YES House Rehab Review: Finding a Family in Rehab

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YES House is a youth-oriented substance abuse recovery home that services its clients through a strictly abstinence based program. YES stands for “youth entering sobriety” and the YES house is a specially designed drug rehab program directed towards adolescents with both inpatient and outpatient treatments available to youth suffering from chemical dependency.

Life Affirming

Given the toll that early adolescent substance abuse can take on a young person, the YES House residence and inpatient program are structured to resemble a supportive and nurturing family environment. Patients in the YES House residential program live together in a two story house near downtown Corvallis, Oregon.

The house is situated on a quiet, suburban street that evokes the balance and community that the kids at YES House are striving to get back. There is space for a total of 12 residents at a time.

Depending on the space available residents can either live in a large dormitory or sleep three to a room in either of the bedrooms in the house. The communal living arrangements are supposed to help build a sense of belonging among the residents.

The house contains some of the very same trappings that you would find in any average, American household. You can watch TV in the living room.

A newly renovated kitchen and dining area where residents take their meals and eat together. Except, since this is not a typical, nuclear family home there are also rooms set aside for therapy sessions and educational classes.

Saying “YES” Again

Since so much of the philosophy of YES House revolves around getting back to basics – family, education, sobriety – their approach to substance abuse treatment follows the same track. The YES House follows an abstinence only model. Even smoking is not allowed at the YES House. It also promotes addiction education, and peer support through regular 12 Step meetings held on the premises.

Residents are taught the importance of creating a network of support as a way to combat cravings and stave off possible relapses. These lessons of constant interaction are learned not only by living in such close quarters with other substance abuse sufferers but also through AA and NA meetings that form a part of the treatment scheme.

Adolescents at YES house have the choice of participating in the various healthy living activities that are a part of the residential treatment course. Meditation and healthy cooking classes help teenagers learn about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Recreational activities provide an outlet for the young people at YES House to learn what it is like to have fun without turning to chemicals. YES House also has a strong educational component to its treatment services.

An alternative high school operates alongside the YES House as an educational institution where residents can continue their studies while in treatment. They can also earn credits that can later be transferred to their schools after they have left the YES House.

Youth Entering Sobriety

After residents of the inpatient program have ended their stays (which usually last for 30-days), they can make the transition to the outpatient treatment option, which YES House provides at a separate facility. Here at the outpatient clinic, patients can fortify the relapse prevention techniques they learned as inpatients, as well as establish new benchmarks for their ongoing recovery.

There are further assessments made by staff who then determine how much or how little of outpatient treatment you should be receiving. Family involvement also plays a significant role at this stage of recovery as family group sessions, and parenting classes are both offered as therapy components. Patients can avail themselves of outpatient therapy sessions during the day or whenever their schedules allow for it.

The YES House takes a very simple, yet nuanced approach to substance abuse treatment. While it may not offer the latest, cutting-edge treatments or even have upscale, state-of-the-art facility what it does offer is something that some young people miss more than anything, and that is a sense of belonging.

Price for 30 days at YES House: $3,600; sliding scale payments available as well.

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