Wings of Freedom Rehab Review: The Power of Christ

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The Wings of Freedom drug rehab and recovery house is a faith-based facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma that advocates love of Jesus Christ as the only path to achieving and sustaining long-term sobriety. To this end, residents who choose to live within the facilities provided must attend regular church services as well as participate in Celebrate Recovery 12 Step meetings.

Let Freedom Ring

After being released from prison, Dixie Pebworth, an ex-drug dealer, and former addict, having been blessed by the Holy Spirit and having struggled with substance abuse problems, decided to help others suffering from addiction. He decided to start a sober living community by giving people a safe place to receive help and support through the power of Jesus Christ.

Wings of Freedom began in 2001 by only serving a few men and women at a time. The point was to help recovering addicts and alcoholics get support for their substance abuse problems by focusing their energy on receiving God into their hearts.

Wings of Freedom offered spiritual guidance and support to people who had just been released from prison or other inpatient substance abuse programs. Wings of Freedom has grown since its beginning in 2001 to incorporate four different apartment complexes that can house between 160-180 people at once.

The people who walk through the doors at Wings of Freedom are men and women, families broken apart by drug abuse. They include life-long drug users and even former pastors who have fallen from grace due to their addiction problems. All those who enter Wings of Freedom have decided to give their lives over to Jesus Christ to help them achieve a semblance of normality in their lives.

A Holy Place

Although all teachings and classes at Wings of Freedom revolve around Jesus Christ, residents do not have to be Christian to be enrolled in the Wings of Freedom program. Residents, whether Christian or not, are asked to expand their horizons regarding the treatment and support options available at Wings of Freedom.

Bible study, regular church attendance at its partner church, God’s Shining Light and prayer and worship are all advocated as the support systems that Wings of Freedom have to offer. The duration of stays at Wings of Freedom is usually six months.

Most of the clients at Wings of Freedom have just been released from incarceration, and so Wings of Freedom acts as a stepping stone for most people for re-entry back into society. Apart from the Christ-centered teachings and the Celebrate Recovery 12 Step meetings that residents are required to attend, you are also given job hunting training, like how to write a resume and job interview training.

The Wings of Freedom staff are there to provide examples of what clean, healthy Christ-centered living looks like to its residents. But apart from that, staff are also on hand to administer random drug and alcohol tests to see if residents have been staying sober while living at Wings of Freedom.

Constant monitoring but also support and guidance are given to residents during their stay. Wings of Freedom staff are of the belief that if residents had the power to change their lives, they would have already. It is because they lack Jesus Christ in their lives that they are unable to enact any serious changes in their lives.

A Ministry of Reconciliation

The staff at Wings of Freedom see themselves and their mission as a ministry of reconciliation. Since residents have strayed from the teachings of Christ, they have only found addiction, incarceration, and suffering. God stands ready to take anyone who is willing back into his light and give them the power and discipline they need to overcome their addictions.

Price for 30 days at Wings of Freedom Cost: $335

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