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  1. Woodglen Recovery Junction Review

Woodglen Recovery Junction implements love, acceptance, tolerance and education in its efforts to heal addiction. Its distinctively comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment revolves around the idea that people can help each other heal. Established in 1990, in California, Fullerton, the facility is partially funded by the local government.

Woodglen Recovery: Treatment, Programs, and Staff

Woodglen’s treatment philosophy is based on recognizing and addressing the underlying issues and myths that perpetuate the addiction. The primary focus is the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. During the 90-day residential treatment program, Woodglen residents gain working knowledge of the 12 steps and all the essential tools for maintaining long-term sobriety.

The treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment of each client, which helps in developing individualized treatment plans. A typical treatment consists of four phases, during which the residents are regularly evaluated to determine completion of each phase:

Phase One: Detoxification – This is a 5-to-7-day long process, held in a comfortable environment, under round-the-clock professional monitoring and care. Emergency medical support is also available.

Phase Two: Primary Program – After a successful detox, the following 30 to 45 days are reserved for intensive work on recovery. This includes attending daily education groups facilitated by the Program Director, members of the staff, guest speakers and a licensed therapist. The center also provides individual and group therapies and counseling.

Phase Three: Support – During the next month or two, residents prepare to seek new employment or return to their old job and financial responsibility. However, by doing so, they still participate in all program activities and provide encouragement and guidance for new residents.

Phase Four: Residents are referred to a less structured setting, and the reduced cost assists them in saving money towards re-entering to independent living.

Woodglen Recovery Junction staff members include a qualified group of medical professionals, Master’s level counselors and therapists, dieticians, therapists, volunteers, and alumni. All of the supporting staff and recovery advisers have taken their own journey to recovery, so they have a personal understanding of the difficulties each patient is going through.

Facilities and Extras

This co-ed facility has separate floors for a total of 28 men and women, accommodated in shared bedrooms and bathrooms. The three-bed, two-bath detox facility is located next door. If the number of male residents exceeds the number of available beds in the main house, an all-male dormitory in the neighborhood is also available.

Woodglen’s facility used to be a restaurant, so there is a large kitchen and a common room, where devoted cook prepares three meals a day. The residents can enjoy and relax on the back patio of the main facility, and use volleyball court and a weight room for recreational activities and exercise.

Rules and Regulations at Woodglen Recovery Junction

With the cost of $3,000 for 30 days, Woodglen claims to be the most affordable in this Orange County suburb. Program costs are transparent and include admission evaluation, room and board, all program activities, psychological testing (if needed), personalized case manager, personalized treatment plan, all groups and field trips, and career guidance.

Woodglen contracts its clients upon admission. After signing the “Conditions of Admission” each client is obligated to pay for all services rendered by Woodglen. Unless prior arrangements have been made, full payment is expected before completion of the program.


With a dedicated network of alumni volunteer and staff members, guidance and wisdom of Alcohol Anonymous, Woodglen Recovery Junction provides a strong community and support for the residents. This economically-priced recovery program offers compassion on each step of the way and a non-judgmental approach.

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