Turtle Creek Recovery Center Rehab Review: Helping the Poor

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The Turtle Creek Recovery Center is a rehab that primarily serves vulnerable and indigent individuals for their addiction and mental health needs. Founded in 1968, the Turtle Creek Recovery Center recognizes the devastating effect a dual diagnosis disorder can have on a person’s life.

Almost 80% of clients at Turtle Creek Recovery are homeless. Turtle Creek, therefore, treats every client with dignity and respect. It has been committed since the beginning to not only offer treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders but social supports as well.

A Worthy Cause

The Turtle Creek Recovery Center is one of the only facilities in the greater Dallas area that offers treatment to indigent men and women with dual diagnosis disorders. Since Turtle Creek serves a vulnerable community, they begin their treatment by first providing a welcoming and supportive environment.

Patients coming through the doors at Turtle Creek already are struggling with self-esteem and shame issues. Turtle Creek takes great care to make sure that by entering their program a person’s past does not follow them.

Turtle Creek has a residential program, as well as an outpatient option. Again, however, treatment does not simply end at treatment for addictions and co-occurring disorders. Turtle Creek offers vocational training to those looking to learn new skills to obtain long-term employment.

Turtle Creek also offers its clients enrolled in the inpatient or outpatient programs assistance in finding housing that can be either temporary or permanent, so long as clients are off the streets. Turtle Creek can also help clients find social services that they require to make a comfortable transition back to normal life.

Truly Caring

Although Turtle Creek tries to provide as many services as they can to their clients, a detox facility is not one of them. All incoming patients must be medically and psychiatrically stable before entering the resident program.

Turtle Creek accepts clients between the ages of 18 and 65, both men and women. There are certain times and dates that Turtle Creek has for patient assessments, so acceptance into the residential program is on a first-come, first serve basis.

The inpatient facility at Turtle Creek, located on Routh street, offers 32 beds as well as daily meals. Inpatient stays typically last for about 14 days.

Treatment options range from individual and group counseling sessions along with addiction education classes and relapse prevention techniques. The primary goal of treatment is to let clients be able to take care of themselves again.

The outpatient program also provides the same kinds of treatment like counseling and skills training. The outpatient option can last anywhere from four to six weeks. Sessions take place during the day and afternoon; a light breakfast and lunch are provided for both.

Lastly, Turtle Creek has a supportive outpatient program that helps patients find employment and offers small but still significant supports like bus passes and access to follow-up counseling sessions should they be needed.

The Turtle Creek Recovery Center provides an essential service to those individuals commonly overlooked by society. It offers stern, but compassionate care to dual diagnosis sufferers so they can ultimately overcome the burden of their illness to lead normal, productive lives.

Price for 14 days at Turtle Creek Recovery Center: $2,450

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