Windsor Laurelwood Treatment Center Review: Ohio’s Top Performer

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Recognized in 2014 as a Top Performer on Key Quality Measures by The Joint Commission, Windsor Laurelwood operates as a center for behavioral medicine and an accredited hospital. As such, it provides high-quality care to its patients on two levels: mental health services and substance abuse services. Windsor Laurelwood anchors itself in Willoughby, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, and it is one of few hospitals in the whole USA  that operates as a top performer.

Windsor Laurelwood: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

As mentioned, Windsor Laurelwood provides care to those who are struggling with psychiatric disorders, substance abuse, be it drugs or alcohol, or both mental health and substance abuse issues at the same time. Regardless of patients’ struggle, the center provides three levels of care: inpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient services through both mental health and chemical dependency programs. While mental health programs treat patients spanning from children (starting at six years old), adolescents (starting at 14 years old), and adults (starting at 18 years old), substance abuse programs treat adults only. Given the fact that Windsor Laurelwood bases its programs on patients’ age, it addresses each patient’s needs respectively.

When it comes to substance abuse, besides dual diagnosis treatment that the center offers through its mental health services, it provides the following care through its substance abuse programs:

  •         Adult detoxification
  •         Adult substance use rehabilitation
  •         Adult partial hospitalization with therapeutic residence
  •         Specialized adult substance use partial hospitalization
  •         Day and evening adult substance use intensive outpatient program

All of these programs utilize a multi-disciplinary approach and include a variety of therapies: individual and group therapies, family therapy, and additional art and recreational therapies. More importantly, Windsor Laurelwood bases all of its addiction treatment programs on the 12 step program model.

Two main components of substance abuse treatment at Windsor Laurelwood are inpatient detoxification and inpatient chemical dependency rehabilitation. The detox program provides a medically supervised withdrawal from alcohol and drugs. Certified addictionologist leads the team of nurses and counselors as they monitor patients’ detoxification process.

On the other hand, the chemical dependency rehabilitation program treats adults requiring supportive, structured, and therapeutic care for 24 hours, or being at risk of relapse. Same as with the detox program, an addictionologist leads the team of the chemical dependency program. The team as well includes nurses and counselors. This program aims not just to recover and educate patients, but also to engage patients’ families in the recovery process and sustain the best opportunity for relapse prevention.  While the length of the program varies, the program usually runs for 28 days.

Facilities and Extras

As Windsor Laurelwood operates as a hospital, its building corresponds with a hospital setting. As of additional services besides its regular programs, Windsor Laurelwood offers both mental health and substance abuse services to active duty military members, retired military staff, and military dependents. Additionally, the hospital will provide discharge and aftercare planning to each patient, to ensure that every individual has appropriate resources to integrate into the community and reach lifelong sobriety.

Rules and Regulations at Windsor Laurelwood

Major requirements for admission to Windsor’s chemical dependency programs are that patients are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, or having an additional behavioral health issue and that they are older than 18. Both clients and their families can be appointed to assessment and evaluation, while the center will also accept referrals from therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, primary care physicians, social service and community agencies, employee assistance programs and employers, counselors, schools, courts, hospital emergency rooms, and clergy. Windsor Laurelwood provides the patients with general hospital toiletries, pillows, sheets, blankets, a washer, dryer, laundry detergent, and access to hospital phones. Full lists of what to and not to bring are available at Windsor Laurelwood’s official website.


As mentioned earlier, Windsor Laurelwood is one of only 1000 facilities in the whole USA carrying the title of a top performer. It provides its patients with a safe environment to heal and recover throughout all phases of addiction treatment, and with strategies to reclaim their place in the community.

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