The Ultimate Guide to Passing Any Drug Test

Passing a Drug Test

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So, you are finally about to get a job that you have always yearned for, but like many other jobs, you’re required to undergo drug screening. This could put an end to your dreams, if you did drugs last night, last weekend, or even on the last New Year’s Eve. Luckily for you, there are many simple tips and tricks to beating a drug test. In other words, you can pursue your dream job.

The Best Way to Beat Any Drug Test

There are many ways to beat any drug test from abstaining for a certain period of time to using other drugs and medicinal aids. But here’s the simplest yet very effective approach that works on almost every test.

What is the most effective way to pass a blood test?

The most effective way to pass a blood drug test is to rid the body of all toxins and residues by eating healthy, exercising, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough rest. This process is called detoxification.

First off, stop doing drugs a few days or a week before you know you have a drug test coming up. Consuming a lot of water can help get rid of toxin in your body. Drink 6 glasses of water or more in a day, but don’t consume too much water at once. Try to boost your metabolism by doing some sort of intense physical exercise. Exercising helps detoxify your body quickly. Eating healthy is also important, especially foods rich in fiber, which can help with the detoxification process. Make sure you eat breakfast and try not to eat late at night because that food can turn into fat.  Avoid sugar, coffee, sugary or carbonated drinks, and products that boost your metabolism quicker.

In short, you have to stop taking drugs and start eating healthy, drinking enough water, and doing plenty of exercise to quickly get the drug metabolites out of your body. This is the healthiest and easiest approach, but it takes a while. If you are short of time, there are other ways that you may consider.
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What is the best way to pass any drug test?

The best way to pass any drug test is to cleanse the body of all toxins an drug residues. First, stop all drug use immediately. You can then help speed up the body’s natural detoxification process by getting plenty of rest, drinking lots of water, and eating healthy.

Issues with Adulterating Your Sample

Until recently, adding contaminants in your urine sample have been very common to beat a test. With new and improved technology lab test can indicate if the sample given is by the same person or not. The adulterated sample of urine will have a different temperature level; it will throw the PH level off. The PH level should be 4.0 to 9.0 if not within that range might mean the sample was altered. The specific gravity test for dilution ranges from 1.003 to 1.030. If not within this range, it could be that the sample is adultery. They will find substance normal not found in urine.  Nearly 2,800,000 tests will come out positive this year and higher percent will come from the people that tried adulterating their sample. With the technology improving day by day, the percentage will get greater.

Will I get caught if I use someone else’s urine for a drug test?

With the technology that is available today, it is likely you will be caught if you are using someone else’s urine for a drug test. Lab tests can now tell if the urine being tested is from the same person and whether anything was added to the sample to mask the presence of drugs.

Many people will try different ways to cheat on drug tests, and one such trick is using dishwashing soap. It is a common misconception that dishwashing soap can make your test come out negative, however, that is not true. When tested it could cause bubbles and that is not normally found in urine. The bubbles will put a suspicion on the mind of the tester. They will do more testing to see what is going on and they will probably detect it.

Another thing people try to use is bleach, which is not a good idea. Bleach can have detected and it will not help you. You will most likely still test positive on your drug test. On the other hand, there still are some chances that additive will work in some cases not all. Rather than risking your life and trying to mask your urine you should try to get rid of the toxin in your body by flushing it out of your system. Drinking a lot of water and urinating often will help.

Tips to Beat Specific Drug Tests

Let’s talk about specific tips to beat different types of drug tests:

Passing a Hair Drug Test

Hair drug test is becoming quickly popular because it is the hardest test to beat. Also, it has the longest detection window than any other test.

  • The most common thing to overcome hair drug test is to shave them off. The new hair that will grow will be clean and drug-free. If u know ahead of time that you have a hair drug test coming up, you should stop using it 5 days before
  • A home remedy to pass hair test is to use white vinegar and leave it in hair for 10-15 minutes. After the time is up put salicylic acid acne medication and leave that for about 30 minutes. Then put liquid detergent in your hair. The hair sample is mostly taken from the back of the head so apply more to that area.
  • Another method is to use a detox shampoos which can help get rid of the chemicals and toxin out of your hair. But not all shampoos work, the one that will work will cost you a lot of money.

Passing a Blood Drug Test

Blood test is very rare as it’s expensive and the most invasive test:

  • The best way to pass a blood drug test is through detoxing your body. There are many products that are available that will help to detox your body. Keeping healthy can also help you, eat well, exercising and drinking a lot of water. Sleeping well helps the body break down THC. Drinking lemon juice can help detox your body and is high in vitamin C which is a great way to clean THC naturally. Eating a lot of green vegetable like spinach, kale and broccoli help boost metabolism.

Passing a Urine Test

  • Drinking a lot of liquid can help flush out toxin from your body. Eating right and exercising detox your body by getting rid of toxin faster than peeing.
  • Niacin or vitamin B3 can also help detox your body faster
  • There are also many home remedies like using baking soda and mixing the water. Vinegar can also help get rid of the toxin in your body.
  • Another way is to use someone else urine if you’re on short notice

Passing a Saliva Test

They take donors’ saliva with a swab to detect the presence of a drug. It’s the easiest to pass all the tests and is also known as weed-friendly because most drugs have a very short detection window through saliva. You could smoke the day before and still come clean on your test. To make sure you don’t get caught

  • Stop smoking a day before the test, brush your teeth to get rid of even the littlest hints of toxin in your mouth, also use a mouth wash. Make sure to wash around the cheek area and tongue.
  • Consider commercially sold products like oral gum that help you with mouth swab test. You can also eat heavy food to help overcome the drug and drink a lot of water.

Steroid Drug Test

Steroids are commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes to enhance their performance. On top of that, many people that need strength in their everyday job also use steroids.

  • Try stop using it few days before the test
  • If it’s a urine test you can ask a friend to help you provide a urine sample
  • You can donate blood a few months before test that can help come clean for a competition
  • Certain drug masking agents can be used to beat the test

Adding someone else’s clean urine in your bladder using a catheter. This is a sure-fire way to beat the test but can be very dangerous and isn’t recommended. Used both by men and women, it’s very painful and can cause severe infection, even when a health professional is taking care of them.

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The Ultimate Guide to Passing Any Drug Test

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  • James Banks
    Took 3 diazepam last night and wondering how long before out my system? I do a lot of exercise along with healthy eating and plenty fluids
    • Dani O
      It shouldn’t take but 5 days at the most depending on how much and how often you do it. Could be 3 days If u really sweat and drink water
    • Donna
      I disagree. I took one diazepam and it was still in my system one month later. You can google it. Any of the nerve pills that end in “pam” take thirty days to be out if you want to play it safe. I lost my pain medicine and everything over one stupid mistake.
      • july
        i have to go to the p.o tmr but i smoked a cart its a urine test what do i do i smoked it today..
        • Dj
          Synthetic is the only way
    • july
      does AZO and alot of water help a piss test for weed?
      • Chelsea Whitworth
        Yogie detox tea
    • Mike
      3 days
    • Chris
      Hey I used heroin n took a few hits of meth and I got a drug test tomorrow what can I do to get it out my system pls help if I don’t pass I’m going to jail pls someone help me and let me know what I can do asap
      • jay tee
        for the meth if its a simple cup test and not a lab test, mix 4 table spoons of baking soda with 10-12 ounces of water and then wait about an hour and 1/2 and you will pee once then the second pee will be clean you only have a 4 hour window.. for the heroin, i don’t know but i do know if you go check yourself into a rehab before the test comes back, your PO should allow you to stay outta jail take car and good luck.
  • Victoria Gemma
    I’ve got parole today how do I past the swab drug test what can I take
    • Ann0508
      For future reference listerine the yellow one right before you go in for the test like repeating over n over for like 5 mins it works
      • amarni
        is that for a mouth swap or urine test
        • B rad
          Just brush your teeth with with toothpaste and puroxide and then gargle some after. Then right before you go in. Gargle some more puroxide and swish it around good and you’ll be good to go as well…
      • Yesenia Morales
        What do you mean??
    • Am
      Hydrogen peroxide
      • Dani O
        This does not work
        • Alan Wade
          I have a test for probation tomorrow if I take a lot of niacin and a fluch can I pass the test
          • Mary
            Facing false allegations with DHR now they’re wanting a drug Test don’t know what time to do I only smoked a little on the weekend about A bowl and a half of a small pie but the other person that’s facing the test has smoked for about six months regularly we purchased a detox Brian/* and slashe our system Waited for DHR to call us in like she said she was going to do but guess what she never dead now I’m afraid she’s going to pop up and try to do a random drug test what can I do I would think she would have to call us in I’ve never been faced with anything like this I’m not sure how it goes i’m hoping she investigated it enough to see that it is false allegations but if it goes any further and we have to do the drug test and she shows up randomly does anybody have any suggestions I don’t want to lose my child over something that I can’t prove that is false at this time Please help if you can would so greatly appreciate it tremendously she can pop this test tomorrow morning it was supposed to be today
    • Dj
      Synthetic is the only way.
      • Carro
        What’s synthetic?
  • Jhon
    Hey I’m supposed to take a UA for probation I have a bad toothache and I accidentally took 2 Norco what can I take or what can I do to help pass the test???
  • Angie
    So I took 10mg of hydrocodone for arthritis pain. It’s was prescribed too me but it is an old perscription. I have an employment drug testing in less that 2 days now. If I drink plenty of water and urinate a lot should I test negative for it?
    • Christie
      Was the prescription within the last year? If so bring the bottle ot go to the pharmacy and have them print out a copy of the prescription and bring it with u. I’ve done this before. Its medically confidential so the lab cant tell ur employer but they have to honor the prescription as long as it’s not expired (within the past year- at least in my state, Oregon, narcotic RXs are valid for 1 year)
      • Brittany Marrone
        Took 6 mg Xanax 5 days ago not a heavy user omcr in a whilr will i pass a drug test tomorrle
    • Brian
      You have a script legally it’s your meds to take. Period.
      • Audie
        I agree with you 100% Brian, if the meds are legally prescribed, they are yours to take. Period and there is nothing to hide and all you have to do is take the meds to the interview to prove it!!!
      • Audie
        I agree with you Brian. If the meds are legally prescribed they are yours to take. Period
  • Luis
    I just got call in for a drug test what can i take to pass it meth
    • Joe Shmoe
      Put two table spoons of baking soda in 10oz warm water. Chug it, then refill cup and chug same amount of water. Due this every half hour for three hours before you go. Casually drink water the whole time. I warn you it is not.a.comfortable feeling but you will need to stay close to the toilet. You literally shoot water out your ass. For about an hour and a half. It’s uncomfortable but works like a charm. I’m on toilet as we speak. I do this twice a month and pass every time. I do meth daily. I also do surgel for extra percaution an hour and a half before I leave. Gotta pee twice before you head to destination where you gotta drop. Two full pee’s then your next two pee’s will be clear of all toxins. Good luck
      • LP
        Do you have to do day of, or can you start earlier?
      • Tanya
        Will the Pee be clean if I per 4 or 5 times before I test
        • Kylie
          Was your test negative???? I have a yes today and I smoked last night
          • Ashley
            I smoked weed yesterday and I have drug test on Monday for court I’m scared af if I violate my prob lll face 6 years someone please help I’m scared for my life
      • Darlie
        Will the baking soda method work for up and down?
      • Re re
        What about the pees after the last two that are clean? Are all the rest clean too??this is for shomo,for detox w baking soda??
      • Jess
        I haven’t done meth in 7 days but used for 3 weeks straight. I’m going to try the baking soda trick for my urine test tomorrow at 9 am. I’m so nervous.
        • Salas
          Did this work?
        • Donna
          Hey Jess. Did the baking soda work on the meth. I have a screen on Monday. I’m scared to death.
        • angelito
          hey jess, did it work?
        • Kent
          Did it work
      • Donna
        What is Siegel?
        • Quinchetta Randolph
          It is an ingredient used to make jelly. It can be bought in any grocery store.
      • Kevin
        Joe shmoe Will this work for heroin?
      • Emma
        Does that work for opiates from last night iv a urine tonoro iv been drinking lemon and water all day
      • Shelly
        Pls message me on fb. My name is shelly ann stuart.
      • Ron
        Say hey brother, I’ve been the drug world for about 50 years now and have done my fair share of time for it. San Quinten was no fun ! My cell was 2W79, that means second story of west block cell 79 facing the water. It Sucked. The tests are getting so sophisticated that tricks aren’t going to work any more. It pleases me that you have found one that is temporally working. But the lab people don’t like thinking that us dopers are smarter than them, so they keep there eyes open. When they here new ways of getting over on them they just figure out new ways. The only answer is to come together and make drugs legal. We did it with pot ! Yes it took along time but we did due it ! In the mean time we need to find some collage student’s who are sympathetic with our movement and get the answer to f**k off all tests. The people who due the in lab testing will know that it has been done, but the test will be negated. It will cost them a lot of money and let them know that we are tired of them trying to run our lives. GOT TO HIT THEM IN THE WALLET ! That’s all they understand ! Or due like we did in the sixties and seventies and protest. 50 thousand people protesting in every big city really gets them listing. Remember 4 offs died at Kent State for the cause. I’m just about dead now, but I will still lock arms and fight ! It really needs to be done again. Don’t get me wrong it is getting better but we still have to get them out of our lives, or quite doing drugs and bow down to them. YA RIGHT !!!
        • D. Hix
          I agree completely, alcohol is the most dangerous drug in the world and yet it is legal, because of money, government knows that Meth and pot and even safe heroine use is not as dangerous as alcohol. Demanding that a person urinate in front of a stranger is sexual abuse and a violation of personal privacy a d so much more. When will the stigma be lifted from people who must self medicate to live normal productive lives.
      • hgl
        does this only work on the morning of? if you start doing it the day before do you get the same results? what im saying is…does this just mask the urine or will it flush it out?
      • NEEDINFO
        Are u on probation? What is surgel?
      • A. Glady
        Is this a pass everytime method? I’m a daily smoker and am on pretrial probation now and test every Monday afternoon and am not handling coldturkey quitting well at all
      • Melinda McCuen
        this really works? I have been smoking meth every day for 2 weeks maybe 3 but heavy the last 2. I haven’t used it before this in a super long time, years. It’s time for my chronic pain review and I need to make the appointment and trying to figure out how much time I need to get the meth out and the Vicodin in. I haven’t been taking my pain pills either so I need to build it up. I ‘m not sure I can handle not doing the meth for too long, lol, I bought a bunch so I could block the bs out of my head
      • Renee
        Does that method work for alcohol?
      • Gertie Gardner
        Will this work for soboxone
      • Swim
        Look despite what everyone saus about how bleach doesn’t does. So what you do is the day before your UA make a pack of kool aid (single pack ) just as you would any other time and add a cap full of bleach to it. Finish the entire amount that was made. When your done make another pack of kool aid and add a half cap of bleach. After you’ve finished that one as well steadily drink water all day until you go to bed. Next morning go take your morning piss then do the kool aid thing again same order as the day before and start drinking water afterwards up until your UA. Every meth user knows what bleach does to meth right. Well the idea is for the bleach to work its way into your system and clean all the meth out. Plus all the water you’ve been drinking helps as well. I was told this trick is the way cops pass UA’s. It works cuz I’ve done it 5times now and passed every test. Im a heavy smoker like a teen a day for going on 6yrs works
        • Tara
          I have a few questions, please Swim, 1. Do you abstain during those 2 days? 2. Do you drink this casually through out the day, or do you drink it it rather quickly? 3. Does it still have color or would I need to take a multivitamin? Some labs will fail if it looks dulled.
      • Celia Kilroy
        Hello my sis thinks that they will do a blood test and she uses meth what can she do
    • Suwinder Gill
      Stay sober
  • Emily
    So I have been using meth for 6 months. About how long to pass my doctors urine test
    • J
      Minimal 3 days if ur not daily user of more than a dub per day. 5 days is best rule of thumb for moderate users and a week for heavy usage.
    • Jennifer Lyle
      7-10 days
  • Randall Pendergraff
    I used cocaine 2/1/2 days might have a drug test what arey chances on passing it was not that much
    • Laura P
      I did crack on Saturday night, I have a urine test on Thursday. Help!! What do I do?
    • Dani O
      5 days at most for this
  • Randall
    I did some cocaine 2/1/2 days in ago of.i draink a lot of.water.will l didn’t do much.
    • Mike mik
      Did u pass your test
  • Randall
    What of I drank a lot of water
  • Amber
    I used herion this morning can i pass a urine test tomorrow morning i drink water and tea all day..
    • Life is aTest
      If it was Fentanyl, probably. I was tested hours after use and came up negative.
      • Ashley
        I have a test tomorrow for PO and I’ve used heroin yesterday but im planning on not today and drinking plenty of water. I also was gonna do the baking soda thing as well the day of my test. Can anyone tell me if this will work. Honestly i have more than just my freedom riding on this test
        • Ravid
          Ready clean detox drink
          • Elvis billings
            I have a swan today. Smoked meth yezterday need to pass please help
        • Cassandra
          I have P.O. test Monday been using herion did it work For you ? Please help
      • Ly
        How did u pass??
    • Just me
      Did u pass and if so what did u do? I have test in two days
  • LISA
    I did meth for 4 days straight I’m on probation a o have a drug test in 19 days will the metabolites be out of my system
    • Quinchetta Randolph
      Minimal 3 days if ur not a daily user of more than a dub per day. 5 days is the best rule of thumb for moderate users and a week for heavy usage.
  • Ak
    Yeah even if you were a habitual meth user, it only takes 10-14 days max to clear a UA. Dont eff up even once though from now till day 19 . Or just go for the good old baking soda trick.
    • Billy
      So how do you do the baking soda trick I got a UA in less than 10 hours
    • Jen
      Does anyone know how long it takes to get phentermine or bontril out of your system to pass for probation? It’s my last meeting. I think it’s on the 13th of May…. then I can pay everything and go to unsupervised. My prob Officer is a bulldog. I’m afraid it will show up as amphetimines. I am sick and inactive and have a slow metabolism… I get get some niacin… and drink a lot of Gatorade… so worried!!
  • Christina Gates
    I have a drug text today how am I going to pass this
  • Angela Johnson
    I have a urine test tomorrow at1pm and i used fentnyol at 1am last night will a detoxi drink help me pass a urine test ?
    • Cindy
      I did fentanyl Friday night and have a test Thursday noon if I drink plenty of water today will I be clean
      • Daniel Sorenson
        How much did you do?
      • Daniel
        Did you pass?
      • Bmanjarrez
        most urine test don’t test for fentanyl it’s too expensive to test for so you will pass
        • Pain is horrible
          It shows up as morphine codeine or heroine
  • Noel
    Does baking soda helps to clean meth from urine immediately after consuming it? And does it safe to take it at least couple of times before drug urine test?
    • Jess
      I have had multiple people say that it does. Let me know please. I go tomorrow morning. used today
  • Lakeisha mclean
    I took a 10 mg Oxycodone Sunday for toothache have a urinalysis test Wednesday will I fail
    • Hollie Hammond
      No.. you’ll be just fine Girl. That usually elimates in 1-2 days just done use again until then.. good luck!
    • JP
      Did that work? I have a test tomorrow and if my dr sees oxy I am getting kicked out of progrwm where i get ky xanxi had taken about 40mg oxy on a sunday at 11:30 a.m and had a urine on wednesday at noon and failed. Sorry
  • Bnj
    Well i used baking soda 3 table spoons in 8 oz water drank it str8 down an drunk water all the way up until i pissed which was 2 hrs later pissed 2 times before i got there an it showed up a very faint line an she sent it to the lab anyways an i failed! But i also smoked meth the day before not alot of it tho so i dont know about it an it was nasty an i was sick all day q carb dont work for meth either just letting you know i tried it! What i need to know is how to get gabapentin out cuz i cant go a day withput taking them i get ill
  • Hollie Hammond
    I’m 3 1/2 days sober from heroin. But I have to test Monday and maybe Wednesday for my probation and the court. Wednesday at 2 pm I smoke less the half g, then Thursday I had 3 small hits and since then have been clean n sober. Do you think I’ll be clean tomorrow night at 6pm from heroin or am I looking at jail time? I’m really scared n I cold turkey that mother n it hurt soo bad. Am I ok or what should I do?
    • Sally
      So what happened?
  • Momma
    I have a hair follice coming up. I just had a massive surgery and was prescriped various pain meds durning my recovery. I’m still in recovery. The meds can show up thats fine. I just want to know is there a way to decrease the amount I’ll be positive for?
  • Garnet
    I have a piss test in a couple days and smoke a lot of weed. What can I do at home
  • Robin
    If i took 3 klonopin and on the 3rd day have drug test will it show
    • Kim
      No probably not
  • Drewski
    I used heroin 3 days ago I have used for 75 days is it still in my system after drinking water heavily I’ve probably drinken anout 72 ounces today alone nd have peeing when ever I can
    • Bgalin
      Your 90% good..
      • Daniel Sorenson
        I’ve used fentanyl for 3 months straight and I’ve been clean for 5 days will I be good tomorrow ?and I’m overweight
        • So much pain
          Nope tell me what happen pls I got caught now it’s been 2 weeks I tested myself I popped dirty I have two app next week
  • Jimmy Matt
    I had a tiny tiny bit of meth a few hours before a blood test. Will it show up that quick?
  • Joey .l
    I have hydrocodone and oxycodone in my system I took last dose at 3:30 today and it’s Friday and I got court on Monday at 9 will it be out of my system by then
    • Tammy gillespie
      Did u get an answer to that? I took 15 milligrams of oxycodone yesterday and I get tested Tuesday. I’ve got a lot of fat cells. Need to be able to get it out before then.
  • Jonathan
    Started smoking meth on Wednesday night and stopped early Sunday morning , I weigh 130 when would I be clan
  • Angie
    Took 2 hydrocodone 10 mg have urine test tomorrow at 11:30 what can I do to get hyrocodone out of my system in 24 hrs
  • Ty
    I smoked on Sunday an just little Monday morning I have to take a urine test Thursday at 3. How can I pass
  • karry
    i haven’t smoked weed in 47 days and i’m still failing a drug test, how tf do i get clean
    • Chris the weed and meth smoker
      No way you’re testing dirty for marijuana after being clean for 47 days. Are you positive that it’s the weed that you’re testing positive for ? I just feel like you must have some other type of drug that you’re testing positive for and you just don’t know it, but if that’s the case then you’re eating or drinking something to cause a positive drug test. I know that sesame seeds will throw a test off and cause you to test positive so there may be some other foods that may be causing your issues. Do a search on foods that can make a drug test positive for marijuana and you should have your answer,, because the protocol for testing negative on an every day heavy weed user is 30 days. Good luck and post back with your results.
      • I Like Meth & I Cannot Lie
        Hey Chris. You seem knowledgeable. I’m a daily 1/2g meth smoker for about 2 months now. Got a UA in 3 days. Thinking of trying Joe Shmoe’s baking soda recipe. I’m also willing to buy from my local head shop if the product’s rep is worthy. What do you suggest?
        • Chris
          So how did your test go?
      • Daniel
        Not if hrs older and overweight and he probably dont drink much water
  • Jane Dough
    Does the baking soda trick work for opiods and meth and donyou do it the day of?
  • Kristen
    Did about $70 of meth IV over a 30 he period. Last used Fri 3 am (actually sat 3am) and I have a UA Monday at 9 Am. Is that enough time for a new result? Any feedback or tips to pass?
  • Dustin
    I did meth this morning whats my chances of passing and how
    • Daniel Sorenson
      Lots of water starting now
  • T
    Ok I put urine on my oral test will this cause a false pos does anyone know
  • Charles
    I have to go for a drug test for Suboxone what is the best way to go about this
  • Tony
    I haven’t did cocaine for 14 days. I just do it in the weekends while drinking. No more than a gran per weekend. Will I pass a urine test?
  • Ele
    I did coke 15 days ago I went in the morning at 10am (16th day) since last use and it was a binge from 930-4am and have not used since then what ate the chances of me passing I drink lots of water anyways already an eat lots. It’s a non dot 12 panel drug test I do not smoke weed and I didn’t drink
  • Susie
    I need to pass a drug test for pain management. Opiods have to show up in my urine, but marijuana can not. If i use clean pee can i put percocet in the pee? What can i do to test positive for percocet and negative for weed?
    • JP
      I reqd it takes 1 to 3 hrs for oxy to show up… If u have that perk and just. Are afraid to take it. Break offa tiny piece tonight
  • Kia
    I use a half a strip to a whole strip of Suboxone daily. What can I do to pass a urine test tomorrow at 2pm?
    • Travis
      Did anyone respond to you on that I’m in the same dilemma
      • Hurting
        Me too
  • Shawn
    I’ve been clean from heroine and meth for over a month and IV used a very small amount both last night and just got called for a UA that I have in less than 7 hours. Is there anything I can do to pass this test today?
  • Daniel Sorenson
    I did fentynal 24 hours ago and I take a drop tomorrow in about 12 hours I bought one of them qcarb cleanse drinks will this help me pass my test I also weigh 280 pounds??
    • Dan
      Clean from opiates for 5 days is this enough time or not
  • Amber Miller
    How do i pass a drug test for coke? Need to know ASAP have a UA test between 7 and 9 a.m tomorrow
  • Lexi
    I did a half of bag of h yesterday morning i got a drug test tuesday or wed will i pass
  • Wtfwasithinkijg
    Anyone survive any tests recently? Help I have a piss test for parole in 36 hours. Haven’t smoked weed in almost 2 weeks.
  • Shana
    I did Ecstasy Over the weekend and took norcos yesterday. I have drug test tmw. Any suggestions?
  • Shana
    Took Ecstasy Friday and Saturday and narcos yesterday. I have a drug test for work tmw. Please any suggestions?!
  • Jose
    I’ve been clean for 2 weeks I have a drug test in a week how do I pass it. I’m dirty from thc
  • Bribri
    What can I use to clean my system from meth i drug test tomorrow. This is really urgent please let me know what will really work.
  • Carlos Lopez
    Best method to pass a drug test: Don’t do drugs…
  • Cassandra Parker
    I took two 512s tonight and I have a doctor appointment in the morning at 11 what can I do to get them out my system I get prescribe my own but it’s not oxycodone so if I pee something else I lose my prescription my appt was Friday and they moved it to 2mar plz someone help
  • Melissa
    I’ve been using meth daily for about two weeks now. Need to do urine screen tomorrow. How can I 0ass this?
    • Quinchetta Randolh
      It seems that the baking soda method seems to work from what I have been reading on here.
  • DD
    How long for 12 panel at lab to be free of suboxone?
  • Dan
    Clean from opiates for 5 days is this enough time or not
  • Maria
    Ok I have my first court sentencing drug court drug test scheduled for Thursday at 10am… I am a habitual heroin and meth user…its Sunday evening..what do I have to do to ensure I will pass with no drug positives???? Please help me
    • Arya
      Stop completely ASAP if you stoped Sunday I will be clean for Thursday just make sure you drink plenary of water between now and then . If you were not able to stop then your best bet is to use someone else’s urin.
  • Glen
    Hi, I’ve been using heroin, crack and methodone fairly regular over the last 3mths, im not addicted or use daily and it’s been 6days since I last used but I have a hair folicule test at the end of the month in order for me to fight for full custody of my 4 children, im not going to use again but I so badly need to pass this hair test, my amazing kids future and my own rests completely on passing this test… Please please I beg u all for help/links to products and ways I can beat this, I am bald atm so cant take head hair.. please help me…
  • Jennifer
    I ate a small pot brownie 5 days ago. I am not a habitual user and haven’t done anything else except Adderall and Xanax, which I have scripts for. How long do edibles stay in your system? I have to take a test tomorrow or Monday. Should I cleanse, or think I’m safe?
  • Cosmo
    I have a urine test Monday at 2 different probation officers different places was clean for 47 days prior smoked about 2 grams last night will the soda trick work if Ifor both test they only a HR apart please help and how much should I use I weight 220lbs
  • Sandi
    I’ve smoked one point of meth today n my urine is on Wednesday will I pass
  • Amy
    Can someone please help me asap, I need to do a urine drugs test today, I’m on a Methodone programme my dosage needs to go up as it hasn’t been holding me, so I’ve been topping up with heroine, I need to do a drugs test today was going to use partners urine and add a couple of drops of Methodone to it, would that work?
    • Shannon
      No it won’t work your body process the methadone so it shows in your system as methadone metabolite if you just add methadone or another opiate it will show that it hasn’t been processed by your body and they will no you just added to your urine . I no this from experience!
  • KJ
    I need advice. I smoked about 10 hits of meth on Tuesday after being clean for a long time. my test is Friday at 3pm. should I be okay? any advice?
  • Kim
    Took half a methodone on Saturday will it show up on Wednesday never took one before
  • Carra
    They have clean urine at the tobaccos/cbd stores will at least where I’m at…. but for the mouth swab what’s the best practice (weed) should I do peroxide???
  • John
    Does the baking Soda work for thc
  • Melissa Earls
    Hi. And thanks for the help. I’ve smoked meth for 4 days straight. And I’ve also smoked weed. I have a test next Thursday. It’s a mouth stick test. Not sure if it’s the same as a swab. It has to stay in mouth for 15 minutes. Please tell me I can pass somehow.
  • Becca Clarke
    Hi there,I did about 4 lines (most likely well under .5) of cocaine as well as drinking quite a bit on a Tuesday. I have a drug test most likely tomorrow (Monday). What are the chances that I’ll pass after 5.5 days? I’m very nervous about this as its a probation drug test.I want to mention that I have been exercising moderately and hydrating very well the past few days.
  • Fxrrider19
    I’m not a habitual heroin user I was clean for 8 months and I did one slip Friday June 28th at 7pm and I have a UA Monday at 3:30 will I piss clean? I’ve already drank almost 2-2.5 gallons of water so we my last use
  • Briqn
    I have had to test regularly before. I used heroin daily for 5 months it took me 12 days to clear of fentanyl metabolite. This time I’ve used for 10 months daily. I have 16 days til my test. Any ideas on what to do? I’ve been drinking 1 gal of water a day, I’ve been drinking apple cider vinegar, I’ve been going to the gym to do cardio then sit in the sauna to sweat it out. I have to pass this EMERGENCY. Pleaseeeee help me!!!!!!
    • Alice
      you should be fine after 16 days
  • Linda
    I did diazepam for 5 days I have a drug test in 9 days how can I pass it
  • john
    i used tueswhatday heroin got test thursday what do you recomend
  • Booop
    Hello does anyone know what truly works for herion I used in the 5th I have a pee test on the 8th please please help me
  • Cassandra brek
    What works have a drug test in 2 days I used herion last night pleaseee help
  • Brittany l
    I have been using heroin and meth for the last 2 weeks not every day off n own. I did my last meth yesterday I ate it I did my last line of herion this morning it wasnt even big will I pass my urine test for my parole officer on july 12 if I drink nothing but water every day …pls help me if I fail I’m going to jail
  • John
    I used heroine Monday and have a drug test tomorrow so roughly 35 hours i will have been clean before my test and i haven’t used in almost a year and i only used one bag. What can i do too pass thia test
  • John
    Will i pass my test tomorrow if I used heroine on Monday i haven’t used in 6 months and i only used a bag please help me what do I do
  • Lonnie S Doolittle
    I have a drug test tomm at 1 on with my probation . I have used oxycodone for years but have slowing down. I only had two 10 mg last night and the test is tommorow . I have been slmming water .is this going to work ? Plz help don’t want jail time
  • Not me anymore
    I used heroin on Sunday afternoon have piss test on Thursday morning 9 am will I pass
  • Beth
    I did cocaine 3 1/2 to 4 weeks ago and it still showed on my mouth swab drug test at lab. I don’t do it a lot that was the first time in a long time. I took klonopin 2 days before my test and it didn’t show. Not sure how they caught one and not the other.
  • Bailey
    I want to do a tiny bit of coke tonight but I have a urine test for probation tomorrow morning. What can I do to pass the test if I do some coke tonight?
  • Emily
    Prohibition has to end! It didn’t work in 19 20 and it’s not going to work now. You can’t prohibit something that exists. And I’m sorry drugs are here to stay. my son is dead so it’s too late for him. The government is forcing us to put into our bodies who knows what made by who knows who. like a box of randomly poisoned chocolates you never know what you’ll get. It doesn’t have to be that way. sure if it was legalized some people kill themselves anyway just like they do with booze. But most of us would be able to determine how much if we knew the strength. you know Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the presidency by promising that he would end prohibition if he was elected president and he did. we all need to find somebody who will run on the ticket of ending prohibition. I think most people are pretty sick of it being treated like a crime instead of a health problem. Plus the countries have legalized it have proven crime goes down, gangs go away, and drug use doesn’t go up
  • Cordelia Montanez
    So I havent smoked in like 15 days Im not a heavy smoker like moderate if that and have been drinking apple cider vinger and water before i had to take a drug test something happened and i have to go back again tomorrow and take another test (urine) do you think i will be fine what should i do
  • Chris
    Hey guys I just used like 2 points of heroin n took a few hits of meth today and I have a drug test tomorrow what can I do to get it out my system and pass a drug test a pee test which I need to pass tomorrow pls help me out idk what to do if I fail this test I will go to jail and my piss can’t be diluted pls help me is there any way I can pass pls help
  • Victoria
    My husband has 2 see his P.O 2morrow and he has been I’m the room where ppl smoked meth will he pass his drug test if given one??
  • Caroline
    Hey everyone. What is the best way to get THC out of your system? My boyfriend has a job interview in the next 2 weeks or so and if really appreciate any advice and tips specially for THC. Thank you 🙂
  • Angela mount
    I smoked meth for about three days but stopped an haven’t smoked for nine days will I pass a pee test tomorrow
  • Joe
    Got fentanyl in my system what are way to beat a piss test any tips.
  • ML
    Hey all I need to get OXYCODONE out of my system by tmw morning because I have a drug test tmw at 1 and I took a OXYCODONE 15mg today pls help
  • Jlynn
    I took Bella Donna and Phenobarbital about 14 days ago. I drug tested myself and it was still dirty for barbiturates. I drug test tomorrow. I’ve been taking stool softener and drinking lots of water. Will I be okay?
  • Nancy
    Just this summer I’ve been smoking marijuana quite often, but there’s a TB test I need to go through and it has to be negative. I’m not sure if it’ll detect drugs but just yesterday I puffed like a couple times cause I needed to sleep. I didn’t get myself very high but I got myself to be able to sleep. Any advice on how to get rid of it quickly as possible?
  • Jennifer Sykes
    I’m a crack user and have a drug test Tuesday I smoked today what van I do to pass
  • Cruz
    I have a piss test next Tuesday if I don’t smoke anymore what can clean my system out by then and stay clean
  • Chris
    Need to pass urine tests for meth! How!! Ummm, I’ve sorted or smoked probably 15 Times a day since beginning of March…