Valley Hope O’Neill Treatment Center Rehab Review: Building Hope

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Since it opened its doors in 1967 in the small town of Norton, Kansas, and up to the present day, Valley Hope operates through 16 treatment centers in seven states. Regardless of the location, Valley Hope successfully provides high-quality and affordable treatments for alcohol or drug addiction. As a non-profit organization, Valley Hope established the Valley Hope Foundation in 2000 through which it secures grants, gifts, and donations to further help their patients. Since this generous fund came into action, Valley Hope has helped up to 10,000 patients!

Valley Hope O’Neill: Treatment, Programs, and Staff

As mentioned, Valley Hope operates at 16 locations throughout 7 states. However, despite the large number of facilities at different sites, the organization offers a continuum of care based on individual and unique needs of each patient. As such, Valley Hope fosters the philosophy that no single treatment works for everyone; hence it provides individualized treatment plans regardless of the location of the center. Valley Hope in O’Neill specifically offers the following services:

Detoxification – Through this phase, the center eases withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and drugs in a supportive environment over the course of a few days. Once the staff structures the complete physical and lab profile and detoxification is complete, patients move to another phase whether as residents or outpatients.

Residential services – After purifying the body from chemical dependency, patients receive a full-time care in a structured environment. The residential treatment program usually lasts between 17 and 30 days, with a minimum of 40 hours per week of individual counseling, family and group therapies, and pastoral sessions. Valley Hope provides Medication Assisted Treatment as well, when there is a need to combine behavioral therapy and medications to fight substance abuse disorders.

The organization also encourages patients to actively partake in the local 12-step meetings. Additionally, Valley Hope accentuates family care – a component of residential treatment designed for families to heal together through family sessions and interactive lectures and support their loved one’s recovery.

Outpatient services – O’Neill offers outpatient treatment services that allow patients to stay at home or continue working while participating in a treatment program. The program lasts for 6 week, while patients meet for 3-hour sessions 3 times per week.

Family care – Valley Hope provides family care through family intensive treatment and family continuing care. These services are offered to any person affected by a loved one’s substance abuse as people do not have to have a family member at one of the centers in order to participate.

Valley Hope’s teams consist of counselors, chaplains, physicians, nurses and psychologists who ensure that each individual meets their physical, mental, social and spiritual needs.

Valley Hope O’Neill: Facilities and Extras

Valley Hope offers residential and outpatient addiction treatment in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Valley Hope of O’Neill anchors itself in tranquility of rural north-central Nebraska since 1977. The facility offers 76 beds for residential treatment, family care and continuing care. Patients aged 16 and older can participate in treatment programs at Valley Hope of O’Neill rehabilitation center.

As an additional and innovative service, Valley Hope’s centers offer Telehealth program. This program functions as an online treatment for patients with more flexibility. Through it, Valley Hope gives assignments to participants to post daily to the online therapy room monitored by a counselor. As part of this online treatment service, the staff also utilizes videoconferencing for live group sessions.

Rules and Regulations at Valley Hope O’Neill

When it comes to assessment, Valley Hope encourages the CAGE questionnaire as a widely accepted self-assessment tool. After this, the center performs a professional assessment and places a patient into an appropriate treatment program. The length and the cost of treatments at O’Neill varies depending on individual challenges of each patient. When it comes to rules and regulations – proper conduct, appropriate dress code, and prohibited items restrictions have to be respected in all of Valley Hope’s centers.


Whether in Nebraska or any other state, Valley Hope provides on-point care to all of its patients as they regain hope and recover. In the words of Valley Hope’s staff, “no matter what course of treatment we recommend, the goal is the same for every patient: a life filled with hope and potential.”

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