Valle Vista Rehab Review: Treating Addiction in Middle America

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The Valle Vista drug rehab and mental health facility is located in the heartland of America – Greenwood, Indiana – on no more a fabled thoroughfare than Main Street. It has been in operation since 1983, and it has been providing essential mental health and chemical dependency care to clients that range in age from five-years old to middle-aged adults.

The Full Spectrum

The Valle Vista mental health facility cuts a wide swath regarding the services that it provides. It maintains not only a wide range of different age groups but a variety of different behavioral health disorders as well. It has an established track of care that runs from acute inpatient services to aftercare planning.

The acute inpatient services are designed to help bring a patient down from an extreme mental health event or chemical dependency situation. These stays typically last only a few days, 3-7 days at most. You meet with an individual counselor as well as participate in group counseling sessions.

Medications are administered as needed by the patient. Assessments are made every so often to determine whether you are ready to move into a more focused and less urgent treatment track, such as those offered in residential treatment or partial hospitalization.

There are residential treatments for adults 18 and older, a special “Girls Only” inpatient chemical dependency program for girls aged 12 to 18. There are also intensive outpatient programs and a partial hospitalization track whose target demographic varies from the very young to adults.

Transitioning into the residential chemical dependency program means getting assessed by the Valle Vista medical team first. There are detox facilities on-site should you need them, along with a program dedicated specifically to managing opioid withdrawal symptoms. Valle Vista also accommodates and screens for dual diagnosis patients, notwithstanding a patient’s age or level of emergency.

In the Program

Valle Vista can hold up to 102 patients at a time. The main facility sits in a plaintively suburban setting, surrounded by quiet, low-slung buildings that mix residential and commercial properties. For those going through inpatient treatment, both the adult and adolescent tracks, typical days include addiction education classes, group counseling sessions or age-appropriate therapies like recreation therapy or expressive therapies.

All treatment modalities are shaped around an individual patient so plans can vary. Residents can make use of the hospital’s courtyards or activities room when not in session or receiving treatment, but what specific recreational amenities that Valle Vista has to offer remains unclear.

The outpatient program is the penultimate step on the Valle Vista treatment track. Once the partial hospitalization period, where treatments take place five days a week, has ended, those patients still requiring fine tuning to their care can attend Valle Vista’s outpatient program. The outpatient program offers therapy sessions three times a week and usually last the entire morning. At the end of the spectrum is Valle Vista’s discharge planning that helps plan for your life outside Valle Vista.

End of the Line

Patients that were in residence at Valle Vista are encouraged to seek out and make connections with other residents. Valle Vista believes in maintaining strong ties to those who are also striving for long-lasting sobriety.

To this end, a central component of its aftercare program includes connecting you to a network of support and advice. There are also introductions made to local support groups that can help you maintain sobriety.

Ultimately, Valle Vista is a middle-of-the-road program that doesn’t color beyond the lines of typical chemical dependency or mental health treatments. Some former residents have complained of only being given medications like Suboxone and not receiving anything else in terms of more personalized or in-depth care. Despite Valle Vista’s claims of making individualized treatment plans for each patient, it seems that its staff is too overwhelmed to back up those claims.

Price for 30 days at Valle Vista Health System: $25,500.

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