Willowbrooke at Tanner Rehab Review: A New Place to Get Better

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Willowbrooke at Tanner Review

Willowbrooke at Tanner is a drug rehab facility in a hospital setting that gives patients the opportunity to either detox in their urgent care facility, enroll in either their inpatient or partial hospitalization program or receive care through their Intensive Outpatient Program. It is a part of the larger Tanner Health System that services both Georgia and parts of Alabama.

In Dire Straits

The Willowbrooke Campus is among the most recent behavioral health facilities to open up in Georgia, first beginning to treat substance abuse in 2009. Its campus has over 90 spaces to offer as part of its inpatient program, that is geared toward both adults, seniors, and adolescents. The outpatient building alone is almost 10,000 square feet, and the partial hospitalization program is spread out over two other facilities in Carrollton and Cartersville.

At its inpatient facility, Willowbrooke receives both voluntary and involuntary admissions for people suffering from psychiatric emergencies. Stays at Willowbrooke do not last longer than a week, on average. The inpatient facilities are on hand solely to manage acute behavioral health crises.

While receiving treatment at the inpatient wing of Willowbrooke at Tanner, patients can make use of the extensive recreational facilities to aid them in the healing process. These extracurricular activities range from a climbing wall to fitness centers and private, tranquil gardens to rest and reflect.

Assessment teams are spread out over various hospital emergency rooms so they can refer patients to Willowbrooke should the need arise. If an evaluation deems someone in dire need of admission, the inpatient facility offers a safe, stress-free environment with doctors, nurses and other mental health professionals on hand to provide different treatment options that more often than not, stray from the conventional.

A Different Approach

The inpatient services offered at Willowbrooke more or less serve as a detox facility in the sense that they are there to stabilize someone. Afterward, patients receive more holistic treatments. After moving on from the acute care facility, patients are assessed again to determine whether the partial hospitalization or Intensive Outpatient Program is best for them.

Both the partial hospitalization program and the Intensive Outpatient Program offer an array of therapies that in other facilities would be considered a supplement or complementary to more traditional, science-based treatments. Partial hospitalization at Willowbrooke offers treatment of substance abuse and mental health disorders in both children, adolescents, and adults and for offending sexual behaviors in young, adolescent males.

The child and adolescent partial hospitalization programs are designed around the behavioral and mental health problems specific to youth. There are also treatment options available for substance abuse issues.

Family participation is essential to a patient’s recovery, and family therapy sessions are regularly scheduled to coincide with individual counseling sessions. Stays during the partial hospitalization program can vary but usually last between two to eight weeks.

Although psychiatrists, nurses, and doctors are there to help you through the more severe medical problems you may be going through, a lot of emphasis is put on expressive therapies. Art and music classes that help a patient articulate their emotional states in a calm and controlled manner.

Animal assisted therapy is also a big part of the treatment model. You are paired with a dog to benefit from the therapeutic effects of caring for and empathizing with a non-judgmental and accepting furry friend.

The Intensive Outpatient Program might be for you if you demonstrate an ability to continue functioning in society while still receiving treatment for your chemical dependency or mental health illness or from both – a dual diagnosis.

Many Paths to Take

Willowbrooke at Tanner’s treatment begins with an assessment to ensure they direct you to the best possible treatment options for you. The inpatient facility helps you recover from a serious emergency, whether it be a severe depressive episode or an overdose so that more intensive and extensive treatment can begin at its other facilities.

Willowbrooke at Tanner seeks to bring you back to life by nurturing your self-esteem and restoring your self-worth by giving you the chance to express yourself through writing and art or by being teamed with four-legged therapists who can make you feel like you have something left to give to the world.

Prices are program and insurance dependent.

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