Montana Addiction Treatment Centers: Best MT Rehabs

Last Updated: October 26, 2020

Unfortunately, Montana is one of the U.S. states that face addiction and addiction-related problems. The treatment centers in Montana are essential in handling the recovery from alcohol and illegal drug abuse, as well as the recovery from the silent epidemic of medical drug abuse the state faces. The scarce number of experienced treatment centers, the state policies, and its demographics contribute to the drug problem this state battles.

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Montana Substance Abuse Statistics

Montana treatment centers are necessary to curb the mortality resulting from alcohol and drug abuse. Even though Montana drug statistics show that the state has one of the lowest opioid-related overdose deaths in the country, the state’s situation is still grim. The number of drug offenses has increased by 559% since 1980. Methamphetamine use is on the rise, and heroin drug violations increased by an astonishing 1,557% from 2010 to 2015.

It’s estimated that one in 10 Montanans is addicted or abusing drugs or alcohol. 70% of the high school students enrolled in this state drink and 61% of those students engage in binge drinking behavior. Thankfully, Montana alcohol rehab centers help treat and eliminate this behavior.

Addiction-Related Treatment Problems In Montana

crumbled weed shaped as Montana state in the ashtray and a jointOnly 15,900 individuals in the state benefited from a form of treatment for their addiction between 2012 – 2015. This means that approximately 90% of the individuals who abuse or are addicted to drugs or alcohol did not receive any kind of treatment. Most of these people do not acknowledge their condition, so they do not seek professional help. Moreover, in Montana rehabilitation centers are scarce, and the shortage exacerbates the problem of treatment access.

Approximately 10,000 individuals who are abusing or addicted to a substance seek treatment annually in this state. Unfortunately, the state-approved providers can only care for approximately 6,100 individuals, leaving almost 4,000 people without proper access to professional help. This statistic is valid for those who seek drug or alcohol treatment facilities in Montana.

18 out of the state’s 56 counties do not have a Licensed Addiction Counselor at the moment, and it’s considered that the state needs to train and hire many licensed providers to fill the gap in treatment and facilitate access to rehab in MT.

Top 5 Best Montana Rehabilitation Centers

Even though those who seek centers specialized in drug rehab in Montana do not have too many options to choose from, there are some centers that stand out. The following treatment facilities are some of the best drug and alcohol rehab centers Montana has to offer.

1. Wilderness Treatment Center

Wilderness Treatment Center is located at 200 Hubbart Dam Road, Marion. The treatment facility is situated in a secluded location that provides a private environment where anyone can practice a positive lifestyle change.

Wilderness Treatment Center welcomes people who struggle with alcohol or drug addiction from all kinds of backgrounds. The clinic’s goal is to offer you or your loved one a diverse range of support groups and to use different mental health tools to offer a new perspective.

The clinic offers treatment options for those whothree men horseback riding with Montana mountain range on the background crave close company and those who seek a team interaction in the alcoholic treatment program. Every participant benefits from a spacious room, great food, and a balanced schedule. The treatment center provides a comfortable environment where you can challenge yourself.

Each participant in WTC rehabilitation can benefit from individual therapy, equine-assisted therapy, group therapy, psychoeducational lectures, morning meditation, wilderness therapy, and more.

Trained professionals develop individual therapy plans for every participant, according to their medical necessities, moods, and desires. The people at Wilderness Treatment Center encourage you to create a bond with yourself and to feel comfortable in your skin. Find out more about the features of this rehab on their official website.

2. Rimrock – Leading Addiction Treatment

Rimrock – Leading Addiction Treatment is based in 1231 North 29th Street, Billings, MT. The rehabilitation facility is currently the largest in the region, and it welcomes both adults and adolescents that suffer from alcohol or drug addiction. The professionals at Rimrock view the addiction as an illness that affects the individual’s emotional, physical, spiritual, and social well-being. Their mission is to help people who suffer from an addiction to find a purpose in their lives.

Rimrock offers a large variety of services, including but not limited to medical detoxification, adolescent programs, day treatment, family therapy, and sober living. Their clinic specializes in the treatment of substance use disorders, gambling disorder, anorexia, co-dependency, and more.

This rehabilitation facility creates a unique therapeutic environment that promotes a whole person living. The clinic employs more than 150 professionals that will help the participants choose health and freedom over addiction. Visit the following link to learn more about the Rimrock rehab facility.

3. Rocky Mountain Treatment Center

family therapy with male therapistRocky Mountain Treatment Center is located at 920 4th Avenue North, Great Falls, Montana. The treatment facility was founded to help people overcome substance addiction and start new lives. The clinic is based in a wonderful building that’s nearly 100 years old.

Rocky Mountain clinic offers a large variety of services. The facility’s trained professionals can provide assistance with medically monitored detox, drug & alcohol day inpatient therapy, a proven 12-step program, family counseling, and more. Each participant benefits from a guided, supportive, and individualized therapy program. Every program is constructed according to the participant’s needs and behavior.

The employees of this facility work proactively with the participants to improve their self-image and overcome their physical and mental limitations. Here you can view the full list of services provided by Rocky Mountain.

4. Acadia Montana

Acadia Montana is based in 55 Basin Creek Rd, Butte, Montana. This facility center is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and its campus stretches over 60 acres. The clinic serves only children aged 5 – 18 with co-occurring, emotional, psychiatric, or behavioral problems.

The health professionals at Acadia Montana believe that children and adolescents are better treated when they are surrounded by others with similar developmental levels. Each participant is housed in semi-private rooms according to their gender.

The clinic provides an independent therapy plan for each participant. The clinic relies on individual, family, group, or specialized-track therapy sessions to achieve the therapeutic goals of each child or adolescent. Discover the types of treatment provided in this Montana rehab on their website.

5. VA Montana Healthcare System

The VA Montana Healthcare System is based in 3687 Veterans Drive, man in US military uniform speaking to a female therapist Fort Harrison, Montana. This is a veteran rehab facility founded by the Department of Veteran Affairs with the purpose of helping returning service members who need addiction and medical aid.

The clinic operates as a residential care facility and it’s easily accessible for servicemen of different backgrounds, including those who lost homes after leaving the military service.

This rehabilitation facility offers a wide variety of services, including psychical and physical intervention for the cure of substance addiction. The clinic specializes in treating the underlying cause of pain and illness, striving to eliminate the addiction disorder from its roots. Visit the link to learn more about the veteran rehab institutes in Montana.

Addiction Treatment In Montana

Even though Montana doesn’t benefit from as many rehabilitation clinics as it should, the therapy centers we presented do an incredible job of treating substance abuse and addiction disorders. If you or a loved one suffer from some form of substance addiction, contact the Montana Medicaid helpline.

If you have a substance addiction problem and you want to receive more information about addiction rehabilitation centers, call our 24/7 hotline at (888)-459-5511 to speak to our knowledgeable representatives.

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Updated on: October 26th, 2020


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