Mothers Making a Change, Marietta, Georgia

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Mothers Making a Change Overview

The Mothers Making a Change is a part of the highly successfully rehabilitation center known as The Cobb County Community. The Mothers Making a Change rehabilitation center is located in Marietta, Georgia, and so far has served as quite the successful rehabilitation center offering help to young adults above the age of 18 as well as older adults. The Mothers Making a Change facility accepts only female patients. Pregnant women, postpartum women, and parenting mothers are all accepted into the facility with the sole purpose to help these women who are suffering from alcohol abuse, drug abuse or common mental health issues to recover and get their lives sorted out in a safe, supportive environment.
The Mothers Making a Change specializes in helping financially-challenged women and criminal justice clients. The facility follows the 12-step recovery process. Upon their arrival, the patients are required to complete their detoxification, which they can do in a near-by detox institution. Two programs are offered to the patients at the Mothers Making a Change – the inpatient and the intensive outpatient program (IOP). Dual diagnosis support is also available. Women who deliver their babies during their treatment at the Mothers Making a Change are offered free, regular medical assistance and care for their babies. Parenting mothers are advised to bring their children with them during their treatment, as it is considered that no child should be separated from their mother. The children are given free, regular medical assistance as well from a local pediatrician.

Mothers Making a Change Housing

The Mothers Making a Change rehabilitation center can accommodate 20 patients at a time in one or two-bedroom apartments which are fully furnished. Apart from bedrooms, fully equipped bathrooms, kitchens, and a common living area are available in each apartment. The patients are required to buy groceries and cook three meals a day on their own. They are given food stamps from the local food bank which they exchange for groceries. Mothers with children are accepted into the facility as well, as children are living together with their mothers during their treatment.

Mothers Making a Change Treatment Options

At Mothers Making a Change, you will find the following treatment options:

  • Inpatient treatment program – The inpatient treatment program requires patients to live, eat, sleep and attend their scheduled therapy sessions on the grounds of the facility, for as long as their treatment lasts. The inpatient treatment program includes individual and group therapy sessions, as well as, family therapy sessions and trauma therapy sessions when needed. Relapse prevention classes teach the patients about the potential relapse triggers that they can expect to occur and how to successfully avoid them. The duration of the inpatient program is around six to eight months; however, it can last longer or shorter than that according to the medical condition of the patient.
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP) – The intensive outpatient program (IOP) allows patients to live at home while they visit the facility in order to participate in the individual and group therapy sessions on a weekly basis. The IOP is recommended to any patient that does not require close medical supervision. However, patients who are assigned to the IOP but do not have a place to stay on their own can choose to live on the grounds of the main treatment facility.

Mothers Making a Change Therapies Provided

Therapeutic services that the patient is given access to at Mothers Making a Change rehabilitation center include:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Trauma therapy sessions
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Detoxification
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Life skills classes

Mothers Making a Change Payment Options

According to the official website of the Mothers Making a Change rehabilitation center, the facility accepts most insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid, etc. For more information on the topic, please contact the staff via email or phone.

Mothers Making a Change Licenses

According to the official website of the Mothers Making a Change rehabilitation center, the facility, and its professional team enjoys the accreditation by the CARF (The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), which is a non-profit organization responsible for maintaining only high-quality care and services at the accredited rehabilitation centers. For more information on the topic, please contact the staff via email or phone.

Mothers Making a Change Amenities

The Mothers Making a Change rehabilitation center offers an opportunity for mothers to bring their children with them in the facility during their treatment. Childcare is provided at all times by the professional staff and children are well taken care of while their mothers are attending therapy sessions. After their treatment at the Mothers Making a Change rehabilitation center has been successfully completed, the patients are given job referrals and recommendations to help them succeed in the job search process.

Mothers Making a Change Staff

The professional team at the Mothers Making a Change rehabilitation center includes highly experienced, supportive registered nurses, physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, case managers, behavioral health workers, social workers, and a CADC (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor).

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