West Pines Behavioral Health Rehab Review: Get Out of Addiction

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West Pines Behavioral Health Review

Ensconced within the tranquil surroundings of the Lutheran Medical Center, just outside of Denver , the West Pines Behavioral Health center has over 20 years of experience in treating both chemical dependency and mental health issues.

The West Pines Behavioral Health center has two tracks of treatment. There are services for addiction sufferers as well as comprehensive and dedicated care for psychiatric concerns.

The Start of a New Life

All potential entrants to West Pines first undergo thorough medical and psychiatric evaluations to ensure that they are being treated with the correct modalities. Admissions coordinators accept referrals from individuals seeking treatment, family members or other healthcare professionals. Patients admitted to the psychiatric wing are all referred by other area emergency departments.

The programs at West Pines that treat substance abuse issues are divided up between detoxification, inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment and aftercare sessions once your time in residence has ended. Mental health treatments follow a similar track but can also include partial hospitalization and medication management.

After an assessment, patients may be admitted to West Pines right away, so they are encouraged to bring along belongings to their assessment appointments in case they are deemed to require immediate care. Medical detoxification is where patients get referred to after their evaluation.

Detox lasts for 3 to 5 days. In this time, you regain your physical strength after going through withdrawal (depending on the substance you were addicted to).

Your case manager and other West Pines staff, including nurses and therapists, support you 24/7 during your withdrawal phase. Relapse prevention planning and group therapy sessions all take place during this time. These activities will form the basis of your successive treatments.

Getting You Back to Normal

Inpatient treatments can range in length, but the minimum is 14-days. West Pines believes that the goal of returning to normalcy is a key motivator throughout your recovery, which is why most patients stay for only two weeks. Of course, due to your specific needs, you might need to remain longer, and West Pines is more than willing to accommodate longer stays.

The aim of returning you to your regular life plays a part in the tightly structured treatment curriculum that shapes your 14-day stay at the Recovery Center. West Pines wastes no time on your recovery.

Depending on your clinical needs, your day is typically divided between the mornings where you receive the bulk of your medical and psychiatric care and the afternoons when more holistic therapies are applied.

For example, medically assisted treatments, where you take prescription drugs like Antabuse or Suboxone to help you reduce cravings and ease the symptoms of withdrawal happen as soon as you get up. More unconventional therapies like yoga and expressive therapies take place in the afternoon.

West Pines is a big believer in the therapeutic effects of regular exercise, so fitness classes are a regular part of your schedule that includes aerobics and rock climbing. Massages and acupuncture are also on hand to help you control your cravings.

Back on Your Feet

Apart from the detox and residential program, West Pines is also known for its intensive outpatient programs for both addiction and behavioral health treatments. These programs offer adults 18 and over the clinical expertise of West Pines counselors and psychiatrists without being housed in the residential facility.

Sessions for the outpatient program and for the partial hospitalization program, which treat addictions and mental health issues respectively, take place three times a week, with hours that vary for each program. Family therapy sessions help every member of your family work through the trauma of your addiction and help them better understand how to help you stay sober.

Individuals can also receive an array of recovery orientated supports that stress mindfulness, a physically active lifestyle, and addiction education classes given by certified addiction counselors.

The Hereafter

Once your initial treatment scheme has ended West Pines makes sure you receive aftercare as well. West Pines has partnered with Phoenix Multisport which helps you take the reins of your recovery by connecting you with others in the recovery community that can help you apply the lessons learned in treatment to your everyday life.

Physicality again plays a significant role, with the Phoenix Multisport staff organizing activities like mountain biking and strength training that are aimed at helping you maintain a healthy and chemical-free lifestyle.

West Pines offers a shorter inpatient program than most rehabs. But this is done with the goal of inspiring in you the motivation to get better as soon as possible. Even though you might spend less time as an inpatient, West Pines makes sure that you make your way to sobriety or wellness by a network of professionals and other people in recovery who have successfully attained a healthier life.

Price for 14 days West Pines Behavioral Health: $9,030 and $608.50 each day afterward.

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