Synthetic Urine: The Best Way to Pass a Urine Drug Test

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test Using Synthetic Urine?

How does synthetic urine work?

Synthetic urine is a substance that imitates real urine. Often sold as a powder, synthetic urine is mixed with water to provide a pee-like substance. Kits are sold online and may include heating pads to keep the temperature between 32° and 38° C. Synthetic urine can be used to pass drug tests.

Does synthetic urine always work?

The success of synthetic urine depends on a number of factors and the sophistication of the lab carrying out the testing. The biggest challenge  to passing a drug test using fake urine is smuggling the substance into the test. Users suggest taping it to your body or using devices such as Whizzinator.

Drug Testing

Drug testing in the United States is a standard procedure performed by many companies in order to prevent injuries and increase safety. While some organizations don’t conduct testing, many use different forms of testing to check if their employees follow organizational rules and policies.

Around 61.8% of companies, according to data provided by the American Management Association, test their employees, and not only for safety. Drug use can lead to low productivity and drug abuse, which costs companies money. Urine testing is one of the most efficient ways to check a person.

Even if you’re not a frequent user, you might be worried that even a single joint could cost you your job. The good news is that with synthetic urine, you can pass a drug test even when you’re not clean.
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Urine Testing

There are many types of drug tests: hair, blood, saliva, etc. Urine testing, however, is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to check if a person is abusing any substances. 52.5% of all drug tests are used in the preliminary process of recruitment.

If you can’t stay clean, there are different ways to cheat and pass a test. There are three common methods: sample dilution, adulteration, or substitution.
  • A diluted sample contains a higher amount of water, lowering the drug ratios. If one drinks a lot of water before giving the sample, dilution can be achieved. However, dilution doesn’t guarantee a negative result. Some people pour water directly into the sample, and that’s why many labs add dyes to their toilets and don’t allow the usage of a sink.
  • Adulterating a sample is another method to pass a test. It’s achieved by adding chemicals, such as soap, vinegar, etc., to the urine, to interfere with the drug levels of the testing equipment. However, sometimes adulteration can cause a chemical reaction, and you don’t want “bubbling urine”! There are many adulteration products, such as Mary Jane Super Clean 13, that are common on the market.
  • Substituting your urine sample is maybe the most effective way to pass a test. Some people use another person’s urine, though this method can be tricky. You never know who is on what, and in at least one instance a man used his girlfriend’s urine and tested…pregnant. Others have used a pet’s urine, with poor results. Also note that real urine grows bacteria after 8 hours.

Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is basically powdered urine that, when mixed with water, imitate real urine.

There are many promises online, but check reviews and parameters before you order. Note that a good product have a shelf life of two years. This does not apply once the powder has been mixed with water.

When purchased, keep the kit at room temperature and away from sunlight.

Also, don’t forget that the temperature is crucial. The perfect temperature is between 32° and 38° C (90°-100° F). Many products come with heaters and pads to ensure the right temperature and also strips used as thermometers. You can also heat up your sample on the stove or in a microwave. If it gets too hot, place it on a cool surface for a while.

Depending on the test (supervised or not), in order to “smuggle” in your sample, people suggest:

  • Wearing a belt under your clothes (however, you might be given a robe)
  • Tape a container to your inner thigh
  • Put the sample in your vagina (if you’re a woman)
  • Use a device such as Whizzinator (a fake penis; but beware of these products, as the companies have been accused of fraud)

Best Synthetic Urine

Online reviews show that most of the users recommend:

  • Sub-Solution (with a fast heating powder method and real smell)
  • Purine (with a heater, temperature strips and on a reasonable price)
  • Quick Fix (with all the ingredients of human piss)

Anyway, any synthetic urine is easy to use. Basically, you just mix the powder with water and set it on the right temperature:

  • Prepare the mixture
  • After you’ve reached the right temperature, put the sample in a heating pad
  • Find a place where to hide it without being detected

Don’t waste to much time when tested (usually, around 4 minutes are given), and remember to bring at least 30 ml of urine when tested. It’s also a good idea to test yourself with a home drug test kit to see how it works.

Keep in mind that some states, including as Illinois, Arkansas, and Maryland have banned synthetic urine. In Colorado, though, it’s still legal.

Make Your Own

There are many ‘recipes’ to make your own fake pee. No, don’t mix water with lemonade! Many parameters are tested in labs, and reviews state the following:

  • pH (it should be between 4.6 and 8)
  • Gravity when compared to water (between 1.005 and 1.030)
  • Creatinine levels (must be over 15 mg/kg of bodyweight)
  • Uric acid and urea (carbamide)
  • Color and odor
  • Temperature (between 32° and 38° C, as stated above)

Passing The Test

Compared to hair tests, which go back 90 days, and saliva tests, which go back 3 days, urine tests are the preferred method to test for drugs. Statistics show that more than 2,200,000 drug tests every year come back positive, and many of them are people who tried to pass unsuccessfully.

One of the biggest challenges of fake urine is figuring out how to smuggle it in. There are many safeguards in the lab facilities, coats and bags are not allowed, soaps are removed, and taps are off.

Laboratories nowadays are very advanced, and many products can’t catch up to the testing technologies. Labs perform an EMIT (enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique). They measure the temperature and the color. Additionally, there are GC-MS machines (gas chromatography-mass spectrometry).

Drugs & Testing

Every drug is different. It’s not clear how long a particular drug can stay in your system to be detected. It’s also very individual and depends on a person’s history of abuse. One can get clean from cocaine fast, while cannabis can stay between 7 and 30 days in your urine. There are even cases of people that tested positive for marijuana months after detox.

With a good diet, a lot of rest, exercise, and plenty of water, you can get clean in around 4-6 weeks. You can use synthetic urine to cheat and pass, but of course a drug-free life is the best way to beat a drug test, and to live your life.

Synthetic Urine: The Best Way to Pass a Urine Drug Test

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