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Last Updated: December 19, 2019

Authored by Roger Weiss, MD

The Strattera price varies depending on the dosage of the drug, a pharmacy, and a method (a card, insurance, coupon, etc.) used to purchase it. Anyone can buy Strattera at an independent or major pharmacy with a prescription for this drug, but what is important is how and how much one can save buying Strattera.

How Much Does Strattera Cost?

The prices of Strattera medication vary depending on the pharmacy. Also, Strattera dosages and number of capsules determine how much the customers will pay for the drug. Below, there are comparative prices of brand name and generic version of the medication.

Atomoxetine (generic) prices 

Dosage 7
10mg $41-84 $110-205 $233-426 $463-653 $693-1,280
18mg $69-124 $148-223 $165-426 $591-853 $885-1,280
25mg $52-100 $104-209 $201-426 $394-853 $834-1,285
40mg $79-129 $164-234 $315-473 $606-949 $893-1,425
60mg $74-108 $147-232 $289-463 $606-927 $828-1,390
80mg $81-117 $174-250 $347-500 $451-1,000 $978-1,500
100mg $81-147 $175-264 $348-500 $693-1,000 $1,038-1,500

Strattera (brand name) prices 

Dosage 10
10mg $156-166 $234-249 $465-499 $926-998 $1,388-1,489
18mg $163-167 $222-228 $468-500 $931-1,001 $1,393-1,499
25mg $152-174 $237-261 $494-526 $929-1,064 $1,390-1,603
40mg $171-180 $255-266 $507-528 $1,009-1,053 $1,512-1,577
60mg $173-184 $262-271 $519-533 $1,034-1,058 $1,552-1,582
80mg $177-201 $279-309 $554-587 $1,095-1,288 $1,636-1,940
100mg $181-211 $274-321 $549-652 $1,098-1,313 $1,646-1,975

Why Is Strattera So Expensive?

The price of brand-name drugs is always more than generic medication because the pharmaceutical company has more expenses for the production of this medication.

When it comes to buying Strattera, it’s not only the fact that it costs too much, but also that insurance covers only a small part of this price, making adults and parents still struggle to pay for ADHD treatment. People often compare the price of Adderall and Strattera, as Adderall is also used as an ADHD medication. However, these two are different, and a doctor’s consultation is needed when opting for optional med.

An alternative and more affordable option would be the generic form of this medication, which works just like the brand-name drug. In many situations, choosing generic medication can help the patient save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year on treatment.

buying Strattera in a pharmacy

How To Save On Prescription?

There are some options for patients who want to pay less for Strattera.

Shop Around

Prices for this drug are different, depending on where the drug is purchased. Strattera prices can vary by $25, $40, or more. Ask around at various pharmacies and use drug pricing websites that can find the best price option for medication.

Ask The Doctor’s Help

One can ask their doctor to prescribe the drug for 90 days, which is usually a little cheaper. Also, some pharmacies offer price discounts if the drug is purchased for an extended period of time. The patient could also ask the doctor to prescribe the generic drug instead of the name-brand one.

There are also doctors who offer free samples of ADHD medication Strattera. So the users, together with their treating physician, could see if this treatment would work for them before paying for the drug.

Coupons And Similar Discounts

Some other options to reduce the price of this drug would be a printable Strattera coupon, trial offer, savings card, rebate, or free samples. One can download some of these offers from websites, while others need registration and completing a questionnaire.

Strattera coupons and other discount options

Prescription Discount Card

A Strattera savings card is similar to a patient assistance program. It helps to cut on the price of this medication when it is purchased. The best part is that this card can be used in addition to the insurance coverage (if any), and some cards are open to anyone, no matter what income one might have.

Patient Assistance Programs

A patient assistance program (PAP) is a program sponsored by one or several pharmaceutical companies. The purpose of PAPs is to help low-income patients or those who are uninsured and under-insured, with free or discounted drugs. Specific guidelines have to be met, and each program has its own eligibility requirements. These options are aimed at helping patients who can not afford to pay the entire price, even with a Strattera discount.

There are also those who choose a natural Strattera alternative, which can show some slight improvement in ADHD symptoms, but which are not as efficient as treatment with an SNRI or a stimulant. Always exercise caution with natural and OTC alternatives and get a doctor’s consultation first.

Strattera Cost With Insurance

Medicare does not cover the Strattera (brand name) treatment. Therefore, a co-payment is required. This happens because Strattera is in the same category as Ritalin (methylphenidate), which is cheaper and therefore fully covered. For the generic drug, Medicare covers the entire atomoxetine cost, however, only within Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans. The same is applied to Medicaid coverage.

Medicare coverage (co-pay) for Strattera cost by type of coverage stage

Stage Deductible Typical Coverage Gap Catastrophic Coverage
Brand name $454–533 $95–533 $204–533 $23–533
Generic $15–434 $15–434 $53–252 $3–22

There are also private insurance companies. Their coverage of Strattera prices depends on the plan. I most cases, the generic drug is fully or partially covered. However, patients need to clarify the details with the insurance provider.

Strattera Cost Without Insurance

If a person does not have insurance, then a full Strattera cost will be paid, but some discount options can reduce it. That’s why it is important to have health insurance to cover partly or fully the expenses on medication in case of any health problems.

Caution On Strattera Misuse

The misuse of Strattera by taking more often than recommended or not respecting the dosage can lead to a substance use disorder. The patient should be informed about this danger before prescribing Strattera. There are numerous clinics and addiction treatment centers that provide help to patients who have developed an addiction. In most cases, these facilities offer personalized plans to facilitate substance abuse prevention and treatment for better and long-standing recovery.

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