The Woods at Parkside Rehab Review: Escape into Recovery

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The Woods at Parkside Review

The Woods at Parkside rehab facility is just outside of Columbus, Ohio. The Woods at Parkside facility covers almost 20,000 square feet of woodlands that abut a residential neighborhood as well as a golf course.

The Woods at Parkside offers treatments for chemical dependency as well as mood disorders. They have available a residential inpatient program, as well as an outpatient and partial hospitalization option available to patients.

Plenty of Space

The area surrounding The Woods at Parkside would be anyone’s ideal picture of unbounded nature and tranquility. Located in Gahanna, Ohio a suburb of Columbus, along Big Walnut Creek, The Woods at Parkside is aptly named given its largesse and setting.

Towering trees litter the ground with the foliage of the past season. Outdoor gazebos on The Woods at Parkside grounds offer a perfect place to take in the scenery and listen to the nearby creek slowly flow past you.

The Woods at Parkside is not completely isolated though, and it is easily accessible from all the main transportation hubs like Port Columbus Airport as well as Columbus itself. The Woods at Parkside staff are happy to help any incoming patients with their transportation needs if notified in advance.

The inpatient residences number fifty beds in total. These beds are split between those used for the medically supervised detox (12) as well as the beds used for residents in the inpatient program (38).

The Woods at Parkside offers plenty of recreational space as well. There is an on-site theater/auditorium, exercise and fitness facilities. The culinary staff prepares three meals a day for all residents, with special dietary requirements taken into consideration.

A Saving Grace

All patients receive vital assessments on their medical and psychological state before entering The Woods at Parkside. These evaluations help clinical staff determine the right treatment plan for all residents of the inpatient program.

A medically supervised detox is available on-site. The inpatient program at The Woods at Parkside lasts for just over a month.

Dual diagnosis sufferers receive dedicated care from a staff psychiatrist, along with group and family counseling to treat the entirety of the disease. Cognitive behavioral therapy and psycho-educational sessions also play a part in treatment for any co-occurring disorders.

Lots of time is devoted to the absorption of the 12-Step philosophy as well. Guest speakers and moderators get invited to hold meetings at The Woods at Parkside for residents and members of the community alike.

The Woods at Parkside is ideally located to offer outpatient services. It offers just enough seclusion but is, at the same time, not too far away to be reached by someone coming in for evening sessions.

The outpatient and partial hospitalization programs at The Woods at Parkside offer patients either a step back into their normal routines after inpatient stays or a treatment plan that is accommodating to a busy schedule.

Partial hospitalization programs run for little over a week, with eight hours of therapy sessions during the day. The intensive outpatient program runs for over 24 sessions, with three meetings a week and three hours a day.

An off-site location provides outpatient services as well. Here, outpatients can receive medication assistance for their dual diagnosis disorder, as well as be ferried to and from treatment.

The Woods at Parkside has many treatment tracks to treat addiction and mental health disorders. Their campus offers a mix of a suburban and natural setting that takes you away from your problems but doesn’t completely isolate you. The Woods at Parkside also provides almost a year of aftercare to help you maintain your goal of substance-free living.

Price for 9 days (detox included) at The Woods at Parkside: $8,000

Each additional day: $500/day

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  • I was in patient at Parkside 7 years ago.i read the reviews and was wondering if a 9 day stay was still in the range of$8,000 with a cost of $500 for each day thereafter. I’m going back again in another day. I pray this facility is still the great place that got me sober again.

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