WestCare Calfornia Treatment Center Review: Receive Guidance

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WestCare California Review

WestCare California is one of the treatment centers working under the WestCare Foundation. The Foundation and consequently the centers that work under it have been opened 40 years ago as a facility treating male patients suffering from heroin addiction.

In its later years the Foundation has grown and developed to cover more than a very specific treatment option. It now offers inpatient and outpatient treatment options to all genders suffering from different kinds of addiction problems and co-occurring mental health issues.

WestCare California: Treatments, Programs and Staff

There are several different treatment options both inpatient and outpatient. They differ in length and intensity of the treatment.

The shorter treatment lasts for up to 30 days and includes individual and group therapy, optional AA/NA meetings, HIV/AIDS education sessions and vocational skill learning. Also, patients who show symptoms of mental health issues are given proper medical and psychiatric treatment.

The longer treatment can last a period of 30 to 180 days, during which the patients are separated by gender and given accommodation on the Central Valley Campus. The treatment plan is the same as during the short-term program, but the patients attending the long-term program are also given an option of enrolling in optional workshops like the domestic violence education classes, smoking-cessation workshops or childcare and parenting classes.

Additionally, there are special programs for men and women who have children with them aged 5 or less and who want to enroll in one of the treatment programs.

The female version known as the M’ella Program lasts for six months and it’s counterpart for men, the Papa Natal program lasts for 60 days. Both programs include individual and group therapy, while the children attend the therapeutic daycare.

As far as staff goes, WestCare California Treatment Center employs some of the top-class addiction experts including licensed drug and alcohol counselors, Master’s-level therapists, case managers and other medical and non-medical staff.

Facilities and Extras

The residential facility of WestCare California in Fresno, known as the Martin Luther King facility or the Central Valley Campus has separate accommodations for patients according to their sex and their program track.

The rooms are motel-style and are located in a number of long, one-story buildings. There is a courtyard that the residents have equipped with a playground for children. Each facility has a cafeteria which serves meals three times per day. If the patients have any dietary restrictions, the staff at cafeteria can accommodate them if notified beforehand.

There is a special program for adults that are in danger of being homeless after leaving the treatment called the Residential Multi-Service Center Program.  The goal of this program is to make the patients transition into the community as smooth as possible.

There is also an outpatient program for adolescents with a history of drug and alcohol abuse. It includes group therapies on weekdays and optional individual sessions that have to be scheduled in advance.

Rules and Regulations

When being admitted to the WestCare California it is important to note that the housing facilities are gender-separated as are the available programs that a patient can attend at WestCare California.


WestCare has evolved since its humble beginnings into a multi-facility healthcare provider for all genders and various mental and physical health problems. They offer their patients top-class care and strive to provide treatment that will end with the patient fully abandoning substance abuse and stepping back into society ready to face the challenges without the fear of relapse.

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