Wekiva Springs Center Rehab Review: Dynamic Care in North Florida

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The Wekiva Springs Center rehab is the second treatment center in Florida belonging to Universal Health Services, the nation’s largest psychiatric hospital chain. UHS has over 200 facilities across the country.

Wekiva Springs Center is a licensed hospital in the state of Florida. It provides a wide range of substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorders treatments to men and women and elderly patients, in both inpatient and outpatient formats.

A Clinical Approach

Unlike most rehabs in Florida, the Wekiva Springs Center rehab is nowhere near the beach. Wekiva Springs Center, located in Jacksonville, Florida, has a distinctly institutional feel, with low hanging ceilings and overhead fluorescent lighting.

The wide, long corridors guide patients to treatment rooms and the accommodations available to inpatient residents. Inpatient rooms are simple, functional residences with few furnishings or embellishments.

Each room has two single beds, with clothes’ dressers and wardrobes to hold your belongings. The rest of the facility features a large dining area, examination rooms, group meeting rooms, and a good-sized gym to play basketball or use a treadmill.

High-Level Care

Wekiva Springs has a multidisciplinary staff that performs medical and psychological assessments on all patients looking for treatment at Wekiva Springs. The medical facilities at Wekiva Springs allow it to offer medically supervised detox for drug or alcohol addiction.

The detox phase lasts for however long it is required. After detox, patients can move on to either an inpatient or outpatient scheme of treatment.

The treatment options at Wekiva Springs offer a balance between evidence-based and more holistic therapies. For example, yoga classes take place right after a morning community meeting.

The afternoon consists of more in-depth treatments like skills learning, additional support group sessions, as well as nightly meditation and journal writing. Wekiva Springs uses an offshoot of the 12-Step program called Recovery Dynamics along with cognitive behavioral therapy as its primary treatment modality.

If the staff at Wekiva Springs discover the presence of a dual diagnosis disorders during their initial assessment, there are a range of options to treat them. Options include medically assisted therapy as well as psycho-educational lectures

Healing for Heroes

Veterans and the elderly have treatment tracks of their own at Wekiva Springs. Trauma related addiction problems, along with mental health issues like depression and anxiety in older patients can be treated using EMDR therapy as well as intensive group therapy.

Treatment stays at Wekiva Springs can last anywhere from 30 days to longer, depending on the needs of the patient. Wekiva Springs offers almost all of their inpatient treatments in an outpatient format as well.

Outpatient and partial hospitalization schemes take place at Wekiva Springs’ central location and its Beaches facility. There is a mix of different schedule types to accommodate all people.

Dual diagnosis and mental health treatments can take place during morning or afternoon sessions. Addiction treatment sessions take place during the evenings.

The Wekiva Springs Center bends toward a medical emphasis on treating substance use and dual diagnosis disorders. However, Wekiva Springs incorporates yoga and meditation into its treatment plans, so patients have a well-balanced day of health and wellness treatment as well.

Their treatment plans for veterans and seniors are, even more, proof that Wekiva Springs is a comprehensive treatment center that offers high-quality care.

Price for 30 days at Wekiva Springs Center: $10,000

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