Cymbalta High: Can Its Recreational Use Cause Euphoria?

Last Updated: December 18, 2019

Authored by Sharon Levy, MD, MPH

Cymbalta, as an antidepressant, is designed to make users feel better. However, some users end up chasing the Cymbalta high, abusing the drug. Everyone taking the medication should understand Cymbalta euphoria and how to seek help should they be tempted to abuse their medication.

Can Cymbalta Get One High?

The consensus within the scientific community is that antidepressants cannot get one high. However, the growing abuse of these medications indicates otherwise. Many people use Cymbalta—the duloxetine brand name medication—to achieve a sense of euphoria.
Ultimately, whether the medical community agrees on its existence or not, people are chasing the Cymbalta high. As such, it is important that all users understand duloxetine high and the euphoria it is said to deliver.

Cymbalta Euphoria: What Is It?

Ultimately, the Cymbalta euphoria is not as intense as what is experienced with many other drugs, especially street drugs. This might be part of why the medication community generally believe that Cymbalta cannot get one high. However, many users attest that they experience it regularly.
In general, the greater the dose of the drug, the more likely the user is to experience the euphoria. Those who get close to or hit the Cymbalta max dose daily can experience it regularly. Those who abuse it will often exceed that dose chasing the euphoria.
Users describe the duloxetine euphoria in various ways, including:

  • an exceptionally pleasant feeling
  • a sense that all is right with the world
  • increased mood
  • a constant state of borderline mania
  • deep relaxation
  • an empowering sense of confidence

Cymbalta Recreational Use: Snorting Cymbalta

Because many users believe that the drug delivers a special euphoria, they may be tempted to engage in duloxetine recreational use. Recreational use can be defined in many ways. In some cases, it means taking more of the medication than prescribed or using it without a prescription. In other cases, users may be prescribed the substance and taking the right amount but using it in a non-approved way. When it comes to duloxetine, this often means snorting the drug.

cymbalta snorting

Cymbalta recreational use is dangerous, no matter how the drug is used. However, snorting Cymbalta has some especially dangerous side effects. These include:

  • damage to the nostrils and sinuses
  • frequent sinus and respiratory infections
  • inflammation of the nasal passages and difficulty breathing
  • nasal ulcers
  • the emergence of cavities in the nasal passages
  • nose deformities

Additionally, how much Cymbalta to overdose is less when snorting than when taken correctly. While physically, one can snort duloxetine, it is not advisable. Anyone looking to snort Cymbalta should seek addiction treatment.

Getting High On Cymbalta: Is It Dangerous?

Even outside of snorting the drug, chasing duloxetine hydrochloride high is not advisable. Antidepressants, while meant to treat the major depressive disorder and other behaviors health issues, also tend to have side effects that, in fact, can amplify the symptoms of the problem being treated. The greater the dose, the more likely the user is to experience these effects, which include suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

Technically, the duloxetine euphoria can be achieved at therapeutic doses since it most likely is just the medication helping to eliminate the symptoms of depression. However, the longer one takes it, the more accustomed the body becomes to it, and the less likely it is that a user will feel euphoria they are chasing. This then encourages the user to take more of the medication, putting them at risk of significant physical damage, as well as the possibility of overdosing.

Ultimately, there is no good reason for someone to attempt to use duloxetine to get high. The risks are too great, and given Cymbalta prices, it isn’t even a cheap way to chase a sense of euphoria. Users should steer clear of trying to get high on Cymbalta.

Getting Help With Duloxetine Abuse

Getting high on Cymbalta is a bad decision, no matter the dose taken or how it is ingested. Abusing this drug risks severe depressive episodes, suicidal thoughts and actions, and overdose. Anyone who is abusing the drug or even considering the possibility should seek medical attention. Drug rehabilitation centers offer the treatments needed to get and stay clean.

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Published on: May 30th, 2019

Updated on: December 18th, 2019

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  • Laurie
    I have been prescribed cymbalta for over 10 years. I have tried to stop taking it but the withdraw from in unbearable. I get dizzy cant think clearly, feel like fainting, even had a major seizure after having bladder tumor removed. I think cymbalta caused the tumor. I dont drink alcohol or use other drugs. I would have never started taking this drug if I knew My body would become addicted to cymbalta. I take 60 mgs once a day. I want to stop but how can I function day to day or go through withdraw with all the awful withdraw symptoms? This is like a nightmare
  • Samuel Goodwin
    The only high one gets with cymbalta is when they put a gun to their head and end the agony that the drug has caused!!!
  • Marc Bisson
    Thank you for the information that is listed above. I know a few people on this drug and personally will not use it ever. It gives me bad side effects like very loose stools and that’s enough for me to never take it again. I have friends and family that have been on it and they had the hardest time weaning off of it. I was scripted this drug back in February 2020 for nerve pain from a back injury due to heavy construction in 2005. I had been on and off of oxycodone since then and have been searching for an alternative to that. This was one of many other scripts given to me as an alternate. The reason I am leaving a comment here is to see if there are any other remedy’s out there to relieve the chronic pain associated with degenerative disc disease?