The Walker Center Rehab Review: Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

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Set in scenic Idaho, The Walker Center is one of the state’s best rehab centers. The Walker Center is committed to providing individualized treatment plans for individualized people. Their stated mission is to help people experience the hope and healing essential for recovery from chemical dependency, such as cocaine or ecstasy.

The Walker Center’s Treatments, Programs and Staff

The amount of time a client is encouraged to stay at the facility is dependent on clinical needs, although a minimum standard stay is 28 days. The facility is equipped to offer medically managed detoxification services for patients who require it.

The residential program is based on a combination of 12-step methodology treatments and evidence-based practices like cognitive behavioral therapy. The staff at The Walker Center is led by a medical director who is certified to treat addiction. The remainder of the treatment team is comprised of certified alcohol and drug counselors, licensed practical nurses and licensed clinical social workers.

The treatment programs at the Walker Center are gender-specific. This is because men and women tend to have different needs, and focusing on those individualized needs allows staff to provide a more focused, comprehensive and honest evaluation of issues underlying addiction.

Outpatient treatment services provided by The Walker Center are broken to a high intensity outpatient program, which focuses on the educational components and approaches needed to support abstinence, avoid relapse and improve relationships, and a low intensity outpatient program, which is designed for clients who are not yet committed to their own recovery but are showing interest in change.

The Walker Center: Facilities and Extras

The Walker Center has two different locations in Idaho for the two different treatment tracks – outpatient drug and alcohol treatment in Twin Falls and a residential treatment center in Gooding. Upon arrival, clients receive a medical evaluation that address both physical health and well as their personal history. If needed, medication are then prescribed. Other forms of medical care, including eye exams or teeth cleaning, may also be recommended at this time.

The Walker Center is a 46-bed residential facility that separates men and women into gender-specific wings. Treatment is also gender separate. The rural setting of the facility allows The Walker Center to provide experiential therapies, including yoga and an outdoor challenge course. It also provides quiet places for study and reflection, as well as inviting and comfortable visiting area.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays every two weeks, The Walker Center also provide intensive family therapy for individuals affected by the loved one’s addiction. In this setting, counselors provide teaching and coaching on the subject of addiction as a disease. The goal of these programs is to support families with coping strategies, communication exercises and hopefully help them their damaged relationships.

Rules and Regulations at The Walker Center

Clients are not permitted to have cell phones at The Walker Center, although they do have access to a pay phone to communicate with their loved ones. As mentioned, men and women receive treatment separately and are generally discouraged from interacting with one another. The Walker Center’s facilities are smoke free and all forms of tobacco are prohibited. Additionally, the Center enforces a dress code to discourage inappropriate clothing and distractions.

The Walker Center: Reviews

The Walker Center has not been reviewed heavily, but the ones available via Google are largely positive. One reviewer credits the facility with saving his life and, after 2 years of sobriety, still feels as though he can reach out to staff to talk when needed.

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