The Watershed Treatment Center Rehab Review: Excelling in Healing

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Set under the sun of Palm Beaches, Florida, The Watershed addiction treatment center is allegedly one of the leading rehab facilities in the country. The so-called Watershed Philosophy that the center implements in its work is based on treating patients with dignity and respect, rebuilding relationships altered by addiction, and restoring lives of patients and their families. For its excellence and devotion to the patients, The Watershed is awarded with The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.

The Watershed: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Programs at The Watershed revolve around The Watershed Experience, based on following steps: Making a change; Restoring clarity; Learning to live again; Getting your life back; and Living with purpose. The center initiates these steps in patients’ recovery through regular and individualized programs.

The Watershed’s core programs treat patients for drug and alcohol addiction by effectively utilizing the tools for providing patients with sober life. Programs offered are:

Inpatient rehabilitation

Inpatient treatments at The Watershed are carried out by the team of medical doctors, psychologists, therapists, nurses, and behavioral health technicians after the patients pass through the first step – detox. Besides treatment itself, the team works on educating patients on addiction, relapse prevention, and emotional issues whether through individual or group counseling.  Additionally, treatments include family outreach program, anger management groups, and pain management education. Each patient is provided with personal recovery plan upon the admission, based on the combination of the 12-step program and medical, psychiatric and psychotherapeutic methods.

Partial hospitalization

After the patients reach satisfying level of being addiction-free, they move from The Watershed inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation programs to Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP). This program provides ongoing therapeutic support and allows patients to practice recovery skills to reach continued recovery. Daily activities within PHP program include counseling, therapy, and care provided by nurses and physicians, while the evening ones include relationship-building recovery groups and structured activities.

Residential rehabilitation

It is followed by continual care plan of sober living community at the Sober Living Halfway House.

Given the fact that the patients are provided with personalized recovery plan based on their specific needs, The Watershed offers Individualized programs as well. The programs are following:

Dual diagnosis treatment

For patients with dual diagnosis, the staff will provide a recovery plan for patients’ mental condition that supports the recovery plan for their addiction. The treatment is based on learning skills to cope with addiction and receiving therapy for mental illness.

Young adults

This program provides long-term treatment of young adults between 18 and 30 years old. Through individualized extended care, the program aims to gradually re-integrate young adults to independent living, whether they suffer from addiction, trauma, or dual diagnosis.

In addition to these detailed programs, The Watershed offers medical detox, women’s program, men’s addiction treatment program, professionals program, and family outreach.

The Watershed: Facilities and Extra

Services at The Watershed are provided at two locations, the main facility in Palm Beaches, Florida, and an additional treatment facility in Houston, Texas. Facilities in Palm Beaches – The Watershed Apartments Halfway House and The Watershed Residency are located near stunning Oceanside surrounded by palm trees. Extended Care Program takes place at the Watershed Apartments Halfway House, which is fully equipped with a private pool, health and fitness center, full service kitchen, sand volleyball, on-site laundry, private balconies, and flat screen televisions in every apartment.

The Watershed Residence (TWR) is a structured sober living community where patients transfer completing the day treatment program at The Watershed Apartments. Similarly to the Apartments, the Residency has fully furnished apartments, a pool, laundry, gym, computer lab and flat screen televisions in each apartment. During the treatment at The Watershed Residence, patients attend evening treatment and take life skills enrichment courses, participate in job placement program, alumni events and scheduled 12-step recovery meetings. Additionally, The Watershed Residence will provide patients with career development and education enrollment assistance.

Rules and Regulations at the Watershed

As The Watershed is resort based treatment facility, patients are allowed to wear swimwear, sportswear, and open shirts only during fitness and recreational activities. Otherwise, dress codes apply to everyone during the stay and treatment at the facilities. Reading materials are limited to recovery related literature. Alcohol and drug based foods, cosmetics, and clothes depicting them are prohibited, alongside non-prescription meds, expensive items, glass, and audiovisual equipment The day at The Watershed starts at 7 AM, and ends at 10:30 PM.


Its quality treatments, luxury facilities, and stunning location make The Watershed a reputable institution. While in treatment at The Watershed, patients are provided with addiction and mental health treatments in a relaxing atmosphere, as highly acclaimed staff works on their recovery.

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