Valley HealthCare System Treatment Center Rehab Review: Makes a Difference

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Valley HealthCare System is a non-profit corporation, which came a long way from 1969 when West Virginia University developed its Valley Counseling Services and later merged it with The Human Resources Association. This merge happened in 1972 and Valley HealthCare System officially started to operate under that name. Today, Valley is helping people who struggle with substance abuse by offering inpatient and outpatient services.

Valley HealthCare System: Programs, Treatment, and Staff

Valley’s residential chemical dependency treatment is offered through Alpha Chemical Dependency Treatment Unit (ACT Unit). This is a highly-structured program, implemented by a multidisciplinary team which covers physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of addiction recovery. Detox services are not part of the Valley’s residential program. Clients are required to be fully detoxed and clean before starting with the treatment. Similarly, even though this is a dual-diagnosis rehab clinic, there are no doctors who can cope with anything “too intense.”

The treatment is strictly based on the 12-step philosophy. A typical day at the Valley starts at 7:00 am. After breakfast, morning meditation and chores, clients attend the Big Book Study. Support groups start at 9 and 10 am, and continue after lunch – at 1, 2, 3:15 and 5 pm. Individual therapies are also part of the treatment, and clients attend them between group therapies. Offsite AA/NA meetings are scheduled for the evenings. Before the lights go out at 11:30 clients can use their free time to socialize.

New Beginnings is another residential program offered at the Valley aimed for women only. Even though this program is held on voluntary basis, it has an initial 12-week obligatory period, adjustable towards client’s specific needs. New Beginnings provides safe environment for women who are recovering from substance abuse, and it offers them opportunity to discuss some troubling topics with their peers. Individual and group therapies are held on a regular basis.

Besides residential programs, the Valley provides outpatient treatment held three times a week (9 hours per week). Substance abuse counseling and education are integral parts of outpatient services. This program often welcomes court-ordered DUI or public intoxication offenders. If the clients are adolescents, their course of treatment includes an extra school-based wellness program, as well as experiential therapy activities – hiking, camping, horseback riding, etc.

The staff members include a program director, therapists (six to seven), service coordinators and support staff. Minimum two resident assistants are available around the clock.

Valley HealthCare System: Facilities and Staff

A maximum 12 clients can be accommodated at Alpha Chemical Dependency Unit, in gender-specific rooms with floater beds. The entire facility doesn’t give off the impression of being a rehab center, and it has no exterior sign besides the one for the Valley HealthCare System.

The food is delivered by a nearby facility and is quite simple, so specific dietary demands are not met. Clients can use toaster and microwave. Grocery shopping is Sundays activity which clients perform under the staff supervision. Clients can use these groceries and cook dinner together by using a crockpot or the grill.

Exercise is encouraged at ACDU, although there is no special time reserved for such activities. Clients are allowed to use the elliptical machine or stationary bike between therapies. Hiking, horseback riding, and camping are intended for those who are more adventurous.

Ropes and Challenge Events are a unique course offered as a recovery tool at Valleys. Ropes course includes different elements, like the low challenge slackline and spider’s web, and high challenge 50-feet-above-ground ropes. Participants are under the guidance of trained staff, and the overall experience is therapeutic and educational.

Rules and Regulations at Valley HealthCare System

The cost for 28 days of Valley HealthCare System services is $4.480. Payment sources accepted are Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, SelectNET, Magellan, CHIPS, and PEIA. Some clients may receive ValleyCare, based on their income and number of dependents.

All clients enrolled in the Valley HealthCare System agree to follow house rules and act accordingly. Upon admission, each client is presented with the list of allowed and prohibited items.


Valley HealthCare System has grown from a small counseling business to a large multi-county facility which deals with chemical dependency, mental health issues, and developmental disabilities. Chemical dependency is treated through outpatient and residential program, based on the 12-step philosophy. The long waiting list speaks for itself about the quality of services provided by Valley HealthCare System.

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