree after he graduated from the University of Alabama. He has been working with governmental departments related to mental health services for more than two decades.
Other staff members:

  • James Pouncey – Board Member
  • Sara Romano (RN) – RN, COO, Secretary of the Board
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  • LaTaya Swain
    I have a son who is 17 and he is on pills(Xanax), smoke weed, drinks alcohol, very disrespectful to grown folks and me his mother and he have drop out of school. He stealing from everybody. He have insurance (Medicaid). I really need some cause. I do not want to bury my child. Please Help!!!!!!!
  • Annonymous
    I work at Mountainview Hospital in Gadsden AL for a few years. In my time there I have seen many things swept under the rug. It’s time to bring all those things into the light. There are many good people that work there, but there are many bad as well. But the truly awful are the ones in administration. 1.  I would like to address the issue of cleanliness. Never have I ever worked at a place so dirty and disgusting. There are mice, mold, dirt and grime from decades ago caked up and painted over. Housekeeping is non-exisitant. It’s like the mythical unicorn, everyone has heard about it but no one has seen it. The equipment breaks down and instead of fixing it, they store it away to save money. The floor cleaner/buffer has been broken since 2017.  Joint Commission has even come into the hospital and said it was the nastiest hospital they’ve been in and wouldn’t leave their own family members there for treatment. Mountainview Hospital would rather slap a coat of paint on something that actually put money into it and upgrade or improve conditions. They will do whatever they can to spare a few dollars.  2. 80% of the time the showers in the patient rooms do not work. More times that not there will be 3 showers that can be used for a total of 20 patients. This is true for all floors. At one point in time the hospital was without hot water for almost a week and ALL units on all floors had to go down to the basement and use the only availabl working shower. If you can imagine almost 40 plus patients having to use 1 shower. 3. Also the heating and air conditioning units only work 20% of the time. Mountainview refuses to put the money out to upgrade the units and chose to simply paint them instead and make them look newer. However many of our patients freeze in the winter and burn up in the summer. You can put in multiple maintenance request, however this problem is ongoing and unmanaged. 4. Lets not forget about the washers and dryers. Most of the washers and dryers on the unit are old and outdated. There are a few new ones but with the amount of use they get, they don’t stay new long. More times than I can count the washers and dryers on the units have been out of service. It’s not uncommon for staff to have to take clothing to multiple units or floors just to ensure that patients have clean clothing. This wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t a common thing. We could have a washer on 1 unit working and a dryer on another. Residential kids are supposed to do their own laundry as part of their treatment plan, however without proper utilities at their disposal they can not. 5. Staffing… this is something that Mountainview doesn’t seem to understand. For nurses it’s supposed to be a ratio of 1 nurse per 12 patients. I have seen 1 nurse take on 20 plus patients on a regular. I have also seen 1 nurse take on 2 units that would be close to 30 patients. Clearly Mountainview isn’t worried about medication safety and the nurses actually being able to medically treat patients in need. As for technicians, the ratios are slightly different. During the day when patients are away the minimum staff ratio for psychiatric technicians is 3 patients to 1 technician. However when they are asleep the ratio changes to  9 patients per 1 technician. This is NEVER the case for Mountainview. On more than one occasion I have worked with just myself and a nurse on the unit with over 15 patients while awake, sometimes more. Most of the time they have 2 technicians on a floor with 1 nurse and close to 20 patients. If there are less than 10 patients it’s only 1 technician. On several occasions 1 nurse or 1 tech will be left alone on a unit for the majority of the day with 6 or more patients. They say the reason for this is because they simply don’t have the staff. However, when they do have the staff they send people home to save money stating they are overstaffed. Another staffing concern is staff location. In order to provide a truly therapeutic environment it’s in the best interest of the patients to keep consistency in staff, meaning that if a staff member works a certain floor and they are familiar with that floor and the patients on that floor they should remain on that floor. Because of the inconsistency in staff on the unit the patients get upset and test limits with new or unfamiliar staff. Staff can’t build rapore with patients. Having the same staff consistently is beneficial for patients and for staff. The staff learn their team members strengths and weaknesses and when to utilize each other.  6. Mountainview Hospital also has a high turnover rates for employment. If the rate of pay isn’t bad enough, the lack of staffing and safety and concern from administration will run you off. Starting base pay for LPN’s at Mountainview is $12.00 hr. Starting base pay for RN’s at Mountainview is $14.00 hr. Nurses have actually laughed in interview at the rate of pay and walked out. Starting base pay for psychiatric technicians at Mountainview
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