Youth Town Rehab Review: Rehab for Young Believers

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Youth Town Review

The Youth Town residential treatment facility wears the power of its convictions on its sleeve. Through its unyielding faith in the power of Christ, Youth Town believes it can help transform the lives of young people who have found themselves trapped in the destructive circles of alcohol or drug abuse.

The emphasis on faith and worship of Christ gives Youth Town the redoubtable confidence to claim that its clients will undergo irreversible changes once they have passed through their treatment program.

A Foundation of Faith

Started in 1968 in Pinson, Tennessee, the Youth Town cottage was originally imagined as a group home for wayward youth. Through fits and starts, the Youth Town home was expanded throughout the years to include more residential spaces, as well as educational and vocational programs. An 18-acre artificial lake was even added in the 1970s to give the property more recreational facilities.

The entirety of the Youth Town property takes up almost 250 acres. Boys and girls, aged between 12-17 years old go to two separate facilities, Jericho for the Boys and Eden for the girls. Youth Town only offers residential services , and standard stays can last up to 30 or 90 days depending on the resident’s needs and progress.

Despite its heavily Christ-centered philosophy, Youth Town has a staff of over 50 master level therapists that treat alcohol and drug addiction with one-on-one counseling and group sessions. The 12 Steps also play a significant part of the treatment philosophy at Youth Town, with Celebrate Recovery (a more Christ-centered version of the 12 Steps) forming another part of the recovery plans available at Youth Town.

Time for Adventure

Youth Town being what it is – a treatment facility for youth – it would be remiss to not include several recreational, educational and vocational aspects of its treatment model. The Youth Town program for boys skewers towards instilling traditional male values into young boys.

The teaching of masculine values is done through what it refers to as “the adventure approach.” Participants are given the possibility of completing an on-campus adventure, a community-service adventure, or an extreme adventure.

The adventure approach, with its goal of inculcating male values into boys at Youth Town, is not prescribed as a treatment for girls on the Eden campus. Rather, Youth Town takes the approach that creating and sustaining healthy relationships is at the core of each young women.

To this end, the staff at Eden form strong relationships with the girls in residence through challenging them while helping them find their way to sobriety. Girls also have the option of participating in expressive therapies like art and music classes.

The aspects of treatment at Youth Town that are equal to both boys and girls are the classes mandated into the daily schedule. Physical activities are also a significant component of treatment at Youth Town. There are obstacle courses and a ropes course that are a part of recapturing that youthful vitality that was sapped by addiction.

Praise Him

Youth Town makes no bones about its Christ-centered approach to treating substance abuse in young people. At the same time, however, the staff at Youth Town are well-versed in a wide variety of real-world treatments for addiction.

Education and mentoring through off-campus programs like Band of Brothers for the boys and weekly to bi-weekly visits with family members are all geared toward the restoration of confidence and youth to the residents at Youth Town.

Price for 30 days at Youth Town: $7,500

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