Walden House Rehab Review –Sobering up in San Francisco and Los Angeles

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Founded in the Haigh Ashbury district of San Francisco in 1969 with the goal to help homeless and runaway adolescents with substance use disorders, Walden House is now merged with Haigh Ashbury Free Clinics and operates as HealthRIGHT 360 since 2011. For over four decades programs at Walden House serve clients with various addictions and behavioral health disorder throughout multiple locations in California.

Walden House: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

As mentioned, Walden House operates at multiple locations, and it provides treatment both in residential and outpatient facilities, depending on the site. As such, the continuum of care at Walden House includes residential treatment, outpatient programs, and in-custody services. In addition to its programs oriented towards social, financial and housing assistance for minorities, Walden House offers substance abuse and addiction treatments as well. Programs treating patients for chemical dependency are:

Social model detox

Walden House conducts detoxification protocol at the detox center in San Francisco. The process usually lasts in between three and seven days, while clients may attend daily 12-step meetings, participate in early recovery groups, or receive individual counseling and discharge planning. This program treats any SF resident who is in need of detox and can be structured based on various patients and their specific needs.

Men’s residential treatment

This rehabilitation program varies in length, but it aims to provide treatment services to males with substance disorders who might be having co-occurring mental health disorder or HIV/AIDS. As such, the program does not only address addiction but related issues as well. It provides patients with needed services for lasting recovery through individualized case management. The program includes services of individual, group and family therapies, treatment planning, drug and alcohol counseling, medical services and medication-assisted treatments like Suboxone therapy, and aftercare. Additionally, the staff of Walden House enables resources for employment, referrals for training, resume writing, computer training, and education to its patients. Walden House conducts men’s residential treatment in Los Angeles.

Jail-based rehabilitation programs

Jail-based rehab programs offer gender-responsive and evidence-based programs for substance use to men and women with criminal addictive thinking in San Francisco. These services include relapse prevention and preparations for successful re-entry into society, domestic violence prevention and trauma counseling, stress reduction and anger management sessions. Jail-based rehabilitation for men is called Roads to Recovery, while the one for women is called Sisters.

Dual diagnosis co-ed residential

Through this program, Walden House provides care to individuals with mental health disorders in addition to their substance abuse and addiction issues. Instead of conducting both services under the same roof, it employs a model of efficient reciprocal service in which it treats co-occurring disorders respectively. Such service means that the program approaches both mental health and addiction disorders as primary, and studies psychological and physiological impacts of street drugs on the patient.

Facilities and Extras

All of Walden House locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles are comfortably furnished to meet needs of patients, regardless the nature of their disorder. Facilities include spacious and welcoming common areas to foster the communal spirit and prepare patients for re-integration into the society.

Rules and Regulations at Walden House

Given the fact that Walden House operates at several locations, and moreover, that it conducts diverse and numerous programs, it imposes rules and regulations based on that. Additionally, the length of the program will depend on previously mentioned factors.


With locations throughout California, with primary ones in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Walden House treats patients with diverse backgrounds and disorders. Whether suffering from chemical dependency and mental health issue or encountering a difficult social situation, Walden House provides the home for every patient.

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