Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center Rehab Review: A Peaceful Place

  1. Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center Review

Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center provides detox, inpatient, and outpatient services for residents of the small town of Searcy, Arkansas. The center is named after the congressman Wilbur Daigh Mills who quit his career due to his addiction and after the treatment helped establish the facility.

Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center provides medically supervised detox services, which is also the first step towards one’s recovery. Trained professional constantly monitors vital signs of the patient during four days.

The next step of the recovery is residential treatment, which includes group and individual therapies, as well as the 12-step meetings. The residents are obliged to have a sponsor during their recovery. Group sessions are held daily, while individual counseling is scheduled two times a week.

Family therapy sessions are conducted without the family member that is undergoing the recovery process. Visitations are allowed on weekends between 1 PM and 3 PM, and this is the time when clients can talk with their loved ones.

In addition, Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center provides outpatient treatment which is convenient for those who have to go to work during their recovery. It can also serve as a step down from a residential phase.

Prevention services are designed to help communities prevent drug, alcohol, and tobacco use amongst teenagers and young adults.

DASEP (The Drug and Alcohol Safety Education Program) is a court-ordered program for those who were found guilty of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The treatment consists of educational classes in the total duration of 12 hours. The course costs $150.

Facilities and Extras

The detox unit has the capacity to accommodate 20 clients in a hospital setting. Residential facility provides a temporary home for 44 residents. Rooms are private as well as bathrooms. Quarters are gender-specific.

A common area includes three rooms for watching TV.

Meals are generous and nutritious.

Rules and Regulations

Residents are allowed to drink coffee and soda. They can even keep snacks in their personal refrigerators. However, electronic devices are not permitted. Clients can make phone calls everyday from 7PM to 10PM.

An average day at the facility starts at 6:30 AM. After breakfast and “med call”, clients attend group and individual therapy sessions. The lunch is served from 12 to 1PM followed by more therapy sessions. Every day, between 4 and 5PM, residents can go outside for a walk or to exercise, before the 5PM dinner. After the meal, another group session takes place. Before the curfew, clients are allowed to enjoy some free time or to do their homework.

The cost of a 28-day stay at the center is $7,000.


Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center provides comprehensive inpatient, outpatient, and detox services for men and women suffering from substance abuse. The treatment is based on group meetings, individual counseling, and 12-step approach. Additional services at the center include prevention program and DASEP.

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