WestCare Nevada Treatment Center Rehab Review: A Place for Everyone

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West Care Nevada Review

Providing help to those in need, WestCare Nevada is fighting for convenient lives of its patients since its founding in the 1970s. Those are homeless people, addicts, or mothers with children. As such, WestCare Nevada maintains different facilities with specialized treatments in each of them, so that each of the groups can be provided with the best treatment possible according to their needs.

Depending on facility and group, patients are treated accordingly, and their living space is equipped to suit their recovery.

WestCare Nevada: Treatment and Staff

WestCare Nevada treats both adults and adolescents undergoing detox, through specialized programs.

  • Serenity Program is offered through Women’s and Children’s Campus facility, and it conducts detox therapies for adult women and adolescents from 10 to 17 years of age. Aiming to inspire mothers, their children, and adolescents to more responsible behavior, therapies at this facility are organized around the principle of responsibility and building self-esteem.
  • The Healthy Families Program of WestCare Nevada ensures proper custody over children and healthy reunion through economic sustainability of the families.
  • Building Our Youth’s Spirits Program is a men residential program organized at the rural farmlands of The Harris Springs Ranch. Its purpose is to help adult men and adolescent boys between 13 and 17. Therapeutic community model has proved highly successful when applied to this program, as its residents are rewarded or penalized as a group. This practice boosts respect among patients, as each one of them must first feel self-empowered, and then express respect and tolerance for the others while working towards mutual benefit.

MLK facility provides an outpatient program through Community Involvement Center. Workshops for adults, adolescents, and families are organized here. Outpatient treatments that WestCare Nevada provides are conducted through implementation of Matrix Model, CBT and relapse intervention. Also, the MLK facility holds specific counseling for pregnant and parenting women, as well as individual mental health counseling on an outpatient basis.

At the additional facility, the Community Triage Center, WestCare Nevada offers detox for adolescents not fitting into the above groups, and care and shelter for the homeless and runaway adolescents.

  • The Stepping Stone program aims to reduce homelessness by providing treatments for youth that need support in finding their place in the community.

Regardless of the treatment group, all clients attend individual and group therapies; they go through the 12-steps program and are encouraged to attend AA meetings.

The diverse range of programs requires equally diverse staff. Therapists, nurses, social workers, medical directors, psychiatrists, and educators are working in teams or separately to strengthen and increase the patients’ wellbeing and family relations.

WestCare Nevada: Facilities and Extras

As WestCare Nevada offers an array of programs, such programs require convenient facilities. The facility for women and children include playgrounds, walls painted by kids, and a playroom filled with toys. For outdoor break and relaxation, there are also park benches, gazebo, and patios.

At the ranch, where boys and adult men are finding their path towards recovery, the setting is different. The ranch is isolated in a rural area of Nevada’s beautiful hillside so that patients can recover within their community before they venture back to their city lives.

At both facilities, patients eat collectively.

The MLK facility, being set off crowded Martin Luther King’s Boulevard, serves as a base for mentioned outpatients programs and workshops.

WestCare Nevada: Rules and Regulations

Depending on the program, a 30-days treatment at WestCare Nevada costs from $400 to $3,000.

Rules and regulations are based on co-operation of the staff with clients, and clients’ growing respect and positive attitude towards their families and communities.

Clients without children reside in shared rooms, while those with families reside together.


In addition to patients covered by inpatient, residential and outpatient programs, WestCare Nevada also provides service to high-risk youth offenders, Nevada State prisons’ inmates, people on probation, and veterans, whether through court hearings, substance abuse counseling or transitional living provision.

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